vineri, 12 februarie 2010

Self confidence

Do you know how is to feel like a piece of crap? Like everyone thinks you’re unimportant and ugly? That’s how a lot of people feel every day but never say a word about their emotions. It first starts from something trivial like hanging out with suppose-to-be friends. Of course being human, you watch everything around and that’s the beginning. Jealousy it’s in human’s nature but this feeling is barely jealousy, it’s more like a pessimistic wave flowing through your veins. Of course at first not even you know what’s all this but in time you can recognize it under another name. Unimportance, ugliness, you start disliking your own person and in the end lose your self confidence. This sentiment is hard to heal, seriously now, you can’t change your outside and inside in one night. Your existence is important for your beloved ones like parents, family and best friends. Friends…this is another subject with other stories. Losing your self confidence is like losing your soul. Why would you lose something so important for you? Just because you aren’t threatened as you see other persons are? No, this is stupid and can barely work. You will always be special, different in your own way and nothing can change this, never. It’s impossible. And it’s better like that.
A cure for those with self confidence is talking with someone they trust (mother, father, cousin, etc). Of course this doesn’t work at everyone, for example me. I always talk with my mother about some things and with my older cousin about teenage years. Another cure would be expressing your feelings, your wishes, displeasures over everything in some way. Music, writing, playing an instrument for those who know to, screaming even…there are many ways, so try to figure yourself out.