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Sad VS Happy

You know when you're sad and a little disappointed regardless the happy events in your life? Well I kind of feel like that right now and maybe a little bit lonely. Is that feelings when you know there are people who want to hang out with you and you know someone cares about what's going in that little head of yours but you still feel like no one understands what you actually are. I've been feeling down lately just because of that. It seems as if my place is somewhere else and maybe I'm crazy but that need to move out and have your own intimate place is overflowing inside of me...kind of like hormones but I already got over that stage.

It's weird but meh...anyway the whole point of this post is that I found some entertaining videos on YouTube with laughter and it does produces a lot of laughter in return.

joi, 26 ianuarie 2012

Tick Tock

Time flies so fast when you are free. Living in a cage, trapped inside by your only living relatives, in chains that can’t be seen by innocent eyes is as hard as it sounds. Time does not hold back, its irrationally ways of showing that no one can compare with it are cruel. Time it’s a wanting, a need for humanity, a goal that can’t be fulfilled. Time doesn’t stop; it’s not a video tape. You can’t go back, can’t push replay or rewind. Time does not wait for anyone. Time is selfish and doesn’t take sides. Evil and good, angels and demons, aliens, humans, animals, it doesn’t help, doesn’t care for any. Time doesn’t wait for a living, but a living waits for it, depends on it. Past, present and future are not existent without time and neither is life.

I Dream, I'm Alive

Everyone has a dream. Actually, it’s impossible not to. At one moment in life you start thinking about the future. At some point you’ll want to move out from the familiar house you’ve spent most of your life in, you’ll crave for a new beginning, a new life. Most teenagers already make plans, which is good in a way but then again, in time you might change your point of view. Nothing stays the same, everything is in a continuous change. However, humans don’t change, their appearance does get older while aging up but the personality won’t. You can’t expect a childish friend to change overnight in a mature person. It’s impossible. The world is like a spiral and we’re all caught in it even if we want it or not, even if we accept it or not. Everyone has a fate, the destiny will take us through all kind of difficulties and happy moments but being young is something you can revive through childishness. Childhood is the time you create the best memories. Pictures and memories, that’s what remain. Pictures and memories are another way of talking about life. Dreams come every day and they grow at the same time with you. Life is short and because of our way of living now, because of this mess we created with our own hands, gets shorter. Dreams are what keep us believing, they’re the ones who inspire us to be better. They’re like shining stars on a clear summer night. You try to reach them but you can’t. So close yet so far. But important is not the effort you put or the help you get. No. The simple fact of trusting in your own idea, in yourself is what gets you, each time you raise your hand, a step closer to them. That’s why dreams are so important, they force you to try to be better and you do it unconsciously.

sâmbătă, 21 ianuarie 2012

Training Goes Wrong

Next morning I woke up being very excited. I bounced downstairs to see dad scolding Nate.

“Where have you been last night, Nate?” He shrugged.

“Here, there…”

Dad glared at my brother and grabbed him by the wrist. Nate growled, for real, making dad stumble back.

“Don’t touch me.” Surprisingly, dad wasn’t shocked or afraid. He was just a little taken back. I put my hand on Nate’s shoulder and pushed him back. He shook my hand off and went upstairs, most likely to his room. When I turned my eyes on dad, he was sitting at the table, hands in his hair. I took the seat next to him, ready to find out what he knew.

“I’m sorry.” He said before I could open my mouth. “You’ve grown and even if I tried to change you, I can’t. I can’t change what you are and the truth is so hard to be kept hidden.” I sighed.

“What’s the truth, dad?” He put his hands down and glanced at me.

“You and Nate aren’t my children. Alice isn’t your mother. I was young when you and your brother were been given to me. I was a vampire slayer when I was in mid-twenties. My teacher came to me and said I had been requested for a special mission. You two were the mission. I, the vampire slayer, had to take care of two vampires as if they were my children. You looked so young and innocent. I accepted. He just told me your parents died and you need protection. Your memories were erased and everything would turn out alright. Lately, things got out of control though. Nate changed, in a different way than normal teenagers. I’m just waiting now for you to do the same. Your memories…” I stopped him.

“Our memories are slowly coming back. Our past is slowly being revived. This town holds half of our past.” He glanced at me sadly.

“I know. That’s why I choose this place. I’ve been doing researches on you and your brother. A vampire told me a few years back about a certain Stella Blanche.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What did he tell you about me?”

“Stella…maybe it will sound weird and fictional but…you’ve killed many people. Humans and vampires.”

“I know about vampires and I know I am one. Nate too. I know everything…I met two other vampires.” He chuckled.

“I know. Do you think I would’ve let the vampire from last night alive if I didn’t know he was good for you? I talked with Eric’s uncle, James. He told me an old friend of yours came to them saying he wanted to protect you.” I chuckled. “I can’t say I trust him completely. Yesterday, your two friends were killed by a vampire too.”

“Yeah…it was Alex. He was ready to bite me when he realized who I was.” He looked worried but didn’t say anything else.

“I trust you and I trust Nate. You have blood in the fridge in the kitchen and there is a supply of it in the basement. You don’t need to kill.” I nodded happily. I went and hugged him.

“Don’t worry, dad. We know what we’re doing. We’re old enough.” He laughed and nodded. I let go of him and went upstairs, to see Nate.

I knocked once and he didn’t respond. I rolled my eyes and opened the door. He was on his back, staring at the ceiling above.

“What do you want?” I went next to the window and watched outside.

“Dad is right. You’ve changed. You used to be funny and flirty and stupid, but now you’re different. You’re much colder.”

“Maybe I am. I spent the last night at Eric’s, talking with his uncle. He told me about you and Eric, about our parents, about Rebecca, everything. He knows something will come and change you, again.” I sighed, my eyes still outside.

“And I need protection? I’ve had my own conversation with Alex last night. I’m sure you met him, right?” He nodded, I could see his reflection on the glass.

“He will train you. I’m sure he can keep you sane and entertained until me and Eric find out what’s going on. Don’t go for an adventure in the forest alone. Many vampires are searching for you.”

I nodded. Nate got off the bed and came behind me. He hugged me from behind, tightly. “I don’t want to lose you, Stella.” I smiled softly.

“You won’t. I promise you.” He let go and jumped back on the bed.

“Alright. Now, shoo shoo. I need my beauty nap.” I raised an eyebrow and got out, chuckling.

The rest of the day was eventless. I was reading the fourth book of Twilight when someone suddenly took it from me. I glared at a pair of blue eyes.

“This…” He said while going through pages, “This will destroy your brain and imagination. Vampires aren’t fairies who cry and wait for their long lost lover. We love, we have a heart, but it doesn’t beat anymore. If someone makes us feel loved and we care for someone in a very passionate way, not just sexually, then we…um…our heart doesn’t beat but we feel…warm in a way…?” I watched the younger vampire struggling to find his words. It was amusing. He started doing funny faces while thinking and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

“What?” He looked so cute and amusing.

“You feel warm? Love for vampires is just sex, isn’t it? So, I didn’t love Eric and neither did he.” Alex shook his head. I gasped realizing something. “Did I sleep with him?” Alex stared at me with a serious face until he started laughing his ass off.

“This one was good…No, you didn’t.” I nodded and sighed, relieved. ”But that doesn’t mean you’re a virgin.” I widened my eyes. He flashed behind me, near my ear. “You lost it…to me.” I couldn’t hear myself breathing, which right now seemed normal.

“R-Really?” He flashed in front of me and smiled.

“Many people always thought you loved me, this is what you’ll find out from any book about your family, here in Firehole. They were right. You did love me, but it wasn’t the kind of love I wished for.”

“What do you mean?” He sighed. It was easy to see it hurt him, surprisingly.

“Stella…I loved you, a lot. I was still human and I knew you were a vampire, that you could kill me anytime, that you had to marry Eric…yet, I still loved you.” He came closer. “We’ve slept together but…I thought it’s because you loved me too, although you were just mad. It was when you found out Eric wasn’t coming to the Blanche mansion for you anymore. The reason was Rebeca. You were so mad and sad and I guess it was something decided on the spur of the moment. I understood that later and I felt bad. It hurt.”

I gasped. I went over and hugged him.

“I’m sorry.” He chuckled. Maybe he wasn’t really that hurt.

“It was a long, long time ago. It doesn’t matter now. I wanted you to be happy so I left you in Nate’s hands. Maybe if I was there when you really transformed into the devil on Earth, I would’ve ended up like Chris or your parents. Chris wanted to calm you but you killed him. Your father started yelling at you and your mother started yelling at him! It was crazy! You killed them just because they were making too much of a deal! Next, you went to the Arche family’s residence. Cameron wasn’t there, but Eric was. You wanted to kill him too, he was the reason why you went crazy and diabolical after all.”

“But I didn’t. I wanted him to suffer.” Alex nodded. “Wait…how do you know this? You left, right?” I bet if he could, he would’ve blushed right now. “You were spying…” He closed his eyes and smiled, embarrassed.

“Yes...However, making him live knowing he was the one who actually caused so many deaths. And you suffer. That was his…punishment.” I nodded calmly and closed my eyes. I opened them when I felt someone dragging me towards the balcony.

“What are you doing?” He smirked and pushed me. I was falling! I closed my eyes, ready for the pain. I waited, and waited, but there was nothing. I opened my eyes to see myself on my hands and knees, a smirking Alex looking down at me.

“We’ll have to work on this. But the position is good.” He said pointing to an embarrassed me. I glared at him and got up. “Now we’ll see what you can do.” I rolled my eyes. He went with his super vampire speed to the forest while I stood there dumbstruck. He stopped and looked back. “Come on Stella! This should come from the inside!” I nodded and closed my eyes. I started walking normally, then started running faster and faster. “Good. Keep it up like this. It shouldn’t be hard to wake the vampire within you.”

We arrived quickly to a familiar place in the forest. I walked around, fascinated.

“This is…” Alex raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“Familiar? Everything is familiar, Stel. You lived here for a good part of your life. Nothing ever scared you and you usually felt calm and happy in Firehole’s forest.” I nodded. “Now back to business.” He went in front of me and simply stood there. I was ready to ask him what he had on his mind when he showed his fangs and his eyes became red. He ran to me and I didn’t really know what to do. One thing was clear, though. I wasn’t scared, I was confused. In an instant I felt myself being pushed hard in a few trees. I rubbed my head, it hurt a little. “You were supposed to oppose.”

I groaned and got up. He was glaring at me but mostly it annoyed me that look. I transformed him, I should be the one kneeling him. I growled and launched myself at him. He didn’t have time to react, in no time I had Alex below me, bewildered.

“Good enough?” I asked, a smirk playing on my lips and my eyebrow raised in a smug manner. He nodded, still a little perplexed. I did everything pretty fast. Punch in the stomach, pushed down, another punch in the leg, tight grip on his neck, pushed on the ground and straddle so he can’t go anywhere. The result was, apparently, surprising. “Why do I need to be trained, if I already know how to fight?” He pushed me off, easy because I got up willingly.

“You weren’t good at fighting when I met you. You couldn’t hurt a fly!” I narrowed my eyes and scoffed. “You act more like a vampire, now. You should let it control you sometimes. Flirting and smugness come naturally.”

“So does the need of blood. But I resist it.” He stared at me without saying a word. When he wanted to say something my phone rang. It was Sam. “What’s up?” I heard her giggling on the other side of the line.

“Nothing much. Ana’s holding a sleepover tomorrow night. You coming?” I glanced at Alex to see if he had something to object. He looked like he was lost in his own world right then.

“Sure. I don’t have anything to do. See you tomorrow at school.” I hung up and kneeled to Alex. “I’m going home. If you want something, you know where to find me.” I didn’t wait for an answer, I just flashed away. It felt good to have such a speed right now. I was hungry and no food or water would stop the thirst that burned my neck right at that moment.

Alex remained still like a statue. Her words got him to think.

vineri, 20 ianuarie 2012


Lately I've been completely absorbed by the Korean culture and music and of course the first infatuation is the SM bands. They work really hard and sometimes they seem exhausted but the results are obvious. I mean, look at Super Junior. They win everything because they do worth it. I can't imagine how many rehearsals they go through and how much work there is behind all that glamour and fame. I really admire them and also, SNSD and Shinee and I'm curious about this new band, EXO. There are many teasers yet no date. There's some pressure on them since they have to be at the people's high expectations.

joi, 19 ianuarie 2012


There are so many love stories in the entire world
But how many of them are true and how many are real?
I've always considered love as being impossible
How can we believe in something that makes everything irrational?

There's been a time when I waited for mine
But it will never come
I've never been in love, I never risked and never got burned

By that feeling, that feeling of completeness
Those sparks I heard so much about, I never felt them
And I wonder if in this whole wander
For each perfect sharada of love
Someone will come for me too

I've never been called nothing more that let's say pretty
Yet it doesn't even matter anymore, it's such a pity
Words said in the battle of the leaves
I can ignore without catching the slightest glimpse

I wonder if "I understand you"
Matters so much more than "I love you"
You don't need to say that it's ok
I want to feel that you actually understand
And care from the bottom of your heart
Do you care?

I just stumbled upon this and God...I almost forgot how adorable Hongki was in You're Beautiful...<3<3


“This,” He pointed to himself. “Was supposed to scare you. Aren’t you surprised to see me here? Or even a little curious how I got here?” I shook my head. He rolled his eyes and jumped on the bed. “You’re no fun.”

I chuckled.
“So I’ve been told. However, I am curious why you are here?” He shrugged.

“Now that I think of it, I don’t really know. Eric told me where you were.” I raised an eyebrow.

“Eric?” He nodded.

“Of course. I live in the same house as him. The old Arche manor, huge and beautiful. But the Blanche one was much cooler.” I went next to him, on the bed and leaned on the wall.

“But…why?” He looked at me and sighed.

“You’re in danger, Stel. See this?” He said and took out another pendant. “It’s the Caduceus. For short, the messenger of bad news. I found it a few days ago in New York. That’s why I came here, looking for Eric. I knew he killed Cameron and he found out the truth, even if not entirely. I also had a very interesting dream…”

I cut him off instantly.
“Dream? I thought vampires didn’t sleep.” He nodded.

“True. Until we found these two stones. They’ve been found a few years ago, one of the reasons the vampire race slowly lessened.

Some vampires would do anything to become human again. I’m not one of them.” He smirked. He raised and got up. He started walking through my room, inspecting everything. “But these stones give us the chance to live like a human. Sleep, eat, go out at night and day but this doesn’t mean we’re not still vampires.” He caught a glimpse of something interesting, because he started smirking. “What do we have here…”

Oh, no.

“A diary. Let’s see…” He flipped through the pages. “Dear diary…I feel like shit.” He raised an eyebrow and chuckled. “It starts off interestingly enough.” I rolled my eyes and tried to get it back but he was taller. “I can’t believe my best friend has done this to me. I know I’ve been here for a short period and I already know we’ll move again but dot, dot, dot I’m even surprised that Lucas accepted. I knew Christine liked him but why didn’t she tell me the truth? That she is indeed jealous. She didn’t have to steal my boyfriend.” He chuckled. “Harsh.” I rolled my eyes again.

“You think? Now give it back.” I tried to jump him but he got away, he used his super speed to get up on the bed.

“Next…Dear diary, today was weird. Dad and mom started yelling out of nowhere. They usually make up and kiss and everything comes back to normal, but not this time. Nate told me to go to my room and forget what was happening downstairs but how could I?!”

I bent my head down. That was right before mom left. That night changed mine and Nate’s lives. “It seems your ‘mom’ left, huh? Do you want to know how your real mother was?” I nodded and went on the bed, opposite him. “She was really beautiful. She had light brown hair, blue eyes and had this way of being very professional. She hated mistakes, that’s why the Blanche family became nobility fast. It was one of the most important families in the town and everything the mayor would do had to be accepted by the two families. Your mother was an example for a lot of girls. She was nice, caring, lovely, she never stopped impressing everyone. She loved you a lot and she didn’t want that arranged marriage for you.”

“But what happened? And who’s Rebeca?”

“Oh, right…Vampires usually can’t have children. However, if the male has sexual relationships with a female human she can get pregnant. Your father transformed your mother a long time ago. Maybe even 1000 years ago. Your parents haven’t been born when the documents said they were. Your mother got pregnant with Nate 30 years before you.”

“So Nate’s older than me by 30 years? And not one?” He nodded. I gasped. “But this means I’m older than 100 years?” He put up a thinking face.

“Yes. You were 40 when we met. And I was just 23 years old. Your parents moved here and they managed to make false documents so people wouldn’t get suspicious. Blanche and Arche were the only vampires in Firehole. Haven't you ever asked yourself why you and Nate knew French so well? And why sometimes when you talk you have a weird accent?” I shook my head. “Your mother is from France and your father is from England. They met when um…there was a war. Your father was hungry and that’s how he met your mom.”

“How do you know all this stuff about my parents?”

He shrugged. “I had time. I’ve always wanted to know more about you. After you disappeared, I wanted to find you but thought again. I traveled a lot through Europe and found small documents about a Beatrice Blanche and an Aaron.”

“Just Aaron?”

He nodded. “He took my mother’s name because he didn’t have one?”

He nodded again.

“Then…” I got up and started walking across my room. “My…father transformed mom after both me and my brother have been born. Vampires can have children because female vampires can’t get pregnant. This Rebeca has been adopted by my family because mom wanted her to get that arranged marriage.”

“But when they wanted this, Eric wasn’t the one she had to get married with. It was Chris, his older brother. Rebeca was human and she really died, but someone changed her and she came back. When she saw you and the one you were supposed to marry, she thought you took her place and that Eric was supposedly hers. Rebeca kind of died because of her own stupidity. She hated you and she messed with Eric’s head. When Eric told you those bad things about you not acting like a vampire you got really mad. You changed.

Me, being also a vampire, tried to help you but you went crazy and became evil. Vampires are evil but you were more like a demon. Vampires aren’t demons. They are creatures who live with blood. Like humans live with air.”

“If I am a vampire, and my brother is one too, why don’t we drink blood?”

He put a finger to his chin and thought. Out of nowhere he went downstairs.

“Hey!” I went in the kitchen to see him looking through the fridge.

“Aha! Found it!” He closed the door to the refrigerator and put two bottles of tomato juice on the table. “What’s this?”

“Tomato juice. Dad always puts it in everything we eat.”

“Wrong. It’s blood. I can smell it.” He opened one bottle and took a sip. “It’s good. He put blood in everything you eat, not tomato juice.” He rolled his eyes. “Tomato juice…huh. No one would drink something like this.” I went closer and took a sip from the bottle too. It tasted like blood, and I liked it. “Yummy, huh?” I chuckled and took another sip, and another, and another until Alex took it from me. I surprised even myself when I growled at him.

I could feel something growing in my mouth. I stopped and put my finger over them.
“Fangs…” He nodded.

“And that’s not all.” He took my hand and dragged me to the bathroom.

“Oh my God…my eyes are red.” I watched slowly into the mirror to see how my eyes changed back to green and the fangs slowly turned back to normal teeth. “It’s incredible. I thought all of these were myths and imaginated things, but it’s true…vampires are real…I am a vampire.” I was completely stunned while Alex was smirking.

“Now you believe me…? Everything I told you is true. I am real, you are real, Nate is real and Eric is real. These are the vampires from Firehole. In America there aren’t many…I think there are a few more in New York and Las Vegas but that’s all. Vampires usually like Europe more. So I think…25 vampires are in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania and Russia. Also the other 5 from America, plus the unknown ones…I don’t know all of them. Do you think people really die out of nowhere? Vampires kill them before they bite them and also…some just take blood from hospitals. Simple like this.”

I went slowly back into my room and fell on my bed. I turned on my back and closed my eyes, a smile forming on my lips.

“It’s amazing. It’s like a whole new world just opened up. I can do anything I want and I won’t die easily.”

He started chuckling. “But you’re not an ordinary vampire, Stella. You are Stella Blanche. Many vampires will come after you. Many want to kill you.”

“Why?” He stared incredibly at me.

“Why? Because you killed many people: vampires, families, children. You were the Devil on Earth!”

I glared at him. “Don’t yell. Dad’s sleeping. Do you want him to find you here?” He shrugged.

“I guess no. He is a vampire slayer.” I sighed.

“Why doesn’t this surprise me…” He chuckled and went towards the balcony. “Leaving?” He turned his head and nodded.

“I will show you what you can do, tomorrow. It’s Sunday and you have the entire day to yourself…I hope. If not, make it available.” He jumped out and disappeared. I closed my eyes and smiled. Things were getting weirdly interesting in Firehole. It really shocked me how calm I was. But I guess I always knew something about me had been a total mystery and something in my memory forgotten.

marți, 17 ianuarie 2012

New Acquaintance

“Stella?” I was shocked, he was shocked. His eyes changed from red, to blue and stare in awe. “Stella!” He hugged me! I shook my head and pushed him away.

“What do you think you’re doing?! Who are you? What are you?!” The boy’s eyes got curious. He left a distance between us and I could finally see him. He was as tall as Nate, maybe taller, he was fit and had a black shirt and jeans. His black hair was messy and his eyes were a wonderful blue. You could actually get lost in them. He gave a goofy smile and scratched the back of his head.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot you don’t remember. Well, nice lady, I am Alexander Smith, but you’ve always called me Alex…or Drake, for some unknown reason. Or it was Dino? I don’t remember. It’s gone a long time since then.”

He had seen how lost I was, because he chuckled. “Sorry, sorry. I’ll make it as simple as I can. I’m Alex and I’m a vampire. I’ve been your best friend since I can remember but then, Cameron erased your memories and you’ve left with that vampire slayer. Weird, huh?” I nodded very slowly.

“You’re freaking me out.”

He started chuckling again. He went near a tree and sat. He patted the place next to him. Normally, I wouldn’t go and sit near a weird stranger but I felt…familiarity. I went and sat down.

“Let’s take it slowly.” I nodded. “Have you had weird flashbacks with a girl who looks like you, named Stella and a boy who looks like your brother, named Nathan?” I nodded, curious how he knew about that. “These persons are actually you and your brother. It really happened somewhere in 1897. Those flashbacks are memories. Pieces of your past.” I rolled my eyes.

“Do you really think I believe this?”

He shrugged. “I guess not. But, look at your necklace. That ouroboros. Do you know who gave it to you?” I shook my head.

“That’s because you have the feeling you have it from a very long time.” I nodded. “I gave it to you. It means immortality. You’re an immortal.” This Alex guy touched the ouroboros and I flinched.

“I’ve got you a present!” A boy, who looked like Alex told Stella. He took something from his pocket. It was a silver pendant. “This is an ouroboros. It’s a serpent touching its own tail. It represents immortality. You’re a vampire, you can’t die. Sometimes I wish I could be one too.” Stella looked softly at her friend. She hugged him and kissed him on the check.

“It’s beautiful.” Stella whispered, inspecting the pendant.

“After 1000 years I won’t be here anymore, I bet everything will change but not you. I want you to remember me and through this pendant I will be immortal too. An immortal memory.” The girl’s smile faded. Her only friend and he’s a human.

“Maybe not.” Alex raised his eyebrow. He didn’t have time so say anything because Stella titled his head and pushed her fangs through his neck.

“That day you also changed me. After I made you feel like shit, I guess I deserved it.” He chuckled while my eyes were still on the pendant.

“I remember…” I whispered. “I mean, I had a flashback.” I looked up at him. “You have blood on your face.” I stopped realizing what I said. “You killed my friends?” He smiled nervously.

“Well, I need to feed right?” I nodded and I stopped. I shook my head.

“But they were my friends! Were you going to kill everyone?!” He shrugged.

“Well, yes. But I didn’t.” He said proudly, raising his finger and pointing it at me. “We can say you saved them. I was ready to kill you, but…you’re Stella.” I rolled my eyes at his logic.

“My friends probably think I’m dead.” He shrugged.

“Sorry to tell you this princess, but you are dead. You’ve been for a long while.” I raised my eyebrow.

“You’re not making me feel better.” He shrugged again.

“I don’t intend to. I’m realistic. You were born in…um…eighteen nighty and…um…a long time ago.” I chuckled shaking my head.

“If I’m a vampire, why don’t I shine in the light? Why don’t I die in the light? Why can I enter in the church? Why don’t I have golden or red eyes? Why don’t I kill people like you for blood? Why…” I stopped when Alex put a hand over my mouth.

“I got it. Well, dear Stella, we’re not in Twilight nor in any other vampire book. Though some things that I’ve seen in movies are half real. For example, vampires can’t go out on days, the sun light kills us but we found a trick to survive. There are two stones which save us. Lapis Lazuli, which is rare and Amethyst. Most vampires use amethyst, including me. But I think you have both. If I remember correctly, your parents melted somehow a Lapis stone and put it in the ouroboros. They did the same with your brother, but I don’t know for sure what’s his pendant. I think it’s an endless knot…” I immediately raised my head. “So that’s it. He found it.” I nodded.

“It has our initials on it.” Alex nodded.

“S and N, an endless knot. Bound to a forever brotherhood, or something like this. Your brother used logic too much. How is he now?” I chuckled.

“He has been everywhere. In hospitals, jail.” He started laughing.

“I think I’d like this new Nate. He sounds cool.” I rolled my eyes and chuckled.

“What about my other questions?” He got up and turned to me.

“First, we’re not in a fairytale. I don’t know if in this big, big world, witches and werewolves are real and I don’t care, truthfully. I do know there aren’t too many vampires alive. You can actually count them on your fingers. 30 in total. However, there is a small amount which does this idiotically thing with animal blood. They’ve been reading too many books. The rest are normal.” I nodded. “Shining in the light is a pure stupidity. Vampires don’t shine at all. You can enter in church. We all can. Where did you hear this thing, anyway?” I shrugged. “No vampire has golden eyes. Your eyes change in red if you’re hungry or when you attack. Also, you can use it whenever you want to scare someone.” He flashed in front in a second, his evil vampire face on. It didn’t scare me. Not even a little. He narrowed his eyes. “You should be afraid.” I shook my head and he sighed. “I’ve been watching you for the past decades, caring about your safety and this is how you repay me?” I got up myself and raised an eyebrow.

“You weren’t there. You didn’t even know where I was or if I was alive.” He titled his head in one side.

“Details, details.” He trailed while coming closer.

“So, what now? Do you want to go searching for the tooth fairy?” I asked, amused. He glared playfully and pushed me. I fell and he just ran with his super speed. “Not fair! I can’t do that…” I mumbled the last part, pouting. I didn’t understand why he just left until I heard someone yelling after me. It was Sami’s voice. “I’m here!” I yelled, signaling them I was alive.

“My God! You’re alive! I’m so glad!” Sami and Ana both took me in a big hug.

“Where is Tracy?” Ana smiled sadly. “Is she dead, too?” Sami shook her head.

“No, thank God. No one died after that incident. By the way, what happened?” I tried to look half scared, knowing they won’t buy the thing with my past and Alex.

“It was indeed an animal. It was um…a…wolf.” I tried covering up but I’m a bad lire.

“Wolf?” Ana asked again, unsure. I nodded, pretending to be scared, again. For me it seemed like they bought my lie, surprising me.

“What happened after I was pushed?” Sami rolled her eyes.

“Tracy fainted. And when we tried to come after you, Riley’s body was hanging in a tree. Austin fainted.” I was a little amused, even if she was serious. “Shane and Roy called 911 and the ambulance came too. They’re back home. This camp thing was a bad idea.” I nodded. It was indeed. We lost two friends and we were just in the nearby woods.

When I got back home, dad was more than worried, mostly because I was in a police car.

“What happened?” He gave me that parental look and I silently went inside. I had a lot in my mind.

That night I couldn’t sleep at all. Nate wasn’t home and it was midnight, freaking dad out. I sighed and closed my journal, leaving it on the desk. I went on the balcony. It always calms me down. I closed my eyes and I felt someone sneaking behind. I turned to see Alex.

“This” He pointed to him. “Was supposed to scare you. Aren’t you surprised to see me here? Or even a little curious how I got here?” I shook my head. He rolled his eyes and jumped on the bed. “You’re no fun.” I chuckled.

vineri, 13 ianuarie 2012

Ieri, azi, maine

Stau si ma uit pe geam la cerul instelat
Radioul e pornit pe un anonim program
Aud cum lumea in jurul meu
Se pregateste pentru ce va fi mai greu
Iar eu doar stau
Nimeni nici nu ma ia in seama
Si sper ca maine va fi mai usor
Ca ieri cand nu puteam sa dorm
Si visez la azi, la cum va fi
Si ma rog ca tu sa fi acolo cand ma voi trezi
Deschid geamul si iau o gura de aer
Imi vine sa strig tot ce am pe suflet
Inchid ochii si-mi imaginez,
O lume mai buna dar daca ma gandesc mai bine
In lumea aia nu te-as fi cunoscut pe tine