duminică, 30 decembrie 2012

One Day

They did end up somewhere close to the centre of Tokyo. The shopping centre was packed and when he saw her eyes lighting up, he felt a shiver go down his spine. However, her eyes weren't on the shopping centre  She smiled softly and walked in front. He got curious where she was heading to and trailed behind.

The place she wanted so badly to go to was a few streets down, in an emptier and more silent neighbourhood  His eyes trailed over every block on the street. The people there didn't give him a second glance; they were completely uninterested of what was around them.

“This place is creepy,” The girl laughed and shook her head. She chose to wait up for him since the shop she was looking for wasn't too far.

“This is actually one of the nicest places I've ever been to. Some of my friends live around her.”

“It’s too silent. It feels like we’re not in Tokyo any more.”  She chuckled and placed her hands into the small pockets of her thin sweater.  

“It’s here.”

They stopped in front of a small coffee shop, which looked a bit abstract. The building looked very old and almost haunted. When they entered, he got a shock. It was amazingly done inside. It smelled of freshly made coffee and wood. There was a small portion where the bar was and on the opposite were a few tables. On the walls, there were pictures of old Japanese and Western indie bands and different pieces of art. She walked deeper into the building and opened another door. Nao found himself more and more amazed. The second looked like a traditional English living room. It has posters with different English personalities and characters. One wall was occupied by a library, each shelf full with diverse literature; the rest of the walls were simply covered with different art objects older customers have brought. There were also a few cushions and three small coffee tables.

“It’s nice, huh?” She sat on one of the cushions and sighed, happily. He walked towards the library and scanned the titles and authors. “This is the first place I had ever come across when I first came to Tokyo. I was intrigued why they used United Kingdom as a muse,” Her eyes trailed to the pictures on the walls. “They said it’s because of music and the impact the English literature had on the world.” Her eyes also trailed to the new acquaintance. He was dressed in a pair of black pants, had a white shirt and a colourful cardigan over it. He looked entranced by the magic of that collection of literature.

“This place…How could I have not known about it?” She laughed and walked near him. She touched one book and grabbed it out.

“Sometimes we choose to ignore the things that look different. This building looks awful outside, but inside, it leaves you speechless.”  He bent his head, thinking.

When he heard the door open and close, he realized she walked out. He sighed and took another look at his surroundings. The room was beige. Everything was very simple but classy and tasteful.

“Are you still admiring the room?” He got completely stunned when she walked back in with two recipients in her hands, unnoticed. She placed the cups down on the table and took her spot back. He also sat opposite her and relaxed.

“How come I feel like is winter instead of summer?” He stated, amused. She chuckled and took a sip from her beverage.

“Because it gives off a comforting feeling, homey even.” She sighed and looked up to him. “It’s not hot coffee. I know it’s pretty hot outside and here it isn't any better.” His smile disappeared completely from his face and stared intently into her eyes.

“Who are you?” She bit her lip and clicked her tongue.

“You can call me Nana.” He nodded, though he wasn't sure why she didn't tell him her real name. “ I'm in my last year of University. I study Business and Management.” He was a little surprised she gave him details about her life, even if they weren't that important.

“ I'm a freelancer. I don’t have a job right now.” They both looked into each others’ eyes yet no one spoke another word. It didn't feel awkward. It felt normal, intense even. However, they both felt it…

I knew that was the first and last time we will ever meet. I could feel it in my heart and I was sure he did too. It was unfortunate but looking into his eyes, back then, made me want to learn more about him and his life. I didn't ask much and didn't tell much either. We started to talk about usual subjects like books and music but it was obvious he was trying hard not to ask me about different things, to ask me about what we had talked about when we just met. Life and reasons; happiness and dreams. But he didn't because we didn't have the chance to talk about the old times. One day. It was just a one day meeting.  

sâmbătă, 29 decembrie 2012


While walking at quite a fast pace, her eyes trailed to their tangled hands. It felt strange, like energy from his body was slowly sipping into hers. Also, his hand was warm and seemed to fit hers perfectly.

"So strange" She whispered, trying not to get his attention. Unfortunately, the man had good hearing and so he stopped. She didn't quite know why, since it seemed nothing looked the same as she remembered. There were more clowns and definitely more children.

"This is the place I like to come to,” He raised his head a little, letting the wind go through his short messy hair, and smiled softly.

Her eyes trailed from him to the scenery. There were a few small shops which gave street food and drinks; there were a few children around two clowns who were trying to be funny and creative; the wind blew and so, it took one of the many balloons into the sky. It looked beautiful and somehow taken from a movie. She got entranced by the view and forgot completely about the one who got her there.


He exclaimed when he saw her walking towards one of the street shops. She didn't turn nor react in any way so instead of trying to get her back, he let her lead the way.

Her smile was contagious. Just at the view of a few women making sushi on the spot, made her eyes sparkle and she licked her lips. The photographer chuckled amusedly and took a picture of both the working women and the excited customer.

"So you like it?" He asked when they both got back on wandering around. She nodded and took a bite of her newly bought sushi. He laughed softly and both walked in silence.

Out of nowhere, one of the clowns looked intently at them and grabbed the artist with him. He was perplexed by the action while she started to laugh loudly.

"Are you scared?" She asked, going closer to the two.

He couldn't respond because the clown pulled him closer and started to make signs towards the watching children. They started to laugh when he made a funny face but the photographer wasn't amused yet.

 "Come on-" She stopped. She completely forgot to ask his name. Her lips formed a thin line and she started to think how she got somewhat kidnapped by that mysterious guy.

The clown told the still unnamed man to take hold of a box since he was tired and it was too heavy. He did so. At one point, the box started to shake. When it finally stopped, it was too strange and he back off. At that time, the box opened and a pie had been pushed into his face by a weird mechanism. He didn't look too happy but she did. When he saw how hard she was laughing and how much fun she was having, he let a small smile catch his lips too.

"That was so funny!" She exclaimed when he got off the handmade stage. He still had a few pieces of vanilla on his cheeks and nose, even though he did clean up. Seeing how she was too amused, he took a piece from his cheek and placed it on hers. She stopped and playfully glared at him. She hit him, which definitely had some force because it hurt, and cleaned herself up.

"Where should we go now...?" It was more of a question to himself but she responded.

"I have an idea" He looked at her and waited. "Why don't you tell me your name first?" Her expression was funny. She had one eyebrow raised, her head was tinted to the right and she was biting her lower lip in a weird way.

"Nao," He said while leaning down to her level. "My name is Nao" He was ready to start walking again, leaving her behind.

"Doesn't he want to know my name too?" She whispered to herself, a little confused by his behaviour. Well, at least she knew how to call him and it was enough for the moment.

"Where to next, captain?" She asked in English, making a army sign. He smiled and shrugged.

"Wherever" She puffed her cheeks and nodded.

Wherever they would end up, it was definitely going to be fun. She was sure about that. 

vineri, 28 decembrie 2012


Someone once said “You do not choose your faith, instead, you are chosen by it.” Truthfully, I never cared about these words before. I never needed to. However, after I changed my view over the world and over my life, I started to wonder…

It was a bright day which announced the summer break. After a long year of learning and working for my supposedly future, I really needed a break. It was ambiguous how my mood was exactly the opposite of the weather. However, it did feel nice; the heat on my skin, the freshness of the morning, all of these elements were enjoyable. The streets were bewildered with people who were definitely fast for their height. I was walking aimlessly through Tokyo. My thoughts were going from one subject to another, ending with a inner battle. I felt quite empty which wasn’t exactly a characteristic of mine but, lately, I just started to wonder if my place was where I was. Had it been my idea to finish a college in Japan? Was my dream to finish management and business? I did wonder…Had I been wasting time for nothing?

A small brunette sighed while she placed her hands on the railing.  The city was crowded on a daily basis yet that day seemed to be suffocating.  Maybe it was because of the freshness of summer, maybe the heat got everyone to enjoy the outside. Who knew? There were children who were playing around, women trying to move through them, teenagers gossiping, there was even a clown! Overall, the view was marvellous and those were also the thoughts of a photographer who didn't dare to miss such scenery. He took pictures for every detail: every group wandering around, every expression and every move. Also, he couldn't stop himself from taking a shot of the foreigner woman besides the bridge. Her hair was loose and the tips were curled, maybe from humidity; her body was small but compared to Japanese women she was definitely more curved; her eyes were fixed on a spot, like she was searching for something which seemed so far away. She looked beautiful. Without noticing, the man walked closer to her. He couldn't resist the force that seemed to bring him closer.  To look manlier, and try not to freak her out, he took another picture of her. 
He had his camera in front of his eyes and was very concentrated so, he didn't remark that she turned her head and was looking at him. He got perplexed when his objective met a pair of beautiful green eyes.


Since she looked like a foreigner, and she was one, he thought she wouldn't know Japanese, so he excused himself in broken English. She was completely uninterested. She wasn't preoccupied at all by his presence since in the next second she turned into the same position he had found her.   He sighed. He leaned one hand on the bridge and watched the beautiful scenery. The water was calm and clear. There were fishes swimming here and there. He could actually see the path they were going on. He grabbed his camera and started to take pictures almost as an instinct.
Sensing that she had been probably too ignorant and impolite, the woman turned her head towards him. She started to watch him closely, every move and every smile he had when he was satisfied of his shoots.

“It’s alright,”

He stopped mid-action and glanced at her. He put his camera down and chuckled, almost nervously. He wasn't actually expecting a response from her, to begin with.

“About the pictures you took of me. It’s alright.” He nodded and smiled to himself. Somehow he felt as if he should start a conversation. It was awkward.

“Where-uh-from-“He stopped, trying to find the right translation. She raised an eyebrow, waiting.

“Oh. Where am I from?” Her response was in smooth Japanese. He stopped and laughed at his thoughts. How could he not think she might have known Japanese? “I’m from England but I’ve been in Tokyo for 3 years now.”  She titled her head to one side and raised an eyebrow. “Any more questions?” He sighed and brushed a hand through his hair.

“What are you looking for?” His question ran deeper than he intentioned. Her mood instantly dropped from superiority to depression. She sighed heavily and turned to look over the lake.

“I don’t know. A reason maybe.”

She furrowed her eyebrows, thinking, while he simply copied her actions.

“Maybe answers.”

“Answers to what?”

She sighed again and fully turned to him. She leaned one hand on the bridge and titled her head to the side, again. He simply stood still..

“Life is quite long don’t you think?” Hearing such words, the poor man thought he might have started a conversation with a woman who wanted to commit suicide.

“There are people who would like to tell you otherwise.” She scoffed.

“There needs a reason to live, right? But what happens when that reason changes?”  That seemed to perplex him for a second.

“I guess…” He mumbled, confused. “ I've always thought it’s better to follow the wind. Life is often misunderstood and when you get fed up with it, you choose the easy way out.” She continued to watch him. His theory sounded quite philosophical and she was curious to hear it out. “I believe there there’s also good in life. You can’t expect happiness to fall from the sky. You have to sweat for it.” He glanced to her. She seemed to analyse his words.


He walked a little bit closer to her and smiled. She raised her head and looked into his eyes. It was hard to understand what was going through her head and her eyes weren't a help either.

“What do you need to make you happy right now?” She blinked. When she realized what he had asked, she opened her mouth yet no sound came out. She had no idea.

“Anything, I guess,”
He bit his lip and started to think about his next move. He caught glance of two people, two lovers, who were very intrigued by the clown’s actions. He grabbed her hand and knew exactly where and how to plant a smile on her lips. Even if he didn't know her, he didn't care.

He was my mind.
 Against what he believed in, he was that happiness which just fell from the sky.

joi, 27 decembrie 2012

물 파도

나는 침대에, 방에 있어요
괜찮아요, 난 이미 인정
내 마음은 이길 수 없습니다
나 외에 없을 때

나는 창을 열고
Trying to swallow the bitter taste on my tongue
그러나 심지어 물의 소리
다시 가져올 수 없습니다

심지어 물 파도
당신의 기억을 감당하지 못해
당신이 떠난  흔적
그사라지지 않을 것
I'm lonely and I'm in pain
니가 날 떠났어
그리고 아무 것도 동일 할 수는 없어

so this had been my shot at making some Korean lyrics...maybe fail maybe not...

sâmbătă, 22 decembrie 2012

Why so serious...?

Have you seen this yet? Lol, I laughed my freaking ass off. I listened it for a few hours and now, while I pushed play on Crayon, it started again. Let's say 'Why so serious?' went very well with "I'll free fall from my apartment". Well let's all enjoy something definitely funny. It may just make your day.

marți, 18 decembrie 2012

Mei-chan no Shitsuji

I recently finished Mei-chan no Shitsuji. Kind of late, I know. It's a good drama but some parts get annoying. For example, the lack of self-confidence Mei has it's immense. I can't believe she's also very naive and kind. The plot is somewhat good because of the actors and some other characters but I really got annoyed often with some character's personalities.

For the people who don't know what I'm talking about, the story revolves around a young woman named Mei (Eikura Nana) , who was rescued as a young girl by someone calling himself her "butler." With only a vague memory, though, the experience seems like just a dream. But one day, after her parents' accidental death, he appears: Rihito (Mizushima Hiro) comes from a line of outstanding butlers, and he has been appointed to serve her! Now her ordinary life has completely flipped, as she discovers that she's actually the heiress to a fortune, and is forced to transfer to St. Lucia Girls' Academy, where all the students have butlers! As a result, her childhood friend Kento (Sato Takeru) decides to enrol in a butler school so that he can stay close to her. Yep, I did take it from Drama Wiki because I was too lazy to write it on my own. But Mizushima Hiro looks so handsome as a butler. I was completely surprised because I saw him before in Hana Kimi where his personality was definitely the opposite. Also, having such handsome butlers must be heaven! I also watched this drama for Oomasa Aya, which is an actress I really admire. I've seen her in a lot of roles that really suited her. Seeing Osamu Mukai, who's one of my favourites Japanese actors. I seriously didn't know he was the so called bad character, Shinobu. That guy has a seriously scary smile when he wants to. It freaked me out all the time, and the close-ups, even though I was drooling over his nice features, he still looked weird.

So, in the end, the story seems uninteresting but the whole concept of friendship and love which comes throughout the drama makes it better. It's good, I can assure you that it's not a waste of time.

Music to the Ears (Yang Yoseob's Caffeine)

Oh, one song I completely forgot about is Caffeine. Yoseob's voice sounds so resentful and somehow, has a tent of regretfulness and enthusiasm. Don't ask how I figured that out. Anyway, I was a little surprised when I saw the music video. I was expecting to see a story, to see the lyrics being acted into the video. I haven't been dissapointed at all. The whole plot looks somewhat veridical so that's fine. The background looks too classy and maybe a little overused. The idea itself isn't innovative. But I liked it and it's a pleasure to watch it.

Something that doesn't seem to get well with the song is actually Yoseob's face. I know he is a grown up, young adult; he's not a boy any more, he's a man but damn that baby face of his betrays everything! He's so cute while being mad, he's even more adorable in the happy moments, I couldn't focus on anything but his face when I first watched the video. However, when you listen to the song without watching it, that's completely different. It's my favourite song from his solo album and it touches me deeply. It's a story sang by someone with an incredible voice and so, the message gets a different tint.

Music to the Ears (TVXQ's Humanoids)

Have I been blind all this time? I mean Changmin look really handsome lately. He caught my eyes in the Humanoids video far more than Yunho who's like the supreme hotness walking. The song is really good. I can't say any bad things about it. I love the introduction of it and there are some parts in the middle of it which just get me to like it even more! I also love the dance. I find it harder and better than Catch Me's which wasn't very...it was a show off but not in a way I wanted. It wasn't something that would blow my mind.

Like we've been used, the music video is in a few rooms, one which I can swear Super Junior filmed in too, and some sort of plot that doesn't make much sense. But the song captivates your attention so well that you don't really care about the surroundings...except maybe their faces which are what also captivates the fans. I believe there are also some small misspellings but who cares? Well, I do but anyway, it doesn't affect the coolness of the song.

duminică, 16 decembrie 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

So, I've seen The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey today and it was...AWESOME! It's seriously one of the best movies this year. It has the same scenery and the same feelings Lord of the Rings had. There are some characters which appear in both parts and the story goes somehow on the same concept. However, the story itself makes Lord of the Ring more clear. You realize some aspects and it gives more details. However, the movie has something different and that's the ending. Lord of the Rings had a clear ending, which made people smile content. The Hobbit it's all about dwarfs trying to get their homeland back with the help of Gandalf and Bibo Baggins. Sounds familiar huh? He's also in Lord of the Ring too but as an older man....hobbit and he has some connection with Frodo. I'm sure you remember.

The characters are well made and played. There's nothing to comment about the actors. Some places seem a little forced but that fine. It's not too obvious.

What intrigued me is that after 2 and a half hours of having my eyes glued to that screen, I was expecting to continue for about half an hour more but no. It ended a little bit too fast and I remained there, stoic, not understanding what was happening. The movie overall is very good and has some awesome special effects and gets you entranced into the action but it ends so abruptly! Aish...but still, Warner Bros makes the best movies.