luni, 10 februarie 2014

Figure Skating- Yuzuru Hanyu

Guess who's everywhere? If you said it's Yuzuru Hanyu then you are right. And not just him, actually, but he is the cutest and the Japanese one.

As most of you know, the 2014 Winter Olympics started and even though there are a lot of negative news about it, what matters are the contestants. They deserve everything, mostly our admiration. We can't do even half of what those people do and I respect them unconditionally.

Besides that, this week I got on Tumblr and something squishy caught my eye. No, it wasn't Kyungsoo. It was a Japanese figure skater who, surprisingly, amazed me with his talent. He also amazed me with a Pooh but that is different. The whole internet is full with him and I appreciate that. People are talking about something else then usual things. The art of figure skating got more popular. From one skater you can find another and another and that's good. The more the merrier. Anyway, he's really cute and I love how grown up and professional he is on ice compared to how innocent and childlike he is off ice. It's really cute. He's very squish-able isn't he? He is very talented and I really enjoy watching him skate. You should check him out if you don't know him yet.

duminică, 9 februarie 2014

Death Note: Bittersweet~ Chapter 8

The next day, Yvonne found herself in front of room 221 on the 22nd floor. She sighed dramatically. Just being there was the sign of weakness for her. In the past, she would have been honored to work with the genius detective. She used to admire his intellectual and perceptive ability; now, though, it meant nothing.

"I know you are smarter than you let out. You have great potential to inherit the title of L, don't you? But you are afraid to show it. This is a game we all have to play yet you want to hide from it. The truth is that you, D, can easily surpass L if you try." A young version of B stated.

The sun was setting and the red light it was emitting was reflecting into D's eyes. She wasn't scared or angry. She kept a blank face that annoyed B.

"What do you know? Maybe one day I will show you what I am capable of."

Yvonne woke up from her flashback in time to hear the door open. She wasn't thinking about the situation at hand and Watari knew that from the first time he saw her. She wasn't living in the present and her eyes always seemed to look for someone into the distance.

"I'm glad you are here" He smiled kindly and invited her inside. She moved coldly, like a robot, inside the hotel room but didn't speak. Watari cleared his throat, making everyone turn to him. That was when they remarked the thin girl in the room.


There were just two men, besides Watari, which were staring intensely at a monitor. Yvonne assumed 
L was currently checking on the people Raye Penber watched.

L didn't react in an obvious way but he was glad that she accepted to assist him on the Kira case. She was a great asset not only because she was a bright woman but because she had experience as a detective.

"D, this is Chief Yagami." She nodded towards him as a sign of respect. Even though he was tired and was barely holding himself from falling asleep, he was a bit concerned about her presence there. His family members were suspected of being Kira and having another person on the case was troublesome.

"Is she an acquaintance of yours, Ryuuzaki?" Silence. "Isn't that enough? My family is at risk right now!" Yvonne blinked at the older man and walked towards the couch. L was contently licking at his ice cream while watching the monitors.

"Hello. I am Yvonne Noir, consultant detective and member of the Interpol." She bowed. "Please, call me D."

Chief Yagami was taken aback. She looked so young and fragile yet she held a powerful and dangerous position. He couldn't think straight so he just bowed back in respect and continued to watch the monitor as well. It was focused on his son, who just arrived home.

Yvonne turned her attention on the screen as well and tried to catch a glimpse of the dark figure. The Shinigami above Light's head was simply watching the teenager. He looked very entertained by everything Light did.

On the other side, she could hear L telling Chief that his son seemed perfectly normal and behaved according to his age.

"Boys his age use to lock their rooms. I did that too when I was young" She didn't need to turn to leave out a scoff. She knew very well that L didn't have a normal childhood. The kids at Wammy's never locked their rooms because usually, that meant they had a problem or a secret. That wasn't good for their well being or for the game.

Regardless, Light continued to do surprising things in his father's opinion. He started to read magazines about women in bikini, which kind of ticked Yvonne off. Even if L was continuously telling Chief that his son was normal, it was obvious that was a lie. Light Yagami was just hiding his true intentions. He was smart and knew how to camouflage.

"Like a chameleon…" L blinked and stopped licking his ice cream. He heard her perfectly and he had the same impression as her.

After Chief Yagami went to sleep, the room felt empty and cold. L was still watching the family; Watari retreated into the next room for the night as well and Yvonne was wide awake, on the couch beside L.

"What do you think?" She raised an eyebrow and bit her lower lip.

"You ask that a lot, don't you? I thought the world gravitates around what you think." She was mean and didn't hold back in front of him.

Even from the first time they met, a long time ago, little D used to have a bad mouth and a bad personality. She never acknowledged L's status as the greatest detective because she never saw him in action. When that happened, she was already a different person. L watched D even since she was a child and she never ceased to surprise him. She used to hang around two children at that time: B and A. They were the three geniuses at Wammy's and other kids looked up to them.

"You changed."That certainly came out of nowhere. She fully turned to face him and she chuckled.

"People change, L. People grow up and they realize the truth"

"And what is the truth, D?" His question sounded cold but they both knew he was actually very interested in her response.

"Life sucks." They stared at each other for a while, each of them thinking about different situations from their lives.

A young version of D walked into the garden and simply watched the children around her.

"D…" A younger version of B came running to her and hugged her out of nowhere. "You should stop running away." He continued after he let her go. His bright red eyes did have a great effect on her. Her tense body slowly started to relax and give in to his warmth.

"I had them again. The nightmares. They seem so real, B" She grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer. She started to breath heavily. "Something inside of me wants to get out and I don't even know what. I'm scared. I'm so-"She started to cry in his chest and he just hugged her tighter.

"Maybe it's time for you to let it out and confront your nightmares. That's your life and you never know when it's over."

"What is your first impression of Light?"

That question brought her back to reality. She shook her head, trying to also shake the memories off.

"Your percentage of him being Kira should decrease to 1% if we are to believe his charade. If not, then it should be somewhere around 20%. Teenage boys aren't perfect at all. They do lock their rooms and hide inadequate magazines but he does it so falsely. To me, it seems like he just fools around." L nodded, taking the information through his own perceptive method. "He doesn't do anything incriminating so I can't say he is Kira but you should keep an eye out for him." She lied. She knew the truth about the young Yagami but she couldn't tell him.

Making a long story short, Yvonne had something to do with the Shinigami World. More exactly, she was a reincarnated Death God. She had a reputation that rivaled Ryuk's when it came to troubles but the Death God Lord couldn't punish her since she used to do the work of maybe the whole realm. Therefore, she was able to trick the Shinigami Lord into giving her another chance at life. She reincarnated into a young and pure baby who never had a name because her parents died too soon. She became D and soon enough, she became Yvonne Noir. However, she knew that her soul will always be the one of the Shinigami. She couldn't live a lie her whole life; she was the 1880's serial killer Kaira Brooke.

Anyway, one of the rules she had to agree to was not to get involved. She still possessed an amount of Shinigami power so she had to live by the same rules as Ryuk. She couldn't help L and she couldn't help B. Everything she could do was live on and watch as her loved ones would all, eventually, pass away. It was sad but it was the truth.

luni, 3 februarie 2014

BAP's Comeback

On the other side, BAP's album is amazing. It contains a lot of ballads and they used Himchan and Jongup's voices a lot more. I love when Bang says 'sex' in SNS. I love Himchan's acting in the MV, he really surprised me. My bias is Himchan ever since they had their debut and I am so proud of him. Zelo is such a cutie pie and Daehyun's voice blew me away. Youngjae is such a handsome guy. Ahhh I love it, everything. They just never cease to surprise me with their different styles and different concepts. Their MV is one of the best, like always.

EunHae's Motorcycle

What the heck is this? Even if it's funny and Donghae is really hot and his low voice sounds that Siwon in the video dressed as a woman? That man is crazy! My mom loves him. Anyway I still don't know what to say about this...this whole thing....

duminică, 2 februarie 2014

BTS' Comeback Soon

I CAN'T WAIT!!! I love BTS! I really admire Rap Mon and the rest. I think Jongkook and Zelo are the best and the most talented maknae in the industry right now.

As a fan of BTS I have to say that this teaser is epic and I love it and I am really excited.

Throughout Time- B1A4

Another band that surprised me is B1A4. These guys started as a happy and colorful band. It was nice and they had catchy songs but something was missing. They weren't really original and were still childish. They were a band for middle school girls.

Slowly, B1A4 changed. They tried a bohemian style with Tried to Walk and it triggered something in my mind. They were growing up. They decided to show their true selves and true music. That album was good. It wasn't impressive but it had potential. Baro's soft voice was a big good point. They all have soft voices.

Now, Lonely really captivated me. That song is great from many points. Firstly, it's personal. What people don't seem to understand is that the best music is the personal one. You can't express something that you never experienced. It sounds false no matter what. But when you get involved into the process of making music, thibgs change. Their newest album is amazing. I like ballads. Since I compose ballads I am also very mean when it comes to opinions. I don't approve just any ballad. Their album is pop/ballad/jazzy. It is a good combination. I enjoy listening to their voices and mostly, how they expressed themselves in it. They want to show how much they have grown and that's good.

Besides their music, they have grown as men too. They still look young but they think and see the world a little bit different than before. I like how they go with simple. Simple is always the best in anything. It never grows old or boring. Or, not in my point of view. Not everyone agrees with me.

What I wanted to say is that this band is good. I am very curious what they will create next. What they will want to express next.

Throughout Time- EXO

Remember when we were all excited for Exo? And we had all these awesome images of 12 hot guys who sang well and danced well? How did we get to yehet?!

I still like Exo and my biases didn't change. I still like Baekhyun, Chen and Chanyeol the most but the overall picture of Exo did change. At first, I seriously hated Kai. He was always in the spotlight and everyone was fawning over him. His face was in almost every teaser and it ticked me off. He was just a guy, for fuck's sake. Anyway, in time I realized that he is not the best dancer in the band ( Lay is) but he does work a lot and I started to find him nice and a boy my age who lives his dream.

However, after I started to watch Exo Showtime I begun to realize who these boys are. They are all idiots. But we love them anyway. I can't even understand how Lay is so 4D most of the time. I never imagined Baekhyun as being such a diva and Suho handing his credit card like is nothing. My image over Kyungsoo didn't change. He is a squishable little thing but he is also the spawn of Satan. I bet he handles the guys the best lol Xiumin is actually a lot nicer and sexier than I originally thought. I liked him chubby and I like him skinny too. He is a really good dancer as well. Tao is a crybaby. You have to watch the 10th episode of the Showtime. I know I shouldn't have laughed but I couldn't stop myself. He was funny. Luhan was funny too. That guy can be so childish but still super cute. He tries to be manly but he doesn't make it sometimes. He is really cute. Kris is not my style, sincerely. Kris is seriously Ben Ben. At first I didn't understand but they were right. Ben Ben Kris it is. Chanyeol is like the perfect older brother. I want a friend like him. He is so reliable and reminds me of a teddy bear. Kim Jongdae will kill me one of these days. He is so utterly hot sometimes but after he starts talking or dancing on his own I say no. However, he does have great singing abilities and has a talent of beibg good without trying too much. Suho is just so squishable. He is kind of small but his face is so kind and him, as a person, is a grown up. He has a lot of responsabilities on his shoulders...Now, Sehun is just...dumb sometimes. I don't even know if I should hate him or like him. He is just YEHET. Lay is completely in his own little world. He is a cutie with a dimple and he is very good at music. His memory is admirable. But he is so out of this world. When he started to sing on the 9th episode of Showtime, I started to laugh. It was really funny even if he felt bad that day. Sorry for being a bitch Yixing.

Overall, things changed after we started to watch them for real. No. Ok that sounded sasaeng-ish. I mean, we started to see them in different lights after they started to show their personalities. Some biases changed, some didn't. However, Exo is a growing band. I don't want them to end up like DBSK so I hope they will take care of themselves and their careers and contract under SM.

Let's home for great things. I am curious how Kyungsoo acts lol I hope they will sow us other skills than the usual.

Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 7

Meanwhile, Yvonne stopped crying. She was still on the bed, sulking but she regained control over her emotions. She got surprised when she heard a knock on the door.

Groggily, she walked to the door and opened it very slowly. She didn't seem shocked of who self-invited in her hotel room. He didn't even ask for her permission.

"Why did you get so comfortable? It's not like you're going to stay for more than a few minutes" She mumbled to herself. He didn't even hear.

He entered without a problem into her room and just sat on the couch, in his own, weird position. With big panda eyes he started to stare at her. She sighed and also took a seat next to him.

"I assume you have a few questions for me" She blinked. "I also have to ask you something" She blinked again.

He didn't get annoyed by that, not like the others. He'd known her for long enough and he got accustomed.

"B died by a sudden heart attack" She stated, coldly. It didn't seem to affect the detective, though; at least, not immediately. His eyes started to grow bigger a few second later. It didn't last long. His face became blank again.

"I'm sorry to hear that, I-"

"You transferred him from California to Tokyo." That wasn't a question. She firmly stated the fact and she wanted answers.

"Yes, I did." She glared at him.

It was an expression L had never seen on her. He was quite intrigued. She looked furious yet hurt. She was a self centered woman. He never knew she could be able to have feelings towards someone else.

"Why?" Her expression didn't change.

L bit his finger and started to think. His answer wouldn't be enough for someone like her. She wasn't just a simple woman so he had to respond with a satisfactory answer.

"I thought he will become a good asset later in the case. It's a pity that he died by Kira's hands"
Yvonne was growing more and more annoyed. L looked so neutral next to her feelings. She wanted to punch him hard but she didn't. She could restrain herself.

Instead, she grabbed something from the table and placed it in front of him.

"It's from B. You should decipher it" L took the letter by a corner, as if it was some alien thing and started to read it. His eyes scanned every sentence and moved pretty fast. Lastly, he put it back down.

"This message doesn't have any sense. I should have known he would write something like that. It's also ambiguous. He says that I don't know what I am messing with. What does he mean by that? There is no sense whatsoever" She listened closely to his words and blinked.

Truthfully, L was right. For him, who didn't have any knowledge over Shinigami matters, it was completely pointless. However, Beyond did write that for him. Maybe he just wanted to be seen as a more informed person on something that L wasn't. Maybe it was still all about competition.

"You came here for Kira, didn't you?" Yvonne's head turned to L and blinked again.

"I did. It's a matter of time until he will get caught"

"What do you think about Kira, D?" She sighed and leaned back on the couch.

"I think you already found him" She stated. L didn't move and just listened. "I also think you can't prove it. He's just a kid right? I mean, who would want to make the world a better place if not someone young? The world is a rotten place and the more you age, the more rotten you become. That's how life goes" L nodded and started to bite his finger harder.

"You are right. But just in Tokyo, there are more than enough students who would like to call themselves Kira. What then?"

"Usually, when it comes to a criminal, there is a back story which led him to crime. In this case, Kira seems to be a smart person with no hard past. He killed so many criminals; he thinks he does the world a good. That's not the case. Kira doesn't work for the world he works for himself. He wants to form a Utopia. That's impossible, though. He knows that but it doesn't stop him from trying"

"I'm sure you already know that he also killed 12 FBI agents" She nodded. "Those FBI agents were in Japan to investigate the police officers I work with" She nodded again.

"I figured out that much" L continued

"Raye Penber is our lead in this investigation. I think he might have seen Kira before he died"

"You don't have to inform me about your case L. I can hack into the police system without much fuss. I can get this information easily. Tell me something I can't find out on my own" L stopped munching on his finger and leaned closer to her face. He was creepily staring at her up close.

"What do you know about Shinigami?" She got taken aback by that question.

"What?" That was when L grabbed from his pocket three pieces of paper that looked like they've been through a war. She unfolded them and read them. It wasn't a hard puzzle. "L, did you know that Shinigami love apples?" If she could have had, she would have slapped herself; like in anime.

"These letters have been found at different times written by different criminals before they died. We discovered that Kira can kill in different ways but he needs a face and a name"

"Right" L raised his hand and seemed as if he wanted to touch her face. She leaned closer to his face. 

"If you investigate whatever Raye Penber was working on, then why don't you tell me what's the percentage?" L blinked his panda eyes at her.

"There is a 5% that Chief Yagami's son, Light, is Kira" She chuckled

"Did you place cameras and bugs in his home?" He nodded slowly. It looked like a robot who was guided. "Then I guess the percentage is more than 5%" She sighed and got up.

She stretched while L watched her intensely. Eventually, L also got up and started to walk in his crouched form and with his hands in his pockets, towards the door.

"I want you to accompany me in this case. You already know where you can find me. Just come when you are ready" Translated into L's language that meant she should make up her mind already and just help him.

"Fine but I'm doing this just for B" L nodded and walked out of her hotel room. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. It was getting pretty late and she suffered enough for a day.

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What I like about...Teen Top

I can't believe I'm writing this but it is time to express my feelings towards this band.

Teen Top is a band I seriously didn't like until recently. Truthfully, Niel's face really irritated me. I started to like them more after Miss Right. The one who got my attention was L.Joe. I thought he was cute and squishable. I was wrong. Anyway, this band has grown a lot since their debut. I am quite surprised by their and B1A4's evolution.

The members are stupid. They never cease to amaze me with something or another. My best friend really likes them and she keeps me updated whether I want to or not. What I learned about them? They beat the hell of each other. I watched Weekly Idol with them and I got taken aback. They were kicking each other like pros and when someone was doing something wrong then badum! It was weird at first but the more I watched the funnier it got. They freak me out sometimes, though. Niel is always judging everyone while Chunji's eyesight intrigues me. L.Joe is hairy and Ricky is just...Ricky. CAP and Changjo seem to be the normal ones for aproximately 10 minutes. After the time is up, you realize they are a bunch of stupid idiots who enjoy 100% anything they do. So yeah, they are certainly different.

Their music is nice. I don't listen to them very much but I do have 2 or 3 songs in my playlist. Sometimes their songs are awesome but sometimes I am not impressed. However, overall, Teen Top are good entertainers.