sâmbătă, 30 martie 2013

A Million Lights

“They left us alone” Indeed, after they shared life stories and joked around, Mizuki left with Chris and so, the two subjects remained all alone in front of the restaurant. “That little-“ Nao stopped swearing at his friend when he realized there was no petite figure next to him any more. She started to walk towards the park where the blind date started.

“So your name is Anna.” They were the only souls on that path, walking beside each other, lost into the surroundings. “Nana-Anna- nice word game. Who would have thought I had such a big impact on your life” He continued, trying to liven up the mood. He wasn’t that type of guy who could keep his mouth shut and truthfully, she wasn’t either. They had so much to tell each other and it seems as if there wasn’t enough time. Thinking that they may not meet again after that night, she chose to take the initiative.

“Actually, I never thought I will be haunted by a guy I met coincidentally one day for 4 years.” Even if she spoke easily, the impact on him was huge. He stopped and frowned. The place the two faced each other more seriously just happened to be a small decorative bridge from the central park.

 “Fate is seriously messing with me” She whispered, seeing the situation she was into and where it was taking place.

“I didn’t tell you to give up on anything” He started again while walking closer to her. She didn’t react. “You asked me what happens when you change the reason to keep living. I was foolish when I told you to give yourself into the wind and let yourself be taken by it. It takes you nowhere” Anna’s eyes were staring into Nao’s soul, he could feel it. Her green orbs were reading him like an open book.

“Nao,” His head was bent since her stare was too much to bear. “I’ve been asked what I will do when I will meet you again. Everyone knew for sure that it was inevitable, everyone except me. I was scared to meet you again, I was scared how big of an impact you will have on me this time,” She slowly closed the distance between them. When she was right in front of him, she turned to the left and let herself be submerged into the scenery.

“I-“She interrupted him instantly.

“I don’t regret anything. I don’t regret meeting you, sleeping with you, listening to you. That day was the best day of my life. I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t like that. We were complete strangers; complete opposites and we knew it was the beginning of the end.” She sighed and bit her lips, trying to find the right way to explain her feelings. “It wasn’t what you said that haunted me, it was you” In that moment, Nao’s head raised instantly. He realized she moved her green orbs on him. He couldn’t read her; that fact certainly didn’t change. But, he was intrigued by her point of view over that one day.

“I want you to know…I-“He wasn’t sure if he could voice his thoughts as well as her but he knew he had to show her. He leaned towards her, his eyes never leaving hers. She didn’t move, which he took a sign to continue. Their lips touched and they both felt the attraction, the blood rushing through their veins, the electricity slipping from one body to the other. It was intense but at the same time, it wasn’t.

They remained looking into each other’s eyes in silence. It looked beautiful from the outside. Their bodies were illuminated by the buildings around the park and the place itself was romantic. But, looking closer, they were two people who didn’t know what they wanted from themselves and from the other. They weren’t in love but fate just didn’t want to give up.

Music to the Ears (U-KISS' Standing Still)

The third video which got me tangled is U-Kiss'. Even if I do think the company really didn't want to give enough sponsorship for the video. It's in an abandoned place for God's sake. AGAIN!

So, the song is good. It's really catchy, mostly the chorus where I love how Kevin's English sounds. So sexy, damn. Anyway, I love how Eli looks. It's more rebellious  But I have to talk about the melody first. It's one good piece. It has a lot of passages that stuck in your head, the beginning being one of them. The English is well spoken and there are some, two, american accents which we all love. Also, it does make sense! Yeah.

What got me thinking hard is the video. Firstly, what the heck is the role of that girl? She appears here and there in the warehouse and has one scene which got cut and different pieces have been placed in different parts of the video. They don't make any sense. Of course the songs talks about a girl and whatever but seriously? At least she should have had some intercourse with one of the guys. It just seems like her scenes have been put there like a side note or something. The guys look good. Very very good if you understand me. I like the dance a hell lot. I've been watching it closely for a while now and I just want to learn it already!


Music to the Ears (Lee Hi's Rose)

Another song that got me tangled into its sound is Lee Hi's Rose. It sounds so unique and beautiful. I admire YG's effort to make great songs for her because she is a good asset.

The songs itself is amazing. The lyrics mean much more than I imagined. She;s right. Every rose has its thorns. I do believe the songs is about failed relationships and since I'm single it doesn't have the same deep meaning for me, however I still love it. Her voice makes everything much better, like always. She's awesome and has some awesome vocal technique and training.

The video is even better. Artistic and unique are the only words to describe it. The background is white for most shots and the different spots of red, of writing, of colour overall is fantastic. The concept is also amazing and they really put a lot of thought into it! I swear it's one of my favourites.

Not many words for Lee Hi's song because most of her work leaves me speechless. I love listening to her and I like her as an artist. However, it would be indeed much better if she could learn how to have a more active presence on scene and even on MV's. She should learn how to act a little. In It's Over I thought she just...couldn't get more blank than she already was....so yeah...

Music to the Ears (Infinite's Man in Love)

Alright, I haven't been on here for a while. Long time actually. Sorry. I'm getting very very busy with my final exams and enrolling into university. I have a lot to talk about actually but I will just take it slowly.

Firstly, I saw how enthusiastic my friends got over the new Infinite MV. Truthfully, they kind of got to me too. SungJong is really cute. However, the song is pretty good. It sounds like Infinite, some parts practically have familiar sounds (from The Chaser, for example, at the beginning and before the chorus) and I find it weird that a lot of fans didn't necessarily like it. Even I liked it and I'm not a real fan of them. I like the chorus a hell lot. It sounds nice and has a different ring to it that gets you addicted to the song. That is the point of the chorus so good job there! I'm a bitch most of the time and I'm hard to please when it comes to music but Man in Love sounds good.

The video is another story. It's so creepy and you hardly understand who they are in love with. From my point of view, and a few friends', it looks like each have a relationship with another. Let's take, for example, SungJong. He's preparing to go on a date. Hoya is looking for clothes too. The result? They have a date with EACH OTHER! And Sungyeol is cooking for MyungSoo. That's why L is so attached to his phone. See? It makes sense...almost. Meh

But the MV is cute and I can't get enough of their cuteness. I like the song. I'm actually getting dragged into being a veridical fan...neah. But still, Man in Love is nice.

joi, 7 martie 2013

The Date

“I guess you look acceptable…” Mizuki eyed Anna from head to toe from the second she came into view. She wore a black sleeveless dress, complimenting her long legs and her collarbone. Over it she had a thin shawl. She had a light touch of grey and dark blue make-upt which highlighted her eyes. Also, since she wasn’t a fan of high heels, she chose a pair of long black boots with shorter heels. She didn’t look as fancy as Mizuki wanted but she was pretty.

“I wasn’t going to dress for a wedding. From your voice mails I realized you will do that but here you are, wearing pants, high heels and a sleeveless shirt.” The older woman scoffed and crossed her arms in front of her chest. Anna smirked and playfully pushed her friend.

“I got a call from Chris before you came. He said your partner had a few problems to take care of so they may be a little late” Anna rolled her eyes and scoffed. The motion didn’t go unnoticed by Mizuki who slapped her friend’s arm.

“Anyway, Takeshi called me yesterday. He wants us to hang out like old days”

“I know. I also know that won’t happen soon because of our schedules.” Mizuki nodded sadly. It was mostly her fault because she was the busy surgeon. It was hard enough to have that night off and she didn’t know when she will have another chance at freedom.

“Oh, I heard your book gets adapted into a movie. I also heard some hot actors will play in it.” She moved her eyebrows up and down, having what Anna would have called ‘starry eyes’.  “Call me if you scratch your knee on the set.” She nudged the younger woman. Anna started to laugh. Why would she scratch her knee on the set? She was practically just watching everything roll and give adjustments when needed.

While starting to get caught into her own world, Mizuki caught sight of the two awaited men. She inspected them from afar. There was a guy who looked to be around her age with light brown hair, styled in a certain way, dressed quite fashionably and his friend who wasn’t dressed to impress but didn’t look bad either. He was taller than the first one and he seemed to be 100% Japanese. She figured that probably the fashionable one was her date while the one who didn’t seem to have put much effort into his looks was his friend.

“Anna” She whispered when she saw how close they were. Since the brunette didn’t respond, and was actually facing other way, Mizuki pinched her. When she turned, the Japanese woman pointed with her head towards the two males. For a moment Anna didn’t seem very interested but when the boys stopped in front of them, she felt how her breath had just been taken away. Her eyes widened a little and for a second she stared intently at him. Faster than she imagined, she turned her eyes away and tried to avoid looking at him.

On the other side, the taller man got equally surprised. His eyes didn’t widen but he gasped, even though it was unnoticeable. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked different, grown up actually, but she had the same wandering green eyes, the same petite figure and the same superior demeanour around her.

“Sorry we were late. This guy here had to run off somewhere just a few hours before the date. He returned right on time, though.” Mizuki was already swiped off by her date. That man seemed perfect from every angle and he had a boyish smile planted on his face. “By the way,” His eyes traveled to Anna who was trying really hard to keep her eyes on the younger male. “I’m Chris, 25 years old bachelor” He bowed cutely and smiled towards the unknown person. “This is my friend, Nao.” He nudged his friend, even though the reaction was very small. “He’s a great photographer; even got awards for his projects!” The sentence was obviously addressed to Anna because he was going to be her date and had to look impressive.

“I’m Mizuki, awesome surgeon” She also bowed towards both guys, politely. “This is Anna. She’s also a great writer.” Anna smiled nervously to Chris but as fast as it came, it disappeared.   

The way to the restaurant was horrible and awkward for both subjects. When he wasn’t stealing glances at her, she would. When Mizuki or Chris would try getting them to talk about random subjects, they would respond fast and with limited words. Chris was mostly talking with Mizuki and was walking besides her, so Anna and Nao were the ones left behind, walking in synch. They didn’t utter a word the whole time and even after arriving at the restaurant, they would be silent. Even though she tried not to care, Nao’s stares were very strong. He would watch her do anything, even ignoring him.  For him, seeing her again meant more than she would have thought.

“So, Anna” Chris saw how awkward his friend was acting and he was surprised he didn’t take the initiative yet, like he would had on other dates. He was silent and would watch the petite woman intently. He had never seen Nao like that so he wanted to know what was so special about that mere writer. “I heard from Mizuki that you actually finished business and management. How come you ended up as a writer?” Anna’s eyes didn’t move nor sparkle. She didn’t care at that moment about Mizuki or Mizuki’s date. The only important thought she had was how cruel life just became for her.

“I made a deal with my parents when I was young. As long as I will give a shot they will support me through a business career. However,” Her eyes slowly travelled to Nao, who surprisingly had his head bent down, his eyes set on his uninteresting and empty plate. “Throughout years I realized I lost my will to inherit the family business so I gave up.” Chris nodded, analyzing in his head the new acquired information.

“And what about your relationship now? I mean, with your parents.”  Anna chuckled and started to play with the fork, making circles on the napkin.

“I gave up on the life of young and rich. I took it from the bottom, like everyone else. The only income was working part time, back then. Now, I am a full time writer and my life stabilized.” She didn’t take her eyes from the napkin. It wasn’t a sad story; it wasn’t like she didn’t know what she was getting into. She didn’t want that rich bachelor’s pity. She was a grown up adult who had every right to do anything she wanted as long as it was for her own good.  

However, even if in her point of view, she was pretty accomplished with the path she chose, Nao wasn’t. He lived that kind of life before, where he would walk aimlessly, looking for a job or for a reason to keep going. He knew she was rich from her attitude but it seemed as if she kept that superiority even after 4 years. Truthfully, he blamed himself. They met when she wasn’t sure what she should do in life and he just nudged her towards a choice that practically ruined her.

“But it’s fine. The first year was difficult, I won’t lie,” She chuckled while remembering how many silly mistakes she used to make. However, that wasn't the climax of her feelings. “I was all alone…” She mumbled, trying to sound as soft as possible so no one would be able to hear.

“What about Nao-kun?” Mizuki was trying her best to keep the conversation going or at least make the two talk with each other. It wasn't going very well. Nao was either shy or not interested whatsoever in Anna. She came to the assumption that maybe they were completely different and didn't like each other at all. With all these thoughts running through her head, in the moment Nao started to talk Mizuki could swear she wanted to slap both subjects hard.

“I started as a freelancer but now I have stable connections. As a photographer I'm always on the run.” He smiled, annoyingly cutely, at Mizuki and continued. “I met a lot of different people and I can’t say I am able to stay somewhere more than a few weeks.”

“ I've seen that…” Anna’s mumble didn't go unnoticed by Nao. His attention was concentrated on her the whole time. He didn't care what Mizuki thought about him as long as afterwards, he could talk with Anna.

“Nao is-how can I explain it- very difficult.” Chris continued, using his hands to describe his friend. He was very suggestive. “He tried to have relationships before, or at least I tried to get him to, but he’s always completely parallel.” The defendant chuckled softly, trying to make it all go away by shaking his head. It didn't work. Chris started to establish Nao’s past relationships which were a nightmare for him but Anna found it quite funny. She would laugh and would actually show more than one facial expression.

“At least you’re enjoying yourself…” This time, he mumbled, while shifting in his seat. He didn't seem to care if she heard, moreover, the complaint was towards her and it didn't go unnoticed. She laughed it off as if nothing happened, but for the first time that night, her eyes sparkled.