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Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 4

The ride to the hotel was silent. She left the prison with some kind of melancholy. She had been through that kind of situation before but it still hurt.

Humans weren't worthy. She always lived by that principle. Kira wasn't a God and she was sure he will, eventually, get caught.

When she arrived at the hotel, the receptionist told her that the 22nd floor was entirely occupied, which intrigued her. She didn't ask for any other information, though. She simply grabbed the key and walked to the elevator. She waited just for a few second until the doors opened.

A man dressed in black walked out of the elevator and right past her. She wasn't very tall, but she did get a good view of the man's face. He had an old, Victorian hat on his head but it couldn't cover the white hair completely. She walked into the elevator with a playful smirk.

The hotel room was definitely less luxurious than her apartment in New York but it was good enough. She didn't have any luggage; therefore she didn't have any clothes.

Getting quite uncomfortable in a pair of black jeans and a formal shirt, she had no choice but sleep in her undergarments.

While she was slowly getting things out of her purse, like a hair brush or her phone, she also found BB's letter. She knew it was for L but that didn't matter. She wasn't a fan of personal space and intimacy. If she wanted something, she was more than ready to die for it or cross any boundaries.

The letter wasn't long and it didn't contain anything suspicious; at least not at first sight. She knew BB for long enough to figure out that everything he ever did was either complicated or made out of spite. She didn't know which one was the case in that letter since every time he mentioned L it was from both spite and personal issues which made everything complicated.

She read the letter once more. There had to be a puzzle behind it because the letter itself was bullshit. There were just words put together to make some kind of sense for unwanted readers. She was one of them in that moment.

"Or maybe not…"

She narrowed her eyes and started to position the letters differently. It didn't take long to discover the message within.

She placed the first two sentences differently. Two words were made out of the first letters of the first sentence while the third one was made out of every last letter from the third sentence.

You don't know

The last part was not hidden at all. It was created out of the third letter of the mid words of the last sentence.

What you're messing with

That was definitely directed towards L. Just he could have a chance at finding the hidden message.
However, that line held the whole Kira case behind it. L and the police didn't know about the Death Note and she was pretty sure they would never believe what they couldn't see: Shinigami.

If L will ever find Kira then he will have a lot of work trying to prove it.

"You can't fight death with justice. I guess you'll find out pretty soon" She walked towards the immense window from the living room and stared at the city below. "Both of you will." She continued.

Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 6

Even though she looked calm, inside her heart there was a hurricane. How could she have not seen that coming?

"He couldn't see his own lifespan but I could and he shouldn't have died now" She muttered.

Her head hurt and so did her heart. In the past 22 years she never made a single friend. She didn't know why; maybe she was too comfortable and took everything for granted or maybe she was too scared that they would find her different. She was an adopted child yet the Noir family never behaved accordingly. They embraced her presence; they welcomed her in the family and made her feel as if she was part of them.

She chose to stop thinking for a while. Her mind was already working at an inhuman pace. She didn't want it to move even faster. She stopped in the lobby and rubbed her forehead. She suddenly got overwhelmed by what was happening.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea" She muttered again.

With a dramatic sigh, she walked towards the elevator. It came rather quick and she was the only one waiting for it. Unfortunately, when the doors were ready to close, someone stopped them. She raised her head instantly and started to glare at the man.

The silence between the two was awkward. The elevator music wasn't any help at all. When it reached the 22nd floor, the man turned to her.

"He's making up a team" She didn't move and remained expressionless.

"Good for him" The man wasn't ready to give up.

"I thought you were friends" She narrowed her eyes and scoffed.

"He doesn't have friends" In the end, the man sighed and gave up.

He knew she was stubborn and proud. Once she got hurt she was able to forgive but she never forgot. She was childish and self-centered and she didn't change.

When she arrived in her own hotel room, the first thing she did was turn on the television. There was a soap opera on some random channel and left it there. She didn't want any news about any death in that moment.

Next, she went into her room and placed her new clothes into the dresser. She placed the food into the small refrigerator and jumped on the bed. It had been an eventful day.

She placed her hand over her eyes and sighed. She had hoped that the whole Kira case would be easy and fun, since she actually possessed the Shinigami Eyes but it definitely wasn't.

"The ones who are born to be doomed will forever live an unfortunate life" She mumbled while she started to move her hands over the bed.

At some point, she touched something small but firm. She got up quickly and grabbed the box. It was full of BB's things from the Japanese jail but also the American one. Everything he had; everything was in there.

She opened it carefully and remarked that it was full of paper; nothing else but paper. Her left eye started to twitch when she started to read what was written on the paper.

"Today, I'm bored. There's nothing to play with and those incompetent guardians don't give me eatable food."
"I made a fool out of the new guardian. He's quite young. It shouldn't be hard to make him give me some jam"
"I finally got my hands on strawberry jam."

She sighed. Everything he had written was about his need of strawberry jam. The few things Beyond Birthday couldn't live without were pride, his own identity and strawberry jam. He was like a child.

For the next few hours, Yvonne went through every piece of paper in the package. Most of them were random and in English. He had nothing to do, he was already embarrassed for a lifetime and he had no one to play with. Exactly like a child who got grounded.

There were only three papers that contained something more. One was about LA and what happened there; the second was about Wammy but in a very difficult way to read. He scrambled a lot of letters and if you were to put them in the right order it read: Dare to Survive L.
She scoffed and rolled her eyes. It was childish but it was understandable. His lifetime wish was to become better than L in any possible way.

The third one, though, had a few numbers written on it. There was the address of Wammy's House but there were also a few more numbers that didn't make any sense. Was it a lifespan he saw? Or maybe something only he would know? But also, it was addressed to her. He wrote: Distraction is the only way to get Beyond the Law.

If you were smart enough and knew about his past puzzles, it was quite easy to understand the meaning behind it.

D is the only way to get B the L.
D is the only one who can make B forget about L.
D and B are friends.
B's Distraction.

She didn't want to cry. She seriously tried not to show any emotion but it was too hard. She remained 
silent and tears started to pour down her checks.

A few levels below, the man dressed in dark entered room number 221. It was situated on the 22nd floor, the one the receptionist said it was entirely reserved.

"Everything is prepared, Watari?" The man nodded. He walked deeper into the room and gave up on his facade. He was an elder man. His white hair was styled in a British way and he looked warm and kind but still a gentleman.

"Everything is ready. I planted bugs and cameras around the two apartments" The younger man in the room looked pretty satisfied.

"How did it go? Did she receive the mission?" Watari started to chuckle. It was definitely amusing.

"She's not going to come on her own will. She is stubborn as always" The younger man, which stood in a crouched position, started to bit his finger and didn't look very happy.

"Should I uncover my identity in front of her?" It wasn't necessarily meant as a question for Watari but the elder responded anyway. It sounded more like an advice.

" I believe you should just ask for her help personally" The youngest hummed and walked out the door. Watari watched bemusedly as his best pupil was ready to give up little of his self esteem for another.

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Taeyang's 1AM

This song is just...damn I want that album to appear already!

Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 5

The next day, Yvonne woke up on the couch, in the living room. She stretched and yawned loudly. She wasn't a morning person. In fact, she was quite lazy and comfortable. She often preferred to be alone so that no one would judge her lifestyle. Her family was indeed rich but she wasn't famous. If it wasn't for the big IQ and that creativity of hers she would have ended up on the streets, maybe.

She didn't have any spare clothes and she didn't eat anything since she landed in Japan. She took a shower and dressed in the same clothes. She had to go shopping.

When she left her room, she completely forgot about the man in black and his resemblance to someone she knew. When she walked into the lobby, there was someone waiting for her. She raised an eyebrow but didn't move. The man walked right past her but, subtly, gave her a note.

She didn't even unfold it until she got a few miles away from the hotel. She sat on a bench in the busy Shinjuku and read it. There wasn't much, though. It was written just a room number.

"That's on the 22nd floor" She mumbled to herself. She sighed and placed the note back into her pocket. It was still too soon to make her appearance. She entered the first store and looked for clothes. However, she didn't have much time to look around because her phone started to ring. It was an unknown number.

"Hello. Miss Noeru?" Except the fact that he misspelled her name, Yvonne was still calm. "I'm sorry but the prisoner from cell number 9984 died this morning. You have to come and take his belongings. You are the only person he signed as relative." The whole world seemed to slow down. She stopped and hung up. It all seemed surreal. She knew he was going to die but she wasn't ready. It was too soon. She hoped she could actually find a way to save him.

"But his arrest wasn't made public, was it?" She whispered to herself. She was too shocked to think logically. The LA murder cases were indeed popular back then but…it hurt. It hurt deeper than she imagined. Also, it's been some time since she last felt such emotions.

Her shopping spree ended abruptly. In approximately 2 hours she finished buying clothes for a week and food. Her next stop was the jail. When she arrived there, the guardians were all busy with a few more people. It seemed Beyond wasn't the only one who died that night.

"Are you Miss Noeru?" She nodded to the young guardian. He smiled comfortably and gave her a box. It was pretty light. She also had to sign for it. "You are the girl who visited him yesterday. I'm sorry. He, and several prisoners, died last night of heart attacks. It must have been Kira." She narrowed her eyes at the guardian, making him smile nervously and shut up. She knew already how and who killed her supposedly best friend. "If it makes you feel better, he mentioned you while talking to himself. I'm sorry again for your loss." She sighed and left quickly. She was already sick of pity.

"Fool. Maybe I would have had come quicker if you would have called me." She sighed again and rubbed her eye. She was still sleepy.

That day, she didn't take the cab. She took the bus, which took a lot more. She also had to walk by foot to the hotel. While she was slowly making her way towards what was supposed to be her home for a few weeks, she didn't fail to notice a familiar face.

"Yagami…" She raised an eyebrow and stopped. She couldn't see very well the person he was talking to; that, until she moved a little. Yvonne could swear she had seen that woman before. She titled her head and furrowed her eyebrows, in order to catch a better sight of the woman. Her black her, her height, her clothes, it was all familiar. She gasped when she finally figured it out.

"Naomi Misora…she worked on LA Murder Cases!" She couldn't hear what they were talking about since she was on the other side of the road but she saw Light writing something on a tiny piece of paper and next thing she saw, Naomi Misora was getting further away with a look of depression and suicidal attempt.

Light didn't know Yvonne just found him out. He was joyfully living his accomplishment. However, the Shinigami felt her presence right away.

Hey Light. Look on your right.

He wasn't supposed to enter that game but he couldn't pass the chance.

Light did exactly what his companion informed him to and his platonic face changed drastically. He narrowed his eyes at her but kept his head held high. She just witnessed him acting as Kira and sending Raye Penber's fiancée to death.

She won't tell on you. Much like a Shinigami, she doesn't have the right to impose. She can just watch from side.

That didn't make any difference, though. Yvonne and Light were staring at each other with the same look. However, Yvonne smirked. Just before a car drove by and interrupted their staring contest, her eyes became bloody red. Light didn't move but when the car passed, she wasn't there anymore.

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Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 3

"Who was that, Ryuk?" Light just got home from his encounter with that strange woman. The Shinigami started to laugh when he remembered. It was fun to watch them interact.

"I'm sorry Light but I made a deal with the Shinigami King. I can't talk about her" That quirked his interest. That meant she was not an ordinary human. There were many possibilities and little time to find out more information.

"Those eyes; her eyes were red. She has the Shinigami Eyes, am I right?" Ryuk chuckled but nodded nonetheless. "How can she have them? Did she make the deal with a Shinigami? Does she posses a Death Note?" The Shinigami stretched his head.

"Well, it is a little more complicated than that. All I can say is that she doesn't have a Death Note. At least not from what I know" Light scoffed. He still had so many questions about that Ivy. She was French yet she could speak Japanese without a problem.

"And what happens if you tell me? You're going to die?" It was supposed to be an insult, an irony but there was no laughter.

"Something like that, yes" Light mumbled something to himself and glared at his unwanted companion. That girl seemed so simple yet she was a mystery. Ryuk wasn't going to tell him so why bother? He was just going to continue what he started.

On the other side, Yvonne didn't go to the hotel. She had other business to attend to. She got off the bus at the next station and took a taxi. Her next stop was rather far by foot. She was indeed tired and the last encounter was interesting enough. She met Kira without even trying. It went pretty well. She tried so hard to act nicely that her checks still hurt. Next, she had to pay a visit to an old friend.
When the taxi stopped, the driver looked confused. She smiled reassuringly and paid him. She was very small next to the intimidating entrance. She walked in without much fuss. The guardians were a little skeptical to let her go but they couldn't keep her out either.

"This is his cell" The guard gave her a kind smile and pushed the door open. "If there is any problem, please call out." She blinked. There was no nod, no smile, nothing. She wasn't a person that would show feelings. She didn't have a poker face either. She just looked normal and maybe a little parallel to what was happening around her.

She walked slowly into the dark room. It was small but it had a bed and a toilet. The door closed loudly behind her. It was so dark that she couldn't trace him in the room. Luckily, his eyes were pretty much enlightening his figure.

"Look who came to visit" He snickered and walked towards her. His moves were so slow; it felt a lot like he was watching his prey. However, Yvonne was blank. Her figure was lost into darkness. She caught his hand and in just a few seconds, she had him pinned on his bed.

"That's how you welcome your guests?" The man continued to snicker. It wasn't amusing and the force she applied on his body wasn't a joke either yet he was already accustomed to that.

"I didn't think you'd come and visit. The chances for that to happen were under 50%." She chuckled and bent over him.

"Don't be a smartass. You knew very well that I would come, eventually." He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Does it feel like a déjà vu?" She started to chuckle darkly. In just a flash, she had her hand around his neck, ready to apply enough pressure to suffocate him.

"Don't push your luck, Beyond" Even if his position was the one of a victim, he started to genuinely laugh.

"You won't kill me. I trust you." She raised an eyebrow and titled her head. She leaned even closer to him.

"Trust is a big word for what you have done in the past" He rolled his eyes and pushed her aside, easily. She wasn't a threat; at least not in that moment.

"I've been caught and sent to prison. Even more surprisingly is that I've been transferred to a Japanese prison. I thought you might have had something to do with it but you don't live in Japan." 

She got off him and sat normally on what was supposed to be his bed.

"You think L has something to do with it. I don't know what happened after you got into jail. You practically signed up for it from the beginning." Beyond scoffed lightly and positioned himself weirdly on the bed.

"What do you know, then?" She raised an eyebrow and bit her lip.

"L, probably, sent you to Japan for his own selfish reasons. You two are very much alike in that domain."Beyond narrowed his eyes at her. "I'm pretty sure he already got involved into the Kira case. Maybe he wants your help"

"I'm going to die pretty soon. I'm not stupid, Kaira. The only way I could be saved is if you make another deal and we both know there are slim chances for that to happen." He was a lucid and brilliant genius. Adding to that, he was born with Shingami Eyes. Beyond Birthday could've ended up as either a savior or a murderer. He chose none. However, Yvonne tensed up. It had been some time since she was called that name.

"I don't want to see you die. I can't guarantee for your life, Beyond. You are not a murderer because you killed people who were supposed to die already on the same dates. However, you're a childish prick who had always been blinded by hubris." Beyond didn't look offended at all. He chuckled, instead.

"Look who speaks about hubris and childishness. You use big words for a past like yours. Or maybe you have forgotten who you are?" She glared at him and growled.

"You practically just wanted to show how smart you are, you wanted to commit suicide in the end but someone caught you just in time. You are in prison not because you are seriously dangerous but because you were blinded by superiority issues. If you could have just accepted L as the greatest detective you wouldn't have craved to become the greatest criminal" He didn't want to hear her telling him about his failures even if, in the end, she was right.

"What about this Kira? What do you know about him? Did you analyze him yet?" He was ironic. He really couldn't accept the truth. He was childish and he hated to lose. That was exactly what happened 2 years ago.

"This Kira is not a serial killer. It's just a kid looking for justice in the world. He saw none so he decided to make it on his own. He doesn't know the length of trouble he will get into"

"Then what? Do you want to guide him? Why not give him some advi-ow" She hit him in the head pretty hard. It annoyed him so he got up quickly and hovered over her. She was expressionless. 

"You're lying to yourself, D. You came here for a new life, didn't you? You wanted to be the justice. Are you going to let that kid do your work?" She blinked a few times and started to laugh.

She pushed him away and patted his head. It did annoy him but he also gave in to her hand, like a puppy. He was a criminal, a dangerous one, yet in front of her, he was fun and playful.

"I was cruel and bloodthirsty once. That's why I was able to get closer to you at Wammy's and even befriend you. We shared the same eyes, the same blood lust but you are human and I am not. That's the difference between you and me." He rolled his eyes again but there was something else too. He was getting annoyed and unstable.

"You got accustomed easily with everyone at Wammy's. However, you never showed your true potential. Were you afraid that you will become one of us? Or was L's fault? You were quite close, weren't you?" She hit him again in the leg, making him fall down.

"I still wonder how you softened me up enough to befriend me." She sighed and scratched her check. 

"Do you have something for L? I'm sure you had enough time to write a lot of things in here" Beyond Birthday was a man who knew how to hold grudges and the one he had on the detective was enough for a lifetime. However, he did give her a letter.

"Any last request from me?" He didn't expect what came next.

She kissed him. It came out of nowhere. He couldn't really push her away. She was the only person he ever had close to a friend. The kiss was a symbol for both of them. It meant their friendship but also their goodbyes. They were both lucid and smart people. They both knew that Kira was going to find out about Beyond too. It was all a matter of time.

With one last peck on the cheek, Yvonne turned her back on him and signaled for the guard to come and open the door. She gave one last look over her shoulder and winked.

"See you later, BB." It wasn't funny but he started to laugh loudly. She left him laughing like a maniac.

Music to the Ears (Kana Nishino)

I am obsessed with her songs. Well, these two albums at least. There are songs about love and friendship. I know that her voice is a little annoyong at times because she has a high pitched tone but it's fine. The instrumental parts definitely make up for that.

I don't know how famous she is in Japan but she is good. I don't really know many Japanese female singers so feel free to inform me :)

Music to the Ears (Rumble Fish)

I am in love with her. Her voice sounds so good and classy. She has her own style and her own technique and it sounds amazing.

After seeing her MV I had to check out her whole album and I was impressed. It is very well made and has sonething that makes you listen to it over and over again. I don't have a favorite song because I love them all.

I gathered some information and it seems Rumble Fish was originally a band under Warner Music Korea which shows just how good they were. I have an obsession with Warner related things. Anyway, they split and she is the only Rumble Fish now.

BAP's Comeback-Soon

Oh my God, I can't even express my excitement...You have seen the teaser for BAP's new song, correct? Well, it seems some show leaked 32 seconds of the song. I thought it was just another teaser and got super dupper excited about it. Unfortunately, it was just a leak and now I kinda feel bad about watching it. Anyway, it's going to be epic. It seems Jongup and Himchan really worked on their voices. I am very curious how does the rap sound. Agh, so many feelings...

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Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 2

What seemed to be a few hours ended up as being the whole flight. She woke up with a stomach ache, because she couldn't eat anything, and her back hurt from the uncomfortable way she slept. As she stepped out off the airplane, she stretched. She could hear her bones crack.

'Japan, Japan. You didn't change one bit since I last came here.' She messed her hair and sighed, before she walked towards the entrance. She found a taxi quite fast but she didn't know exactly where to go. She ended up walking aimlessly around Tokyo. She was somewhere close to a park when something weird caught her eye.

She tried to cover up her real intentions. There weren't many people on that street. There was just a shop, houses on each side of the alley and a young guy who was silently walking in front of her. What caught her attention, however, was the black morbid creature walking behind the young teenager. It looked like he was fooling around, convinced that no one could see him.

'Idiot' She bit her lip, debating with herself. Should she follow the guy and satisfy her curiosity or go to the hotel and do nothing? Well, it wasn't that hard to choose.

She followed closely, yet her victim didn't even remark her. He stopped and bought an apple. There was nothing suspicious about that. He continued to walk towards a bench and sat down.

'He doesn't respond to anything the Shinigami does. He ignores everything that happens around him but doesn't seem to loosen up. He's not stupid at all.' She narrowed her eyes but didn't walk closer. She was a few feet away from him.

She couldn't see everything perfectly but the Shinigami was also pretty big. It was hard to miss him out.

There was no one around. The park was pretty much deserted. When the teenager stuck the apple out, for common eyes, it looked like it just got eaten by itself. She decided to take the matters in her own hands. She walked closer in utter silence and dropped her purse. The noise was loud enough to attract attention.

The boy tensed visibly and turned his head towards her. She tried to act accordingly. Her eyes widened considerably and she opened her mouth slightly.

She looked like a person who just got a shock.

'Excuse me, but did that apple, where did it go?' She tried to sound surprised and innocent. It wasn't in her blood to be harmless and easily manipulated but she knew how to act.

'I'm sorry but I think you just imagined it. There is no apple, see?' He actually moved his hand in front of her, showing how he had nothing in it. For a moment, she felt annoyed. He actually wanted her to believe such a stupid lie? However, she chose to play his game.

'Maybe. I forgot to take my glasses today. Everything is a little blurry' She scratched her head, nervously and smiled softly. It looked naive enough.

He walked closer to her and watched her expressions intensely. He was checking if she was a danger. When he was sure she meant no harm, he tried to look nicer.

Somewhere behind the teenager, a Shinigami was cracking up. He was greatly entertained by the show the two were putting up.

'That must be the cause.' He cracked a smile, which was so wide and fake that almost hurt her face.

'Are you from this part of the city?' He nodded and actually started a nice act.

'I live nearby. Are you lost?' For a moment Yvonne didn't know what to say. If she lied, there was a slim chance she would end up at his house or knowing where his house was. If she were to tell the truth, she would end up with nothing. She nodded and smiled again.

She had an air of a classy woman but he wasn't stupid. Her eyes were big and blank. There was no emotion in them. It intrigued him. He was curious what was going through her head; if he believed his stupid lie, then maybe she wasn't a treat, but then again, it was rather stupid.

Trying to break the ice, the woman bowed.

' I am Ivy' She titled her head and pushed the bangs out of her face. 'I arrived in Japan a few hours ago. I'm afraid I wandered too far from the hotel' She laughed nervously.

It was all for a good cause but that thought was slowly slipping. She couldn't play a charade every time she had the chance to meet him.

He watched her every action and still measured the level of treat in her. There was something about her that didn't seem naive. Her introduction was in the norms of a usual conversation but the Shinigami started to laugh loudly.

The boy tensed again and his eyes narrowed. If Ryuk was having such a fun time then something was suspicious about her. However, he couldn't understand what. She was thin yet she was rather tall for a woman. Her appearance didn't attract attention to her. She looked modest.

'Do you want me to show you the the way to nearest bus stop?' She nodded and bowed, gratefully. They started to walk in sync but something didn't seem right. He was too tense. He needed to find more information about her. 'So, where are you from?' She turned her head to look at him and blinked.

Light wasn't impressed by her one word answer. It was too neutral. He couldn't even ask for her entire name because it would sound creepy and if he were to kill her, her family would know who she talked to in the last 24 hours. Not that he wanted to but there was something about her that ticked him off. If he was right, from the way she would always stretch and the bags under her eyes, what she said was true.

'What about you? What's your name?' She seemed so innocent and her question sounded so normal that it confused him. If he were to tell her his name, then he couldn't kill her but if not, she would get suspicious.

'Light' He responded her exactly like she introduced herself.

She titled her head to get a better sight of his face. Her eyes traveled from his eyebrows to his chin. She was very perceptive of his looks.

'You're quite handsome. I bet you have a lot of fans in high school' She chuckled playfully, trying to get him to loosen up more.

He wasn't stupid. A smart person handles differently the Death Note. Yet, how smart was he? How far was he ready to go?

Hey Light, this girl is playing you like she wants

The Shinigami started to get interested. He had in front two people who were more alike than they knew. Light wanted to get rid of the disgraces of the world. At some point, Ivy wanted that too.

The girl just rolled her eyes but didn't let her mask fall down. She tried to ignore the Shinigami so that her cover won't be blown. She was experienced enough with situations like that. She had to endure her personal feelings and thoughts in order to get out what she wants to hear from the culprit.

You don't talk much nowadays, do you?

That question sounded neutral. With what was happening home, it could have been addressed to Light but that wasn't the case.

Ryuk was trying to talk to her. She couldn't hear him. She didn't have how. She didn't posses a Death Note and she didn't touch one either. However, something didn't feel right. d

You should ask her more questions, Light. She is fun. You just have to push the right buttons

Ryuk started to laugh loudly and fly crazily in the back. From the corner of his eye, he saw the reaction he needed. Her left eye started to twitch.

'Why did you come to Japan?' He was more forward with his questions because of that idiotic Shinigami. She shrugged.

'I guess I got interested in the latest events' She pulled her purse closer to her body and continued to walk.

'So you know about Kira?' She nodded. 'What do you think?' He was curious to hear her answer.

'What I think?' She stopped and started to chuckle. He raised an eyebrow and stopped behind her. 'What I think doesn't matter. My opinion would be wasted. What the masses think. That's what matters.' She turned to him and smirked. 'The masses think he is a treat for the international security. 
The countries try to work together against the common danger. I wonder though' She turned her head to the side and started to rub her chin.

Light watched her. He didn't like how her opinion was so ambiguous. She practically didn't have any! She just did what the majority of people do: follow the leader and his beliefs. In that moment, his mind was set. She was a spiteful human who just didn't care about anything. She was simple and annoying.

'If there is a balance between evil and good then how far will Kira go? If he disrupts this balance, what will happen? There is a price for everything, Light'

She turned her back to him and started to walk again.

When they arrived at the bus station, Light tried to cover himself with another nice act.

'What do you mean?' He really wanted to hear the whole hypothesis.

'You have to give something so that you can get something in return. Sometimes, the price is your life.' 

She looked at him over her shoulder and smirked. Something was different though. His eyes widened and he stopped mid step. Her eyes were different and so was her tone.

'Are you ready to sacrifice yourself for a better world, Yagami Light?Or are you going to die by the hands of a Death God?' He was completely taken aback by her statements. He gasped and took a step back.

The bus station was just a few feet in front. The bus was taking a corner and had just a few minutes left to the station. She didn't have anything else to ask him so she continued her nice act. She turned to him and smiled. It was the opposite of what she was transmitting just a few second earlier.

'Well, Light, thank you for accompanying me. It was a pleasure to meet you. Here' She opened her purse and grabbed something out of it. She handed the small paper to him. When she walked further away, Light looked at the paper. It was a contact card and it was all in French.

Death Note: Bittersweet~ Chapter 1

Breaking news

The letters appeared on the television as a reminder that the world is nothing more than an orchard. There are beautiful and tasty fruits which seem to make humans feel closer to Heaven yet there are also rotten, ugly fruits which give them a bitter taste of Hell.
The human world is somewhere in the middle and there is a fair drop of Hell and Heaven in everything, especially in humans.

We are interrupting the program for a special broadcast.

'What is so special at it?' One of the multitudes of viewers mumbled for himself.

It was one of those ugly days when nothing was working according to the plan. Some people called it a bad day but some took it for granted and simply chose not to get out of the house; those were happy people.

We have been informed that yesterday, 12 FBI agents have been found dead. The director of FBI did not give any detail but it seems they might have been killed by the Japanese murderer, Kira.

The rest of the announcement seemed to attract more attention. Everyone knew Kira throughout the world. Opinions on that matter where divided in three: people who worshiped Kira and thought he does the world a favor; people who were completely against his beliefs and the neutral ones, who did not care.

The thin girl who just moved in the famous city of New York was one of the neutral ones. She didn't care about much in life and Kira was definitely one of the subjects she tried to bypass. While she lived with her parents, she heard from her younger brother about criminals all around the world who simply died from a heart attack. It didn't matter if they were sick or not; they just died out of nowhere.

As we know, Kira is the alias of the Japanese mass murderer who, surprisingly, kills just criminals of high misdemeanor. It has been proven that this Kira exists and he needs only a name and a face to kill his victims. But what is this character? Is he a murderer or a savior?

'Or stupid' The girl continued while never interrupting her work.
She just moved into New York and she didn't have the time to unpack anything. She went through 2 boxes and she still had another 4 to go. It was still early but she was already losing focus on her activity.

The special broadcast ended as abruptly as it started. The show that was on TV before, started again and everything looked normal. There was nothing interesting to do and unpacking was getting tiring. She already lost her interest and half of the apartment was already furnished anyway.

'Life is getting blank' She stated before she simply fell on the available space of her couch.

The apartment was situated somewhere in a more silent part of the city and granted to her family reputation, it was quite high up. It didn't look like a penthouse but it wasn't something modest either. It was just fine.

Out of boredom, she reached out for one of the many magazines on the coffee table. Most of them were either talking about celebrity gossip or Kira. Both matters were of extreme importance for the National Security, it seemed.

'What do they know? There is nothing done from pure coincidence. Criminals don't die just out of boredom. However'

She knew about the supposed-savior of the contemporary world. It was quite a phenomenon. The way he killed sounded awfully familiar. It reminded her about…

'Where is death, there is also the work of a Shinigami'

In just one hour, the girl was dressed and ready to live abroad. It wasn't something urgent, in her point of view, but it was extremely important and exciting. She didn't even pack. She didn't need clothes or toiletries. She could buy them all when they were needed. She had only a purse and its contents.

She took a taxi to the airport and easily made her way through the mass of people towards the ticket booth. Without a monetary trouble, she bought a ticket to the quickest flight for Japan. When she saw herself seated comfortably at the business class, she grabbed her phone form the purse and started to dial a number.

'Hello? I would like to reserve a room at Teito Hotel.' There was a small pause, while the person on the other hand started to talk and complete the arrangement.'I understand. Place it under the name Yvonne Noir. Thank you.'

She hung up and placed her phone on her lap. With a deep sigh, she leaned back on her seat and closed her eyes. It was going to be a long flight.

Gain's New Song

This woman is so awesome. I really admire her. Actually, I respect Brown Eyed Girls as a whole. She is one of my favorites female singers in South Korea and she has a special charm around her, not just the beauty. She also has some guts, to come up with such a song in the industry she's working in.


Everyone got hipped up by the rookie band from JYP am I right? I know because when I heard that JB and Jr will debut with GOT7, I got very curious as well. Let's see, their debut stage wasn't something extraordinary and show off-ish. Instead, they concentrated on their skills like singing, rapping, martial arts. I recognize I was impressed by them. Their songs sounds awfully catchy and Girls Girls Girls has a lot of potential as a debut song. On the other side, though, I listened to their whole album and there were better songs.

The members are all really young. I like how each has his own interesting personality and how easy it is to learn them. We know JB and Jr from JJ Project and we all love them for their happy, talented and handsome selves. A lot, if not most, of my friends like Mark. Why? Because he has red hair lol. But that is definitely not the only reason.  He is the oldest member and gives of a mature aura. However, he is kind of silent. But, they had their debut recently so no one really knows how they behave usually. That is still a mystery ready to be unsolved by the thousands of GOT7 fans. Jackson gives me a Kris-ish feeling. Maybe because they are both half Chinese and know English. But, Jackson seems more outgoing and childish. He is a 94 liner so he thinks as a young adult. Kris...I should not comment about Kris, sincerely. I definitely give Jackson more points, though. He looks like he is a fun guy. But, he looks and acts more american than Mark. Next, the youngsters. Bam Bam is adorable. He dances and raps really well for someone his age. I really like Youngjae. I would take him under my wing, truthfully. He is young and he has a really good voice form what I heard. Of course, I do prefer JB, but Youngjae is still young. And Yugyeom looks really cute. Personally, he looks like he has intense natural aegyo which I don't know if it's good or bad yet. He doesn't look like the maknae, but he is. But then again, in MIB, the maknae seriously doesn't look like the maknae as well. You got the point.

They are all young and have potential. JYP sees that and we see that too. Their fan base is still under maintenance, if you understand. That means it will continue to grow and grow, probably. I'm very curious how they will grow to be and what music they will continue to make.