luni, 22 iulie 2013

Music to the Ears (Infinite's Destiny)

OH SORRY! I forgot about Infinite's comeback. Stupid me. I'm really sorry Infinite. They came back with an awesomely incredible song. I don't like the sets in the MV but the song makes up for anything.

LEt's see...the video takes place somewhere in the legendary old country city where things seem made out of gold. Seriously. Those sets are impressive yet not really. I don't know. I have mixed feelings about the MV. IT's complicated to understand why some are kept into that city while Dongwoo has the freedom to drive a car around the desert. See? Maybe Myungsoo wanted too! The last car he drove was...rolling like a buffalo lol. Seriously..since The Chaser he didn't drive anymore! Not fair! Maybe Sungjong wanted too! It's manly!

Anyway, the song is pretty powerful. It has that piano and orchestra in the back that captivates you and sticks with you. I am impressed. The composer did  a good job. Really good. I like Sungjong's part, even tho it's small yet very nice. Sunggyu's voice is a well known fact so I don't really have to talk about it. Myungsoo looks really good like dude, really good. He starts the song while the others feel him up...I like his voice even tho I always wish he would have a lower voice. But I am content with him anyway.

Overall, the song is 100% better than the MV. I know there will appear another version but I don';t give a crap. I love the song and only the song. The dance seems pretty awesome too and the coordination and things, they are still one of the top bands as dancers. I like them and I like Destiny too. It sounds like a soundtrack too. Epic song this month...EPIC.

Music to the Ears (BEAST's Shadow)

The last one, because it's getting tiring, is Beast's comeback. The teaser didn't express much for me but the song is quite catchy and worth it. What impressed me in a way was the girl and the whole idea with the dark and light. Also, the design on the girl's face and body was also captivating. It all created something fantastic. The images are all dark and sinister, it gets you entirely into the song and its meaning.

Dongwon is my favorite yet, like always, he didn't sing much but he's still my favorite. I really like |Hyunseung's voice. It's kinda scratchy but really nice. It's higher than the others' and it's really cute. Anyway, Yoseob's voice is still really good and maybe the best out of them yet let's not say anything yet because the others didn't really show us their full potential. And God, look at his hands, HIS DAMN HANDS! You can see the veins and that is hot. But then again, I have something with hands so it may be just me.
 Anyway, the song grabs your attention instantly with "I'm Shadow" part...which is wrong grammatically but after so many years of listening to K-pop you get used to it. However, that is really catchy. Sometimes Hyunseung says it, sometimes Doojoon does but it sounds the same...but is good. I like it a lot.

Music to the Ears (Kim Hyun Joong's Unbreakable)

Another awesome song, because last week was full, is Kim Hyun Joong surprisingly awesome Unbreakable. I was surprised how good the song is and how well it was made. Maybe Jay Park had something to do with the coolness of it, who knows. I wasn't impressed by his abs and his body at all. I'm not a fan of his, I recognize. I seriously don't care what he does but this song is too cool to just pass it by.

The song is cool. It has some auto-tune that just change KHJ's voice slightly and make it sound like Seungri's, in my opinion. I did do an experiment with my eyes closed and I could swear it wasn't KHJ...but the song is awesome. It starts slowly but powerfully and the beats man! THOSE BEATS ARE CRAZY! And it's so unbreakable you know, the song means exactly what the lyrics say. The orchestra is just too good in the back and damn! I could listen to it forever! It sounds like something out of 300 or an epic movie!

The MV takes place in the same super large room but the things that happen there make it a million times better. The bull and that girl moving around. Everything looks like a big cult thing but with great effect and you can't blink! I love it. I may ramble too much but heck I love it! Jay Park's rap is just something that adds to the intense emotions of this song. It compliments everything. It's a surprisingly well done job KHJ. I'm impressed.

Music to the Ears (BAP's Hurricane)

Now, let's get back on the latest MV's. BAP came back with two songs, Coffee Shop, which is a ballad/jazzy song that may or may not become background music for actual coffee shops. It's calm and their voices sound sweet. There's no high vocal challenge in it which let other members like JongUp and Himchan feel more relaxed with their vocal abilities. It was concentrated on low ranges for baritones. It sounds good but not many people enjoy this kind of music and some just expected a fun song...which came last week.

BAP's Hurricane just set our roofs on fire, literally. Every member has his own spotlight moment. JongUp doesn't have many lines but they showed his dancing skills which balanced everything. Himchan has one line and that one became a classic. Our Loof is definitely on Fiyah now. It's so funny and Himchan-ish that you can't hide how happy it makes you. An, it's also amusing how his car doesn't have a roof...Also, I love how Himchan just drives around, being proud of his driving license and the others are walking around. YongGuk doesn't like it, I'm sure lol

So, the video is awesome, every member has his own moment, the vocal range is pretty high because Daehyun touches some high notes there and bravo for that. Zelo's hair makes him look like a sheep but let's get over it. That guy has swag in him. He was born for music and for the life of an idol. He's high quality and I love the kid. He developed so many skills and at such a young age! Let's take a moment and applaud his genius. YongGuk, too, has so many resources and so many talents to make something out of. They are awesome.

Music to the Ears (Henry's Trap)

A song that also attracted me this year was..and still is Henry's Trap. There are so many reasons why everyone should like this song and one of them is Henry's cute face. Besides that, my whole family absolutely loves this song. I'm not joking, my father listens to it, my mother does that too and she also likes Henry. Mom doesn't really like many Korean Idols. She thinks they are all too young to waste her still good looks on...

So, the thing that really got me into this song is the piano. It's obvious SM spent more on Henry's solo than on any other video of Super Junior and I applaud them for finally waking up. Since Henry didn't have a light on him until now, people didn't really like him or didn't care enough to glance at him. Well, now things have definitely changed. The light shines just upon him and his music abilities. He is very talented. He plays violin too and believe me, that's freaking hard to! Also, he has a pretty nice voice and he can hit some high notes when he wants. It's obvious how much work he went through and how much he trained to have a balance between singing, dancing and instruments. I do believe he had something to say in the making of his album. It sounds original and sweet. that's a good combination for him. Except the photos...they look so sexual...

Overall, SM did a good job letting Henry debut as a solo artist too. He makes lots of money and for who doesn't care about that, he makes good music, which is rare nowadays. I recommend wholeheartedly his album.

Music to the Ears (Junsu's Incredible!)

Back to INCREDIBLE, Junsu's comeback is just so awesome. My heart just started to beat a little bit faster when I hit the play button on YouTube...maybe. But his whole album is pretty good. His voice sounds smooth like always and most of his songs are that kind of Justin Timberlake-ish feel and rhythm. It may appear as a ballad album but it's not really. Incredible is not a ballad and Turn It Up is more like a sex song.

Um, well the video of Incredible is nice. I really like how normal it seems to see a Korean artist with Caucasian dancers. It just hits deep, you know. Most Korean companies have the same mentality when it comes to this. Like the dancers can be whatever but still, most of them are Koreans or maybe Chinese. That also applies for artists. I hate to give out bad news but if you go to Korea with thoughts of becoming an idol then you may as well just give up from now because Koreans have their own label/example they work with and Caucasian or Black people won't really make it on that least not yet. The future seems bright so let's keep a positive attitude. But back to Junsu, his company is different because I know it concentrates on America and yeah...

His song is incredible and that's all I have in mind except for the loof, but I will talk about that later. I think there is a plot hidden in the MV but from what I see, there's a pretty model who goes sasaeng on Junsu, making pictures, stalking and whatever. Surprisingly, because she is everywhere, Junsu takes notice and is more attentive to her. At some party he meets her and then they end up in a bed..where Junsu wants to scare her off...or get laid...but anyway there's finally a kiss scene! It's not an intense scene but it still is and that's something.

That man is so hot and cute and awesome and talented and there are so many adjectives for him but I think the best one is...BAMBAYA! so yeah...  

Best Rookies of 2013 (My Opinion)

I FUCKING FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL AND FINALLY CAN LEAVE FOR SEOUL!...even if that will happen on January 2nd...anyway, this year was INCREDIBLE! I love the comebacks of a few bands and singers and yes, Junsu is one of them, hence the incredible.

Let's see, my favorite is...I don't have one. These last few weeks have been so full of anticipation and excitement! It's just too much, you know. It's so hard to keep up with everything that's going on in the Korean music industry.

Anyway, it seems that people finally figured what music is about with the best rookies of 2013, in my opinion and everyone else's actually, BTS aka Bangtan Boys. They came out with No More Dream which shook the fandoms because let's admit, it doesn't matter who's fan you say you are devoted to, you must like one of the underage kids form Bangtan.

I love these guys especially for their music and their talent at making it themselves. It has beats that captivates you and let's be honest, there's an eargasm every time you listen to No More Dream or We Are BulletProof Part 2. The second single is amazing. My friends were are going crazy over it when I didn't even know what was happening and I was a little meh. But damn, after I listened it by some tiny coincidence it blew my ears off. It's somehow intense and there's a lot of rhythm changing yet it sounds really good.

About the members, who are mostly underage, I love them. For me, Rap Monster is just amazing. He is about my age and he gives that Zico-ish flow. So yes, he is one hell of a rapper and many other things. Also, for me and my friends, Jin is also a real hottie. Well he's my bias mostly because he is weird and he's a 92'er. I like boys who are born in 90' and 92' which are most of my biases. Anyway, V looks like Baekhyun from EXO a lot. I do suspect he is the BaekYeol child..and I'm not even joking. Also what I like at this band is that they are still very young yet they already put their print on the Korean music industry and it is at a pretty high level, if we think about it. They placed themselves up there and they are still rookies. Kind of like BAP but their style is somewhere like a mix of Block B and BAP...which is perfection in my opinion.

Let's stop for a moment and admire these awesome kids and their talent ;)