marți, 25 septembrie 2012

Taeyang's (high reggae singer) Haircut

And another small post, since everywhere I'm looking people are talking about Taeyang's new haircut...if it can be called like that. Sincerely, I kind of find it weird and he reminds me of Zico's days with dreads...when he looked like a Jamaican beggar...oh memories. I really miss Block B. Back to the subject, Taeyang looks like a high reggae singer. It's alright for me actually. I will always support whatever Taeyang does (no matter what) and any style he adopts. From my point of view people took a really big shock when he showed his and most of VIP's if not all know him with that Mohawk style which was fine and looked really good on him. Hell, I was surprised too when my friend showed me and I started to laugh and joke about it (sorry, couldn't contain myself) and now, a lot of my friends still make fun of it and comment but for me, it;s still Taeyang. So even though he looks like a Jamaican begger/High reggae singer he will always be Dong Young Bae...

Of course, as a side note, I guess seeing him singing Wedding Dress or I Need a Girl now would look terribly amusing. It would be awesome if he would actually sing a reggae song. I wouldn't stop listening to it but he has such a soft voice...don't know if he can pull it off. But hey! May 18th taurus people are awesome and can surprise you any time...I know.

Yep so, I support you Tae! But seriously...I do miss Block B. Peace!

Music to the Ears (BtoB's Wow)

Be to be back again, be to be WOW. Yep. I love that song. It's really catchy and the MV is well done. I seriously don't have many things to comment about. Also, I don't have the right to comment because I just got into BtoB. I still don't remember who is who but I know for sure I like Minhyuk. He's the only one I can recognize...a little. Anyway, back to WOW. The fashion seems alright. They have these nice suits and they look manly and I may even use the word 'handsome' as a characteristic. They are young and have that strong sex appeal rookies these year seem to master so well. However, in some aspect they show their age abruptly, making the whole sexy, hot and badass look disappear instantly. But, that happens just when they perform the song live. Any song. Another thing that pisses me off a little is the hair. In the MV, some of them have a Elvis hairstyle. In my point of view, they have a small forehead and it doesn't look that good.

When it comes to dancing, I can't say I'm the one to talk but I do know how to dance, though...Anyway, their dance is so easy to catch on. As much as I like the song as a whole, I love the dance too. Like I said, it's easy to cover and also the choreographer was inspired when he made the moves and the connections between them, how they are all put into the light, be it with a harder or easier move. It's awesome.

About the melody itself, well that's something I'm good at. Sincerely, yes, it's catchy and has an epic sound, their voices go well on it and it's a good song. But, some of them don't get the chance to show us their real vocal skills. Also, while dancing I have the impression they lose their air often, though it's not that obvious. Of course, dancing and singing is hard, mostly the chorus (usually that's hard because everyone has to dance on it but sometimes not all of them sing it too; I'm generally speaking) and they try not to show their emotions or something and just smile and also use their visuals but still...I'm a composer, I can't let it off lol.  

The MV, is good...Even though I think they could have used some other idea for it, they did use the songs as a source for the plot so it's alright. I don't have many things to say except the fact that...I swear some of the rooms have been used for FT Islands' I Wish music video. If you looks closer at 1:17 you'll understand my point. Oh and, surprisingly, I like the girl from the video. She has good expressions and really amuses me.

luni, 24 septembrie 2012

Intensive Examination- BAP

Soorry I didn't post this when I should have but I have my own summer homework I didn't finish unfortunately and I'm a little stressed since I started my last year of high school. Yay! South Korea after it! Ohh, I can't wait. Anyway, back to business, this edition is all about B.A.P aka Best Absolute Perfect. It's...yeah. I guess it's better than MBLAQ...Anyway news about these awesome guys are enough. For example, their appearances on shows. Inkigayo, Music Core, MNet Countdown, they're everywhere and we love it. It seems the number of their fan clubs just rises and rises each passing day.

Let's see, from what I know they've been to Taiwan and it seems they had a great time (Himchan's tweet; sorry for stalking you weirdy). Secret's new album and song is awesome, by the way. Poison really gets that feminine and sexy vibe the girls have. And since we're tlking about BAP, I seriously can't not talk about their sunbaes. Now, I've read a lot about them since I have friends and two big eyes. Pictures and pictures and Happy Latey Birthday Zelo! You're still young though, still have a long way to go, ask Yong Guk. I've seen pictures from his surprise in Taiwan. It was really cute. They're cute overall. I like their style and how soft an childish they actually are. Also, I kind of feel old.

A lot of information I couldn't really get because, I recognize, I've been very busy but they are promoting themselves and well, Crash. Also, they help their sunbaes with things. I've seen the interview on the set of Poison. It was very interesting how at one point Himchan and Zelo seemed to gradually lose their focus and the rest were nodding but didn't seem to be there...They must have been also tired, who knows what they've done before. They're quite hyperactive. But Secret were talkative and funny and I really like them. I like both bands actually. But seriously, you should watch Ta Dah:It's BAP or BAP Diary; they are both really fun and even though they're a little bit old, I don't see a big change in their behaviour if none at all. At first I thought Himchan is the maknae or at least closer to that image but Zelo is such a cute one. Damn years for being too old.

Oh and by the way, am I crazy or sometimes Jong Up looks like a younger version of Daesung? Just the face...:-?

Yong Guk



Young Jae

Jong Up


'What I Like About...' ULALA SESSION

I love ULALA SESSION! These band is epic from every point of view. Their voices are amazing and really strong, yet not all of them are low and manly, which makes it all sound so much better.

Sincerely, I found these talented guys when I watched Immortal Song 2 when Park Kwang Seon sang When it Rains on Tuesday. That performance is so heartbreaking and there are so many emotions thrown into that song. It's wonderful how well Kwang Seon ssi interpreted it. On another page, I like when they all sing together. I was very touched when they sang Pathetique, originally sang by Lee Sang Woo. I got goosebumps.

Now, about their own music, it's awesome. They know perfectly how to mix the new pop beats and right lyrics. Also, for me, Beautiful Night is one hell of a song. It's as good as Gangnam Style! I really wish they would get more credit. And the whole album is so good, both parts of it. I enjoy listening to their songs, they hit right into the heart and their voices are blending so softly together.

One thing I like at their style is that the MV's are actual MV's. It doesn't happen inside a dark lit room with them standing or moving around. They actually move and there's a plot. Their MV's are artistic and fun to watch. They're addictive.

sâmbătă, 15 septembrie 2012

G-Dragon's One of a Kind album

I'm so so sorry for not posting about BAP yet they won the poll. Right now there are so many things going on, except my personal life and my career life. For once, there's that scandal about Seungri in Japan which for me sounds absurd and like a story taken from a fan fiction. I will definitely not comment about that. However, there's this little talented guy named Kwon JiYong whose album just became available. Sincerely, I like it. I like how he used his own feelings and own thoughts, his own experience made every track deeper. I love that about artists who personally compose their songs. They can express much more through them and the listener gets differently touched by it.

Talking about each track would take too much thinking, truthfully, and right now the world spins around me. I have a killer headache and every foreign language I know gets mixed up. So, to make it correct and short, G-Dragon's new album, One of a Kind consists mostly of ballads and slow rap songs. The album is very much a two faced book about JiYong. He's wild and young but he's also a simple boy who got through some hard times and who feels lonely and I guess a little stressed at times. Each song has something different, something that attracts you even more. Missing You is definitely my favourite and Today has also been growing on me. They are such intense songs and hit you straight into the heart. Also, Crayon has a wicked but cool sound. I guess it won't like it from the first and second listening but in time it will. One thing I also adore about his album is that he used some great voices like Kim Yuna, Tablo or Kim Jong Wan (I love Nell).

That being said, let's enjoy One of a Kind xD

sâmbătă, 8 septembrie 2012

일곱 번째 편지

Dear Anonymous,

In life, people usually play roles. Like I've heard so many times, life itself is a theatre and we, the humans, are the actors on stage. I guess I never really thought more into this. It was just an affirmation, nothing more and nothing less. But, now I see what it actually means. In my life, on my stage, I've always played the role of a naive and silly girl. I liked to make people laugh and acted stupid and oblivious to what was happening around me but there's more than what I show. I have a brain and I like to create something from nothing. I write, I compose music, I think a lot about many things and I am so much different. I don't show my feelings because I'm afraid I'll be found out. I know there's someone who understands me completely; I just have to wait. Patience is a virtue, it's just too bad I can't master it. The person I am is actually so different than the one I put up in front of others. I just hope I won't become what I hate and I won't loose myself on the way. I hope I will remain alive.

miercuri, 5 septembrie 2012

Happy Birthday, Cha Seon Woo!

Today...what's left of it in my own country and well, yesterday for Asians, was/is Baro's birthday. It's party time for B1A4 (or not, if they are busy) but anyway, I just want to wish him a happy birthday here too and if you didn't, well better later than never. He's just such an awesome rapper and tries really hard to be a good daddy in Hello Babie's season 6. Also, he's a hard working young man and I hope he'll be even better now that he's 20 (or 21 in Korean age).

Happy Birthday, Baro!
생일 축하합니다!
Joyeux Anniversaire!
Feliz cumpleaños!
Feliz Aniversário!
Felix dies natalis!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Buon compleanno!
La Multi Ani!

and these are the languages I know or understand. That's all. If you want you can add to the list.  

marți, 4 septembrie 2012

Intensive Examination- Big Bang

Regarding Big Bang, there are a lot of news. Before taking them each, separately, as a whole, Big bang worked their way up and made history. Their latest album was extremely good and showed just how alive, passionate and talented these guys are. Fantastic Baby, Monster, Bad Boy and Blue. These are the songs which have MV's but let's not forget the whole package which is awesome. These are songs that stay with you for a while (meaning they are too catchy and fun to listen to). From what I know, Big Bang will tour the world and the fans are the ones who will decide which country or state or city will they sing into. Also, they might be able to sing on EMA's (it was written on Twitter by Taeyang if I remember correctly) and that's something I want to see.

The members. Firstly, G-Dragon is reeking havoc in the minds of young ladies. There were rumours of his solo comeback and that itself was a big thing for fans. There were so many assumptions that you couldn't even imagine what will happen. Each fan had his own image of it. When the MV of One of a Kind appeared, it was insane. Everyone started to comment and find the symbolism in the video and some just enjoyed it. Of course, I already talked about this song. That XX (which would stand for motherfucker or some other not that offensive swear, at least for me) was something else. It appeared not long ago and it has over 4.000.000 views. I sincerely admire how soft the melody is next to the lyrics, which aren't that all. The girl used in the video, which is obviously so much younger than GD, is one of the members of that new YG girls group. There are not many information about it. Anyway, G-Dragon's album will officially be available on September 18th. There will be a Gold and Bronze edition but in my view, both look so awesome and well done. The price is somewhere around $14 (16.300 KRW which for Romanians is about 50 RON) so anyway you look at it, it's not expensive.

Another member who's very active is Seungri. He may not be in South Korea but his presence filled the hearts of the Japanese fans. Since middle June, I believe, until now, he's been running around Japan, promoting not only himself but Big Bang too. It's very admirable since he's really young and works so much in the benefit of, actually, everyone. He keeps the link with the fans through a diary where he tells everybody what he's done and some of his thought for that day. He has a show where he interviews celebrities from Japan but I think I saw someone from Korea too. But anyway,his Japanese improved a lot and so did his entertaining talent. He's learning from big people how to be as close as possible a fun entertainer. Also, he's comedic side seems to arise a lot and I do believe he's tired as hell but he choose his dream and he should take responsibility. He's been cast into a Japanese drama, his first actually, Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo  -  Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case . His character will be a Korean exchange student. The principle character will be played by HEY!SAY!JUMP!'s Yamada Ryosuke (who's adorable!) Anyway you look at it, Seungri's doing his job either in Korea or Japan or anywhere else.

TOP, there's not much to say about him because he's been working intently on the set of 'Alumnus', a movie directed by Park Shin Woo. He is pretty busy with that and right now, there's nothing else to say. I believe things will liven up when the tours outside of Asia will start. Anyway, there's been posted on Twitter a picture with a guy taking a picture (duh) and he was shirtless. A lot of fans speculate it may be TOP, for real, but who knows.

Taeyang, our loveable Young Bae has been active on Twitter and even trolled his fans. Seriously, he wrote in a post how he has a girlfriend and doesn't want to keep her hidden any more. DAMN how happy I was when I read that (since he needs a girl, thing he wrote later on Twitter and GD approved...and added he needs one too. These guys need to get laid) but when I opened the link, it was a fucking picture of a animated girl Mina has drawn. I was disappointed, I recognize. I'm not sure what he does right now but I've seen him taking a lot of pictures into the studio so I'm wishing for the best. He does some promoting too but I'm not in Korea yet so I don't know.

Daesung, our crazy and secretive vocalist with an awesome voice has been around Japan, promoting too. He  showed up at Seungri's fan meeting and supported his dongsaeng. I... seriously don't know what he's doing except that. I read and searched and tried really hard to find something about his activities right now but there's none. Or they may be but my resources are limited. I don't know.

Let's roll with the fun part now





duminică, 2 septembrie 2012

Music to the Ears (BAP- Crash)

B.A.P's Crash is amazing! I can't stop listening to it at all. I tried, since it's really creepy how lately I've listened more to B.A.P than Big Bang (which is my favorite k-pop band) and I believe I'm on the way to become part time Baby. I feel like I'm cheating lol. Anyway, the song is amazingly cute and I love the MV. It's really refreshing to see them in their own element than as 'hot, powerful' idols. Of course, my bias (the weird Himchan) doesn't have much camera time but, surprisingly, he got more lines. And what can I say...the  one running after birds, Zelo. But he's an adorable maknae. He might be one of the few nice youngsters.

After watching a few times the MV, I think I've seen why they are such a big band. They seem to get well with each other, even though they have different personalities. They are all weird but at the same time, that's a common thing that just draws them closer. Usually, my eyes go to Himchan or Daehyun but in this MV, I can't even decide. I believe they made a very good choice with this video idea. They each show different sides of them and never stop amazing the audience by being either cute, dorky or hot.

The music, as in the melody, is really nice. I love how they can master any type of rhythm. Daehyun's voice is amazing, like always, but the husky voices of Himchan and Yong Guk makes everything more likeable and interesting. I watched the first live performance on MCountDown and I was impressed, though seriously, Yong Guk doesn't seem fit to be adorable. He tries and it fails terribly and I guess that's what makes it cute. Anyway, on Inkigayo, Yong Guk messed it up a little and I found his reaction incredibly adorable. I believe they also have a lot of promotions because YoungJae sounded tired and a little off. They must be really busy now...Anyway, show your support and buy their album or a true Baby and show support in any way because I learned throughout years that being an artist is freaking hard and tiring and love from fans is what actually keeps them optimistic and strong.