joi, 3 octombrie 2013


I love love love this song and the whole album! Kyung's got a solo! And it sounds really good!

Ahem, now...we all know this year we just went through BLOCKTOBER again. It totally worth the wait. Let's be serious. These boys had to go through so many scandals and controversies so they really deserve to be the top.

I love Be the Light because it talks about the hits they took and how they got up and walked over it as a team. That's very important and I am proud of them; they never stopped being a team. They just digested everything that had been thrown at them and simply endured the hardships. I guess they found the light now and they know for sure what they want from the future. They are prepared to take on the whole world and turn it upside down. I am glad there are artists like them. Most probably, that's the reason U-Kwon gets beaten up...or maybe it's just because he's the only one in a relationship? Or maybe not? I don't know but I don't really care either. The music is what matters and they have done so much and been through so much that they just deserve our sincere appreciation.

Very Good is insanely catchy. That song captivates even the non K-pop people. I gave it to a few friends who don't really have interest in Korea whatsoever and they liked it a lot. The tune sticks with you and it's really entertaining. The whole song makes you happier and brings a smile on your face. The video is really well done as well. They had a lot of fun making it and we have a lot of fun watching it. There are a lot of elements from other MV's from different companies and maybe they wanted to make a parody out of the idol-ish life in Korea or maybe they just had another plan. Anyway, the concept is pretty good. There were scandals about money so of course, they used them a lot. Raining with money dude! And they actually used that on their comeback stage too!It was AWESOME!

So, everything is pretty and red. I love their new MV's, their new album and their image (which didn't really change; they are our lovely, dorky, stupid motherfuckers and we all love them<3).

We're in Love

Take my hand
Close your eyes
Let your mind get blank
And slowly sway side to side

Let yourself fly
And trust me
I will never let go of you
So just trust me

And let's fly
To a better tomorrow
You and I
Let's leave behind the sorrow
I'm sure there is a place for us
A heaven brighter than any sun
Where our love will last forever