vineri, 29 iunie 2012

Super Junior's Sexy, Free&Single teaser

Have you seen the teaser for Super Junior's 6th album? It's really HOT. Believe me, I don't use this word often so it's something. Sexy, Free&Single looks to have a lot of potential. The teaser, God, I swear I died. I'm not such a devoted ELF, I'm more of a VIP, but damn! They look so good and...yeah. I almost cried when I saw Kangin. I missed him. And now, to think that Heechul is doing his militari service and Leeteuk will also join the military in September. It's quite sad and a lot of ELF will cry when that will happen. In my point of view, though, Kangin, after Leeteuk, is the perfect member to take up the position of the leader.

Anyway, back to the teaser. There has been a lot, and I mean a lot of comments over it. The teaser pictures were a little bit...creppy in my point of view. I swear Donghae looks like Mona Lisa and a bride, Leeteuk's picture is freaking me out and Sungmin looks exactly like a girl (a pretty one at that). But if that's the concept...I guess we can't really say much against it.




Yesung (is it just me or does he really look like Taemin from afar?)


Shindong(doesn't remind you of someone *hint*TOP*hint*?)

Kangin(you know what...I'm just really happy he's back)

Siwon(really don't like his picture)

Kyuhyun(I swear, I thought it's Henry at first:|)


However, the teaser for the MV is freaking HOT. I'm Donghae biased and he looks soo, so GOOD. They all do! And the dance seems to be awesome and gets your eye in a second. I really liked those moves. The music...well it does sounds like it's going to be something catchy and we're going to learn the choruses and sing them on the street, like always.

Sexy, Free &Single will be an epic album, next to the others and I'm really looking forward to how it's going to sound as a whole.

miercuri, 27 iunie 2012

Oldies but Goodies

Now, a song from a band I ignored lately. Girugamesh is awesome. Their songs are amazing and I love Satoshi's voice. He can go from nice, soft singing to screamo and he does it so well. The song has been my first from them and it's a little bit old but still better than ever. The riffs are awesome and Ryo's drums skills are really something. Seriously, he looks so small and when he starts to talk it's so...deep. And Satoshi's laugh always makes me crack up. Regarding Shuu...he looks handsome lately.

marți, 26 iunie 2012

'What I Like About...' Seto Koji

I should have done this a long time ago since I admire him so much but laziness got the best of me. Seto Koji, born 18 May 1988...such difference between years...Unfortunately I was born in 1994. Anyway, this young man is absolutely amazing when it comes to acting. He's not that gorgeous (I've seen hotter guys) but he has something that gets you to like him. He has the talent to attract people and get them immersed in whatever role he has. I think he's in every drama I watched intently. Most of the time, I don't even know he plays in the dramas I chose. It's an 18 May thing lol. Now, seriously, he's a brilliant actor. The peak of his acting career, until now, for me is definitely Koizora. It's such a heartbreaking character and he ends up with so many feelings that he has to manipulate and master. His other roles, for example in Atashinchi no Danshi or Tumbling aren't that big and troublesome. So yes, that's my opinion. However, he does great in any role and I appreciate that. He knows what characters he can play and what not; he's smart. Also, he seems to have great chemistry with Yusuke Yamamoto, since they played in more than one drama. I love them:D In Runway Beat I loved everything. His acting was good, though I would have liked if he would have ended up with Mei. As a side note, he looks so good as Biito and as a designer. :D

Regarding his musical skills, I did hear him singing and I can't say he's extraordinary. He's acceptable, even more than acceptable but he doesn't express the same amount of emotions like he does while acting. He's awesome on the scene and I find him funny but I guess he attracts me more when he's acting. Anyway, he does worth the nickname Setomaru. He is incredibly talented in more than one thing. He's very versatile as a person. But I do believe he's a little bit too good. It's weird because he does act a lot like me, from what I've seen, but at the same time, he doesn't. It's quite something. 

luni, 25 iunie 2012

Music to the Ears (Juniel's My First June album)

I love this song, no, I love the whole album. Her voice changes in almost every song and I love that because that's exactly how my voice is too(blame the tyroid). Besides that, it's so fresh and so spring-like. There are so many pop songs which start to sound the same or the sexuality the companies use is just overwhelming sometimes. That's why I like FNC Ent. They are so fresh and it's all about music, hot guys or girls come like a plus. Of course, Juniel's album has been produced by YongHwa. It's obvious because there are a lot of similarities between CN Blue's songs and hers. The guitar riffs, the rhytm it all leads the listener to YongHwa. He's a good producer, though. This guy is multitalented and he has my entire admiration. Also she has a very good voice and can model it however she wants and that shows how much she worked on it.

duminică, 24 iunie 2012


Since all I have writen here is about K-whatever or J-whatever, I have to write something heartwarming too. Let's seems my mother is going crazy each time I pronounce K and she's afraid that I will completely forget her if I leave for a foreign country. Also, she doesn't like at all that I want to leave for South Korea, yet she still pays for my Korean lessons (thank God). It seems everyone, actually, started to pester me about this subject. It's annoying. Some don't want me to leave while others simply don't like where I head for. It's frustrating. I just wish for someone to be there and say "It's alright. You have the ambition to get wherever you want and I'll support you no matter what" bu noo, they are all against me. I try and work a lot to make my dreams come true, I have big expectations for myself and I'm very stubborn. I won't give my dreams up for anyone and I'm selfish, yes, but that's just how I am. They are supposed to be my friends, my family but they aren't really there with their hearts. Everyone sees the negative parts in moving to a foreign country...foreign continent but I have two hands, two legs, a brain and I have my own talents but again, nooo. Psh. It's really frustrating.

vineri, 22 iunie 2012

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Another drama on the list is...Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I adored it from the first episode and, though I did get a little bored in the middle of it all, I still loved it. For those who haven't seen it yet, it's about a group of teenagers who have a band called Eye Candy. Their leader and vocalist is Byung Hee who is a really likeable character and unfortunately, dies. Anyway, the story follows the rest of the band and their lives. They have to go through some really hard times at their new and very high class high school (since their delinquent ridden school has been closed down), the new friendships, love, and teamwork. I love this drama mostly because the main subject in it is choosing between career and friendship and how these can also work together and get you really high in the society. However, there are shown the ups and downs of this band and how they have to, in the end, find a solution for happiness. You'll see that the end is defintely unexpected. I thought it would be kind of cliche, where everyone lives happily ever after. They do live like that but each one of them finds his own dream.

Now, concerning the actors, I knew just Lee Min Ki and L at first. I mean seriously, Min Ki is really cool and he's just so adorable in this show (and in general) and Kim Myung Soo is just...Infinite :D I love the band so yeah...I'm a fan of L's and I went immediately to check up the drama so yes, these two are the reason I started Shut Up Flower Boy Band in the first place. However, there are other actors who caught my attention more throughout the series. One of them is Sung Joon, actor I knew from Lie to Me and I was really surprised to see the change in characters. Ji Hyuk is that kind of leader who's torn between his own selfish dreams, his best friend's wishes before he died and the band's dreams. That's a lot. Anyway, his skills are good. He kind of annoyed me at some parts but it was alright overall. Regarding Lee Hyun Jae, he's very good looking:D Sorry I couldn't stop myself. He looks much more caucasian than asian. His eyes are big and he just reminded me so much of some good, old bands I used to listen when I was young. His character, Jang Do Il, is the drummer and there's some good skill there. I love how his character ends up to choose a completely different path than expected. The complete cutie of this whole drama is Kim Min Seok. He's adorable and his character's relationship with Yoo Min Kyu's reminds me so much of the whole EunHae thing. Seriouly, they are such good friends and act so close and it doesn't look gay or things like that. It's a normal brotherly friendship. Both actors have done a good job.

Now, of course the plot has been a little dragged on and I thought it got a little too much on some episodes. Some reactions have been a little overreacted by the actors and it was obvious some of them didn't feel their characters as deep as they should have. As a soon-to-be director, I would say it was a medium drama and the screenwriter should have improvised more and at a more psychological level so the plot would get more interesting but it's still worthy to watch.

I know I ignored some details in what I wrote above but where would it be the interest if I woudl have just wrote everything here? Watch it and enjoy it :)

joi, 21 iunie 2012

The Curse

There went just a few hours until Nate and Alex met with James and Adrian to talk about the…new situation.

“I can’t believe you!” Adrian glared at both vampires. He was more than furious. James looked pretty calm, sitting on the chair with a bottle of blood in hand, glancing between the two younger and quite guilty vampires and the slayer.

“Actually, I can’t believe this happened either.” The three males turned their eyes on the much older and powerful vampire, who got off the chair and looked rather interested in the details of his bottle. “Earlier today she asked me about Matt.” Alex’s eyebrow quirked up instantly. However, Nate and Adrian didn’t have a clue about the so called person.

“Matt?” Adrian finally asked. Alex’s head bent down and on one side, not very happy. He was ashamed of something. James watched him from the corner of his eye while Nate was visibly staring.

“Oh. You don’t know about him either. What a pity.” Nate glared at James, making the older male smirk. His change of mood annoyed everyone there. However, Alex was a little curious how James would keep his cool in front of Stella. The last time, it went pretty good. He didn’t even move. But that wasn’t the original. That was just a small part of what Stella Blanche was. And Stella Blanche was the Devil.

“Alex…” James started again after a long pause. “Why don’t you inform our dear friends about your old teacher?” Nate’s head turned to Alex in a flash. The poor man didn’t know what to do anymore so he did the only thing he thought he should’ve from the start.

“I lied, which is something normal in the vampire world.” He smirked, trying to loosen up, but the atmosphere was too tense. “After Stella supposedly died and you disappeared with her” He said looking to Nate.”…I didn’t know what to do. She transformed me without a purpose. I was supposed to be just a memory but she wanted me to live forever. Always be her friend, her companion, a replacement.” He glared down at his shoes, something disturbing crossing his mind. “I’ve always been a replacement for Eric. I tried to think otherwise but I couldn’t. That was the truth.” He chuckled darkly but it could’ve been heard a small glimpse of sadness. “I was her plan B.” Nate closed his eyes and sighed.

“Get to the subject already.” He was growing impatient. He just wanted to hear who the hell that Matt man was and go search for Stella. Or maybe just go upstairs and sleep. He was damn tired.

“Patience is a virtue…” Nate and Adrian glared at him and were almost ready to punch him. “Alright, alright. I will take this seriously. Matt Gregory had a brother…Aaron. He married this girl from Paris, Beatrice. They had two children, who Aaron turned into vampires. Now…put the two together and let’s see the result.” James rolled his eyes but let himself smirk at Alex’s personality.

“What’s happening here?” The four men looked to the entrance and saw Eric, curious and worried, coming in.

“Listening to life stories.” Nate mumbled rolling his eyes clearly annoyed. Adrian wasn’t far and James was enjoying a lot the annoyance Alex, most definitely, radiated. Eric got curious and went closer. “Well?” Nate asked Alex. “Aren’t you going to continue?”

“Matt was Aaron’s brother. Who’s Aaron?” Eric raised an eyebrow.

“Aaron Blanche. Stella and Nate’s father. Anything else?” Nate and Adrian’s eyes widened.

“He’s…he’s…my uncle?!” Eric’s eyes widened too and glance at his own uncle. James just kept a stoic face the entire time.
“What did you tell Stella?” Alex asked James. He shrugged.

“Exactly the same. “ Alex’s glare deepened.”And that Matt was the rebellious brother.” Alex rolled his eyes and found himself glared at by Eric and Nate.

“I didn’t have a purpose in life after she faded away. I was walking through Europe when he found me….”

It was dark and the cigarettes’ smoke was intoxicating but the people in the bar didn’t care. Alex was at the bar, drinking his tenth shot of tequila. The bartender was a curved and pretty girl who was continuously glancing at him or giving him worried looks.

“Can I have another one?” She looked at him perplexed but poured him another one. He drank it up in a second.

“Are you alright? How many fingers do I have raised?” He looked up at her and chuckled.

“I’m sober. I don’t get drunk so fast.” She nodded slowly, not really believing him. “But you have three fingers raised, for you information.” She rolled her eyes and smiled, going to another customer. Alex sighed and closed his eyes.

“You let her go away so easily? I’m disappointed.” Alex opened his eyes and turned his eyes on the left.

“I’m not interested in a one night stand.” The newcomer chuckled.

“Caught in an old relationship?” Alex rolled his eyes and called the bartender again. She smiled at him and at the new customer. Both men gave their own orders and turned back to talking with each other.

“More like a one side relationship.” The man chuckled again and drank up his alcohol.

“What was so special about her?” Alex looked back at the man, his eyes holding a superior gaze, most likely from being around Stella so much.

“Deep green eyes that sparkled every time she would smile or glint mischievously into the dark, her innocent personality yet she could’ve killed anyone in one swift motion, her bright shining smile and so on and on.” The man started to laugh and patted him on the back.

“Lovesick, huh?” He got closer to Alex and let his eyes redden. “Vampires don’t have feelings, Alexander.” The younger vampire widened his eyes. “I can teach you the true meanings of the vampire world. You just have to say one small word.” Alex looked rather shocked to the other vampire. “Do we have a deal?”

“What do you get from teaching me how to be a…vampire? I’ve fell in love with one, my best friend was one, her brother was one and her…boyfriend was also a vampire.” The still unnamed vampire smirked.

“Stella Blanche is one intriguing creature, isn’t she?” Alex widened his eyes again. “Matthew Gregory. Her uncle.” Alex’s mouth hang open, completely speechless. “Let me tell you this. Never trust a female, mostly when she’s actually a vampire. But…” He paused for a second, time his smirk got bigger. “Stella is a rarity. She was born to be somebody. Maybe not for humans, but definitely for night creatures. She holds the curse and just she can control it. I can teach you and you can help her.” Alex looked quite shocked and at the same time, relived to meet him.

“Yes. My answer is yes.” Matt smirked, knowing exactly how much fun he will have and what a vampire he will make from Alex. 

“And that’s how I met him and how everything begun. The end.” Alex bowed while Eric and Nate, who meanwhile sat down, stood there reflecting over the information.

“A…curse? What do you mean with curse? Wait…that’s how you learned so many things about our family!” Alex nodded while Nate’s eyes reddened. He wanted to punch Alex so, so bad.

“Tell us about the curse.” Adrian ordered, his hands crossed over his chest, his face expressionless.

“Why ask him when you can ask me?” Everyone turned their heads to see Stella.

“It seems this house turned into a HQ.” James mumbled rolling his eyes. Stella trailed her bloody eyes over everyone in the room. However, they stopped when she met Eric’s face. She smirked sadistically and walked slowly to him.

“Eric…nice to see you so troubled. You can’t even imagine how delighted I am when you’re hurt.” She whispered the last part into his ear. Her eyes trailed to Alex and went and kissed him. Poor vampire didn’t even know how to react. She stopped before he could. She licked her lips and walked past Eric, feeling their eyes staring into the depts. of her soul. That was just the beginning. “The real story has just begun.” She mumbled loud enough for them to hear while she ascended the stairs.

“The curse is Stella herself.” Alex mumbled, his eyes staring at the place the girl has just walked out of.

miercuri, 20 iunie 2012

"What I Like About..." G-Dragon

In this 'edition' of 'What I like about...', I have to say I totally adore this idol. I should have wrote about him when I wrote about his other members but I was too lazy. On his birth given name, Kwon Ji Young aka G-Dragon. He's one of the most down to Earth idols I have seen in K-pop and I admire him fully. He has a good fashion sense and always helps the members with the clothes. Of course, he's one hell of a leader. If anyone would have been in his place, I bet they wouldn't have let Seungri speak so much about their lives or even leave him speak at all. In my point of view, they are a complete band. I do believe Ji Young has the merit for that. He may not be the oldest when it comes to age but he definitely is mature enough to take care of his members. 

Now, speaking about his career, he had been under training for a lot of time but it definitely pays off now. He has a good voice and his voice is the same live as it's on the CD. He has some good skills there, be it rap or simple singing, fashion or composing. I've seen he has some nice moves there but usually I get distracted by TOP's weird dancing. Anyway, he's an extraordinary artist and I love him in Monster. Actually, he's one of my favourites Korean men. That's something. I should actually make a top with the most wanted K-artists.

There are a lot to say about Ji Young and not much to hate, he's just a likeable person, but it would take a lot and I have a life. However, G-Dragon, fighting!:D

luni, 18 iunie 2012

Protect The Boss

I seriously forgot about this drama and I'm really sorry for that. How could I, I don't know. It's one of my all time favourites. I laughed so hard at each funny moment  and cried when the situation got very complicated. I first started to watch Protect the Boss because of...Jaejoong but what captivated me during the series wasn't him, instead it was Choi Kang Hee. I loved how much she expressed and how well she felt her character. Also, I always like dramas where the female characters are strong, independent and know very well what they want in life and No Eun Seol had these characteristics very definited. Anyway, the most catchy character was definitely Cha Ji Yeon. He's like the example of a cute guy who has load of money but still finds the time to be immature and fall in love with someone who can protect him better than he can by himself. The character grows up a lot throughout the drama and he grew up on me too. He's just so fun to watch and I believe he was also fun to play.

Now, regarding Jaejoong's role, he definitely acted very good and impressed me. He looked to be in his kind of role and had a blast playing Cha Mu Won. He would easily get from cranky to nice and even amusing. He knows how to ewxpress what his character feels and his face helps a lot. Now, the 'ice cream girl' played by Wang Ji Hye was very...for me, I can't say I liked her. She seemed to be that stuck up girl who gets whatever she wants no matter what and was just attracting trouble but in the end, I found out she's actually a very alright character. She also grows up throughout the drama a hell lot.

Oh, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, Protect the Boss is about this troublesome man, Cha Ji Yeon, who's supposed to inherit his father's company but is too much of a lazy ass to contribute with something, thus making his cousin, Cha Mu Won, worth that title more. No Eun Seol is one hell of a woman who needs to find a job and just happens that Cha Mu Won gets her a place in the company, because she has a strong personality (and eventually things happen). Anyway, Ji Yeon finds hismelf fall in love with his secretary (Eun Seol) and, unfortunately, Cha Mu Won does too. Thge fourth character is Seo Na Yoon who once was in a relationship with Ji Yeon and Mu Won and eventually renounced to both of them and now comes back for Ji Yeon. Is a complicated matter and you have to watch the show so you can find out what's happening there.

Hope you will watch it, eitehr if it's for the first time or the second. ;)

joi, 14 iunie 2012

'What I Like About...' Super Junior (1. Yesung)

Well, I have to say he's one of the weirdest and most wicked idols I have seen in my life. He's one of the base members in Super Junior and has an amazing voice. I always get goosebumps while listening to his voice. He transmits a lot of emotions and he makes you willingly become entangled in his performances. Yes, big words for our nice, creepy Yesung. I believe though that when he's on scene, yes, we see the artist, the extraordinary musician, the talented man he is; we see Yesung. However, in his private life, I think he does act differently. He makes weird faces, he's always in the shadows or behind one of the members. He's either a good member who just happens to be around, wants really badly to appear in the pictures or he's one hell of a stalker. I still didn't make my mind. From what I remember, I do believe he said something about liking to have one for his own. Just how 'interesting' that sounds. But that's his personality. He likes to go at night through the members' rooms and touch their lips. That's perfectly fine with me. He might as well go and sleep in the same bed with strangers but the most important thing is that he has the right to be himself and act however he naturally feels like; he's Kim Jong Woon.

Anyway, leaving aside his creepy nature, he's one hell of a musician. His voice sounds wonderful and he's worth much more than fans let out. From my point of view, he should have concentrated more on his voice than dancing. I mean really...Yesung doesn't know how to dance. He's not worse than TOP and indeed he improved a lot lately but still...Anyway, Yesung is one hell of a SuJu member and he loves them a lot since they have been there for him most of his life. Yesung, fighting! ;)

duminică, 10 iunie 2012

'What I Like About...' SE7EN

I think I'm going crazy, sincerely. I have been looking though my laptop for what songs I haven't listened in a  while and I stumbled over Se7en's folder. I swear I almost cried in joy. I completely forgot I have it! I have been so busy with school and I missed listening to anything. However, I remembered how obsessed I was with Digital Bounce and Drips. It was insane! I even learned the moves back then. But anyway, this post is all about Se7en, Choi Dong Wook on his respective real name. That man is...taken, and I'm really happy for him since his relationship has been made public and I imagine how disappointed he felt when fans started to walk out on him. But true fans are still tagging along and that's what matters. I checked, when I first heard about, her out and let's be honest, Park Han Byul is a pretty woman.

Now, I'm not the person to judge someone's personal life so I won't. Adding to that, I don't have what to judge. This man inspires optimism to me. He's a great idol and, from what I've seen in videos(mostly 2NE1 TV) he's a sweetheart and quite an example for men out there. His singing is not the best but he has a charisma that not many have. Seeing him next to TOP, I swear they are like the cutest guys out there. He overcame a lot of bad times and always raised a level. He's one of the singers who don;t want to lip sync and I admire that. I love his voice even though it's nothing very amazing. He has the right amount of everything. He had hiatuses but always came back with awesome songs and for his 2012's album I read YG worked with JYP. I love both companies. Now, his new album is fabulous. I fell in love with 'That Person' first. Then, I listened more 'When I Can't Sing' and loved it. It just started to come often into my mind and from then on...yeah. The message that song has, the voice that goes really well on it is just very good.

Seriously, this guy is a complete artist. Let's not talk about his dancing skills. I'm going into another part and I don't want to brag about his oh so wonderful dances and well...his fit body. Yeah. He's awesome.

joi, 7 iunie 2012

Music to the Ears (Marianas Trench- Ever After)

I don't listen just to K-pop, duh, so of course when it comes to music Marianas Trench's 2012 album is one of my favourites. Josh really knows how to make music and I feel the power or sadness he puts in each song. Matt always impresses me with that pitch high tone he can get to. Ian is a baritone, I'm pretty sure of that since he sounds like one. I can say that Marianas Trench is on the same line with FT Island and we get two amazing bands from completely different sides of the world. Everybody's happy right? Anyway, Ever After is a song that practically and literally left me with my mouth hung open. the voices blended so well together (like always) and I love the classic tones in it. I mean, seriously, the orchestra is so mesmerizing and Josh's voice and God, I love this song with every element it has in. It relaxes me but at the same time, inspires me. I want to stay and listen to it but each time some idea comes and I go over the piano and start humming some tone and end up with nothing at all because nothing makes sense put together. Anyway, this is one hell of a song, like the whole album actually, but Ever After just caught my attention faster than the other. And the Accapella part or the lyrics, Jesus! I'll just go back to listening it right now.

Atashinchi no Danshi

I actually talked about this drama in other posts but never thought to make one for it, until now. Atashinchi no Danshi (My Boys) is about family. Now, in this series, the term of homeless is used differently. As in, the people who have no house are referenced to as 'net cafe refuges'. It got me thinking when I first read this on WikiDrama but they actually use it throughout the plot. Anyway, Chisato is a 20 years old girl who got into the current situation because of her father who had to pay back a debt. One day she meets this weird looking guy, who practically does fall from the sky, Shinzo, and he offers to pay the money for her. I was perplexed, again, when he told her to marry him in return and even more surprised when, after he died, left her be the 'mother' of his six adopted children. Now, you'll find out what happens next if you watch it and you should. It's a great drama. Maki Horikita plays really well even though, sometimes, her character annoys me. She always needs some nudges to make the right decision. Osamu Mukai plays Sho Okura and I already expressed my feelings towards his character, who impresses me throughout the plot. Besides that, Osamu is a hottie and Sho matches his style, in my point of view, as an actor. Next, the older Okura is Fuu, played by Kaname Jun. He turns the tables around when he, finally, gets his head back on earth and  (even thought it was about his 'macho life') he chooses to help Chisato with her 'motherly' duties. Yusuke Yamamoto is also in Atashinchi no Danshi and he plays the model guy, who is afraid of being close to females, Masaru. I got a little freaked out when I saw how he acted but got accustomed after a few episodes. However, there are some very weird scenes that got me thinking. Anyway, he does a good job at portraying his character.

Now, I know everyone knows how much of a Seto Koji fan I am, even if I want it or not. It seems that any movie/drama I watch, he's there. I don't do it voluntarily, it's just that he acts in good movies/dramas. He portrays Satoru Okura and his character is supposed to be a magician who, because of his parents, got into a scandal and people started to question his skills. In the end, he develops a trust issue and doesn't want to get out of his room. Now, there's also the badass looking guy, the second Okura, Takeru (Okada Yoshinori), who's the goofy one (in a way). He really made the drama so much better. His character shows that not everything is what it seems, mostly when we talk about humans. The youngest Okura member is the 12 years old Akira (played by Okayama Tomoki) who is extremely intelligent but doesn't want to get involved in the so called family whatsoever.

They all have their own life stories since they have been adopted by Shinzo. However, there are some other reasons the old man got these six boys and girl into his house and forced them, in a more subtle way, to become a family. Chisato's presence proves to be needed and the boys all gravitate around her. She helps them overcome their fears and issues and she is the one to unites them. There are also some romantic things going on at some point but I'm not giving spoilers.

Go, go and watch it. You'll find it very interesting ;)


duminică, 3 iunie 2012

Music to the Ears (Wonder Girls- Like This)

Alright, I find myself liking Wonder Girls more and more with each new song they come up with. I didn't think I'd like Be My Baby that much but it's addicting and now, they released Like This. Sincerely, to me, it's such a good breathe of fresh air. It's so catchy and it makes you move your legs and dance on it. It's not about love or broken hearts, there's no drama behind it at all. The song is entirely about our hectic life and how we should take a break and smell the roses, if you get what I mean. It captivated me from the first Like this, yo Like this and the timing was so good. After exams and exams, project over projects and fussy teachers the song got me to chill out.

there's not much I can say about it. It's a good song and on times like these, when artists usually put their feelings in songs at deeper levels, this one is very easy and simple. Good job, Wonder Girls.

sâmbătă, 2 iunie 2012

Music to the Ears (Big Bang- Monster)

What an AWESOME song! From the teasers I couldn't really put my hand on what was the song supposed to talk about but now, after seeing and hearing the hole song I am amazed. The English in the song is not much but like always, it has sense. I seriously got very touched by Monster. It can have so many meanings. Personally, I believe it's about their lives as idols and the 'baby' in the song are actually the VIP's. I usually take songs at a deeper level and it just stroke something deep in my heart. The video practically has them cornered and they fight to break free. G-Dragon seems to be a half demon, hence that one corn. He looks really hot with red hair and that pierce, though I don't find the pierce very attractive on him. TOP, to me, seems to be a cowboy Sherlock but damn, his eyes are so mesmerizing and at the same time, freaky. He looks hot as well. Taeyang is a Minotaur, or so he looks like (maybe since his zodiac sign is Taurus?) but then again, Daesung is a ram. Now, what's intriguing me is that Seungri seems be. He looks like his usual self, but with creepy lens and he doesn't seem to have something at all, except maybe that restraining jacket.

Overall, no, the whole MV is daebak. I love it from the smallest detail to their image. It's quite artistic and YG was very inspired to make it.

Here, just see for yourself how awesome it is:

vineri, 1 iunie 2012

'What I Like About...' Osamu Mukai

Firstly, I love this guy as an actor. He's amazing and very talented. I first saw him in Paradise Kiss, sincerely. Or at least, he caught my eye more as George Koizumi. After that, without realizing, I started to watch more of his work. I went to Atashinchi no Danshi, where his role, Sho Okura, captivated my attention. His roles, usually, are more subtle and diverse. The history of his characters are different and hard. For example, Sho grew up in an orphanage and the respective director tried to fool him into giving him money with the presumption that he wanted to reopen the orphanage. And, adding to that, Sho also had a son. However, him and Maki Horikita made a good pair. As a diverse fact, I also like Maki. Now, in Nodame Cantabile, I can't believe he didn't catch my eye.

I also watched Hungry and he...annoyed the hell out of me to the point where I didn't want to watch the drama anymore. I, badly, wanted him to end up with Chie (Takimoto Miori) but noo, he was just so in love with that Maria. Bleh. But overall, the drama was good. That cute little smile of his and those eyes, which always seem to express exactly the feelings of the character always get to me :D

Now, as a person, I can't believe Osamu is 30 years old. Seriously, he looks to be still in his mid twenties. I look forward to more of his work. He's a talented...still young man.

Paradise Kiss

I love the anime and when I found out the movie I was more than happy. As I've seen, most of the times, the movies change the plot of the anime/manga or simplify it but this one didn't. Usually the Japanese movies don't change the plot of the original mangas or animes, thankfully. Anyway, Paradise Kiss is all, in my point of view, about life in general. About hopw you can find love in the strangest places and how you have to think about your future carefully.

As most of you know, the story is about Yukari 'Caroline' Hayasaka (Keiko Kitagawa) who doesn't really sees a meaning in her life. She's a normal high school student who tries really hard to get into a respected university. On the other side, her life gets shaken up when she meets the ParaKiss group and falls in love with George Koizumi (Osamu Mukai). Initially, I got annoyed with Yukari's personality because I do know very well what to do with my life and she seemed very thoughtless. However, I started to get into her skin and realized that there are lots of girls who go through the same situation in real life too.

The choice of actors was very good. I, personally, love Osamu Mukai. I've seen him in Nodame Cantabile, one of my favourite animes, Atashinchi no Danshi, where he was just too cool and, recently, Hungry. I admire this actor a hell lot and, adding to his acting skills, he's just so loveable in his dramas/movies. He gets you addicted to his character and you can't get yourself to hate him. Now, there's also Yusuke Yamamoto, who I sincerely didn't know he plays Hiroyuki Tokumori. In my vision, he wasn't really that good for portraying Tokumori but he did well enough. Nothing surprising, though. As the lead role, Keiko Kitagawa was pretty good. I've seen her in Buzzer Beat as Riko and she was also amazing. Now, in Paradise Kiss she definitely acted different and she improved. She's a good actress and she's really pretty. Now, next to these actors there are Shunji Igarashi (Isabella), Kento Kaku (Arashi) and Aya Omasa (Miwako). I totally love them too. Aya's real personality is closer to Miwako's than Sunako's. However, she seems to glow in both characters but I guess she does play Miwako better.

Overall, I love both anime, manga and movie and the subject has a more subtle message. The actors played very well, the subject hasn't been shortened but there are slight differences. The ending, thank God, is new. They do meet again and they stay together. That's one thing I hate at the original piece. George leaves for France, if I remember correctly, and Yukari marries someone in the anime and manga but it's really nice they meet again in New York in the movie.

You should check the movie out; doesn't matter if you have seen the anime or not, just check the movie out. You'll love Keiko and Osamu.