duminică, 21 septembrie 2014

Let's Have a Nice Day :)

And some other updates...I can finally say that my songs are mine. Legally and ethically, all mine. My precious. I'm really happy that now I can somehow call myself a composer. I still have a long long way ahead but I'm prepared. I'm working at something right now and I want it to be perfect. It sounds a lot like something out of a medieval period. That's good.

Besides that, I think I'm watching Doctor Who too much. I re-watched the seasons with David Tennant because I'm such a big fan of his and now I'm watching Matt Smith's seasons. I really like him too. I have to say that back then when he took the role, I was a little skeptical. But he had done a great job. He has different and really unique traits and quirks and watching him is enjoyable. Of course I am at day with the new season of Doctor Who. It was weird to see Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. I recognize that I like his accent and he is funny in a new way. I think he will do great because he has some kind of experience. IT really doesn't matter that much who plays him. The Doctor will always be the Doctor and everyone will love him. It's the character itself not the actor. I think so.

I'm trying to play Sims 4 but I can't. I am not going to pay 70 $ for a freaking game. I am happy with Sims 3 for now and even though I'm dying of curiosity to see and play Sims 4, I can endure it.

School starts soon and I'm going to two universities at the same time. I have to figure a way for that but I can handle it, somehow. I still want to go to Seoul for university and still applying for the scholarship. this year I'm ready from every point of view and hopefully, it will turn out positively for me.

I guess these are all my frustrations and obsessions right now. Oh and Teen Wolf. That's on the list as well. I can't wait for the new season. The 4th one ended with a cliffhanger. I mean, did you see how Derek just revived/evolved? It was amazing. And Sherlock! I can't wait for the 4th season! Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are amazing! I can't even imagine someone better for Sherlock and John. Their chemistry on screen is really good.

Here. Check my songs out (again lol) and one of the few songs who just can't get out of my head

Music to the Ears (SPEED)

Lately, I've gotten into SPEED. I knew them but never listened to them closely. One song that really attracted my attention was Don't Tease Me. The member who caught my eye back then was Taewoon. When I found out that he was Zico's brother, it all made sense. They look alike a hell lot in more than one aspect.

But that was all. I didn't really get interested in them or their music. A few months later, a friend of mine showed me Zombie Party and Why I'm Not. Except the videos which are awesome, I actually liked the songs too. They were catchy but in different ways than usual K-pop. They have their own style and I dunno. It really gets you after listening once or twice.

I watched a lot of videos and I caught little mistakes from their lives or MV's. It got me to think, really. They are really fucked up and I don't know how could I bypass them so easily. They are manly on stage but really cute and weird off stage. I like that. But what's really worth at them is their music. I really like the beats and sounds and rhythms. I still have Why I'm Not in my head and it's not going to get out any time soon.

Therefore, I really think they should have a bigger fan base and people should give them a listen. Their songs, I can't really label them as K-pop because some things don't sound like mainstream k-pop. It sounds really good.

As for the members, I truly am amazed by them lol. Jongkook looks all manly and serious in MV's and on stage yet when I watched some shows with them, he was everything but manly and serious. And it seems he loves toast. Another member that amazed me was TaeHa? I think that's his name. Sometimes he looks like Sunggyu(Infinite) and sometimes he looks like Eunkwang(BTOB). It's mindfuck lol. And it seems he loves to eat. I'm still discovering them truthfully and I recommend you to check them out.

joi, 11 septembrie 2014


I recently watched Broadchurch. It's amazing. I have so many things I want to saay about it. IT's really well made and even though it tkes 8 episodes, the ending is mindfuck.

Firstly, I want to say that seeing David Tennant as a detective is freaking sexy. I've been a fan of his since Harry Potter and Doctor Who. The Tenth Doctor kind of marked my teenage years (lol). He is an amazing actor and his face can portray some of the emotions really well. His character is Alec Hardy and he has some past issues there. He worked on a case and because of a mistake, the killer got away. Now, he needs to finish his current case for the victim's family and his own state.

Kind of the same but not really, right? Such different expressions and personalities. This actor is really good. I saw a lot of his theater works and he's definitely one of the best.

Now, someone who I had seen (and couldn't believe the irony) is Arthur Darvill! I just got surprised for a long while. I knew him from somwhere but couldn't remember where exactly. Then I realized! He played Rory! I was like 'look it's Rory! and he plays a vicar!' So my excitement only grew. I looked forward to each episode and at some point he was suspicious too!

In this show, everyone has secrets and everyone is suspicious. It's such a tangled situation that you remain wondering who is not guilty. I like how slow they take the whole investigation. It doesn't end in a week or something. It ends in about 60 days. That's much closer to what a real case probably goes like. I really like it as a whole. Oh, and you will see a lot of familiar faces in this show. I know I did. Well, except David and Arthur. I swear that boy, Danny, he wa sin Merlin too. I swear he played the young version of Mordred. Maybe I'm wrong but...they kinda look alike.

So, what is Broadchurch about. Let's see what Google tells us. Set on the Dorset coast, it centres on the death of an eleven-year-old boy, and the search for his murderer by detectives Alec Hardy (Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Colman). Nice up until now, right? Detective series. It sounds promising. It's just that, there is so much more to it. It may seem a little boring because it takes a whole season for them to catch the killer, but they make it so interesting and captivating that you don't care anymore. I loved it and I hope you guys will check it out. I can't wait for Season 2.

vineri, 5 septembrie 2014

Music to the Ears(VAMA)

This is a band that I really like and I've been in love with for as long as I can remember. I was only a kid when I first listened to them and now their music helps me create my own music. They are very inspirational. Maybe you can't really understand the lyrics since they are in Romanian and they are a bit philosophical but the song itself is amazing.