vineri, 26 iunie 2015

BTS' Dope

Man, that choreography must be really hard. I really like the sound of their new single, though. It sounds very Big Bang-ish from the old times. I also like the video and Suga kinda kills my heart. Anyway, it is a really nice song and the MV is well done even if it doesn't have an extraordinary story or anything. It's nice to see these guys growing up so well, both musically and physically.

miercuri, 24 iunie 2015

Few of the Best Korean Ballads

Introducing my favorite ballads. They are by far the most amazing songs, for me.

0. Jinsil- Dear

1. The One- Passing Season

2. Lyn- What about Us

3. The Seeya- That Winter

4. K.Will- Back in Time

5. 4Men- My World

6. S.M. The Ballad- When I Was...When You Were

7. BUZZ- 그대여

8. Navi- 새벽공기 (Dawn Air)

9. Jang Jae In- Please

10. Xia Junsu- I'm in Love

11. Naul- Memory of the Wind

12. Jang Geun Seok- Love Rain

13.  Kim Dong Ryul- My Heart Is

14.  Younha- Umbrella

15.  Jo Duk Bae- In Dream

16. Baekhyun- Beautiful

17.  Sung Si Kyung- The Two of Us

18.  Shin Sung Woo- Seoshi

19. Davichi-  Don't Say Goodbye

20. Noel-  Being Forgotten

Music to the Ears- Lee Na Kyeum's Awakening Album

This song is really good. I listened to her whole album but these two were by far the most fun to listen to. Deep Sleep has this certain feeling that gets you to forget where you are. I think an MV for that song would've been amazing. It has a lot of potential. The album overall has a sound that attracts you and makes you want to hear it whole.

duminică, 14 iunie 2015

Fragments of My Imagination

Check out my new blog! It's mainly about fiction and it has my stories. There's a diverse range, truthfully.

There's a original fiction about the Magic Mirror: Once Upon a Dream

There's a fiction about demons, mainly. Studied demonology for that and surprisingly, the events in the story might or might not have happened (only regarding Beelzebub): Fallen- Into Unknown

For those who like romance yet don't like cheesy stuff and cliche story lines: The Day It Happened

And for those who love Stephan King and The Shining, there's a story about a special hotel: The Moonflower Hotel.

Also, I tried to create an atmosphere with a few songs I like. Most of them are OST's by Javier Navarrete and Abel Korzeniwoski.

I invite you all to get a glimpse of my imagination.