vineri, 27 iulie 2012

2012 Olympics

The Olympic began! I'm really excited. The ceremony is amazing and so well directed. I'm really impressed by everything. There's going to be a lot of moments and I'm looking forward to see them. I'm so happy Romania's gymnastics team got to London and I'll cheer wholeheartedly for them. I will also cheer for England and South Korea. Who are you guys going to cheer for?

marți, 24 iulie 2012

I Love Lee Tae Ri

I just finished watching this drama and sincerely, there are things I liked but also things that seemed a little cliché. What I'm talking about? I Love Lee Tae Ri. The plot is actually quite interesting and I recognize I didn't think it will be so addictive. In the first episode you get to know all these information about Geum Eun Dong and about his engagement to a woman who's 7 years older than he is. Now, it's weird because he is just 14 and that girl is about about 21 so it freaked me out a little. However, he realizes she likes someone else and wishes he could be older so he could protect her. At the same time, Lee Tae Ri is a woman who comes from a wealthy family but she feels lonely and she wishes for a friend. Both wishes come true when there's a lunar eclipse and so Eun Dong transforms into a young and very handsome 25 years old aka Kim Kibum. Now, there's a lot of action so you have to watch it so you can fully understand the idea but I guess they concentrated so much on their relationship and on this 'protect' mission that they ignored a little what's happening around as in the world. They could have used more the world around them like...the reality. They could have developed the idea more. The business world they created for this drama isn't very close to reality. For example, in Protect the Boss it was very real. You could've imagined the whole process taking place in the every day life.

Anyway, I liked a lot the ending. I didn't think it would have such an heart-warming ending. It also leaves the viewer to imagine what will happen next on his own. About the actors, I liked how Park Ye Jin played her role. She was cold but not enough to create a wall and make the character awkward, she was very classy and she expressed well the situations Lee Tae Ri got into. About Kim Kibum, this was the first drama I've seen him in and he didn't disappoint at all. He actually improved his character by a lot and made me cry at some parts. Well...not really cry but I did shed a tear. Anyway, the point is that the actors have been well chosen and there's no comment to that.

I can't say I admired the OST because I listened to it and it wasn't something extraordinary. Indeed, they had good music but it didn't affect me while watching the drama. go and watch I Love Lee Tae Ri :p

duminică, 22 iulie 2012

네번째 편지

Dear Anonymous,

I feel so bad yet I think I'm the only one hurt. Maybe I'm selfish and don't know what I'm talking about but...I have a big knot in my stomach. I feel wronged yet I feel like I've done something wrong too. I guess I'm torn between feeling guilty and feeling hurt. Shouldn't friends be the ones who are always there for you? I feel like my own just left me. I feel lonely and there's no one I can go to, no one I can talk to about my feelings right now. Usually when there's a fight between friends, they end up being even closer when they make up but somehow... I don't think that's the case here. I am a complicated person, I know I am a jerk and I have my own bad parts but shouldn't friends accept each other? Shouldn't friends understand when something goes wrong? Shouldn't they care and try to act nice when you have a problem? Then why...why do I feel so bad right now? Like, my friends just chose to ignore my existence because lately I haven't been able to walk around happily and hang out with them...
I'm sorry for myself...and I'm sorry to them too...

vineri, 20 iulie 2012

In the Darkness

It was night, darkness filled the house and the tense atmosphere could’ve been cut with a knife. It was silence and the only small light was coming from downstairs, from the living room where Eric stand on the floor, looking at the burning fire from the fireplace. His eyes were trailing every detail of it, trying to get his mind off Stella and the news he got from the boys. He couldn’t believe she transformed, she lost it and she…became what she’s been once.

“She will kill me.” He whispered closing his eyes and laid back on the floor.

“She won’t.” Eric opened his eyes and looked up to see Nate walking in and pouring himself a glass of blood.

“She hates me. I’ve left her for her human sister and let myself fall on Rebecca’s charm.” Nate rolled his eyes and smirked.

“That’s true. You’re just an idiot.” Eric glared up at Stella’s brother. “Don’t forget I am her older brother. I know better, what I say is better, I am better. Maybe I’m calmer and I don’t seem like a dangerous vampire. But I am.” Eric roller his eyes and closed his eyes back after hearing Nate’s footsteps walking up the stairs.

There passed just a few minutes when he felt a breeze.

“Do you want another drink, Nate?” He asked amused but he didn’t get a response so he opened his eyes. He was surprised to meet Stella’s eyes. “Are you here to annoy me?” He asked, every word full of venom. The girl only smirked.

“No. I actually wanted a drink. The bars are full of humans and I do know there are vampires who want my help.” Eric got on his butt and looked at his once upon a time fiancée. “I know everything that happened, Eric. I’m not sick, I just remember everything. From the beginning, where you broke my heart and when I moved back to Firehole with Nate and Adrian.” He couldn’t get his eyes off her. She looked the same but she was so different. She was shining in a strange light.

“I thought you hate me.” She scoffed while getting herself a glass of blood.

“I do.” She said turning fully to him. “And I do want to kill you. But first I’m going to provoke a massacre.” She smiled wickedly and flashed out the door. Eric got up and flashed upstairs into Nate’s room.

“She’s up to something.” But there was no Nate.

Meanwhile, Stella was on her own, walking purposeless through the city. It was a nice night. She looked up at the moon to see it was full and shining brightly. She smirked and knew exactly where to go.

Her feet stopped when she arrived in front a huge house. She tried to look as normal as possible and jumped on the roof. There she got on her stomach and let herself trail down in air, to a window. She looked in to see darkness and a fast beating heart. She smirked again sadistically and opened the window. She waited on the roof until she heard no beating heart inside the room anymore. She flashed to the nearest bar and entered, looking as slutty as possible. Once she opened the door every eye turned to her. She felt two vampires in and smirked. She went directly to the bar and ordered a bottle of tequila. The bartender looked taken back by her request. Stella rolled her eyes and gave him one of her stern looks.

“Hello, Cherie.” She didn’t have to turn her head to see him because she already knew Liam was there, curious what she would answer. If she even had an answer…

“Liam…” She started but stopped to drink down half of the bottle. The bartender was amazed at the tiny girl. “I bet you’re here for an answer.” The vampire nodded even if she couldn’t see it.

“Yes. That’s what I had in mind. But I can wait.” He didn’t even see the change in her behavior or the radiating superior feeling she threw everyone.

“Then I guess the wait is over.” She turned and smiled flirty at him. She walked out, the bottle in one hand, the other dragging Liam. They walked for a while, the other vampire in the shadows, watching them. She smirked. Everything was going according to the plan.

“So…” He turned to face her but she stopped him with a kiss. He gave in, obviously. When she backed down she could hear steps running fast in their way. She backed off more and jumped on a tree. Liam looked curious and amused at the vampire. She smirked and titled her head onto one side as an innocent kid.

“Bye bye, Liam. I would say it was nice to meet you…” She paused and pouted. “But I would lie.” The pout changed in a stoic face when a werewolf came crushing on Liam. He tried to fight it but the wolf was powerful. He bitted the vampire and killed him, ravishing his body into pieces. When the werewolf left and when the zone was safe enough, Stella jumped back down. She glanced at Liam’s head, which was bloody and still had the eyes opened. She turned her eyes back in front and flashed to the vampire from the shadows. She forgot what his name was and she didn’t really care in that moment. He tried to run but she was too fast. She caught him and threw him into a tree. Her nails were gripping his neck tightly and for once, the vampire felt as he was living a nightmare. She smirked sadistically again and glared at him.

“I am not going to betray my family for someone like you. Scum that fill the world with impure blood. There are just a few nobles. Matt is one of the few members of family I have. He will get killed just whenI say so.” She glared for the last time at the poor vampire and in a flash, grabbed his heart out. She threw the body away as it was garbage and even walked over it, no remorse behind. She glanced at the moon for the last time and saw it shining as proudly as before. She smirked. The night didn’t finish yet.

세 번째 글자

Dear Anonymous,

If the world would end tomorrow, I don't think I would have something I specifically want.I had everything in life, I had to work hard to obtain this feeling of fulfilment. Just I know the risks, the times I spent in a dark room, all alone, trying to encourage myself, telling myself that I can't give up, I can't go home yet. I have a path and I chose it so I should take responsibility. That's my destiny. I'm human, I'm a dreamer and I can't accept reality, I don't like it so I often think I should change it. If I can't change the world, then, I can create one of mine. But I'm selfish and ignorant. There's an element I don't have and that's love. While I tried to achieve my goal I forgot how lonely it feels to be on your own. What does this fulfilment mean without someone you can share it with? What is better? To be lonely or to be alone?

marți, 17 iulie 2012

Somewhere I Belong

Would really aprpeciate if you listen to it (though you might have to turn the volume louder because I had a bad recorder) and tell me if you like it or not. I want to be a composer and starting from -10 is hard:D

luni, 16 iulie 2012

Super K-Comebacks

Alright, like I said before, this summer has been full with awesome comebacks. Bands tried to be even more passionate and changed their look to be even hotter. Firstly, I would like to say that it might be a little bit hard for the idols to work so hard. I mean, have you seen some of the coreographies? In MV's they seem fresh, of course, but on stage things get a little hard when it comes to singing.

Anyway, one of my favourites (and it seems a lot of fans agree) comeback is Nu'EST's Action. The video is awesome and the song is really powerful. The boys have a badass look and attitude but at the same time, the song talks about something teenagers go through. I never did but blending with the crowd has always been a problem for some of my everyone is unique and they should act like themselves, even if that means they stand out. So, it's one hell of a song and I had a lot of expectations from it and sincerely, they didn't disappoint.

Another good comeback (though it's not really a comeback but more of a single, I guess), though not that spectacular, in my view is A-JAX's Hot Game. The song resembles Low by Flo Rida a lot and it's so, so obvious that it hurts. However, the dance is kinda cute and they are cute. The beats are easy to follow and it stucks into your head no matter what. It's really hard to get it out of your head, believe me. The video is a little bit weird. I mean, ok, I get it, it's about a game the girl who plays around some 'hot' game but I believe the idea itself could have been differently approached. Like the director should have used some more elements. And for me, as a girl with a different mentality, what the MV resemble is not a 'hot game'.

Another, and very recent comeback, is Beast's Midnight. Ok, I love Yoseob's look and DongWoon's but what's with that red hair on HyunSeung. Maybe some of you don't agree with me but it's such a powerful and blinding colour. It doesn't look good on him and truthfully speaking, I don't like the hairstyle either. Also, I don't like JunHyung's hairstyle. However, the song is refreshing. The video is colourful and good (surprisingly) and it gets you to relax and listen to their smooth voices. It has a slower rhythm and it sounds very good.

T-ara's Day by Day is another awesome comeback. The song is calm and the video is a little dark but it has that thing that gets you to like it. It's one of my favourites songs and I enjoy their voices in it. They seem smoother and their image is also more mature. I like that. Like I said, the MV is darker in its idea but also really well made. It reminds me of Final Fantasy with those costumes and everything.

LedApple's comeback with Run to You is also good. But I have this feeling that either Yonghwa composed the song for them either they got inspired by CN Blue because it sounds exactly like their music. I don't say it doesn't sound good, because it definitely does and I always liked LedApple's songs, but I guess the influence is very obvious. The dance is catchy but very silly. They look a little bit silly too but I still like them. I like that they didn't change and they chose to go steady with their style. The video is also silly but I enjoyed it a lot.

ZE:A's Aftermath is an awesome song. I love the chorus and the intro and everything about the song. I like their moves and the guys look really good. I love the idea for the MV and how it was directed. I don't think I have bad things to say about it. I'm not a fan of ZE:A but this song is just so awesome. It's exactly what I'm listening to right now. Ok, maybe their fashion it's not really on my taste but that's something small.

Ok, another one. I don't know if it's his comeback or not (I just know he's in 2PM) , I just heard about his solo songs! Jang Woo Yeong is something. I watched him on Inkigayo and he was more than fantastic. The song, Sexy Lady is something that Europeans love, is exactly their style. It's really catchy and easy to follow and his image is just completing the whole MV. He's a one hot piece:D He reminds me, somehow of Usher. Don't ask why:D

Music to the Ears(PSY-Oppa Gangnam Style)

Ok, this song is insane! It has the power to make you dance it on the street or in the subway. I push play and instantly I start to dance and it's so fun and refreshing. Everything about this song is like that. PSY is an amazing singer and a funny character in the music industry. I love this man. I listened to his songs and they always get me happy (or sad, depends on the song). Anyway, everyone knows I'm a big YG Family fan but now seriously, who would have thought of this kind of song if not PSY? It's exactly his genre, exactly his style. It didn't surprise me when I read that he also came up with the coreography. Seeing HyunA in the MV also intrigued me. However, she kind of fits into it.

The song is insanely catchy and it's even more addictive than that one with Barbara Streisand. I mean seriously, Oppa Gangnam Style:> yeah:D This month there have been a lot of good comebacks and I believe I'll talk about this in some other post:D Now, let's just listen to this awesome song:D

miercuri, 11 iulie 2012


In the beginning, when I was younger, I used to listen to a lot of J-rock. I still do but there's also K-pop and the usual music. One band I fell in love with from the first song is ONE OK ROCK. Their song, 'Answer is Near' got me addicted to Taka's voice and well, I needed just one small nudge to continue it. Their albums have improved a lot over the years and their songs are fantastic. I recommend you this band with my whole heart. They know what they're doing and they do it right. A lot of teenagers can find themselves in the lyrics and the rhythm is insane.

Now, after I started listening to K-pop too, I can say ONE OK ROCK would be a kind of Japanese FT Island but with more english and crazier songs. I mean, that is actual rock. Taka's voice is amazing. Again, he seems to be a Japanese Hongki. Seriously, I would love to hear these two sing a duet. It would be wicked! Anyway, there are songs I don't like from them. Yes, that exists. I guess at some point it became a little repetative. I mean the beat and the riffs and I believe they realized that too because their latest album (which came in 2011) was a bomb. It had all these insane guitar and Taka's voice sounded really good. Also they were more up beat and got me in a hyper mood.

This is one hell of a band and also, my favourite Japanese rock band. There's also Girugamesh and well, more, but ONE OK ROCK just has something, that sparkle a band needs to be succesful.

luni, 9 iulie 2012


This movie is awesome and I'm so disappointed I didn't check it out earlier. The story is magical. It got me so hard that I still have it in my mind. Secret is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I believe he's right behind La Double Vie du Veronique. These two movies have a deeper meaning than the usual ones and I admire the concept so much. Now, the plot is about this normal looking guy,Ye Xiang Lun , who gets into a specific high school where his father has been teaching for a while. Nothing weird here. He meets a girl, Lu Xiao Yu  , who simply gets him entranced and he does all these things for her and they fall in love with each other. The secret about their relationship and about Xiao Yu, who seems to be always absent to the school routine and appear like a ghost is...well you have to watch the movie in order to find out. Even though I didn't know what to expect from the movie one thing I knew for sure: I loved, adored the soundtrack. I got interested in the movie after I listened Jay Chou's song...I believe it's called Bu Neng Shou De Mi Mi. I got so immersed into the song that I just had to learn it on piano too and see the movie. Even though the acting was a little bit simple, the lead actress, Kwai Lun Mei was really good. I liked how she could express her character's feelings just with her eyes.
The movie is extraordinary and it got me thinking about a lot of subject I didn't dare to think about before, like fate or love and sacrifices. I was surprised by its ending. I guess I had another image about it. It starts so normally and then things get shaken up by this small and fragile young pianist. It's also amazing how creative the director was. They transformed a piano song into something amazing, into the intrigue of a love story.

The soundtrack is more than wonderful. It's so sad but at the same time gets you into a fantastic atmosphere. Jay Chou's style of composing is different and I read about it, I actually did my homework on it. It contains more than one styles, he blends them into one and makes it his own. He's an admirable man and musician. I have a deep respect for this guy since I do have a different style while composing piano music too.

So, you check Jay Chou's work out and also Secret. It's going to make you cry but also make you smile. It will remain with you no matter what because of its meaning. You have my word. 

두 번째 글자

     Dear Anonymous, 

I tried so hard to stay away from you but I ended up getting closer. Now, I lay in bed and try to forget the times we spent together. I'm afraid I might not be able to erase the image of your face from my mind but I can't seem to regret. Out there, out there has to be someone who can understand me. I just hope I will get to him in time. I hope he will be able to feel the bond between us and accept me. Even if that won't happen, I will continue to believe that hope is what changes the fate and I shall not hold any regrets. If I can't find you, then...maybe you may be able to find me. You, the person I'm linked to without doing anything, my one true love.

첫 글자

Dear Anonymous,

Would it be fair to say I've never believed in fate and true love before? Of course, it would be all a lie now since I have been strongly influenced by fate all along towards my true love and even though the path was full of mistakes...I don't regret anything at all.

sâmbătă, 7 iulie 2012

Music to the Ears (2NE1- I Love You)

I am in love with this song! Of course I was expecting something awesome from YG and usually their comebacks are quite powerful and make a big impact. The teasers were very ambiguous and the parts they used were more from the second half of the song so I kind of lost me but after I heard the whole song I fell in love with it. I read on internet numerous opinions on I Love You and sincerely half of them were absurd but everybody has the right to express themselves freely so no comment.

Back to the song, I also love the MV. I've waited for it and I was enthusiastic to see it and it didn't disappoint. The girls look amazing and even though Minzy uses a lot of hairstyles (which kind of annoyed me a little) and Dara's hair looks...interesting (but it seems they used G-Dragon's idea if not he was the one to use it on her since he does help the girls) everything was more than fine. I love how colourful the surroundings were and the concept itself. It suited the band well. Also the rhythm it's really catchy and the chorus, well anyone can sing it. This song is really hard to get off your head after the first listening.

What I didn't like at it was that a lot of parts din't really seem to fit or didn't have a continuation. From the part with them on the bed they change to the car and then to a different surrounding and the colours are so bright and powerful that it blinded me. But overall, it was awesome and I love it anyway.

2NE1 came back and they are prepared to swipe the audience off their feet. They are badass and strong and I'm pretty sure the song will get high on charts. :D


miercuri, 4 iulie 2012

TOP 5 K-Summer Songs

Until now...We're just in July and 2NE1 will have their comeback stage (which I am very excited for) and not just them. Anyway, it seems the most catchy songs still are the same (at least for me).

1. I'm going to start with number one because it's also the last to appear in our playlist. Yes, it's Super Junior's Sexy, Free&Single. The video is DAEBAK! I believe I've seen it 5 times at least. Even though the background is...disappointing the dance compensates. I simply adore the dance and I'm sure, even though it's complicated, a lot of people will cover it. The song is also amazing and I've talked about it in another post so I won't comment it anymore. However, the MV, aigoo, maybe it's the make up or clothes but these guys got hotter. Hyuk is the best example and I was really happy to see Kangin. Our dear leader looks hotter than all of them and he's 30. He doesn't show his age at all. I do believe this song will dominate this summer.

2. The second would be a very dear song to me, Big Bang's Monster. I still have it as a ringtone and I can't get it out of my head. It's still one of my favourites, if not the almighty one. I'm still surprised how much I like it and it doesn't matter how many songs will appear this summer, Monster is definitely freaking hard to forget.

3. I can't say I'm not addicted to it because I would lie. F(x)'s Electric Shock still goes through my head and it has a lot of power. The girls look very colourful and pretty but they still go with the same image. I also liked the video though I do believe the director should have been more creative. The dance is also alright but I still prefer 'Danger' when it comes to that.

4. Cross Gene's with La Di Da Di also appears on my list and it won't disappear soon. Even though I gave it more than one listening so I could find it entertaining, just the result matters and this is it. I also love the dance and the MV and even though it reminds me of Loving Ya from SS501 it's still awesome. Actually, now that I look closer, the concept of the video is exactly the same but whatever.

5. And the last, though the order might change, is Wonder Girl's Like This. I still love it a lot and it's very hard to get it out of your head. It's very catchy and it just sticks with you everywhere, even the dance!

'What I Like About...' Cross Gene

I found this guys just now and I'm in love with their music. IT's something different but at the same time, not really. It reminds me of the European and American style when it comes to pop but it still has that Korean wave to it. A friend showed me 'La Di Da Di' and I recognize, at first I didn't really like it but after I listened it a few more times I got very immersed into it. Their voices are good and I admire how they are diverse, as in the different cultures. We have China (Casper and JG), Japan (Takuya) and of course South Korea (Yongseok, Sangmin and Shin). Who thought about such a versatile band when it comes to the members came up with a good revelation. Adding to that, the band can have a harder impact on its audience. Good job, Amuse Entertainment. Anyway, one of the songs I love from them is One Way Love which for me sounds perfect for summer. I actually see it blasting on the beach. It's perfect for that.

The guys have amazing voices and I love Sangmin's rap and Shin seems so much more innocent that JG who's the maknae. I recognize I've seen Takuya before and heard about him but never really got the time to listen something from him. They're an awesome band and on the roll. I look forward to more from them.

duminică, 1 iulie 2012

Music to the Ears (Super Junior's 6jib)

Let's see, Super Junior's new album worth to be reviewed closely. It sounds so different than what I expected but I say that in a good way. The songs are really something. I swear this album is a 'must have'.

First song on the album is Sexy, Free&Single which I love. Of course I kind of knew what it sounded like since there was the teaser but the song is much better than I expected. I did have to listen to it for a few times until I started to like it. For me, it isn't extraordinary but I still love it. It does sound like Super Junior in this one and I love the 'lalala's :D

Second song is From U. Alright, this song has a much deeper meaning than what it sounds like. They made it for their fans, the ELF, and I think it's the first time some band made something like that (at least for me). It's really soothing and they poured their entire admiration for their 'ladies'. I mean, the ELF love them unconditionally and they are fools indeed. But at the same time, Super Junior are fools for loving them back. (like Donghae said). It's a bond between loyal fans and their favourite band. I don't think it can be broken easily. The song, for me, expresses exactly what I said above and it's something admirable.

Third track is called Gulliver. when I pushed play, I started to laugh my ass off. The song is very good and has a catchy sound but they pronounce 'Gulliver' like 'Coliva'. In my country, 'coliva' is a recipe people do at funerals. When someone dies, the women of the house make it and well it's a whole process. It's hard to explain ad literam. The point is that we, Romanians, can't help but laugh. It starts so powerful and the word is sang with such force that it cracks me up. But, the song is extremely awesome. I can't stop listening to it. I love the whole album but I do have my own favourites and Gulliver is one of them.

Fourth song, Someday is so cute. I missed Kangin's voice and this is the song where you can hear him clearly. Their voices blend so well together and it sounds so relaxing and zen. I can't think of anything when I listen to it. It gets you easily and melts your heart. 

Next song is NOW. Personally, I believe it sounds Abba-ish. Of course, not entirely, but when I listen to it I live a deja vu. I can't get the tune out of my head and the reason is just that. This song is not one of my favourites and no matter how much I listen to it, I can't make myself like it too much. It's just a good song, nothing more, nothing less.

Now, Rockstar is another story. To me it sounds like a mix of Bonamana and LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It. But, the rhythm is so catchy that I instantly fell in love with it. Of course, Donghae's 'Oh My God/I'm so Hot' helped a lot. I can't believe how hot it sounds. Unfortunately, however you look at it, Super Junior are pop stars and not rock stars. Oh the irony. But the song gets you pumped up and it's really hard to dislike it.

Bittersweet is a song very dear to me. I listened to it for a few times because I love it a lot. KRY is my favourite sub-group. Each song they sing is so calm and full of emotions. They are the best singers in Super Junior and not once did they prove it wrong. It's a song you get lost in. Or maybe it's just me. Also, Sungmin's voice completes it all. It's just such a cute song even though it's all about a bitersweet love. A so called fatal attraction to someone where you can't love but can't hate either. 

The eighth track is Butterfly. This is another song I kind of got into from the first listening. The English in it is quite silly but what's simple never hurt anyone and made it better. For me, the meaning of it is simple: break free and let the world know you exist and hear your voice. Of course, when I read the lyrics I got a little confused. I seriously couldn't put my hand on what they meant but you have to look between the words a little. It's quite subtle...or maybe I just looked too deep.

The ninth track is Daydream. Again, a song I got easily caught up with. I love the melody and the piano in it, maybe a little too much. I tried to block their voices a few times...sorry sorry:D However, the song reminds me of All Time Low's; but they do have different meanings. In Super Junior's song, the 'story' is about a daydreaming love. Something that once was but now isn't any more, or at least it's not close and they imagine it so they can revive it. Did I make sense? 

The tenth, the last, the most beautiful slow song I've heard in a while, A 'Good' Bye. I can't just tell you how much I love it. I listen to it right now and I can't get myself to pause it. The piano in this song is alluring. I do believe they talk in it about Leeteuk's departure for military service. Kyuhyun and Ryeowook always amaze me with their singing skills. They have the power to make you cry or smile. their voices are amazing. The song touches you deeply and a little bit harsh. This is a bitter sweet song indeed. 

In the end, the album is daebak:)

Music to the Ears (Kim Bo Kyung)

I love this song. I know the album appeared earlier this year...or so, but I was so busy with my own life that I forgot. However, after I first listened to Suddenly (because of City Hunter) I just got into her voice. She's so small and she has such a voice. I mean of course, there are more people like that, but her voice is also deeper than I thought. Or maybe she just looks younger than I imagined. Anyway, I'm really caught up into her first album, GroWing. I'm a sucker for good piano music and I guess that's what attracted me more at it. It's a good album and it should definitely be more famous. She's quite underrated outside of South Korea, or maybe it's just my country? But she does worth more than she's given.

Brand New Day is one of my favourite songs. It's really fresh and it talks about normal life and how we struggle through bad days, but in a nicer way. It's not melancholic or sad, it's just refreshing, like I said.

The second song I love a lot in this album is Missing You. It reminds me of Kelly Clarkson (because she is Kelly Clarkson of South Korea, or so I think). Maybe because her style is a little bit closer to the westerns' and that's why I find it so catchy...neah. I like Asian pop more than ours.