sâmbătă, 18 octombrie 2014

Music to the Ears (VIXX' Error)

Have you guys seen it? This is such an epic comeback. The video is awesome and so is the song. The dance is somehow nice but not as mindblowing as Voodoo Doll or Eternity. But I like that everything has a story.

So, Error is definitely the best song and video of this year. It has everything. It has Hongbin acting all heroic and protecting the love of his life. It has a girl who is pretty, new and acts well. I was surprised to see Youngji. I didn't expect her to have such acting skills. Besides, she and Hongbin had good chemistry. A lot of people started to ship them. Anyway, the video is very explicit. It doesn't have holes. They tell us what happened, how he wants to change it and what happens afterwards when what he did proves to be illegal. I don't want to spoil the plot for those who haven't seen iy.

The song is powerful. The intro is very catchy itself. From my point of view, it has everything and people received it well. It doesn't sound rushed, it actually gies along with the plot and they didn't cut any of it just to make it shorter for the live. VIXX are one of those bands who work a lot to become known and when they find a concept, they exploit it to the depths. The dark concept matches them more than the happy and colorful one. It's mysterious and captivating. I always look forward to what they will come up with next.

Now, the live sounds very good but Hongbin doesn't sing at all. And the dance is entertaining and has some nice elements. I love it when they act like they are robots and they have energy inside their bodies. Like when they disconnect themselves. I really like that. But for the chorus, the dance is not wow. Of course, it's probably for their benefit since they have to sing. But this is just an outside opinion.

Overall the song is very good. No, the album is pretty good. I recommend this song to everyone. It doesn't matter if you like k-pop or not because it doesn't really sound very k-pop ish to me. It's a good dramatic song for everyone.

joi, 9 octombrie 2014

Epic OST are Epic

There are a lot of anime with incredibly amazing soundtracks. I looked today througj my old laptop and found a lot of folders with such soundtracks. Now, some of my favorites may not even be on your list but this is a glimpse of my personal preferences and what I would like to compose one day.

Firstly, for me nothing beats Pandora Hearts. The songs are composed by Yuki Kajiura and that woman is a genius. Everything she does sounds amazing.
There is one song that haunted me for a while. That's the song from the scene where Cheshire is left to die. You can hear the cat in background of the song and it gives you goosebumps. Jack's song is amazing too. The whole soundtrack is just so epic.

Another anime that caught my attentiom with the soundtrack is Amnesia. The anime has a good plot but I got annoyed with the Heroine. She was too clueless about everything and I think she didn't deserve any of them. And Ukiyo is such a great hero in my opinion. He dies in every dimension and has an alter ego yet he fights for her and saves her every time. I'm really curious how was reality.
Anyway, the soundtrack is very good. Some songs are so well made that make you want to place them in some other epic movie. The story is mindfuck and so is the soundtrack. But I do believe that the music saved the anime. Of course, the guys did too but for me was definitely the music.

Now, one anime that I just can't seem to finish is Dantalian no Shouka. The soundtrack is magical. It gets you transcending into the actual story. I read a lot about the background of it and it happens. The information throughout the anime about Dalian and other things regarding her are actually fonded on something true. It made me love it even more.

An anime that changed my life is Attack on Titan. When I first watched it, I laughed. The opening was so weird. But, I just found myself searching for more. The soundtrack is pretty epic. The anime and manga are pretty epic. I just can't wait for the movie.

Death Note is my favorite anime. I think everyone who met me knows how obsessed I am with Death Note in general. The music doesn't disappoint either. L's theme was one of the few songs I learned to play on piano when I didn't even know how to properly play piano. This anime means a lot for me and of course, the soundtrack is unforgetable.

Remember Ao no Exorcist? I know everyone loved it. I did too. I was at day with the episodes and I was always left wanting for more. I liked the anime because it had a really good opening. It just popped in front of you and you wouldn't be able to scroll down. Let's be serious, it's an amazing anime and the plot is very good. The soundtrack is pretty much epicness. The story needs it. I think that anime goes amazingly well with the music. I mean, it was well chosen.

I can't ignore Vampire Knight either. That anime really got to me back then. The whole story was amazing. The manga is on going and it fucks with my feelings. I swear I'm going to enter my screen. However, the soundtrack is noble and it would work in real society parties too. It has that melancholic and misterious sound and I just love it. Everyone does because it gets you into an inspirational mood.

Maybe it's not really one of the best but Gravitation was my first anime. I kind of started with yaoi lol But let's be honest. The songs from that anime were pretty good. I got to the point where I actually knew the lyrics. It was a big deal for me. And Shuichi's theme is pretty awesome.

Now I know I may not place them all here. There are more anime with good OST. I can't go through all of them right now but I will at some point. These are only my absolute favorites. 

As a side note, Naruto doesn't have a lot of extraordinary songs and neither does Kuroshitsuji. They are good but not to the extent where I would listen to them repeatedly. The anime are good and I love both of them and even more, but I don't have goosebumps from them. 

I'd really like to know other opinions over OST matters.

duminică, 21 septembrie 2014

Let's Have a Nice Day :)

And some other updates...I can finally say that my songs are mine. Legally and ethically, all mine. My precious. I'm really happy that now I can somehow call myself a composer. I still have a long long way ahead but I'm prepared. I'm working at something right now and I want it to be perfect. It sounds a lot like something out of a medieval period. That's good.

Besides that, I think I'm watching Doctor Who too much. I re-watched the seasons with David Tennant because I'm such a big fan of his and now I'm watching Matt Smith's seasons. I really like him too. I have to say that back then when he took the role, I was a little skeptical. But he had done a great job. He has different and really unique traits and quirks and watching him is enjoyable. Of course I am at day with the new season of Doctor Who. It was weird to see Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. I recognize that I like his accent and he is funny in a new way. I think he will do great because he has some kind of experience. IT really doesn't matter that much who plays him. The Doctor will always be the Doctor and everyone will love him. It's the character itself not the actor. I think so.

I'm trying to play Sims 4 but I can't. I am not going to pay 70 $ for a freaking game. I am happy with Sims 3 for now and even though I'm dying of curiosity to see and play Sims 4, I can endure it.

School starts soon and I'm going to two universities at the same time. I have to figure a way for that but I can handle it, somehow. I still want to go to Seoul for university and still applying for the scholarship. this year I'm ready from every point of view and hopefully, it will turn out positively for me.

I guess these are all my frustrations and obsessions right now. Oh and Teen Wolf. That's on the list as well. I can't wait for the new season. The 4th one ended with a cliffhanger. I mean, did you see how Derek just revived/evolved? It was amazing. And Sherlock! I can't wait for the 4th season! Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are amazing! I can't even imagine someone better for Sherlock and John. Their chemistry on screen is really good.

Here. Check my songs out (again lol) and one of the few songs who just can't get out of my head

Music to the Ears (SPEED)

Lately, I've gotten into SPEED. I knew them but never listened to them closely. One song that really attracted my attention was Don't Tease Me. The member who caught my eye back then was Taewoon. When I found out that he was Zico's brother, it all made sense. They look alike a hell lot in more than one aspect.

But that was all. I didn't really get interested in them or their music. A few months later, a friend of mine showed me Zombie Party and Why I'm Not. Except the videos which are awesome, I actually liked the songs too. They were catchy but in different ways than usual K-pop. They have their own style and I dunno. It really gets you after listening once or twice.

I watched a lot of videos and I caught little mistakes from their lives or MV's. It got me to think, really. They are really fucked up and I don't know how could I bypass them so easily. They are manly on stage but really cute and weird off stage. I like that. But what's really worth at them is their music. I really like the beats and sounds and rhythms. I still have Why I'm Not in my head and it's not going to get out any time soon.

Therefore, I really think they should have a bigger fan base and people should give them a listen. Their songs, I can't really label them as K-pop because some things don't sound like mainstream k-pop. It sounds really good.

As for the members, I truly am amazed by them lol. Jongkook looks all manly and serious in MV's and on stage yet when I watched some shows with them, he was everything but manly and serious. And it seems he loves toast. Another member that amazed me was TaeHa? I think that's his name. Sometimes he looks like Sunggyu(Infinite) and sometimes he looks like Eunkwang(BTOB). It's mindfuck lol. And it seems he loves to eat. I'm still discovering them truthfully and I recommend you to check them out.

joi, 11 septembrie 2014


I recently watched Broadchurch. It's amazing. I have so many things I want to saay about it. IT's really well made and even though it tkes 8 episodes, the ending is mindfuck.

Firstly, I want to say that seeing David Tennant as a detective is freaking sexy. I've been a fan of his since Harry Potter and Doctor Who. The Tenth Doctor kind of marked my teenage years (lol). He is an amazing actor and his face can portray some of the emotions really well. His character is Alec Hardy and he has some past issues there. He worked on a case and because of a mistake, the killer got away. Now, he needs to finish his current case for the victim's family and his own state.

Kind of the same but not really, right? Such different expressions and personalities. This actor is really good. I saw a lot of his theater works and he's definitely one of the best.

Now, someone who I had seen (and couldn't believe the irony) is Arthur Darvill! I just got surprised for a long while. I knew him from somwhere but couldn't remember where exactly. Then I realized! He played Rory! I was like 'look it's Rory! and he plays a vicar!' So my excitement only grew. I looked forward to each episode and at some point he was suspicious too!

In this show, everyone has secrets and everyone is suspicious. It's such a tangled situation that you remain wondering who is not guilty. I like how slow they take the whole investigation. It doesn't end in a week or something. It ends in about 60 days. That's much closer to what a real case probably goes like. I really like it as a whole. Oh, and you will see a lot of familiar faces in this show. I know I did. Well, except David and Arthur. I swear that boy, Danny, he wa sin Merlin too. I swear he played the young version of Mordred. Maybe I'm wrong but...they kinda look alike.

So, what is Broadchurch about. Let's see what Google tells us. Set on the Dorset coast, it centres on the death of an eleven-year-old boy, and the search for his murderer by detectives Alec Hardy (Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Colman). Nice up until now, right? Detective series. It sounds promising. It's just that, there is so much more to it. It may seem a little boring because it takes a whole season for them to catch the killer, but they make it so interesting and captivating that you don't care anymore. I loved it and I hope you guys will check it out. I can't wait for Season 2.

vineri, 5 septembrie 2014

Music to the Ears(VAMA)

This is a band that I really like and I've been in love with for as long as I can remember. I was only a kid when I first listened to them and now their music helps me create my own music. They are very inspirational. Maybe you can't really understand the lyrics since they are in Romanian and they are a bit philosophical but the song itself is amazing.

vineri, 22 august 2014

Music to the Ears (WINNER'S Empty)

You know, I'm not really a fan of Winner. I have a friend who has been keeping an eye out for their debut and always told me how much she likes Taehyun. However, I didn't pay much attention and just shrugged her off.

But their singles got me thinking. I thought they would go with the latest trend and do something sexy or badass. They did ballads. They started with soft voices and meaningful lyrics. I was impressed. For a rookie band, debuting with soft songs doesn't really work. Of course, there are more factors in between like the advertising process. But they really hit it off well.

I'm not a big fan of their album either. I think there are about three songs that I like. One of them is Empty. I really like the sound of their voices and how well they interact with each other. The low voice of Minho at the beginning of the song makes you instantly like it. Seunghoon's raspy voice is quite enjoyable too. I was impressed. I have it on my phone now and listen to it often. I am happy that they did something like this instead of something usual.

아홉 번째 편지

Dear Anonymous,

Something is wrong with me these past few days. I feel numb. I try not to think too much and just concentrate on what I have to do. Someone told me to stop and order my thoughts. People around me seem like shadows; or maybe I became the shadow. 

Happy smiles usually hide troubles. There are many people who hide their true feelings and bury them in the depths of their hearts. Those feelings change you. When you feel depressed and lonely, your whole demeanor changes. Some notice and ask you what is wrong but most people don't notice at all. It's all fake if you think about it. I got to the point where I'm wondering if someone had ever been genuinely worried about me. 《Are you alright? You don't seem alright 》Did anyone ever ask you that?

sâmbătă, 16 august 2014

Lost Days

So I started to watch Lost Days yersterday and I've seen only two episodes but I'm kind of getting into it. The plot is pretty good, surprisingly. I wanted to see how Seto Koji evolved as an actor and what kind of characters he takes on these days and I liked it. He's the lovesick, grown up, responsible but mysterious guy. That's very cliche but everyone likes it, including me.

Another thing that surprised me was that I really enjoyed watching the girls. Their characters aren't as annoying as they usually make them. Maybe it's because I study japanese now but I think they act more normal than I've seen before, in other dramas. 

A group of university students who belong to the same tennis club, Shino Yuta, Sakurada Miki, Sasaki Rinka, Takano Natsu, Fueki Mana, Tachibana Satsuki and Sakurada Wataru, go on a graduation trip to a cottage in the mountains in winter. Although the seven members seem to be good friends, each of them actually has secrets which they cannot tell anyone about; hidden feelings of love and jealousy. Yuta, the cool and brilliant president of the club, is attracted to the sociable and trusting Miki, and intends to tell her about his feelings on this trip, but things do not work out the way he wants. Miki is dating Yuta’s good friend, the free-spirited Natsu and is so into him that she is blind to her surroundings. The seven friends have conflicting positions and when love starts to go down the tubes, a murder occurs like a bolt from the blue. Amid the fear and doubt, hidden emotions begin to come into the open through exchanges which probe each other’s intentions.

So overall is more about their own secrets than anything else. There's suspense and romance and it may not be the best but it's good. I started it because of personal reasons but I like it so far and I'm sure other people would like it too.So, I won't really do a review because I didn't finish it yet but I will put it out there for people to see it if they want to check it out.

So, I actually finished this drama after a few days and there are some things that pissed me off. There is some fucked up shit going on as you get towards the end. I don't want to spoil it for you so the review will be a little vague. 

The story is indeed about these six friends who go on a graduation trip. They go somewhere in the mountain to Miki's super luxurious house. They meet Miki's brother who was there for his own reason. Wataru is quite an interesting character. He looks ready to blow up most of the time. He can piss you off really badly. One character that I find nice is Rinka. She has her own secrets and thibgs get really messed up for her. However, I find her as the most interesting character. The boys are pretty much boys. The plot is full of suspense and it always leaves you to wonder what will happen next. I recommend it. There is one thing I wasn't expecting was the end. You will see why.

vineri, 8 august 2014


Let's take a moment and admire some EYES,NOSE,LIPS covers that seem to touch our hearts.

1. TABLO's cover but not really...it's more like a featuring because Taeyang sings in it. However it is very touching and is my favorite.

2. Lydia's cover is heartwarming. It has hat kind of sorrowful feeling to it and it comes from her voice alone. It sounds beautiful.

3. AKMU are just...wonderful. They are so young and they sing it so softly. It's just so beautiful.

4. Surprisingly, I did like TOPP DOGG's cover. It has a different feel to it.

5. Eric Nam decided to cover it too

6. I had to place him too. He is such a talented kid

7. I love 2Bic. You should too. They have incredible voices that calm you quickly. I enjoy listening to their voices.

8. I love this. I like her voice.


9. I didn't expect this one to sound so well.

10. The last one (even though there are so many many more) is by a guy too. Sorry but for me it has more meaning if it is sung by a guy. Blame my taste. I like guys' voices more than girls'.

luni, 4 august 2014

Some Nice Comebacks

There were a few comebacks in July...I kind of missed them a little. The whole month had been so full and I didn't have time to check on much.

My favorite comeback, and maybe biased, is Block B's. It has no drama, no real plot, colourful images and deeper concept if we talk about music. I love it. It's so crazy and makes you question their cerebral activity and where the heck it's going to. So yes, I love it.

Another comeback that I truely enjoyed was Infinite's. Their comeback song, Back, sounds so Woolim-ish and Infinite-ish that it was hard to miss. Their songs are so catchy that you cannot not listen to them. In the last two years or so, Infinite definitely made some changes in their style. Besides that, SungJong looks so manly now. I am amazed by their stylists and well, maybe a late puberty. Anyway, there's definitely something going on in his body. The rappers sing, everyone sings in 'Back'. I like that.

Jung JoonYoung is an artist that I'm always going to look forward to. He is very independent and has his own style and concept. He wants to show different sides of him but at the same time, different sides of the rock/pop music. I think he did an excelent job so far.His newest album sounds completely different than his first. This one goes more towards the alternative sound than his last. It has more upbeat songs and his voice sounds better. He puts his personality in his music and it's so audible lol

GOT7 had a pretty good comeback too. The boys are young and they needed a yoouthful concept. "A" is a good song. I enjoy the dance, as well. They seem like they have a lot of fun with it and you can see how much they enjoy each other. To me, they look like a real young boy band. They look like family and that will help them a lot in the future. Anyway, the song is joyful and colourful and perfect for summer. It's also catchy and puts you in a good mood.

Surprisingly, I listened to F(x)'s comeback song more than once. At first it sounded like a mess. I still think that. But I like the mess. The chorus is very catchy and the concept itself is interesting. Red Light seems promising but I don't know just how promising. It doesn't seem like it will last for very long.

One comeback that made me stop and think a little was Solo Day by B1A4. These guys changed the most in the K-pop industry (from my point of view). They started off as childish, colourful and common and got to the point where I actually aknowledge them. And it's not only me. In Korea people say that B1A4 is for young people, for kids. That is true from some aspects but they have so many faces that we didn't see yet. I have big expectations from them because I know they can pull it off. This song is good for summer, for radio, for anyone who wants to relax. It's that song you listen to on the way to the beach.

sâmbătă, 21 iunie 2014

Hateful comments are getting annoying

Ok so I had to change this post a little. I read more about this scandal and the reason why k fans are so mad. I understood their point and it's pretty clear that they don't care about the relationship as much as how they announced it.

So they were hinting towards a possible relationship from the beginning while fans were protecting them. I do think that it was a little sudden and they might have played a dangerous game with hints and things. But, I still don't think it deserves a scandal over it. The stands are dissapointed and they feel as if someone fooled around with them. I understand that and maybe that's right.

I saw some nasty comments, though and I don't think they deserve such harsh punishment. They had to be more careful and respectful towards their fans but I think that fans are taking this scandal at an unnecessary high level.

However, that doesn't mean I don't feel like there is a lack of respect from the fans too. They should support the two idols from the perspective of a fan. They did something wrong as a person but that doesn't have to come in between the fan and their music. That's when people realize they like the idols because of their image not for their music. I go with the second one.

I do realize that maybe Baekhyun is fucked up and definitely not innocent. I started to like him because of these reasons, truthfully. I will remain his fan no matter what.

Besides that, I really feel disgusted by the hate comments about Baekhyun. I hope he doesn't give a shit about it. A friend told me that sasaeng eventually found out about another EXO K member dating someone from APINK. You know what? If it's true, good for them. Personally, I like the girls from APink and I like Taeyeon. They are talented young women and I support them.

I wonder sometimes, are they even conscious that idols are not what they seem? They have similar personalities with any other boy/girl you see at the Mall or in the park. He may even be the nerd from school or the cockblocking good friend. Anyone can be an idol, therefore, any idol can very well go back being anyone.

miercuri, 18 iunie 2014

Gackt and Atsushi

I was looking through the best japanese songs tops and I found EXILE again lol They're everyhwere. Anyway, I didn't know Gackt had a new song. Did you see the PV? I almost cried. It's really a touching song and his deep voice goes really well with the ballad type. While watcing it I was imagining Genesis singing that :D

But seriously now, that must have costed a lot of money.

As a huge, mega fan of EXILE's Atsushi, I present you my favorite songs from him.That man has a super voice. (and super abs) Most of the time I really enjoy seeing him badass but it's nice to see the sensitive part, mostly when it comes out so naturally and beautiful.

duminică, 15 iunie 2014

Hangover- Genius or Mindfuck?

I bet you guys have already seen it but I have to write about it too. I don't know if I should like it or not. When I first watched it I was hangover and it kind of expressed my feelings but after I watched it being fine, it was weird. It is weird. It's mindfuck, actually.

This song is either genius, either very stupid. I'm still a little confused.

BEAST Comeback

It's Beast's turn ladies and gentlemen. They came back with "Good Luck" officially. Unofficially, there was "No More". Both songs are pretty good in my opinion. One is slow and has a lot of sincere emotions in it while the other one is more upbeat with a feeling of moving on. 

Dongwoon's voice in No More impressed me a little. It sounded so soft and sweet. He doesn't have Yoseob's vocal skills but this song went really well with his voice. In Good Luck, I was really blown away by the beginning. Yoseob's voice is as smooth as ever. To me, it seems that Hyunseung's voice grew up a little, as in he worked on it more. 

One thing that impressed me (and does for a while now) is Junhyung. He really evolved as a musician. Lately, there are a lot of collaborations and his songs have a mixed feeling. In short, he matured and he learned how to use his talent in various music genres. He learned how to use different things in music or maybe he knew but only now he got the chance to use them. I don't know if I'm right, but he seems to be a scholar musician. That practically means he studied classical music. I've remarked that in Good Luck too. 

I am a sucker for orchestral music. They used it at the beginning of Good Luck and they got me. I really like the song and the idea itself. The MV isn't something to be amazed of but the dance is awesome. It seems simple and smooth, I dunno. I just really enjoy listening and watching Good Luck. 

On the other side, I have mixed feelings for No More. It's a good song but they could have done more. The MV was better and from my point of view, it just attracts me more towards Junhyung lol. I also liked the idea of using Instagram. It's gotten very popular in Asia lately.

Anyway, the whole aspect is that, they invested some good money into this comeback. 

miercuri, 11 iunie 2014


Surprisingly, YG is going to debut WINNER sooner than what I expected. They uploaded a Teaser to their debut single, The Visitor. It's well directed and the boys look really well. There is not much to say about it. It definitley stirred up the fans, though. I am curious myself of what their debut is going to be like. They seem.to have invested some good money into it.

Besides, Taeyang finally came back qith Rise, WINNER will have their debut very soon, maybe there is a chance for Big Bang to have their comeback this year too. I hope so...

Sexy Debuts

Sexy concepts seem to rise and shine everywhere. I know they already had their debut and everything but I didn't have time to talk about these two...

Firstly, I like both bands, T-ara and Secret, mostly because they have very different approaches. Jiyeon's song was quite impressive and I really liked the idea she was going for. But the EP didn't attract me at all. There is 1Min1Sec and that's it. The MV was good, as well. All those light games and shadows made it pretty cool. I heard many people discuss the dance itself as being too sexy and not allowed but well, thay's bullshit. Jiyeon has a lot of haters and even though she may not be perfect and did some mistakes, I support her. No one is perfect. Besides, T-ara always had quality music.

Hyosung's song was nice, too. What I didn't enjoy at it was the MV. There were those scenes that didn't appeal to me. I have seen every type of sexy videos. Asians tend to make it look a little uncomfortable without really trying. I felt uncomfortable seeing those close up scenes of her curves. She is a beautiful woman and compared to other female singers, her body is fine, but it just popped up too often and too close. With thay problem aside, I like the dance. It's provokative but not too much. I think she did well for her solo debut.

I'm very curious to see Hyomin, truthfully.

duminică, 8 iunie 2014

Rise Taeyang

Have you listened to it? It's a piece of wotk, I assure you. I listened to his whole album a few times and I tried to find something that I don't like. I didn't find anything. He worked so passionately that you can hear it in his songs. He really poured his heart into these songs.

There are two songs that impressed me deeply. There's "This isn't It" and "Love you to Death". I just found them very different. I didn't listen to the lyrics as much as I listened to the instrumentals. It sounds very unique if I were to compare it to the Korean music; yet if I were to compare it to western music like European or American, it fits the genre.

Taeyang's album has been visibly and audibly influenced by American music. But, the whole team who worked on it have great ideas as well. I recognize that I am still not very attached to "Body" but there's time. Having a duet with G-Dragon means a lot for this album. You can hear how well theor voices go together and how close they are as friends. GD's rap gives the song a raspy feeling and Taeyang's smooth voice gives it enough passion and sweetness. To me, "Stay with Me" it's a bittersweet song.

I sincerely encourage you to listen to this album. It's very good.

sâmbătă, 7 iunie 2014

Love in the Winter

Check out my song!! I wasn't kidding when I said I compose lol

luni, 26 mai 2014


There are some songs that I cannot exclude from my playlist. I listen to them a lot, lately.

1. This song impresses me as a whole. The MV is definitely not what it seems. The lyrics are so good and Hyorin's voice goes so well with Mad Clown's rap. I know they collaborated before, on Hyorin's album, but this song is just so catchy and good.

2. Akdong Musicians are already one of my favorite rookies. They have a lot of potential and I love how free they are to make the music they want. Melted is a song that touched me a lot. It shows the world through innocent eyes, the eyes of young people who see the wrongs and goods with pure eyes. I like Give Love and 200% too. Their album is amazing, overall. These two siblings have a bright future ahead. I wished I had a brother whom I could sing with :(

3. I am completely in love with Wheesung's voice. I like his other songs a lot but Night and Day seemed to attract me more. His powerful vocal skills always impressed me. I didn't even know the MV of this song. I was surprised when I saw Teen Top\s CAP in it and being surprisingly handsome. The song is good but the MV could have been better. 

4. I don't know exactly who Megan Lee is. I know that she had videos of her covering some songs on YouTube but that's all. That doesn't matter. Her voice has something that catches your attention. I like her song and how happy it can make you feel. It's refreshing. (is it me of Junhyung is really good at finding awesome singers and producing for them?)

5. I am a sucker for good ballads. IU came back with an awesome song. I like how they kept it simple but classy and meaningful. That's the best way to make a good ballad.

6. I love Phantom. These guys are so awesome and their songs are so different than most bands in K-pop. They are pop-ish but not entirely. Gain's soft vocals makes the song even better. I didn't expect them to make an MV for Seoul Lonely but thanks God they did! It's good. I enjoy this song and Phantom's work in general.

7. I don't know who they are. Truthfully, I just found this song yesterday! But it sounds so smooth and sweet. Joy O'clock...I will look them up.

8. I love FT Island. I can't help myself. I have been a fan of their music ever since they had their debut. The style changed slightly but they still make good music. Lee Jaejin is my favorite. I have a soft spot for him and for his voice. His OST from Bride of the Century is just so cute! I have my playlist on shuffle and this song always comes up to brighten my day.

9. Another song is from CNBLUE. Cold Love is a song with such potential! I am disappointed they didn't make an MV for it! There were so many approaches! That song is so awesome in so many ways! It's obvious how much they have been influenced by the western rock/alternative. I like this song more than Can't Stop Me Now.

10. And the last one, though there are more, believe me, is 100%'s Beat. I didn't expect it. my best friend loves Top Media and therefore, she loves 100% but I didn't know how cool this song was until I listened to it willingly. At the same time, there's also F.Cuz' One Love. There's a tie between them. I just love both songs the same and I can't decide.

PS: Other songs that are on repeat, for me at least, are:

Orange Caramel's Catallena
Seungri's Come to My
BTS' Just One Day
Speed's Don't Tease Me
MBLAQ's Our Relationship
Block B's Jackpot
Exo's Lucky
g.o.d's The Lone Duckling
Jay Park's Metronome
4Men's Erase
Lyn's whole album (LOL)
MIB's Chisa Bounce

Major Comebacks 1

As everyone knows, this summer will be crazy. Firstly, we have a lot, and I mean A LOT of comebacks. I recognize that I am looking forward to Big Bang's comeback.

One of the most interesting comebacks will Taeyang's. FINALLY! I have been waiting for his solo for a while now. I am very excited.

Except that, Infinite came back with a great MV. It's awesome. I sincerely thought it will be slower and have a different feeling to it but I am pretty happy with it as it is. It's a great song and I am growing very fond of Sunggyu's voice. Last Romeo is a great song.

A good comeback, but with a lot of fuss around it, is EXO's. I admit, it kind of blew me away and I am not sure if it's good or bad. With that lawsuit regarding Kris and everything that came up after that announcement, I was a little reluctant to check out their comeback. But it's not bad. It actually sounds good. Overdose is a good song but the album overall is creepy. 

VIXX came back too! With a time travel concept. I have to say that, I love it. I am not a big fan of VIXX but they can pull off the dark image. Eternity sounds good and the MV is nice. I'm curious how the whole album sounds like so I will check it out.

Shingeki no Kyojin MOVIE?!

Of course people already found out about that. I knew too. I was expecting it, actually. But, there are some news!

It was revealed that popular actor Miura Haruma will star in upcoming film "Shingeki no Kyojin ( "Attack on Titan")".He will play Eren. 

Well, I don't know what to think of it. I'm very excited to see who will play Levi and Misaka. I can't wait! I have high expectations. Please everyone, do a good job and choose the cast carefully. This is like my second most favorite anime in a while! (Nothing beats Death Note :D)

What do you think?

sâmbătă, 3 mai 2014

What I like about...Ayano Go

My newest obsession is Ayano Go.

He is 32 but he doesn't look to be older than 25. He is a Japanese actor whom I truly picture as a real life Hibari Kyoya. Seriously. He might have more than one cold expression on his face but, if you had watched/will watch Saigo no Keikan (The Last Policeman), you will see my point. He doesn't smile, not even a little bit, throughout the whole drama.

The National Police Safety Rescue, or NPS is the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s special assault team which possesses both the mobility of the Special Unit (SAT) as well as the investigative skills of the Special Investigations Team (SIT), and is tasked with bringing criminals into custody alive. This small elite team is a new approach to fighting against heinous crimes. Kamikura Ichigo (Mukai Osamu) retired from the life of a professional boxer and became a police officer after that. In his second year working as a uniformed police officer, an incident leads to him being scouted by the NPS. Armed with excellent reflexes, explosive power and punches honed through boxing, Kamikura is a close combat specialist who is good at getting control over his opponents using barefists. On the other hand, Soga Iori (Ayano Go) is a member of the SAT. Described as superhuman, he prides himself in his sharpshooting and is the SAT’s best sniper. Soga was once assigned to a police precinct because he had aspirations to become a detective. Before long, he arrested three robbers and attracted attention as one of the promising newcomers. He is cool and collected, has great concentration, endurance, perception as well as combat ability; the embodiment of the SAT’s ideal male.

That's what Google says. However, from my point of view, it's a good emotional drama. Why? Because it shows two world, two hearts. On one side, there is Ichigo, whose hands aren't made for fighting, but for protecting people. At first I thought that sounded like bullshit but you can clearly see how positive and naive can this character be. Truthfully, I did start to watch this for Osamu Mukai but Ayano Go took the light; for me, at least. In the moment I saw him play the sorrowful Soga, I immediately started to imagine Hibari, lol. He just gives me that feeling. He seems cold and a little bit ignorant towards emotions in general, but he isn't. There is Ichigo, thinking that criminals shouldn't be killed. They should live so that the victims could have someone to blame, someone who will pay for what he has done. Soga's thoughts are the exact opposite. The criminals have to be killed once they reach a level of madness. If they live, they will only go back to their original intentions; always. 

Therefore, I really recommend this drama. It's awesome and it has only 10 episodes, sadly. Besides Saigo no Keikan, there is one drama that I enjoy a lot: Saiko no Raikon (The Great Divorce). It's funny, it talks about divorce and the idea of marriage. IT talks about relationships and the hardships and changing you have to get through in marriage. Besides, it has 

Maki Yoko (whom I sincerely love. She's really pretty and classy and feminine. Watch her in Osozaki no Himawari with Toma Ikuta),

Ono Machiko (who plays very well and is really pretty too. Watch her in Summer Rescue) 

and Nagayama Eita (Whom I first saw  in Sunao ni Narenakute, with Jaejoong. Watch him with MatsuJun in Lucky Seven. That's a great drama, as well)

This drama is epic: 

These two dramas are the only ones I could watch so far. I have classes and don't have so much time for myself anymore. But, I truly recommend them. 

And to reach my point. Ayano Go doesn't really play characters who are very crazy or really weird (like Kenichi Matsuyama for example) but the roles definitely fit him and make him super supper awesome. No, seriously. Sometimes that poker face really helps the mood and makes his character funny. He's growing on me quickly. Osamu-san's position is in danger lol