vineri, 30 decembrie 2011

Once Upon a Time

A young girl was smiling happily while running through the woods. A boy, a little older, was not far behind.

“Wait up Stel! If you run so fast you’ll…” The boy stopped talking when the girl, Stella , fell. She started laughing while he went closer, rolling his eyes. “Trip. Stubborn girl.” Stella stuck her tongue out and the boy glared playfully while helping her up.

“I’m fine. Why don’t you go back to whatever you were doing and let me be?” He shrugged.

“It’s much better here with you. You’re funny. Plus, I’m your older brother and I have to protect you.” The boy smirked at Stella while she rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“I don’t need protection, Nate. I can take care of myself.” He sighed.

“If you say so…” Stella turned around and took off again, leaving an annoyed Nate behind.

The scene changes to a living room. Stella and Nate are there to meet the Arche family. Their parents are there too.

“This is huge. I don’t get them. They’re filthy rich yet they want a pact with our family.” Nate shrugged.

“Not our business. “ Stella nodded and returned to stare at the amusing large room. She was interrupted by a boy, maybe a little older than herself, coming in. He smiled at her.

“Hello. You must be the Blanche family. Father and mother will be down shortly.” The two older Blanche nodded while Nate rolled his eyes. The boy’s eyes trailed to Stella. “I’m Chris. Nice to meet you.” Stella nodded while Nate couldn’t really be bothered to care. They both knew Rebecca has to marry one of the Arche siblings yet none met them before. A few minutes later the two nobles came down in all their glory.

“Beatrice, Aaron. Such a pleasure to see you.” The two families hugged and shook hands. While they started talking Stella went looking through the house. It was even bigger. She wandered upstairs where she found that every room was closed except one, in the very back. She walked closer slowly and opened it wider.

“Wow.” The room was gorgeous. It was simple but a nice blue. It was relaxing. It had a big balcony.

“Ahem. What are you doing in my room?” Stella closed the door fast and turned to be faced by a very handsome looking boy. He had a smirk on his face, making him look hotter than he was.

“I…I’m sorry. Really.” The boy shook his head and opened the door again, making way for her to enter.

“It’s alright. I’m Eric.” She nodded, smiling.

“Stella.” Eric entered in his room, signaling for her to do the same.

“It’s ok. You can come in. I don’t bite.” He smirked and his eyes got a fiery red. “Except when I’m thirsty.” Stella rolled her eyes and entered, closing the door behind.

joi, 29 decembrie 2011

Pictures and Memories

I arriv
ed just when the bell rang and, happily, the Maths' teacher wasn’t in class yet. Lucky me, Eric wasn't there either. Ana was in this class with me and she waved me over. I took the seat next to her and sighed. While searching for a pen I found something else. I gasped feeling the small ouroboros in my hand.

“What’s wrong?” I was saved by the teacher. I really didn’t want to tell Ana all the details. I wasn’t in the mood for it...

Normal narration

While Stella was in class, listening to that old man rambling on and on about theories and numbers, Nate hadn't been bothered to move his nice ass to school. He went straight to the oldest library in town. Entering, he knew he couldn’t just start looking for a book about him or Stella, so he came up with a sort of plan.

“Hello, miss,” He gave a half-lidded enticing stare toward the woman behind the desk, smirking. Of course, the woman, who was in her mid-twenties, blushed at the young and very handsome boy in front of her. “I need a book about the history of Firehole. Can you show me where I could find it?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

The woman was close to melting, but she nodded. She beckoned for Nate to go after her. They walked in silence, Nate with a bored expression. That was most likely the first and last time he will step a foot in that place. The woman stopped and searched with her eyes through a shelf full of antique-looking books.

“This is it. The entire history of Firehole. Um…” She started, blushing when she realized how close to her Nate was. He gave her another smirk and took the book. He turned and walked to the space designed for readers, not without smirking over his shoulder at the still blushing woman.

“Thanks...” She nodded. After taking a seat, the 18-year-old teenager started searching for some clue about what happened earlier that morning. He had his nose deeply buried in the book when he found something catchy, “A fire at the Arche family. Eric Arche had been the only survivor. Because of the unfortunate event, Cameron Arche wanted his only son to marry the daughter of Aaron Blanche, a very important citizen in Firehole. While the war took place, Eric couldn’t marry her since she died. Her name was Rebecca Blanche. Blanche and Arche decided to make a contract saying that Eric would have an arranged marriage with the youngest sibling, Stella…The marriage didn’t happen because of the mysterious deaths of the two Blanche heads. Stella and Nathan, then the only members of the noble family, disappeared after the war ended. They have been considered dead.” Nate raised an eyebrow. He raised his head to look for the librarian. When he found her, he waved her to come over. He pointed at the two names. Stella and Nathan Blanche.

“Oh, yes. It’s such a sad story. Eric Arche was such a nice gentleman from what my grand-grandmother told me. Also, Stella was a very beautiful woman. No one knows why that war between families began.”

“Are there any pictures of the two families?” She nodded and walked away. When she came back, she gave Nate another book, this one an album He first went to Arche’s pictures.

Eric Nicholas Arche.
Born on 3rd September 1890, died on 30th March 1909.

There was a picture below. Nate could swear he had seen that face before. Next thing, he looked at the two other names.

Christopher Gregory Arche
Born on 26th November 1887, died on 4th October 1912.

Cameron Jonathan Arche
Born on 13th December 1700.

It seemed that no one knew when the older Arche died. However, it was bizarre. He was born in 1700, for God’s sake! He turned the page to see the Blanche name written in bold letters. There were also pictures. They were really old. His eyes traveled over every name. There were a few that really caught his attention.

Beatrice and Aaron Blanche
Born on 4th April 1860; Born on 10th December 1858; both died on 9th August 1900.

Rebecca Blanche
Born on 12th July 1887, died on 19th February 1900.

Nathan Blanche
Born on 23rd August 1889, date of death unknown.

Stella Blanche
Born on 18th May, 1892, date of death unknown.

Nate was more than shocked when he saw the pictures. Right there were his and Stella’s faces. He dropped the weird album, scared. He felt that pain in his head again...

miercuri, 28 decembrie 2011

Weird Things Happen

The next morning I woke up when my brother started banging on my door. I groaned and pulled the blanket over my head. The knocking didn’t stop. I sighed and dragged myself out of bed to open that damn door.

“Don’t you have something better to do? Like sleeping? Don’t you have a hangover??”

He shrugged.

“I took an aspirin. D'you want one? You don’t look too good.”

I glared at him while he just put a msirk over his face. He was in his playful mood. Practically, he makes fun of everyone until he gets slapped or his face is punched in.

“What do you want, Nate?” He walked slowly in my room and inspected it. I raised an eyebrow, curious.

“Well? Is there something you need?” He shook his head and looked around. He was close to leaving, but he caught a glimpse of something interesting.

“What’s this?” It sounded like he was asking himself, not me. I walked closer to him and watched the way he inspected the pendant. “It’s beautiful. So…medieval.” I watched between the pendant and him, curiously. While still searching for an undetifiable emotion on his face I saw something strange. His eyes were changing colors. From green to red.

“…Nate? Are you ok? Your eyes…” He stopped me by putting the pendant down, and closed his eyes. I trailed my eyes down his hand to see he had his hand tightly clenched, looking almost pale, because of how hard his grip on the woden dresser was. I put my hand on his back, worried. “Nate?” When my hand touched his back I felt a vibration and I froze.

“I hate him!” A girl who looked exactly like Stella yelled. Next to her, comforting her, was a boy who looked exactly like Nate. “I thought he’s my friend…he’s just another puppet.”

Nate had a tight and protective grip around Stella.

“Stella? Stella! Please, let me in!” Both siblings looked at the door. They could hear the pleading and worry in the second boy’s voice. “I can explain. Come on, Stella. Open this damn door!” Stella’s cries intensified.

“She doesn’t want to see you. Leave her alone, Eric! You’ve done enough.” The knocking stopped, but Nate still glowered fiercely at the door.

“I’m sorry.”

Stella opened her eyes, not even knowing she closed them, and came face to face with a worried Nate.

“Did you just see what I saw?”

I nodded slowly. I was scared, I’ve just had something like a vision.

“Those two looked like us. They had our names.”

“It was us. It felt…familiar.” Nate nodded. “Eric…I heard his name. He was the one behind the door, pleading me to listen to him. I hated him at that moment…but why?”

Nate took a last look at the pendant and drew in a big breath. He let it out in one long and dramatic sigh.

“Don’t tell dad about it. He will freak out.” I nodded. “Stel, did something happen last night?” He asked looking deep in my eyes.

“You got swine drunk and I won a car. Is that weird enough for you?” He shook his head chuckling.

“I meant if something weird happened after I fainted.”

I thought a little and that was when I remembered about the weird thing with the pendant…The pendant…”I know you, Stella. Tell me.”

“You fell when I opened the door and that’s when I turned to say good night to Eric. He saw the necklace and the pendant simply amazed him. When he touched it I felt like I got electrocuted. I think he felt that too. He was a bit shocked and left in a heartbeat. And last night I also heard the words ‘I hate you’ while staring at the pendant.” Nate nodded, looking very intrigued.

“I’ll have some research done on this. You just relax.”

I nodded and felt comforted by his smile. After he left I looked at the clock. I closed my eyes and groaned...Just half hour to get ready and go to school.

marți, 27 decembrie 2011


In the other part of the cafeteria, Nate was rather surprised to see his sister talking to the three girls and then, having fun with that guy too. He smiled seeing her smiling. One of his freshly made friends punched him lightly. His attention remained on Stella.

“What the heck, dude? You like the new girl now?”

Nate gave his friend a dumb look. “She’s my sister.”

The boy next to him looked dumbly in between Nate and the girl.


Nate rolled his eyes and nodded. They do look alike…a little bit.

“Who’s him?” Nate asked Greg, his friend, pointing at Eric.

“He’s Eric. If you want further information, ask Sam. That girl over there,” Greg responded and pointed towards the table where the three girls sitting, watching Stella. Nate nodded, but didn’t go. Everything would be done at the right moment...

Stella was very happy around Eric. But of course good things end quickly, so the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. Next period was English.

“So…” I looked with an amused stare at a smirking Sami.


Sam rolled her eyes at my innocent smile.

“Oh, come on! I really haven't seen Eric smile so much in these past few months. Actually, at all! What did you tell him?”

I shrugged.

“Nothing, honestly. He’s just really nice.”

Sam's smirk widened. But the teacher came in and the boring lesson started. After school, the girls were all over an amused me, still in glee after the surprising encounter with Eric.

“I haven’t seen him chuckling. Ever! You know, you should come to this party tonight. Maybe you’ll see him again, aaaand…” She raised both her eyebrows while I narrowed my eyes at her playfully.

“Shut up.”

They giggled.

“You should come to the party though. It’s a routine. Everyone goes once in a month, to the most amazing party at Fey’s, to get drunk and see new and old people.” I nodded..It seemed nice.

“The best part is this contest. You can win the prize, which most of the time is something big! What do you say?” I smiled and nodded. “Great!”

Back at home time went by very fast.

“Going to the party?” Nate asked from the door. I nodded, my eyes locked onto my reflection in the mirror. “Want to impress someone?”

I raised my eyebrow at an amused Nate. “I can see you in the mirror, Nate. Stop moving your eyebrows up and down.” He started laughing. “If you want to know,” I turned around to face my brother. “I don’t want to impress anyone. It's been too long since I last acted like a girl. I just want to go back to who I was!”

He rolled his eyes, amused.

“We’ll see, little sister.”

I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out making him laugh. When he finally walked downstairs, I was relieved. He’s an annoying brother and he never stops until making you feel embarrassed.

While applying lipstick I saw something shining in the back. I walked closer to see a nice necklace. It was made from silver and it had a beautiful ouroboros pendant with white shining small diamonds. It was beautiful, a masterpiece indeed. It was clearly made by hand and I bet it took a lot to finish it. Subconsciously, I took it and put it around my neck.

Downstairs, dad was talking to Nate about my safety. I rolled my eyes, even if I couldn’t hear them clearly.

“Relax, dad. There will be more than just one person!” Dad looked between me and Nate with a glint in his eyes, like he knew something that we didn't. Definitely mysterious. He sighed and patted Nate on the back.

“Just, be careful. If something happens, come home.”

Both me and my brother looked strangely at dad but didn’t comment. “Trust me. It would be better and I would feel better if you’d do as I said,” We nodded, a little bit skeptical, and finally left out the front door.

“What do you think he meant?” Nate asked me while driving to Fey’s. I shrugged.

“I think he went through too many things. He's trying to be a good father but he ends up over reacting.”

Nate nodded.
“True. But what could possibly happen, so bad to make us come home?” I shrugged again and leaned back. Nate was lost in his own thoughts and I didn’t want to interrupt him. I looked out of the window, glancing at the trees we were passing. While being slightly bored with my own thoughts I saw something moving through the trees. I looked more again, more carefully, but couldn’t see it anymore. Now that was something weird.

“We’re here,” Nate finally said before opening the door on his side. I got out and went to search for the girls. Fortunately for me, they found me. Tracy was very happy.

“I’m so happy you came! I thought you woouldn't show up,” She pouted at the last part. After they gave me a drink we started talking about the teenagers there.

“Chris is a really nice kid, and you’ll meet Roy soon enough. He’s somewhere around.”

While she said this I looked after another familiar face. “Oh, here you are!” Sami shouted happily. I turned my head to see a very nice looking guy. He had blonde hair and typical blue eyes, a very white shining smile and a bottle of beer held in his hand. From my point of view, he looked like what some people would call a typical jock.

“Nice to see you so excited. Too many?” He asked Ana, who started laughing.

“Too many,” He nodded and took a sip from his beer. His eyes traveled from one girl to anoother and finally landed on me.

“And you are…Stella, right?” I nodded, surprised. He noticed my expression and chuckled. “My cousin is Sam. I think that explains everything.”

I started laughing and nodded while Sami scoffed. From one thing to the other, I also met Roy’s friends and other people Tracy, Sami and Ana knew.

It was almost the end of the party and the lottery competition thing was ready to start. Nate was half drunk, flirting with any girl he found attractive, and I was enjoying my time with my friends.

“It’s going to start! Are you ready?” Everyone seemed to be very excited. The big thing with small balls in it started rolling, making everyone anxious. While watching, interested in what the results would be, I felt someone coming from behind.

“Hey.” I turned my head around to see the one person I’ve waited for the entire night. I smiled, the night instantly getting better. He looked very good in his clothes. Blue jeans and a black shirt through which his nice and fit chest could be seen. He also wore black converse and his hair was sticking in every direction. Now this is one really good-looking guy.

“Hi. Are you excited to see who's the winner?”

He shrugged. “Are you?”

“You want the truth or the lie?” He laughed. “I’m not in for the prize. I haven’t written my name on a piece of paper like most people here did. In conclusion, I don’t care.”

He raised his eyebrow and looked at me with a very intense stare.
“Do you want to win?” I shrugged. “I bet you will.” It was my turn to raise an eyebrow.


He shrugged and put a hand around my shoulder, making me tense up.
“Let’s see.” We waited for the balls to stop moving. When they did, out rolled a blue ball. The man, I think Mister Fey, opened the ball and took the piece of paper out of it.

“The prize this month is…an Audi TT!” The crowd started yelling everything and anything. I rolled my eyes, making Eric chuckle. He was so close behind that I could feel his chest rising with every breath he took. Weirdly enough, I couldn’t hear his heartbeat. “The lucky winner is…” It was really silent. “Stella Monroe!”

My eyes were so wide I could actually feel them boiling out. My mouth was open, almost touching the floor. Everyone was cheering on. I looked back to Eric to see he wasn’t there anymore. Nate came closer and started pushing me towards the supposed-to-be stage.

“I won,” I whispered, still being pushed by my brother. He had a very big grin on his face.

“Yes. Congratulations! Now you can drive anywhere.”

I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even try to but I won.

“Congrats, Stella!” I watched my friends to see them very smiley.

“Thanks…I guess.” I mumbled the last part, looking at everyone with the only tiny smile I could manage at that moment. The man gave me the keys and patted my back. I took them and went back to my friends, the party continuing.

“This is so cool! Your first time in this and you won! I’m so proud of you!” Tracy was too happy and it was hard to breath while being hugged so tightly.

“Um…thanks.” I could mumble only after she let me go.

After the party ended for me, meaning Nate got too drunk to stay on his feet, I had to go back home. Now, the big and still unresolved mystery of teenage sisters....How would I take Nate home, now that I had two cars? His and…mine. It’s still creeping me out, the way I won it.

“What’s wrong?” I jumped when I heard his voice. It was late and I had a drunk guy leaning on my shoulder. How helpless could I get , huh? “You seem to need help.”

“Really?” I asked sarcastically, rolling my eyes. He shrugged, smiling. I felt Nate stir in my neck and wake up.

“Stel? I’m ok. I can drive home,” I looked at him like he was crazy. “I swear. I’m not as wasted as I look.”

I sighed and helped him on his own feet.

“He looks well enough. Go back in and you’ll see other horrors,” Eric said, of course, taking my brother’s side. They’re both boys, after all.

“Yeah, yeah. What he says...” Nate stumbled on his feet to his M3 and, while trying to open the door, fell face-first. Eric and I were staring at him.

“I’m good!”

Eric stared, amused, while I rolled my eyes, annoyed and tired.

“Look, I’ll drive his car while you drive yours. I’m sure you’re excited to play with your new toy.” I stared in his eyes, debating with myself. Nate tried to open the door again and fell half on the silver hood, half on the pavement.


Eric nodded and with the still amused face, took Nate and placed him in my new car, in the passenger's seat. While I got in my Audi, Eric got in Nate’s BMW. The whole time I couldn’t stop glancing back. Surprisingly, Eric had been driving the whole ride behind me. I didn’t want to sound rude, but there’s something intriguing about him...

Like a mystery, a character from Agatha Christie’s novels, where the nice boy turns out to be the killer. I should stop reading detective novels.

When we arrived home, no lights were on. Luckily, dad was asleep and wouldn’t see the alcoholic son. I parked the car, letting space for the BMW too, and got out. Eric was right next to me, helping me carry Nate, who meanwhile fell asleep. When we arrived in front of the door I opened it and forgot I had Nate leaning on my shoulder. He fell, even if he didn’t even feel it.

“Thanks, Eric.” He smiled and nodded. While staring awkwardly at each other I saw his look change into a very curious one.

“What’s this?” He asked pointing at my necklace. I looked down at it, having forgotten about it completely.

“A necklace.”

He rolled his eyes while I started chuckling.

“I don’t know. I have it for as long as I can remember. It has always been there,” Eric was mesmerized. He came closer, still staring at the stone. He put his hand around it and both of us felt like the air had been stuck in our lungs. He got his hand back in an instant, looking deep in thought.

“I…have to go. See you tomorrow,” He said it so quick I couldn’t even recall the words. He left fast. I touched the stone again, but I felt normal. No…pain.

In my room, in bed I was just finishing my ‘life short story’ for today when I realized I was still wearing the necklace. I took it down and looked closely at it. The stone was so beautiful, call me crazy but that ouroboros makes me feel good, accomplished in a way.

“I hate you!”

I looked up, shocked. What was this? I got off the bed and went to the balcony. I opened the door and leaned on the frame. I turned my full attention to the moon. It was so bright tonight. The stone shone brightly in the moonlight.

Meanwhile, not very far away from the Monroe house, Eric was watching the moon from his own balcony, his eyes glistening.

luni, 26 decembrie 2011

The Return

Before it happened
Now everything's forgotten
But the past slowly comes back
It likes to haunt innocent lives
But what if the innocents were responsible?
What if the truth has been covered
Before it happened
The future is inexistent
The present is in danger
All it's known is
The Biography of a Vampire

I’ve never had a normal life. But I never knew it was gonna go as far as to moving from one state to another or a spontaneous divorce between my parents. Mom had realized, after twenty years of marriage, that two teenagers and a busy man were too much for her to handle.

I still couldn’t believe she did this to me and my brother. Nate took it much better than me, he knew it would have to come to this but I didn’t. I never understood the meaning beyond their angry replies, the yells, the late night fights. But he did. For mom, last Saturday was enough and she left. Dad is now trying to offer me and Nate a good life but who’s he kidding?

It’s hard to raise two teenagers. I thought he would leave too but he didn’t. He’s trying, he really does but sometimes, he's crying his heart out. He thinks we’re sleeping but we can hear him clearly. However, now he seems to be doing much better. It's been a week and he came up with the bright idea of changing states again..but this time, for good. That’s how we ended up here, in Firehole, Arizona.

“Knock, knock...” I raised my head from the pages of my journal and looked at my father’s figure. He seemed happy, in a way. I haven’t seen him smile in quite a while. It’s not just mom’s fault. With moving to this new town, a new job with new obligations and responsibilities have come. He was stressed out. “Hope I didn’t interrupt you.”

I shook my head and closed the book. Getting up from the bed, which I dragged with me from…home, I said, “No. I was just finishing. Where’s Nate?”

The man shrugged. It’s a typical reaction when it comes to Nate. Being one year older he always thought he was mature enough to do whatever that pretty head of his thought of. That’s always freaking out me and dad. He's a troublemaker...and I always have to pull him out of his own mess.

“How do you feel, Stel?” I sighed and put a reassuring smile. I don’t want to be the pessimist in this family. Plus, dad needs all our support.

“I’m good, dad. This town seems friendly. I just hope I will have time to live my own life too.”

Dad laughed slightly. Back in the old town, Nate was quite popular with everyone and anyone, police included. Not because of drugs or anything...he wasn't the type. He was a ladie's guy and loved to party, so it only made sense for the pretty girls around him that they had to hate me.

I really hope things won’t be the same now.

“Hopefully, your brother learned his lesson.” I was just going past, making my way downstairs, when I heard that. I turned my head and quirked an eyebrow, making him chuckle.

“Nate will never change, dad. Don’t be too optimistic, especially when it comes to him and his behavior.” Dad shrugged again but came over to pull me in a hug. I was a little skeptical...he didn't show his emotions any time. But I guess mom really got to him.

“I’m sorry about what happened, Stella. I’m sorry about everything.”

I put my hands around his torso and closed my eyes. His grip tightened slightly.

“It’s not your fault. It’s mom’s.”

Downstairs, the back door had just opened. When both me and dad got there, Nate was there too, sitting on a chair and biting from an apple.

“Where have you been, Nathan?”

I supressed a chuckle when I heard dad's business tone of voice. Nate just rolled his eyes. Finally, he took a pause from eating and said, contemplating the apple rather than looking at dad.

“Out. It’s a crime to be curious about what the new town's like now?” Dad sighed. I supported my head on a hand and leaned on it. This should be interesting and short.

“No. But I know you, Nate. I don’t want you to get in trouble again. I want you to help this work.” Nate raised an eyebrow and looked at dad, seemingly amused.

“This? What’s this, dad? We’ve just moved here. I don’t want you to take mom’s place. Be a good daddy and stay out of my life.” He narrowed his eyes at dad before leaving out the front door again.

Dad sighed and rubbed his temples, annoyed.

“It’s going to be harder than I thought...”

I looked at him. A man, a father who's never been there for his children, always put work before family, left alone with two teenagers. I got up and took the two bags full with books from the couch in the living room and got out, giving dad a confident smile over my shoulder.

“Everything’s gonna be ok,” I closed the door behind me and stopped to look in front of me at the annoyed Nate, sitting at the wheel of his M3. “...Eventually.”

I went over, next to his very much loved BMW, and handed him the things he needed for school.

"Careful with the body kit!" He said when I only scratched the surface of the side skirt my his back-pack. Typical of him. I rolled my eyes and went to hop in the passenger's seat.

At school, because dad couldn’t afford to let us stay at home for a few days and miss important work, people weren’t surprised to see new faces at all. Maybe it was something they got accustomed with. However, when I entered the class room, people stared. Some were happy, some were bored and some were glaring. Don’t know why though.

My confidence dropped in an instant when I saw a few girls looking my way and laughing. I rolled my eyes and sat on a chair in the back, the one next to the window. There weren’t many kids in the back, just a few girls who were concentrating on what the teacher was doing and a boy. His desk was the one opposite mine. I dropped my school bag, and took my books out. History isn’t really one of my favorite classes...

I heard those girls giggle and whisper while glancing at me.

“Great,” I mumbled and rolled my eyes. While I was listening to the teacher, who looked like he got bored of repeating the same things to a class who was doing anything else but listening, I felt watched. I’ve felt this way a lot in my old school. I thought it will stop soon, I’m not that interesting, but it didn’t. Curious, I took my eyes off the teacher and to my stalker. It was the boy. It seemed he didn't have a single problem with staring visibly at me. I raised an eyebrow and he did the same. I chuckled and shook my head. He gave a small smile. Right then I had an idea. I started writing, he did the same. I waved and he did it too, I raised one eyebrow, he copied me... without a problem.

I crossed my eyes and he tried but he couldn’t. I started laughing silently while he stopped trying and simply smiled.

When, finally, the bell rang I was more than thankful. I took my things and got up. The boy rose up too and with his books in hands, he let me get in front of him, chuckling on the way. Out of the classroom I had the chance to see how big the population was. Maybe it is a small city but it has a rather huge number of kids. I tried searching for Nate but with him being one year older, he might as well be in a different building. This school had three.

“I’m doomed,” I said and rubbed my hand, something I always did when nervous. I made my way to my locker. Because I've lived in a small city in France, the locker-thing was kind of strange. Moving from place to place so much, even though it was different with both my parents, I learned how these things work. I opened it easily and put my books in, taking the others I needed for English. I was just about to close the locker when I felt a few persons coming this way. I’ve always had this thing. Dad always told me it’s just how I was born, call it sixth sense, he said. It’s annoying. Every night I feel like I’m being watched, I’m afraid I will end up being paranoid. Grandma said it’s not the time for me to know, yet. I don’t think I want to know whatever that might be at all. I was right with the feeling, anyway.

Next to me were the girls from class.

One had beautiful blonde and curly hair and she had surprising brown eyes, was wearing high heels, which I don’t imagine myself wearing, and a floral dress. She was smiling big at me, which kind of creeped me out...The one in her right looked different. She had brown hair with red and orange higlights, tight black jeans, black converse and a nice simple shirt. Her eyes were big and green.

The last one was a little shorter than the other two and wore red converse. Her eyes weren’t something extraordinary but they had a blue/grey color. She had a purple shirt and blue jeans. Her hair was reddish. That’s when I realized that just the blonde one was talking in class.

“Hi! We saw you today in history and knew you were new. I’m Tracy!” She said extending her hand to me. I looked a little taken aback. This doesn’t happen every day...

“Nice to meet…you,” I wasn’t good at dealing with weirdly happy people. She was one of them. Her smile got bigger, if that was possible, and she started talking again.

“It’s nice to see new faces. Since Eric moved over, no one came around here to stay. Just people wandering,” she said. I looked at the two other girls.

“And you?” They smiled and introduced themselves. The reddish one’s name is Samantha, Sami for short, and the brunette’s name is Anastasia, Ana for short.

“We’re not going to drag you to the mall and change you into a Barbie doll. Stay calm,” the brunette said, chuckling, making the two others laugh too. I sighed, relived. “And what about your name? You didn’t mention it.” I nodded.

“Stella.” They nodded happily again. They really didn’t seem like preppy girls but they did talk about boys like crazy. Lunch came maybe too soon. In every class I had at least one of girls with me.

“Who’s this Eric you’re talking about?” I asked feeling a pair of eyes settled on my back, again. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because I was at the same table with them. Sami rolled her eyes and took a bite from her sandwich.

“Eric moved here last year. He was the new gossip source. Girls were talking about how hot he is and things like these. However, since his father died, he lives with his uncle, who moved here too. At first he had friends and all but after his father’s death he changed drastically. He’s always alone, he doesn’t talk with too many people, and the one he talks to is just asked a question. He was my cousin’s friend until he left.” I raised an eyebrow, curious. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. He was at the table near the window. He was all alone and staring outside.

“He left?” I asked, a little insecure. I didn’t know the guy and still I want to know. I felt like I had to.

“Yes. He said it was just a short vacation, to get his head off his father’s death. He never talked about his mother. It said that she died long time ago in a fire. He was young, he tried to save her but the building collapsed. It’s still a mystery how he still lives. He was blocked in the house too. Roy told me this.”

“Roy is your cousin?” She nodded. “So he'd seen death with his own eyes.” When those words got out of my mouth I felt something weird, a tingling feeling. I felt…excited for some reason.

“So, back to the story. I heard he lived in Phoenix until he came here. His father was very cold. He used to come and take Eric from school and instruct him to do this and that. It was sad to see such a nice boy being commanded around by such a strict man. His father was quite handsome too.”

I looked at her skeptically, not needing thiat bit of information at all. She chuckled. “He left in that vacation three months after he moved to Firehole and he came back last month. However, it seems he didn’t lose anything. He knew everything perfectly fine when he returned. He wasn’t the same old Eric. He changed. He’s so cold and mysterious. He keeps everything inside. Roy is the only one he talks to these days, but not much.” I was surprised to hear his story. Eric was the guy I played with in class.

Normal narration

Eric felt eyes on him, it wasn’t such a shock why. He has seen the new girl and he surprised himself by smiling to her. It felt so normal. He felt normal with her and he wasn’t normalat all. His life changed, his destiny changed, actually, he didn’t even know what he wanted from life now. But he has the time, more time than he thought. Eric opened his eyes, inhaling, and closed them when he felt the girl glancing at him from the distance. He could smell her perfume, could hear her heart beat. It was beating so fast and the blood was running through her body. It was so…inviting. It was calling for him.

He wanted to taste it. He opened his eyes fast and stared at the food in front. He wasn’t hungry anymore. His eyes trailed to the new girl. She was staring at him back from the corner of her eyes. He smirked making her turn her full attention to her new friends. He changed the view, looking back at the window. He sighed and got his hand through his hair.

Stella couldn’t take his eyes from the boy. He was so…fascinating.

Stella's POV

“Don’t tell me you like him,” Tracy said, the end of her lips curling, I looked at my food and gulped what I was munching on, which was an apple.

“I think he actually likes you. I saw him smile at you in History. That’s a huge thing!” Ana said, smiling kindly. I nodded.

“Go to him. Maybe he’ll talk to you.” I chuckled but got up and made my way towards him. When I arrived, he looked at me with a deep stare, mostly at my eyes.

“Hi. I was just wondering if I can…sit?” It was awkward and I felt shy. I’m not shy and it’s a weird feeling now that I finally feel it. Not even in my school I felt like this.

“Sure. I’m Eric, by the way.”

I nodded and smiled, not sure if he would too. He did, even if it was almost inexistent. “I’m not very interesting,” he said. That’s when I realized I was staring at him.

“Sorry, it’s just that…” He raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

“They told you my history?” I started chuckling with him.

“Kind of, yes. I’m sorry for your father. I would be messed up if something would happen to mine.” He nodded in understanding. “Mom didn’t die but she left me and my brother. It seems we were too hard to understand for her.” I said and rolled my eyes feeling that hate again. He looked a little worried...and it was cute.

“They told you my mother died in a fire and I survived mysteriously, didn’t they?” I nodded, He sighed and rubbed his head. “It became Sami’s hobby to tell my story to everyone she meets and is a girl,” I chuckled, feeling more relaxed. I went closer to him, even if I was standing opposite to him, and smiled.

“She’s a little weird, huh?” I asked him chuckling. He chuckled too and nodded his head.

“But Tracy’s the worst. She never stops talking, I tried.”

I started giggling like a little girl when she seeing something that she likes. Eric wasn’t at all as I imagined. He wasn’t cold. He was actually sweet. “They’re great girls. You’ll have a lot of fun with them.” I nodded.

“Why don’t you?” He raised an eyebrow, making him look extremely cute.

"Why don’t I what?” I rolled my eyes playfully.

“Have fun. Why don’t you have fun? Why are you alone?” He scoffed.

“I’m having fun. I just enjoy being by myself.” I chuckled slightly making him punch me lightly.

“That hurt a little. Are you secretly superman or something?” He shook his head, the smile still there.

“No. I’m Robin but I don’t want to let everyone to know. You have to keep the secret.” He whispered.

“Batman does the job. Robin is just…there.” He narrowed his eyes playfully.

“Don’t insult me, you’ll have nightmares.”

I couldn’t stop myself from having a fit. “Nightmares? Really?” He shrugged.

“That’s everything that came to mind...”
I rolled my eyes and chuckled.