luni, 30 aprilie 2012


While Stella and Eric were happily enjoying their time, eyes from afar were watching intently. Alex bent his head down when he saw how much Stella smiles around Eric. He turned his back and walked deeper into the forest. Surprisingly, he wasn’t that jealous. He felt a small pain inside his head, not heart. Vampires usually don’t have feelings and when they have, the supposedly feelings are just lost emotions. Pieces that link vampires to humans. The younger vampire sighed and closed his eyes. He felt at ease, knowing there’s someone with Stella. Right then, he really didn’t give a shit about the vampires after him. He just wanted to keep her safe, in the end, that’s the reason he even came back to Firehole. He grabbed the small pendant from his back pocket and stared at him. It shined brightly in the sun, reflecting a shadow behind. Alex’s eyes became emotionless and blank, no emotion or glint coming out of them. He put the small silver Caduceus back and stared in front. He waited there, now feeling more than one vampire around. The creature was getting closer and when it launched at him, Alex’s eyes changed and his fangs grew bigger. He turned in time and caught the vampire’s fist, throwing him hardly into the distance. After that one, came more. Alex found himself cornered by five vampires, in no time. He didn’t glare at none, but they did. They were furious.

“Finally found. You’re a hard one to catch, aren’t you Alexander?” He rolled his eyes.

“Well, I’m sorry. Next time I’ll go somewhere else, in a clearing or maybe the dessert. That way you’ll be able to find me in a second. I’d be the only dead body walking around.” He stopped for a moment, seeing as the vampire who talked got annoyed. “Like a zombie.” He finished smirking. Another unknown vampire launched at Alex but he simply got out of the way. “That’s all you’ve got?” Other two vampires launched at Alex and he started fighting with more force. He threw one in a tree while he punched the shit out of the other. When he thought it was enough he stopped and threw that one too. He turned back to the gutsiest one and smirked. “Aren’t you going to fight me too, Ames?” The vampire, Ames, glared at the much younger vampire but didn’t do anything. Both vampires felt someone stronger coming their way. Ames left, his powers too rusted for the older vampire. James arrived in the spot exactly when everyone but Alex left.

“Thanks for ruining my fun.” James rolled his eyes at the powerful but still young male vampire. Alex glanced to where he has thrown the three vampires. “What about them?” James smirked and flicked his fingers. Yells started erupting into the silence. Alex raised an eyebrow and walked closer to James.

“Done.” James’s smirk was very much like the one Stella used to have. Sadistic, evil, scary.

“How did you do that?” James started chuckling and turned his back, ready to go back home. He had a date that night and he was just so anxious to meet his dinner.

“Family secret.” That was the last line he said before flashing out of there. Alex rolled his eyes and went back to the nothing he was doing.
Back with Stella, Eric was a very good company. Gracie took the freedom to grab both vampires by their hands and swing them while walking to get ice cream. The child’s innocence started rubbing on Stella, a lot. She didn’t want to get her to the park yet it turned out to be a pretty good idea.

“So, Stella…” I stopped spacing out and looked at Eric. In that moment he looked exactly like any other senior student. “You never really told me about your life.” I raised an eyebrow amused.

“Which one?” Eric chuckled and shook his head.

“The one where you didn’t become a killing machine.” I narrowed my eyes playfully at him and smirked. I glanced in front and saw an ice cream shop. It wasn’t like the old ones where it was just a car driving around with the same old music after it. It was very modern, with chairs and tables. Actually, it looked pretty much like a small cafe, but with ice cream. Eric trailed his eyes to where I was looking and smiled. “Gracie, do you want ice cream?” She looked up at him with shining eyes and nodded. I chuckled. In that very moment I really felt like an aunt. A very old one. We walked there and Eric bought each one of us an ice cream with strawberry topping. I licked my lips, thinking about how much it looked like blood. Unfortunately, I drank none the whole day and even if I didn’t look like, I could feel the slight burning in my neck. When I looked up, Eric was staring at me. After he shook his head and scolded me, we sat at one of the tables outside. Gracie was absorbed in her dessert so Eric took the liberty to start back the conversation. “Well…?” I sighed and licked the topping.

“You’re seriously interested?” He nodded and made an approving noise. “Alright. I guess I’ll start with the beginning. I don’t remember anything before the day I met Adrian.”

duminică, 29 aprilie 2012

Normal Day

The next few days have been horrible for the female vampire.That one day happened fast and neither Stella nor Eric talked about it. It happened just in the spur of the moment.Except the fact that the only places she could go were the school and the bar and then back home, Alex and Eric were bickering almost every time and Nate was quiet, Stella also had to deal with her father’s family. Like, that day, it was Saturday and she was free of school and wanted nothing else but stay inside and sleep. Unfortunately, Emily’s younger daughter was just six years old and she wanted to go in the park. Of course Emily was too busy haunting hot guys to be attentive to her daughter and, who had to deal with the little pain? Stella.

“No.” Adrian rolled his eyes and sighed. “I’m not doing it.” Adrian looked at his sister, who was meanwhile glaring at me, and turned back and stared at me with an innocent pleading look.

“Please. Do this for me. She will start annoying me with how I don’t raise you right. I don’t need her on my head too.” He whispered to his vampire daughter.

“What about me?” I whispered back, narrowing my eyes. “They are already here. If they see me, they will start the annoyance. I don’t need more than I already deal with.” He sighed and rubbed his forehead. We both glanced back in the kitchen to see Aunt Belle glaring at both of us while sipping from her coffee.

“Do you think we can put a bag on your head? Or sun glasses?” I stared stupidly at my father.

“I don’t think so, dad. Tell Nate.” I was ready to leave when he grabbed my hand.

“Take Eric. He should take care of you. I trust him more than Alex.” I raised an eyebrow.

“And what about Nate?” He shook his head and sighed disappointed, glancing up the stairs.

“It’s something different. He’s…changing again. He wants to find his personality, back. I’m afraid he seeks what he cannot find.” He glanced down at the still curious Stella. “I’m afraid he wants some memory about how he helped you or what he has done, on his own. There might not be such a memory. He might feel…used.” I nodded.

Well, in the end, I did have to take little Gracie to the park. Thankfully, it was right in the center of the town so no vampire would attack me with so many humans around.

“Auntie Stella! Come, come!” It was so hard to hate the small girl. She looked so innocent and she had no idea what’s going to happen in the near future. I took a seat on the nearest bench and looked up at the sky. The clouds were moving slowly, like boats on ocean. Slowly and graciously, seeking for adventure like I was, until then. But again, there was also the rain. When the peaceful clouds turn black and watch down at the inferior creatures, from time to time attacking them with thunders and lightning. It’s not every time so powerful or destructive, but it’s frightening.

“Already falling asleep?” My eyes popped open and glanced at the male beside me. I smiled softly, looking into his ocean blue eyes. “Your father called me. It seems I have to play bodyguard for today.” I chuckled and turned my attention on Grace. She was playing with a few other children in the sand. When she saw me looking over she smiled and waved. I waved back. Her eyes traveled slowly to Eric and waved at him too. Eric was perplexed at first but smiled and waved back, eventually.

“I don’t understand why he put me in charge of such a helpless girl. She’s in danger as long as she’s near me. Everyone is. I might even snap and feed on her.” Eric rolled his eyes.

“You underestimate yourself, as usual.” I scoffed and playfully punched him. He raised an eyebrow and looked down at me, amused. “You’re such a child.” I rolled my eyes and folded my hands, pouting.

“Eric…what do you think about Nate?” He raised his head and glanced at his old, long ‘lost and destined’ love.
“What do you mean? He’s a nice guy.” I shook my head.

“Lately, he’s very silent. Shouldn’t I be the one in that situation? I snapped once, I’m going to snap again and my old self wants freedom. I should be the silent and emo one.” He started laughing, out of nowhere. I gave him a stupid glance and waited. “I’m happy my life seems so funny to you.” He stopped and narrowed his eyes.

“I guess…You never cease to surprise me with your…choose of words.” I rolled my eyes and playfully punched him, again. He playfully glared and that was the start of a new ‘confrontation’.

“Aunt Stella…are you done flirting?” I stopped abruptly when I heard the small, childish voice. I bet if I could blush, we would’ve. Both me and Eric. He, though, did something that shocked me. He grabbed my shoulders and put me into a hug, like the young lovers do.

“We’re done.” I started, smiling down at her. He let go of me and bent down to her. “What’s your name?” She blushed and smiled embarrassed.

“Gracie. What’s yours?” Eric stuck his hand out and stared intently, like he always does when it comes to humans, at the child.

“I’m Eric. A friend of your auntie.” Her smiled grew bigger and shook hands with Eric.

“Are you her boyfriend?” Eric glanced at me and smirked.

“Maybe.” The girl started giggling and I rolled my eyes, smiling. It seems Eric changed a lot since I first arrived in Firehole. He became much…un-Edward-ish.

“I think you should stop talking, Eric.” Gracie laughed while Eric glanced back to me.

sâmbătă, 28 aprilie 2012


She couldn’t forget that night. It happened a few days ago and it was still fresh. What the vampire said, the information he told her was precious and dangerous. She looked all over Firehole for a Stella Blanche but there was none with that name. The documents she searched for weren’t in the library. And now, the only thing she can do is looking out after dangerous vampires. She got a hand through her hair, tired of the lately events and sighed.

“Are you alright?” She opened her eyes to meet a pair of brown big orbs. They were staring at her with such warmth but it was obvious there was sadness and worry behind them.

“ Um…did I do something?” He chuckled and shook his head. After that, he sat down on the chair next to her.

“No. I just saw you here alone and thought why not come and meet you.” She chuckled and smiled at the man.

“And the serious reason is…?” He started laughing.

“I just finished my date and I’m really happy that I got it over with. Also, I’ve seen you glancing over a few times. I was curious.” She smirked mysteriously.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” He nodded. “Well I was just observing. How come you’re so happy that you finished your date? Too much too carry for your age?” She intended it to be a joke and he did take it as one, he laughed.

“Yes. Yes it is. She was too nice.” He whispered the last part. The woman smiled widely.

“I’m Billie.” He shook her hand and smiled.

“Adrian. I do feel right now as a teenager.” She looked at him again. He didn’t look old at all and he was fit. He had big brown eyes, brown hair and a very childish like smile. He was cute.

Back home, to the Blanche residence, Nate was trying hard to ignore his aunt’s flirting. He was getting so pissed that he could swear he’ll torture her and let her half dead. He wouldn’t get his fangs through her filthy flesh.

“Can you let me breath for a mere hour?!” He yelled, finally getting it out. Emily looked taken back and glared at him. She left, Nate sighing freely. He got up too of the sofa and walked into Stella’s room. It was a surprise to see Stella already there, well on the balcony, watching outside. It was dawn and so the sun was changing positions with the moon. “Are you in one of those moments?” Stella didn’t even turn her head. He raised an eyebrow.

“What moods?” Her voice was blank with no emotion in it. Nate walked closer to her, inspected her. Something was different. One obvious clue was her pendant. The ouroboros was a strange reddish color.

“What happened, Stella?” The tone he had was the one of an older protective vampire. He wanted the truth even if she would still hide some information. She turned her head to look him in his eyes. Her orbs weren’t green. Not completely. It started as green but closer to the iris were red. “Did you feed?” She nodded. “On a human?” She turned her head back to the original position. “Did you?” She sighed.

“It’s complicated.” He raised an eyebrow.

“What?” She kept her head up and eyes looking outside, to the forest.

“To control myself.” His troubles expression let his supposed to be feelings show. “She wants out. She wants to be free. She wants blood and the possibility to choose.”

“Who?” His voice and face were cold. He got bold and serious. She sighed again.

“Myself. My true self. My soul. I can control my body but my mind is going crazy. I took a break from being who I am and now I want back the freedom.” He glared down at his sister.

“You are free.” She narrowed her eyes at her brother. The glint she had surprised Nate. He got the same feeling of inferiority as Tracy, but not as big.

“I won’t for too long. I can feel them and it makes me anxious.” Nate put a hand on hers and looked much softer at her.

“We’re here. You don’t need to be afraid of inferior vampires.” She looked down at their hands.

“I’m not afraid of them. I’m afraid of myself.” She took her hand back and walked inside, leaving Nate dumbfounded on the balcony, looking into the distance.

“I am too.” He sighed and walked in her room too.After that talk, Nate left and surprisingly enough, Adrian took the women, all of them, sightseeing. Stella remained dumbfounded when she heard about that. What could’ve been seen in such a small city? Trees? Part of her thought that maybe her father just wanted to let her calm down in silence. Unfortunately, there was a need of something more to calm her down.

She was on the bed when she closed her eyes and hoped for silence, just for a small amount of time. That’s when the bell rang, making the female vampire growl in annoyance. She She got off the bed, hard, and walked to open the door.

“You know, you can just appear out of nowhere in my room, like most vampires seem to enjoy doing.” Eric rolled his eyes and entered the house. Stella simply went and jumped on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” Stella shrugged.

“From where do you want me to start? Firstly, I can’t even get out of the house without feeling watched or paranoid that one of those vampires saw me.” Eric nodded, understanding the feeling. “I know it’s Alex and from time to time, Nate or even James! But I’m a big girl and if I could kill without remorse once, I can do it again.” Eric flinched.

“Why would you do that? No one wants you to become like that again.” Stella sighed and sat on her butt, legs crossed.

“Then why do these vampires come? Not for revenge? They want to kill me.” Eric saw how stressed Stella became and hugged her, close and tight.

“You have us to protect you. Nate won’t let anything happen to you. And even if I hate to recognize it, Alex will never stop caring for you.” He let go of Stella but remained close. He put his hand on her check and started stroking it softly. Stella smiled and closed her eyes. When she opened them, Eric’s lips were just a few inches from hers. Eric glanced at her lips hungrily. He has wanted her since forever and now she trusted him enough to let him have her. Stella had other plans, though. She smirked and flashed away from him. He growled and went after her. She tried to get to the door but Eric caught her and slammed her in the wall. They start kissing hungrily, the heat radiating from both vampires. Teeth slammed against each other, tongues started a passionate war. Eric’s hands started to travel from her waist to her hips and with one move, he raised Stella by her legs and she wrapped them tightly around his waist. He flashed into her room and threw her on the bed.

Their eyes were red like fire and the passion fully consumed them. Eric jumped like a wolf over its prey and started attacking her. Their kisses became more and more heated and rougher.

He hovered over her like an animal. He started attacking her neck and slipped his hands under her shirt as he straddled her waist. She laid her head back for more space and groaned. After her shirt was out of sight, Stella’s eyes widened as he kissed her harder this time, with more hunger. She wrapped her arms around his neck, slipping one hand in his dark brown hair, pulling it when the kiss was getting hotter. The male vampire got rid fast of her bra and kissed between her breasts, leaving red bruises.

Eric wanted her so, so bad, more than anything in his life. He had never thought he will get to the point his body will scream for hers. The peace was getting slower so Stella rolled the two over so she was on top. He didn’t even look taken back. She arched as his hands were on her hips, his mouth on her tummy. His blue eyes were even deeper than usually, lust and passion clouding his mind and eyes. She leaned in and kissed him deeply, tongues battling lustfully. She started trailing kisses from his lips to his check, to his collarbone where she stopped for a little while to suck on and eventually to his neck. She started sucking and nipping and she lashed her canines in his flesh, making the male give a guttural growl. She smirked but she didn’t expect his next move. He pulled by her hair hard enough to take her head and brought her face to his.

“No biting, Stella.”She glared. She left her hand wonder down to his pants and to his dick. He growled and slightly let go of her hair when she started massaging softly down there. He still had his pants on. Actually, both of them have them. Eric forced over and kissed her lips. The kiss became just a diversion to let his hands wonder down her fit stomach and to her short pants. Even if the kiss was still going, none having the need to breathe, and started unbuttoning each other’s pants. They kind of flew everywhere but nowhere important. They both stopped the kiss and looked at each other.
Right then he needn’t anything but to be inside the feisty vampire. He got his boxers off as well as her panties. He rested his forehead against her and plunged inside of her, deep and hard, which made the vampire female growl. Of course, Stella, being herself, started bucking her hips in the moment he got in, groaning and mumbling swears under her breath. He grunted as he started to move in and out at the same peace as her, rough and fast. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he bent his head down, resting it on the crook of her shoulder and neck. "Do you have second thoughts?” He growled and let his fangs show out and stuck them into her soft flesh. She groaned, her own eyes reddening.

He started to go faster and harder, getting grunts from her. At one moment she wrapped her legs around his waist, making him go deeper. “Shit.”They both groaned. She rested her head against his as he pumped harder and faster than before. She felt the heat knotting in her stomach and she was close to her release, yet so far. She wanted more, they both did. She rolled on top of him, still connected. Their skin slapped together, making a clapping sound, as they both moaned and groaned. “Dammit." He mumbled. She was going pretty fast and he was raising his hips up too, their muscles contracting.
She arched her back high, pressing her chest against his, when he rolled over her again. Her nails dug into his shoulders. They were both close. Eric held onto her tighter as he thrust at an inhuman speed. Her nails dug deeper in his shoulder as she could feel that knot in her stomach grow. She hissed and her vision got blurry and she came, hard. Eric kept thrusting a few more times until he reached his own climax too with a grunt, masked in her neck. His thrusts start slowing down and eventually stopped.

“I fucking love being a vampire right now.” Eric chuckled and laid next to her.

joi, 26 aprilie 2012

Mysterious Woman

On the other side of the town, more precisely in the much calmer center of Firehole where teenagers don’t have the guts or money to go, Adrian Monroe was sitting at a table of two, a young and pretty woman opposite him. They were laughing and talking and joking and it seemed his date was quite a catch. She wasn’t too tall, mostly because he wasn’t either, yet she wasn’t too tiny. She was perfect for Adrian but he didn’t like her in that way. She was a smart and nice woman but he was a vampire slayer. Not a good match.

Anyway, in the same restaurant was another woman with big green eyes, greener than Stella’s, reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. At first glance nothing was unusual, but at a closer inspection you could see she had guns and knives at her waist and in her coat. She was listening to the busy people around her and at the same time inspecting the surroundings. The newspaper was just a diversion, so she could work in peace. Her eyes traveled to Adrian a few times. There was just something unusual around him, even though she could swear he’s as innocent as he looked. She interrupted her thoughts when her phone rang.

“Yes?” On the other side of the phone line she heard something snap and almost smirked. “Found another one?” The person on the other line chuckled.

Found and exterminated. It’s weird, though. Too easy.” The woman nodded, even if the other person couldn’t see her. She had the same thoughts. Something wasn’t what it looked to be. Since she came in Firehole, she saw just a few night creatures and killed them instantly. Then, there has been that time. She remembered every single word that vampire said.

Raining, calm rain, silence on the road. There was no one except one car.

“Why do we go to Firehole, again?” A woman with green eyes and dark brown hair glanced at the teenager next to her and smiled.

“Because it needs us. Bloodsuckers aren’t something easy to deal with.” The teenager girl sighed and turned her head to watch on the window. However, something landed on the car, hard. The woman stopped the car and glanced again at her daughter. “Stay inside.” The girl scoffed. The mother smirked and took two guns from the back. She gave one to her daughter and they both got out, silently. On the car was nothing. The woman heard a noise coming from the forest. Both females looked at each other and nodded. They started to make their way into the dark. There was nothing weird and no noises, until a branch snapped behind the woman. “Dana…come closer.” The girl couldn’t respond because something caught her and put its hand over her mouth. When the woman didn’t hear anything back she glared at nothing in particularity. “Come out! Show yourself!” She felt a chill down her spine and that when she saw it. A man, in his middle twenties, with her precious daughter. “Let her go.” The vampire smirked cockily.

“Or what? Blow my brain out? It got old.” The woman rolled her eyes and shot him in the hand. Surprisingly, it hurt. “I know it got. But you’re an idiot if you underestimate a vampire slayer. These bullets aren’t like any other. They’re not just made of silver. I know vampires these days found a new weapon…amethysts.” The vampire started laughing.

“That’s old too. Amethysts were found by the noble families. There have been four of them. Two are still alive.” The woman was indeed surprised. She thought all of them died. “Blanche and Arche. The most powerful of all of them. But the most dangerous is Stella Blanche.” The woman flinched. “Oh, so you heard of her. It said that she was devil reincarnated. She’s under control now…but for how long?” The vampire started laughing again, darkly, but it didn’t scare the female. None of them. They were annoyed. “I’m here just to see her. Just one glance. I heard she’s pretty and smart. Vampires from all around the world will camp here for the same reason when they will figure she’s alive.” The woman gasped.

“But that means not everyone knows about her existence?” The vampire let go of Dana and flashed in front of her mother.

“No. No one knows, actually. They’re coming to Firehole for a different reason.” The woman glared at him.

“Why do you tell me this?” He smirked.

“Because Firehole will become a battlefield soon enough. And Stella, dear Stella will be the cherry on top. You” He started, pointing to both humans. “…will become our toys.” He laughed evilly for the last time and flashed away. The woman sighed and hugged Dana, happy that she’s alive and unharmed.

marți, 24 aprilie 2012

Outta My Head

Outside, Stella still had fangs and red eyes. Alex grabbed her face and forced her to look into his eyes.

“Stella. Calm down. Everything’s ok.” Stella growled and pushed Alex into the wall, her hand squeezing his neck.

“Don’t order me around. I changed you, Alex.” The younger vampire widened his eyes. Stella let go of him and flashed somewhere. He caught his breath and gulped. That was bad news.

When the door to the bar opened, out got everyone from the small circle Stella was in. Austin stopped and glanced at Alex. Sami did too, surprisingly, but didn’t stop. Austin raised a superior eyebrow.

“That was just the beginning.” Alex narrowed his eyes at the teenager.

“What do you know?” Austin smirked.

“More than you.” Alex sighed and closed his eyes, concentrating on what he should do next. “I will help you because Stella is a good friend.” Alex scoffed.

“Yeah right. You’re just scared, pathetic human.” Austin glared and in a few moments Alex got himself in the same position Stella had him. “Ok, maybe you’re not that pathetic.” The human let Alex fall on his feet and kept the distance.“Tell your friends to keep an eye on everything. Mostly Stella. Don’t let her meet someone inappropriate.” Alex furrowed his eyebrows, curious. Austin left after those last words and so did Alex, forgetting about his date.

With Stella things weren’t too pink. She flashed away from Alex and went to the only place she felt partially free. The forest. It was weird how fast she relaxed once inside. She walked to the small lake, at a much slower pace than before and washed her face, trying to regain full control.

“The princess is losing control?” She raised her head, tensing. She turned slowly her head and came face to face with thin air. There was nothing, no one. “Aw, are you searching for me?” She turned her head to left and to right, still there was no one. “You can’t see me…you can’t see what’s inside of you. You can just listen, you can’t oppose. Like old times when you couldn’t fight back to your wishes or needs. Look at your reflection in the water. What do you see?” Stella did as the voice said and looked down. She gasped. Her eyes were red, her fangs were covered with blood. Actually, she had blood on her entire face and clothes. Her hair was messy and her lips were quirked up in a sadistic smirk. “You don’t like what you see don’t you? But that’s what you truly are. You can’t even defend yourself in your present situation. You have just two idiots fighting for your heart, an older brother, a human father and an older vampire that doesn’t give a shit about your fate. They can’t protect your forever. Open your mind, Stella.” The vampire started breathing harder, the air around smelling of fresh blood. She got up and away from the water. She backed off until she felt the tree behind her, her back hitting it.“Open your mind and revive. Let the real Stella Blanche out.” The female dropped down on her knees, her head between her hands, eyes closed tightly.

“Get out of my head.” The voice started chuckling, that sadistic tone still there.

“I am you. Today you wanted to kill that pathetic human. Today you just proved that I’m still there, locked inside your soul. You are me, your soul it’s mine and I will have it back, one way or another.” Stella’s head raised and gasped, the voice disappearing. She glanced down at her hands and sighed.

sâmbătă, 21 aprilie 2012

First Attempt

On the other side, already at Fey’s was Alex. He was looking around for his ‘lovely’ date. Both he and Adrian chose to have their dates on day while James preferred the night. Alex had a slight idea why the older vampire wanted that but he didn’t say anything. The younger vampire rolled his eyes when he didn’t catch a glimpse of that girl that paid for a date with him.

“Women…” He mumbled. There was a time schedule they had to go with and that woman was late. Very late. Alex wanted to get over that and go home and relax or maybe call Stella but no, what’s-her-name had to be late. He glanced at the bartender and paid for another drink.

The door to the bar opened and got Alex curious so he turned to look over. There were two persons that entered and one was his favorite girl in the world. He raised and went smiley to her. The supposed date went smiley too and started walking over him but Alex passed her, letting the girl speechless, and went to Stella.

“What are you doing here?” He asked her. She shrugged.

“I had five minutes to arrive here where Tracy should be.” Alex nodded. He did saw Tracy in the back of the bar with a few other humans, talking loud and dancing. “What are you doing here?” She asked back, smirking. He rolled his eyes and glanced at the female sitting at the bar, watching them. She smiled at Alex and Stella chuckled.

“That’s my date. She paid good money for me. Lucky bitch.” Stella raised an eyebrow amused.

“Oh, lucky you.” She laughed more when he looked at her annoyed. She shook her head and pushed him towards the bar. “I’ll go look after Tracy. You go to your date.” He opened his eyes more and smirked.
“Fine. But you owe me for doing this.” Stella scoffed.

“I don’t. You wanted to go to the party and you wanted the attention.” He pouted but Stella didn’t seem to care. She smiled sarcastically and went further into the bar. Alex watched her until she disappeared after a corner. He glanced to his date, who smiled at him again flirty. He couldn’t do anything but sigh and hope she won’t be too pushy. He doesn’t want to kill her…at least, not yet.

Tracy was surprised when Stella arrived in exactly five minutes. The vampire smirked proudly and stared deep in her eyes. That stare gave a weird feeling to Tracy, one of inferiority.

“I’m here and like I said, it took me five minutes. Don’t forget you owe me lunch.”Tracy nodded and rolled her eyes, that feeling disappearing as fast as it came. Stella walked up on the stage, remembering slowly the time when she won her first prize in Firehole, and saw Austin talking with Roy. Not far was Alex who had a perfect view, his date staying opposite him, trying to get his attention. The vampire, though, wasn’t too interested in the female in front. His eyes were slowly trailing behind the human female, to Stella.

The entire rehearsal went worse than Stella could imagine. Firstly, Sam was indeed very harsh when it came to her dance and from some unknown reason, hated Stella with passion. She could as well stand and just breathe and Sam would start complaining.

“Stop!” Sam yelled, closing abruptly the song, again. She looked at each teenager and her eyes landed on Stella, who was trying to stay calm. On the other side Alex blocked his date’s voice completely and was listening to the girls. “Stella you don’t even try! Where’s the passion? Where’s your will to dance? I don’t want to be ashamed when we’ll get on the stage.” Stella rolled her eyes.

“I’m trying. I actually do but you seem to complain about anything I do.” Sam glared at her and walked closer.

“Maybe you should stop disappearing with Eric and pay attention to your friends.” Stella’s eyebrow twitched.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked, slowly losing her calm. Sam smirked.
“I mean exactly what I said. Maybe you shouldn’t go with your boyfriends who knows where and come to school where your friends are. Then you might actually have an idea of what we are doing here.” Stella’s eyes flashed red when Sam turned her back and walked to her laptop. Austin saw how pissed Stella got and glanced expectantly at Alex. The vampire didn’t even blink.

However, everything faded from Stella’s vision. She could see just the mere human that dared to insult her. She felt something inside snap and a wave of memories came on her mind. She fixed Sam with a deadly glare and hissed. She started walking slowly to Sam, ready to snap her head. Alex saw what intentions she had and got up from his seat. The mad vampire was ready to grab Sami when Alex flashed there and caught her waist. He flashed again out the front door. Austin wasn’t too surprised of what happened but he was curious what will happen next.

What If

I was too tired to go inside so little old me decided to go home and sleep, in silence. Of course the next morning someone just had to barge in and destroy my awesome and dreamless sleep.

“Wake up! It’s late!” I opened one eye to look at the unfortunate soul who dared to wake me. It was Emily. Shit, I couldn’t do anything. She closed the door hard after her, making my poor ears endure a severe pain. I looked at the clock beside the bed and saw it was actually very early. It was 7 o’clock. 7 in the morning!! I groaned and got up and into the bathroom. I was still exhausted. When I entered back into my room, dad was there. I raised an eyebrow and sat on the bed.

“You left early last night.” I rolled my eyes.

“After what I found out and how my life turned out to be, I think it’s good I even went attended it." Dad sighed and fell on his back on the bed, next to me. “What happened with you and the other two idiots?” Dad started laughing slightly.

“Well, long story short, we got our dates for today and tomorrow. Depends on each bachelor.” I nodded, signing for him to continue. “Nate and Eric behaved well. No one died.” I rolled my eyes again.

“I want to know about the dates. Who’ve you got?” He raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

“Well…My date is a nice lady.” I threw a pillow at dad, making him chuckle. “Ok, fine. You want details? Go ask James or Alex.”

“Be careful what you tell me, dad. I might do it.” He shrugged.

Time flew past fast and nothing really happened home, except the usual yells from dad’s family.

“Mom! Natalie took my shirt again!” I groaned into my pillow. They’ve been at it for two freaking hours already!

“I didn’t take anything! Mom, tell Chelsea to shut up!” I was in my bed, still not getting up for today’s new events. I was annoyed and I didn’t even talk with Alex yet.

“Mom!” The next thing I heard was the doors closing with a loud bang! I groaned and got up and directly into the bathroom. When I got back in the room I heard my phone ringing.

“Please, tell me it’s not about clothes or make up or boys.” I heard Tracy chuckling on the other side.

“You know me too well.” I rolled my eyes but there was an almost invisible smile on my face. “I wanted to tell you we’re meeting at Fey’s to rehears…well actually to learn. Be there at…2 o’clock.” And that’s how she hung up. When I looked over the clock it was almost 12pm. I groaned and fell on the bed. I raised my head when I heard Nate come through my balcony doors. He trailed his eyes around the room until they landed on me.

“Tough morning?” I groaned again. It seems the whole situation was very amusing because Nate started laughing. “I take it as a yes.” I groaned again. “You wanted to. From my point of view you could’ve come with me over Arche’s.” I turned on my back and look at him, an eyebrow quirked up.

“From my point of view I would’ve been the only girl in a house full with creatures. James is an unpredictable, hormonal and moody pervert, Alex is a man whore who would annoy the hell out of me to the infinite and Eric will try to make everything better, make me happy and struggle with this painfully blame that I went crazy, as everyone says, because of him.” Nate stood there speechless. My point of view was definitely very logical.

“Alright…you’re right. We’re all a bunch of hormonal, depraved perverts. Maybe it’s not such a good idea for you to stay with us…but from time to time it would be nice if you’d just come over.” I raised an eyebrow at my brother. There was something wrong with how he put the problem.

“What do you mean live with us? You don’t live with them, Nate. You’re just…camping there for a week.” He stopped talking and blinking, even. He knew I caught him. He sighed and sat next to me on the bed. He let himself fall back and turned his head to look at me. We stood there staring at each other for almost ten minutes, I guess, until he started talking.
“I want to move in with them.” I didn’t really know how to react. My brother just told me he wants to move out when he's still in school and dad is a little stressed over this whole new vampires coming to town thing.

“You know that Alex has a big trail of shit behind him and that’s why those vampires want to come and rip his head off…right?” He nodded. “You do realize they will kill anything that comes between them and their mission, right?” He nodded again. I was getting annoyed. “You won’t be safe, moron!” He nodded. “Argh!” I turned my back to my laughing brother and narrowed my eyes.

“Aw. It’s really cute that you care, Stel but I’m a big guy. I am your older brother even if I don’t usually act like it.” I humph-ed and stood still. He rolled his eyes and sat up, on his butt.

“Nate…we always say they come, they want to kill, they want to…mate but they don’t know I’m alive.” Nate did an approving noise. “But when they will enter the town…”

“They did already.” I rolled back and faced my brother. I sat up, my mouth opened. “Yeah. I forgot to tell you. Actually, that’s the reason I choose to visit you. They’re here. James thinks they might lose themselves in the crowd but we should be able to track them down…somehow.” He furrowed his eyebrows, not really sure of what he said. We both knew we weren’t really good at controlling ourselves.

“Ok. So they’re here. Nate…what will happen when they’ll figure out that I’m alive? What will happen when they will see me?” Nate’s expression was thunderstruck. He didn’t think about what will happen after they will come. No one did actually. They were happy enough with the idea that they knew.

“I guess we will have to…hide you.” I raised an eyebrow.

“How? Are you going to put a bag on my head?” He shrugged.

“I don’t know. But we will find something.” He smiled nicely and gone he was. I rolled my eyes and fell back on the bed when my phone rang again.

“Where are you?!” I glanced at the clock near the bed and saw it was almost 2. Wow. Time does fly fast when you know you won’t die unexpectedly.
“I’m sorry. I’ll be there in a flash.” I rolled my eyes when she started commenting.

“I would pay to see that.” I smirked.

“I’ll be there in five. I want lunch.” I heard her approval and gone I was. Of course, through my balcony, because dad’s family was still downstairs.


When life suddenly takes an abrupt turn, everything you knew and believed in will automatically be turned upside down.

On the pavement, two feet were slowly walking towards the intersection.

But how do you know if it is bad or good?

The pair of boots stopped when they arrived at the destination. Two brown eyes looked up to the traffic light. The image trailed down to her left hand at the watch. The time was ticking and the limb moved in slow motion. The whole scene got slower.

It may be in your benefit,

The red light it’s mirrored into her iris. She sighed and step after step, she went further into the street.

it may disrupt the whole routine you have been going through for your entire life. It may mean more; it may be a chance to find what you’ve been missing this whole time. It might even bring surprises and that’s why life is such an amazing cycle.

She got right in the middle of the intersection. Two cars from opposite sides were coming fast. The drivers couldn’t stop. She was going to get crushed in between the two. Her eyes widened for a moment, just then seeing the cars, and closed them right after. It’s inevitable.

You never know what is going to happen next, don’t know where or when and the most important,

The sound made by the honks was terrible. In a blink of an eye, the girl found herself on the pavement, the cars out of sight. She opened her eyes and met another round and wide pair of a male.