luni, 29 octombrie 2012

Music to the Ears (CRAZYNO-Musiche)

First of all, I just found him too and I don't know much about him either but this young man, on his stage name, CRAZYNO, is really...different. I like that. Different means unique. Of course, like any of the other listeners, when I closed my eyes I swore I was listening to G-Dragon but actually, their voices are nothing alike. JiYoung's vocal timbre has a pitch-ish sound. It's masculine but gives the impression it may crack sometimes (thank God it doesn't). On the other side, Crazyno's voice is lower and more Caucasian-ish, if you understand what I'm talking here. If not then I'll just put it simply: GD's voice is higher and rougher on the edges while Crazyno's is quite stable and can manipulate it in a different way. My ears never fail to give a truthful verdict, believe me. Also, when I opened my eyes I could swear I'm looking at a blonde version of Jaejoong. Actually, he doesn't look like Jae that much. I guess I was fooled by how the camera was positioned when he filmed the MV. But he is cute...I will never forgive him if he dyes his hair some other colour than black..

Also, I see in him, as an artist, a lot of potential. He may surprise the audience with something drastic, something dorky and funny but at the same time he can go 180 degrees and shock with a ballad. I kind of portray him in a white background  singing some nice and deep lyrics. I would actually be very pleased if he would try that. Being crazy has a lot of definitions for an artist. I really admire him. He's unknown yet he has the courage to dance like that in front of an audience who haven't yet created a created a cheer. Somehow I think he can get very popular as long as he sticks to doing the music HE likes than what everyone does. But that ballad thing...he should try it.

Ok, let's go to the MV and song itself.

Well, I don't see it as something bad or PSY-ish. He did get his inspiration from different artists but there's not a heavy, copy-paste thing. I like how his voice changes throughout the song, making it more masculine but at the same time cute. I like the MV because no one can pull off those dance moves in a crowded street. Gangnam Style is definitely easier to dance with people staring at you than the so called 'chicken dance'. I would...I've already done it...(it was indeed embarrassing, I won't lie) but it's funny when he does it. So even if it looks really easy, you go doing it in front of your classmates and you'll there's no joke.

The MV was my on taste because it was refreshing. Some guy dancing silly next to some strangers who seem like they could beat him up in any second, yet, he continues doing his own thing. There are some scenes were I crack up but at the same time, there are parts I don't seem to fit at all. But overall, it's great. The song, as in no video at all, is good. It's like the ones you hear on radio or in the night clubs and people instantly start to dance. It's very catchy. The lyrics...meh. Sorry, there's no story behind it. Just his way of telling people he's doing what he's doing and having a blast but also being pretty wicked...well it is something but I like lyrics made with some more defined stories behind. I hope I'm not talking bullshit but well...this is my own point of view.

Like I said before, he has huge potential and now it's all up to what kind of singer he wants to be and what music he wants to make. Also, in South Korea image is a big part, bigger than even talent! He should be thinking that even though we, as western people like him, people in Asia want a lot more from him. Even his soul! joking...who knows, actually.

Oh by the way, he reminds me a hell lot of a singer from O-Zone. I'm sure you heard of them or at least, their song-Dragostea din Tei aka Numa Numa. The principle vocalist came back as being Crazy Loop and he was on the same page when it came to expressing his art. Fuck it, I'll just show you.


vineri, 26 octombrie 2012

Wanna Review More Albums?

Do you guys want me to review other albums too?  I stopped looking for information for now because there are so many things I have to do but I guess I can review an album or two...or more....

You can just post a comment on this post and I'll see what I can do. I usually review just the albums or songs I like or seem to get very popular but I can do something else too.

miercuri, 24 octombrie 2012

The World is Mine

I think I'm obsessing over this song called Lumea e a Mea(The World is Mine). This band from my country is pretty much one of the most livelong ones. They make songs that sell but also have songs that touch you at a deeper level. They may be in Romanian but hey, you can learn a new language. (the swears in Romanian are incomparable, believe me). This song especially means a lot for me and I bet it does for other people too. Compared to the whole world we mean nothing, we are so small but we are important. Each one of us makes a difference, the Universe somehow gravitates around our decisions and mistakes. It's quite meaningful the message they transmit. Also, the MV is very artistic and wonderfully shot.

The lyrics are these (translated they kind of lose a little of their meaning but you can interpret them however you want)

My dreams are crushed,
by a life that I don’t live,
Give me a one way ticket,
That was all I had to say,
Life had only two stars,
You made five of them,
Since I have you,
Rain gets only in my spam.
I am small, small, small, but it's nothing,
All is not lost, tomorrow’s a beginning,
How great it would seem, the world is mine.
I am small, small, small, but it's nothing,
If your heart is in my hand,
The world is mine.
Hey, hey, hey (4X)
My house doesn't have walls,
My windows are the mornings,
With a sharing on any day,
As if tomorrow wouldn't be
Maybe I’m small in their world,
But I learned to fly,
When I feel that I’m about to collapse,
Knock on wood, and then smile.

VVIP is giving me a Headache

I seriously have a problem...seriously. I have his album and I have listened to it but right now I'm just listening to it again and again and again and it's freaking me out. I mean it has been on repeat for a while now and it's so unlike me. I usually leave aside other albums, at least until I miss some songs from it. Pff...And what surprises me is that I seem to interpret them differently than before. Damn time for making me more mature and I guess...damn me for learning music at a deeper level...Damn Seungri anyway...why does he have to be so cute...

marți, 23 octombrie 2012

Block B's Blockbuster Album Review

You know, I've been a BBC even from the start and never had I thought they will make such an album like Blockbuster. It's not bad, not at all, but it's just so full of emotions. It captures the heart of each member and  it's very personal. I admire artists who make music from their own experiences because it's more realistic and when they sing, it captures better the message and gives it to the listener better.

Blockbuster is overall one of the best albums I've listened to this year. They harmonized their voices and feelings very well and each song represents a part of them. The first song on the album is  11:30 which didn't capture me, personally, fast. I had to give it more tries...But itself, the song reminds me a lot of the old times and how relaxing but powerful was the music. Slower beats leave you  more attention to the lyrics and I put a lot of importance on them. Because if the lyrics don't tell me anything, the melody automatically drops in my point of view. But 11:30 has good lyrics. Even though the story isn't something unimaginable, it still has a good point and gets to your heart.

The second track is Interlude. There's absolutely nothing I can talk about here because seriously, it's just an orchestral small song which makes the transit to the next song. But I do like it.

Then comes Nillili Mambo which for me is a complete song. It has beats that put originality to the song yet there are also common beats. It's not a powerful melody but their voices make it like that so I have to give them credit for that. It's not something a lot of people do. It's kind of obvious half of the album was Zico's own experience because he showed it at the Showcase but it still has some characteristics from the other members. It did end up as a perfect song for their comeback and it's very catchy. You don't have to be a fan to immediately be catapulted into liking it and even dancing on it. It's just so good. Of course, I do have my own negative points when it comes to the MV but I think I already presented them on BLOCKTOBER III.

Next is Mental Breaker. I recognize, when I saw Park Kyung's teaser I was reluctant to the song. I was wrong. It has catchy and happy rhythms and gives an optimistic feel to the album. It's really a cool song and makes you all happy inside. I am 90% sure you agree with me on this one. I don't actually understand the meaning of the lyrics fully but it's still ok, I guess...I don't understand the dance either but they're Block B so usually a lot of things are cool even though not many make sense.

No Joke is the fifth track. Even from B-Bomb's teaser I loved the song. It's actually my message tone. It's the rapper's song because just PO, Zico and Kyung sing it and boy, wasn't Kyung happy at their showcase when they sang it...oh you little pervert. I always knew you had it in you. In Beatles Code he even said he got drunk with women because he can, because he's an adult. Ohohoho Kyung better take care what you say, people may interpret how they want. But, coming back to the song, like I said, it's one of my favourites. It shows that Block B is serious and the music they started to create is definitely no joke. The lyrics are...alright from my point of view. They're powerful and a little frustrated. Because they want people to take them serious, take them as they are, REAL. I like that.

The sixth is my favourite song of the album, Movie's Over. I love, firstly, Zico's vocals. He actually sings and it sounds good. He did some learning there, it's obvious. I like how U-Kwon and B-Bomb's voices sound here. It's soft yet manly, it gives a good feeling to the song and B-Bomb's high notes make my heart melt. Taeil's voice is no comment. He's such an adorable young man and has such a strong voice. And then, there comes PO's raspy, low voice which sounds softer and it just makes me love the song even more and Kyung's rap and Jaehyo's part which is small but seriously, he worked on his voice too. Yeah...definitely my favourite track.

I find it perfect that Taeil's solo comes right after Movie's Over. They complete each other, you know.The lyrics go directly to the heart and his voice melts me. When I listened to it for the first time I almost thought It's not Block B. The melody seems familiar yet I don't know from where. It's so calm and soft. I also love the piano in it. It's melancholic but at the same time strong and resentful.

After Where are You comes Romantically. From what I know, it was made by PO. Well, dear maknae, that's quite a deep song. The lyrics are very well made. I was surprised how the song expresses the need to find someone who understands you, someone you have always dreamt to meet and how ambitious you (I'm talking in general here) are to look for that person no matter what. That's a deep song, believe me. It's more than the lyrics show, if you read between the lines.

Did you or Did you Not is an older song...not one of my favourites. It bores me a little. The subject in it is a girl who cheated and now there's the question: Did you do it or not? Which from my point of view, is a pretty overused subject . Not in Korea necessarily  It has always been overused. When you just got out of a relationship of course you get it out through music if you are an artist. Somehow I think this song is strongly linked to B-Bomb. He's the one who said in Beatles Code lately that he's been dumped and I understand a way. He might have not written the song but there's obvious experience of this kind in it. It's personal. Everything about it is personal.

Halo is also an older song from Block B. I like it a lot and I'm happy they added it on this album. I always thought this song is about how they are different than other bands because they don't fake it and even though they make music that can sell, they don't lose their ideas and how they want to make music. I'm impressed by that, actually. The whole album sounds like Block B but some parts are obvious made to also sell. Some beats are especially made for that, for example the drums in Nillili Mambo. It is silly, but is catchy and people love it. So it's really well made. Well thought, Block B...Zico...:D And this song actually has lyrics that practically screams Block B.

In the end, there are also the instrumentals of Nillili Mambo and Mental Breaker. I already talked about the songs and I listened closely to these two tracks so that I won't be disturbed by their voices. The songs are very well made, like I said before. There's a balance between their ideas, as artists who want to make music and want to be unique and real, and simple common rhythms and beats. I simply love their album. It's not perfect but that's what attracts you to it. Anyway, it has been done with head and emotions and I give them 100 points for that.

Music to the Ears (BAP's Stop It)

Alright, while watching the posts people read more often I had a shock when I saw how many views there are on BAP. There are about 30 and something per day! Wow. A lot of Babies out there. Anyway, since I was too lazy to look out for news about Beast I got carried away with Block B's album which I plan to make a review later on and BAP's comeback song. I really want to believe it will be their last this year. They seem overly exhausted and it can be heard in YoungJae's voice the most.

Their new song is kind of ADORABLE. Really now, Yong Guk is really cute in a silly and manly way, if that makes any sense. Of course, I love that there is a plot, but seriously now...Yong Guk is a Gumiho or something devilish because I see there a red tail and the girl is actually an angel and she had seen him all the time but ignored him? Who the hell can ignore him?! Daehyun seems like a bad driver...but I like how he started to show more of his true self than that cool vocalist. I started to watch BAP Camp and Daehyun is definitely more talkative than Himchan the chatter box. YoungJae look really handsome too in the MV and the way they filmed so brightly just makes it more optimistic and shows a different side of the band. Himchan looks...I can;t seem to find the right word. He looks very handsome but at the same time goofy. How obsessed can you be to smile like that after magically your hand had just been prompted on the girl's face? So, no. Not the right expression there Himmie...Adding to that, I liked him better with black hair. Same goes for Jongup. The two maknae were terribly cute and aegyo. One thing I don't understand though. Why was Zelo looking into the mirror? Was he appreciating his handsome 17 years old self or was he trying to see Yong Guk through the light which could have reflected into it and then onto the leader's face, blinding him? Who knows, I guess it will remain a mystery. One thing I also don't understand is the end...maybe I'm a little slow and didn't catch to what it he was a demon and she was an angel? Doesn't that mean Daehyun killed Yong Guk? And why was he a playful demon? So many questions...

Even if it seems like I actually didn't like the MV, it's quite the opposite. I liked it a lot and truthfully, Yong Guk was the ebst out of the whole video. He kept me entertained. But, the other members were also good. One thing I can't understand, the last, I promise, is...why are they back to blonde? A friend told me a few hours ago: I like the blonde one. I kept a poker face at her statement. Well...I guess the concepts change fast...

joi, 18 octombrie 2012


I am in HEAVEN! since yesterday I haven't listened to absolutely anything except Nillili Mambo. The MV is so genuine and amusing. I can't contain my excitement, seriously. I just love the intro, with Zico who says 'BBC follow me' and 'Bye guys, Hey ladies, Mwaah!' He's so...awesome. Seriously, he's on my list of inspirational people. He's an amazing artist and he's born with something catchy, something unexplainable that simply makes you laugh at him but at the same time, respect him.

Now, the song is incredibly catchy and has those beats that repeat themselves throughout the song, which, makes it even better than it is. It has some nice parts of orchestra which give it a Pirates of Caribbean's feel and I'm in love with it. The lyrics are well thought and the way they gave parts to everyone really makes me happy. They actually think before making a song or in Zico's case, he feels it.

The music video is one of the best this year. Anyway you look at it, no matter how many times. and I did watch it a lot, still do, there's just one result in the end: it's perfect. It actually has a strong plot and they seem to enjoy it to maximum. Jaehyo and Taeil looked very awkward in Nanrina and I couldn't really recognize some of them because it didn't appear as if they were even trying to stand out a little. It was common. Now, though, I like how they go with the flow and don't give much thought to the camera. One of my favourite scenes is Kyung running after the chicken. It's just so refreshing and funny. they're also natural and I admire that a lot. Zico is back with his dreads but at a closer look...they are not natural...His hair is short and styled and the dreads have been placed in the back for a better image...And here I was thinking Jamaican beggar is back...well he kind of is but well yeah. Their derp faces and adorable expressions, their moves, the swag, it's all so good that I'm even impressed. There's no much dancing, thanks God! It would have ruined the whole music video. The way it was filmed it's good too. I liked the shots and the dynamic of the camera. The ending is attractive too. I haven't seen that coming and I was a little bit perplexed by it but in a good way.
Also, there are some little things that don't really go how the Hell did they lost the artefacts ! They opened just once the case...Also, they are bad guys playing mah-jong and eating lollipops...right, something doesn't seem very bad...

They evolved a lot as artists but also as humans. I can't say they are more mature because lyrics and songs are made in the spur of the moment and through experiences. They had material to use and they used it rather in a distinctive way. They are unique and real. They express exactly what they feel in that moment and aren't afraid to show who they are. I like that and that's also a reason I am a BBC. They never disappointed me and I have a feeling that they will never disappoint with their talent. It's BLOCKTOBER for sure.

marți, 16 octombrie 2012


They are KILLING me very, oh so, slowly! I was so excited for Zico's teaser, which is awesome and has a lot of feelings to it, and now a teaser for a song from their new album. I swear they are killing me. It's mind blowingly awesome if I dare to say. It sounds really good and badass and everything Block B-ish. I'm looking forward to their comeback stage to actually see them dancing too. But anyway, the teaser expresses exactly what I expect from them. It's something unconventional, breaks any common plot and they look cool.

I laughed my ass off when I saw Zico has his dreads back. It seems Jamaican beggar is coming back and I'm  perfectly fine with it. Also it seems for him, there's a Jamaican beggar+ Zico Sparrow kind of concept. That glass eye definitely makes him look even creepier than he is. But truthfully, that's what I was waiting for. Something completely insane. Looks, attitude, power it's exactly what I love in a boys band and they pull off this image very well. I can't wait for their comeback!

sâmbătă, 13 octombrie 2012


I'm so annoyed and too excited for Zico's teaser to appear. I'm re-watching the others and I can't help but contain my excitement. I simply KNOW his teaser will be awesome. Anyway, I've never explained how much I like Block B. It just didn't cross my mind before and I wasn't very happy when they have been restricted and bla bla. You know what I'm talking about. I still can't understand how these awesome boys had to go through something so harsh just because of a misunderstanding.

Anyway, B-Bomb's teaser got me thinking. They must have worked a hell lot to the new album and the songs sound unique and pretty awesome. Also, the two songs Zico 'leaked' are pretty good too. I can't stop listening to Battle Royal. The rhythm, the lyrics, his rapping, it's all so good and deep. It's obvious he learned something from what happened and has grown a lot as an artist. It all can be seen through his music and I'm really proud of him. I don't have enough words to describe the respect I have towards Ji Hoon. He's an extremely talented composer and he can sing if he tries. If is the key word here.

From another perspective, the other teasers express a lot too. P.O's is so powerful and expresses just how Block B will come back with a big bang and show us their talent and craziness all over again. Also, he looks a lot like TOP from some parts. A lot!

Taeil's solo song it's something I'm looking forward at a deeper level because of his voice. The piano sounds very good and I sincerely already know it's going to be one of my favourites.

Kyung's teaser was playful. Just imagine someone coming to you and dancing like that in front of you without the slightest stress. I bet anyone would freak out or look freaked out but seriously, that dance is so silly that it mesmerises you.

Another weird teaser is Jaehyo's. That lady doesn't seem attractive at all. Well, to me, even though I kind of got the plot in it and Jaehyo looks good in that suit, the song is not likeable. I've read other opinions and I agree with them. It's It doesn't seem to have anything attractive, mostly the lady. The end is awesome, how she flips him off, but

About U-Kwon's teaser...well he looks really really charismatic in it, with that gun and the surroundings. The song doesn't show much. However, I like his moves and hell, I like it overall. There's nothing I can comment about it, truthfully.

Now, I'm seriously anxious to see Zico's teaser and it doesn't appear already! Aish...But at least we have the two songs...Oh and let's not forget about MTV Match Up: Block B Returns!

But for now...let's just enjoy what we have...

sâmbătă, 6 octombrie 2012

To The Beautiful You

I haven't written something about a drama in a while and it was time.. To The Beautiful You just finished this week and it had just 16 episodes. I believe it was a little bit rushed though. Anyway, we all know the extraordinary awesome manga/drama Hana Kimi. There is a Taiwanese version, Japanese version (of course) and now a Korean version. I respect all of them but the first one I have seen was Hana Kimi form 2007 with Maki Horikita as Mizuki, Toma Ikuta as Nakatsu and the awesome Oguri Shun as Izumi Sano. That was the best version. It had incredible plot and incredible actors. For me, that was the absolute version. Now, the Korean one was pretty good actually. Even though I'm not a fan of f(x), Sulli did a good job as Goo Jae Hee.

Now, if someone doesn't know what Hana Kimi is, it's actually about a girl who admires a high jumper a lot. She feels responsible because he stopped high jumping and disguises herself as a boy and gets into an all boys high school, where he is. Of course, she helps him a lot and throughout the drama a lot of things happen. That, in the Japanese version. In the Korean one, it didn't seem as it happened a lot. They kept the skeleton but they didn't add anything to make it even more special. About the actors, Choi Minho from Shinee was Izumi, which in this version is called Kang Tae Joon. I though he couldn't pull it off because there was no feeling in his acting. I couldn't believe him as Tae Joon because he didn't show me Izumi's personality correctly. That was at first. Of course after a few episodes he started to loosen up because his acting was more relaxed and started to show little aspects of his character. Sulli was alright. Sometimes  though, it was false. I could see through her and forget about the atmosphere she had to pull off. But overall she was ok. She tried to understand her character and I'm proud of her. However, they are not the reason I didn't stop watching the series. One happy and incredibly adorable guy did it. Lee Hyun Woo was a very good Eun Gyeol. He expressed everything correctly, he was a younger and more adorable version of Toma Ikuta. It simply brightened my day each time I watched the drama. I swear when he was sad, I had the reflex to pull my hand on the screen and try to sooth him somehow. It captivated me. Another good actor who made the series better was Kwang Hee. He was also adorable and funny. I love him anyway but his character just made me love him even more.

So, there was good music in the background but didn't affect me much. For example, in Secret Garden, when the songs started while things were happening, I could relate and I could feel what the song meant and the action itself. It was different here. I didn't care much and not every character have been put into the light. It was a good drama but I still prefer 2007's Hana Kimi over anything.

DBSK's Comeback Stage

Have you seen the comeback stage of DBSK?! It was amazing! I truthfully watched the whole performance without breathing! It was real show and SM trainees should definitely learn from these awesome sunbaes. Yunho really surprised me with his vocals. It seems he got even better and Changmin is just very talented. There are no words how much I like Changmin's voice. He can rise to high notes without much fuss and it sounds exactly like on the record.

Catch Me is one of those classic songs that just catch your attention and are really hard to ignore. Also, it's a pity if it doesn't get in your playlist. I'm not a Cassie but it still affects me what happens with them. From my point of view, if you read the lyrics, it seems like the guys taunt the Cassies. Catch them if you want and love them. It's like saying 'we're here. don't let go of us.' and I don't know...maybe it's just me.

The dance is perfect. Of course, SM usually has pretty difficult and mesmerizing dances. It's so powerful, though and  each time I watch them perform it's like I see something rising from the ashes. It's really amazing, like a Phoenix. Sincerely, that's how I see them. Because there had happened so much and they worth much more; I will forever wait for DBSK to become one again and be shocked how bright they shine and how they are real idols with real talent.