joi, 31 mai 2012

Music to the Ears (Juniel & YongHwa-Stupid)

I LOVE this song. Since I first listened to it I became addicted. It's such a cute message and has such a good feeling. It makes you optimistic about love but girls, there's no guarantee that a guy like YongHwa would come and give you a ride through the dessert, though, it would be quite amazing to happen. :D Anyway, the song's talking about how stupid you are by just being in love. Don't get me wrong, stupid as in a fool. It's the truth when people say that love transforms you in a fool and you're perfectly happy with that. It doesn't matter what people around you say because you know better than anyone what you desire and what is the truth about your lover. Like I said, it shows the good part in being in love.

Juniel has a very thin and high voice. She's also so tiny and soft looking. However, her voice is very soothing and that's a such positive point. It's not powerful and not something extraordinary but she's still at the beginning of her path in the music industry. However, she fits well with the whole FNC style of musicians.

"What I Like About..." C.N Blue

Firstly, I heard about C.N Blue exactly in the year they had their début in. I knew YongHwa from You're Beautiful and I never imagined his real personality would be so parallel to the one he had in the drama. He's very talkative and easy going. He talks a lot, actually, and he seems to be quite fun to hang around. From what I have seen in We Got Married, next to Seohyun, he really looked like the bad guy. I remember he said it himself that he would be a bad influence on her. He wasn't, he just showed her normality, in my point of view. Also, he's such a talented young man. Not just acting but music too. He's a smart guy with some awesome guitar skills. His songs are amazing and very good written.

Besides YongHwa, for me, MinHyuk is the second as my favourite. He swept me off my feet in Heartstrings. He was adorable! And I'm not joking when I say I would have entered the TV screen and hug the hell out of him. His character was the peek of his cuteness. About his talents, I love his style of playing drums. He looks very happy while doing it and he's awesome.

Now, I can't really say one of them is not talented because it would be a big lie. They are all amazing musicians. JongHyun seems to be, though, the weird guy in the band but he's also the ulzzang. He has a pretty face, though in my view there are better looking guys than him, and he knows how to get attention on him without doing much. JungShin, even though he's the maknae, he looks to be the hyung in C.N Blue. Seriously, he looks serious and he's so tall and skinny. I love that they all have their own style at playing their instruments. The maknae moves a lot around and kind of mixes the american style with his personality, JongHyun has that S pose which always makes me chuckle, MinHyuk is simply adorable by just playing (because there's not much he can do with the drums in front of him) and YongHwa is the charismatic leader and vocalist.

I listened a few days ago YongHwa's song with Juniel (who's a cute artist I found first on Warner Bros Japan music company) and it's so obvious he wrote it. It sounds so much like C.N Blue. Their songs are always optimistic, compared to FT Island's who always get me on the verge of crying and have amazing sad songs, and I love it. These two bands complete each other's repertories. Anyway, their songs always make me feel better and relax. JongHyun and YongHwa's voices get me to chill after a harsh and hard day of school and give me a bubbly feeling. It's awesome.

marți, 29 mai 2012

Dear diary: I lost control

Meanwhile, Stella was rather relaxed in the same place James left her. She closed her eyes and, unconsciously, smelled blood. She furrowed her eyebrows and cracked her knuckles. The smell was getting closer rather fast. The human was running. She stood there like a statue until the human bumped into her from behind. It was a young teenage girl. Stella could smell the quantity of adrenaline the girl had. She was scared shitless of something.Also, someone was searching for the teenager from what the vampire could hear.

“I…I’m s-sorry.” The girl looked up at the vampire, who was struggling to keep control. The human looked down at her bloody ankle and the bruises on her arms. Stella could smell them. She knew she couldn’t stop anymore. She needed it more than ever.

“Found you!” The girl turned scared to the man behind both females. He looked tired, maybe from running, but at the same time he had an insane expression. His face had bruises, most likely from the girl who tried to defend herself. He started to yell something at her but Stella’s ears could listen just to their beating hearts.

“Help me.” The girl whined to the older female. Stella didn’t even move. The man snickered.

“Well, well, well. Two birds at once. This is going to be interesting.” The smaller girl started to cry and grabbed Stella’s hand tightly. The man grabbed the teenager from her wrist and began pulling her into him. Stella grabbed the hand the girl had a grip on and pushed the man away. He glared at her and pushed her, hard. Stella didn’t see that coming and stumbled back. That was it. Someone dared to push her, had the intention to hurt her. She opened her eyes, red eyes, and gave the man a stern, superior look. The glare the man had intensified. “Wench…” He mumbled, taking the scared girl.

“This isn’t your lucky day.” In one flash the man was on the floor, dead, bloodsucker over him, canines deep into his flesh. The younger girl screamed as loud as her lungs let her. The vampire raised her head and looked at the teenager, smirking. “You have five seconds to save yourself.” The girl’s eyes widened. Stella’s eyes widened a little and slightly smiled. “Run.” And that’s what she’s done.

The girl was already a few meters away but the feeling that she was watched just intensified.

“1…” The voice was coming from afar. “2…” The girl was running, not having a clue where.”3…” The voice was coming closer and closer. “4.* She whispered it right into her ear. *5…” She whispered moving her head into one side. “Time’s over.” The girl’s eyes widened even more and yelled while Stella stuck her teeth into her neck.

Meanwhile, Nate and Alex went back to the Arche mansion, tired and annoyed. Not a good combination.

“She was nowhere! Not even at your house.” Alex mumbled, jumping on the couch. Nate looked down at the younger vampire and scoffed.

“You alarmed my father for nothing.” Alex shrugged. “And scared the women.” Alex shrugged again and smiled innocently at the older vampire.

“Don’t say it like you didn’t enjoy it. I was so close to kill them. So close.” He said pointing out with his fingers. Nate rolled his eyes but couldn’t help but smile. The two got interrupted by the door opening. In entered Stella, her face cleaned up.

“Hey, Stel!” She stopped and slowly turned her head to her brother. She stood there thinking what she should do until she chose to go over them.

“Where have you been?” Alex asked getting up and to her. She looked at him, intently. Out of nowhere, Alex looked quite different in Stella’s view. He was hotter, changed, simply different. Nate watched Stella uncertain. Something was different about her too. He felt…weird. His eyes trailed over her figure until he met her eyes. His eyes widened. She was checking Alex out. Also, when he looked closer, she had blood on her lips. He glared daggers at her and pushed her hard into the wall. Alex looked surprised at his companion. “What the hell?!” He flashed in front of Stella and looked back at Nate.

“I never thought I’ll see the day you, out of everyone, will hurt me, Nate.” Stella’s words didn’t make the older brother flinch or be sorry. He flashed in front of Alex and pushed him aside, taking Stella by her neck.

“I’m not stupid, Stella. I know you better than anyone. Did you actually think I won’t see you’ve changed? Stella Monroe doesn’t exist anymore. The true Stella broke free. The Devil broke from its cage.” Alex’s eyes widened as much as they could. He looked at the older vampire female. She simply smirked and pushed her brother away, hard.

“You can’t even imagine how good it is to be back. Freedom has never tasted so good.” Nate glared at his sister but couldn’t get up. She hit him pretty hard. She glanced at Alex and smirked. “Aren’t you happy to see me, Alexander?” She flashed in front of him. She trailed her finger down his face and to his lips. “Aren’t you happy to see the girl you’ve fell in love with?” He looked down at her with a stoic face.

“The girl I’ve fell in love with…” He bent down, closer to her lips. “…died long time ago.” She glared at him and punched him hard, throwing him next to Nate.

“You all were so afraid I will come back to life. But you never realized you were keeping me in a cage. You wanted just what’s good for you.”She glared at nothing specifically.”Have you ever thought what’s good for me too? What do I want?” There was a pause. “No.” She flashed in front of them and bent down to their level. “Now it’s the time I make the rules. The first one is quite easy to understand.” She glared down at the two vampires, her eyes red and fangs out, that superior feeling flowing down over them. “Don’t mess with me.” She flashed out of there and God knows where she went.

duminică, 27 mai 2012

Top 5 Most Catchy K-pop Songs 2012 (Girls Ver.)

I usually don't listen many songs sang by girls because they seem too innocent for my depraved mind. However, I do have some songs that seem to tag along wherever I go. They are bands everyone knows and everyone admire. No negative thoughts here but lately, I've been annoyed with the female part of the industry when it comes to bands. I'm waiting for those badass, awesome girls band that can dethrone 2NE1. Those rookies that have attitude and doesn't have to sing perfectly but have a different style.

Until then, though, I'll just stick with what I have.

5. Girl's Generation- TTS- Twinkle

It didn't seem as an awesome song at first but the video is well made, if we talk about image. There's no story to it (I don't see fame as being a subject) but the dance compensates. I listened to it a few times until I started to actually keep it in my head. After a week or so I was thinking just about it for some reason so yes, it is a catchy song. Also, I like Seohyun. She seems really to be getting more mature and that's good.

4. Sistar- Alone

My father is a huge Sistar fan so I practically listen to their songs every day. It becomes annoying after a while but this song captivated me. It sounds really cool. Also, I like Hyorin. She seems to be a complete artist and her voice is amazing. This songs has been strongly growing on me with its '90's feeling.

3. 4Minute- Volume Up

I'm a fan of theirs and they are one of my favourites. Maybe it's my mentality over the perfect girls band but they sell sex and that's what it matters in the industry. I like them for a completely different reason, though. They express something while singing and they actually show a little bit of attitude. Volume Up, didn't like it at first. However, I started to want to listen it more and more and I found myself adding the song on my playlist.

2. 2NE1- Scream

This song is wicked! It scares the hell out of me how good but creepy it is. Of course, I'm a 2NE1 fan and I would listen to anything they sing but I will never appreciate a song that doesn't seem to be good enough. This one is good and their voices go well together on it. Bom's incredible like always and CL looks good with the hair shorter. Minzy seems really intimidating but it goes well with the concept and Dara is Dara. Like always, looks and acts much younger than she is but she's really pretty. 

1. Wonder Girls- Be My Baby

Even though a lot of people might think I would have placed 2NE1 as being first (because I would have), Wonder Girls have the most catchy song until now. I'm not  afan of Wonder Girls in the first place but it's just so good. The video gives me the Beyonce feeling but they also make it their own and it's unique. It seems JYP really got on work with his bands because they started with great songs and I hope they will keep it like that.

Top 5 Most Catchy K-pop Songs 2012 (Boys Ver)

Since I really didn't have anything to do this week (because there's no homework) I started to review my YouTube playlist. It seems the whole 2012 year is full with catchy, weirdly entertaining k-songs. I'm a fan of K-pop since I first watched Simon and Martina do 'How to dance K-pop 2008' and this year is a promising one. So, I reviewed my list and thought about a Top 5 Best Songs that appeared in 2012 and give a addicting feeling. So, let it roll lol:D

5. Block B -Nanrina

Sincerely, this song captivated me from the first listening. It's very catchy even though the MV doesn't seem to have a sense (for me). I couldn't really get the chorus out of my head for weeks.

4. LEDApple- Time is up

This is songs is awesome. I love LEDApple. They are some nice and talented guys and Time is up is even now one of my favourites. I fell in love with the song from the beginning and I love the rhythm. Also, there's not much to dance on it and that's what I liked in the first place. Is a band with instruments and two vocalists who have talent. 

3. B.A.P- Power

Firstly, I heard this song through a parody where instead of 'Hate You' I actually believed they say 'Heechul' lol. But the song is completely awesome. Until now, B.A.P surprised me each time and they don't let the 'rookie' skills show because their skills are amazing. The video also compliments the whole song. However, I still don't understand the spraying part.

2. Big Bang- Fantastic Baby

I thought I went crazy when I realized just how much I love this song. I'm a YG fan for life and am a devoted VIP but seriously, when I saw TOP saying 'Wow Fantastic Baby' I dreamt just 'Wow Fantastic Baby.' Wherever I would go I still have GD's part in my head and without realizing I start with 'na nana na na'. I swear I would take GD and hide him in my closet and when I'm sad, put him sing and eventually have TOP dance. Now, who doesn't want to see them dance on 'ai si tu te pego'? I would pay just to see them do that. :D

1. JJ Project- Bounce

I already said how much I adore this song. It's fresh, they are young and they look good. Seems like they started with the right foot in the industry. Over all that, they act in Dream High 2. These two boys look like they are going to be a big thing if they stuck with the image they have now. I saw how a lot of people preffer JB over Jr but I can't choose. They are both adorable, mostly when they shake their butts that cutely. (we all were like aww when they did that, let's recognize:D)

sâmbătă, 26 mai 2012

"What I Like About..." JJ Project

Alright, I just found bout some new band called JJ Project. It actually sound amazing and very addicting. Their song 'Bounce' really gets you into hyperactive mood. The beat of the intro sounds weird at first but after a listen or two, you can stop but bouncing your head. I thought my friends are joking when they told me but today I listened to it and without realising  started to bob my head to the rhythm. Also, the boys have been present in Dream High 2 (drama I haven't seen) and it seems their company is JYP.

I usually talk about the artist itself too, not just the image, but there's not much known about this band. JJ Project consists of JB and Jr, both being quite young (18 years old). They do look to be their age (not like SuJu who look much younger than they are) and give a fresh look. I sincerely don't have much to say about them because they released just one song, for now. However, I do believe it's very catchy and gets you to dance. You should definitely give it a listen. ;)

vineri, 25 mai 2012

"What I Like About..." Jang Keun Suk

This was kind of expected from me. In the end, I'm a huge fan of his. However, his talent is easily remarked. He is one of the first Asian actors I kept a close eye on.  My first K-drama was You're Beautiful and sincerely, I despised his character, Hwan Tae Kyung, at first. He rarely smiled in the show. However, when I checked up other pictures of Keun Suk ssi, I remained dumbstruck. He has an adorable smile! And I swear it's contagious. He gives a new meaning to the phrase 'people look better when they smile'. Now, besides his good looks, which everyone agrees he has 100 points for, I'm going to talk about his roles. Somehow, at first I thought there's a difference between them all but, now after accumulating more information on directing and acting, I don't see one any more. Or there is, but small. Let's take for example Tae Kyung with In Ha/Seo Joon. These are roles from two different dramas which have quite a while between, You're Beautiful and Love Rain. I recognize there are some differences between the role of In Ha and the rest. He seems much softer than in any role I've seen him before but between Tae Kyung and Seo Joon there's none. There are a lot of points of view and mine is one in hundreds but both characters have the same amount of characteristics like, for example, furrowing their eyebrows in most of their close ups and taking action when the situation isn't that critic, fussing about the girl but loving her unconditionally. Anyway, there are other similarities between other roles of his like Kang Mu Gyul in Mary Stayed Out All Night (drama I couldn't watch until the end because I got annoyed) and In Ho in You're My Pet. He's a messy character and does whatever he wants, gets whatever he wants by showing a cute, puppy face with those incredible puppy-ish eyes.

Of course, I haven't seen his entire filmography. I'm not insane, I do have a life, but I do want to see Lovers in Prague and  Beethoven Virus. I heard they are good. I guess I have to see it so I can keep the word going. Anyway, Jang Keun Suk is a valuable actor.

Flying Birds (2)

Flying Birds

“Rissa…the truth is that after you got into the accident, there’s been an emergency in the hospital.” He started to get nervous. “My daughter is also a patient here. She needed blood while being in surgery and no one was compatible with her…” He stopped trying to see her expression.

“Except me.” He nodded. Maybe as a teenager she should have reacted badly but she seemed satisfied. “It’s alright.” She even smiled kindly, getting the same reaction from the older man. He grabbed her hands tightly and bowed. The girl stood there, simply watching.

“Thank you.” Her smile brightened and nodded her head in sign of appreciation. “Now, your situation is a little different. We don’t know anything about you and no one came in this whole month to check on you.” Her eyes seemed as the life suddenly disappeared. “I know it’s sudden but I will take care of you from now on.”


“Take care of me…? Can you?” Her voice, still soft, sounded amused. However, he was dead serious.

“My name is Kong Gi and I’m 40 years old. I live with my wife and daughter and I work as a manager at a music company.” He said while bowing. She looked taken back by the forwardness.

The next day, manager K, as Risa chose to call him, came to get her to her new home, wherever that would be. She got discharged fast by the doctor; whose name she found out is Gu Han Gyeong.

“Korean names are really fun.” She joked while getting her jacket on. She was wearing the same clothes from the accident since she had nothing else. Also there was no luggage. Manager Kong was really kind with her and helped the young female get into the car. “Wow” Were the words she got out after the car drove into unknown. There were so many high buildings, so many people rummaging the streets. “They look all the same...” She mumbled while being glued to the window. Kong Gi muffled a laugh at her observation.

“They are all different in their unique ways.” She didn’t make any sign of response and simply watched silently the scenery. From the really busy center of Seoul, the car drove to a quieter place. There were mostly houses and a little bit forward was one mansion that looked to be the most expensive in the neighborhood. Risa wasn’t the type to be afraid of anything, mostly when it came to something as trivial as walking out the car and stepping into a complete unknown house, but she was. Manager Kong smiled softly seeing her condition. “They won’t bite you.” He said, amused. She didn’t flinch. The older man sighed and grabbed her hand. “They are good guys, Risa.” She nodded her head slowly and let herself be dragged by the Korean man into the house.

Inside, the place was beautiful and even bigger. The first thing she saw was the large living room with a grand piano in the middle. On the far end of the living was a kitchen from what could she see. On the left was a transparent door which led to a balcony or yard.

“Do you like it?” Manager Kong was really having fun just watching her changing expressions. However, Risa didn’t have the time to respond. Down the stairs walked a guy with pitch black wet hair, wearing nothing but a pair of pajama pants. He was rubbing his neck and didn’t see how perplexed Risa was. He managed to see just the manager.

“안녕, MK.” The guy smirked over to the elder and his eyes slowly traveled to the Caucasian girl. He quirked an eyebrow up and gave a cheeky smile. “Hello.” Risa couldn’t talk. She was mesmerized by his character. “Is she a fan or something? Shin Woo is not back yet.” After that kind of bored response towards the manager, Risa’s mood dropped instantly. She narrowed her eyes to the young man and scoffed.

“A fan? Who the hell are you anyway?” The guy looked taken back. Kong restrained from having a fit and simply regained his composure.

“This is Risa. She’s not from around here so she doesn’t know you.” The still anonymous boy watched dumbfounded between the manager, a face he knew, and the young girl, who was really pretty now that he took a closer look, her eyes being brown but having strings towards the iris. After he processed the information, he smiled, nicer than before.

“Nice to meet you.” He bowed and continued. “My name is Park Tae Hyuk.” When he raised his posture, he tensed his muscles, making Risa’s attention get caught into that. The boy wasn’t stupid and remarked that, the result being a quite amused expression from the manager. However, the boy simply smirked and walked over to the kitchen, looking for something to eat as it was early in the morning.

“See? It isn’t that bad.” Manager Kong whispered to the foreigner, though, she didn’t seem to look as perplexed as she was before. Actually, Riss’s attention got null as she started to try and remember why she accepted to get cared of by the elder.

“So manager, explain to me why you came here with a girl who’s not even a fan of ours.” Kong smiled nervously and scratched his cheek. Since he saw Risa being in her little world, thinking probably about her situation, he walked to the more mature member and sighed.

When Tae Hyuk observed how his manager got closer and tensed his posture, he chose to stop his previous action, which was drinking coffee, and listen to him.

“Tae Hyuk, I have a favor to ask you.” The younger man raised an eyebrow. “You know my daughter had a complication while being in surgery.” He nodded his head. Kong often showed worry around him and the other members and no one knew why until he told them about his daughter’s condition. “She needed blood and no one had her type in the whole hospital. That’s when a new patient came in. She was caught in a car accident and was on verge of dying. Hee Hae’s doctor got the new patient…Rissa.” Tae Hyuk’s eyes widened and glanced to the curious and innocent looking girl from the living room. She was looking at the piano, her hand trailing over the surface. She looked to be deep in thoughts.

“So she almost died and because she helped your daughter by donating blood, she’s here?” Kong nodded.

“Well, she wasn’t really conscious when she donated but she seemed content when the doctor told her about that. Anyway, she suffered a concussion and now has amnesia. No one knows when she will remember or if she will remember at all. She has no family or friends from what we know. She’s all by herself through strangers.” Tae Hyuk’s eyes held sympathy for the female. He glanced again at her and sighed. He got up and walked over the piano. He smiled and put his hand over her shoulder, as in a one sided hug.

“Don’t worry Kong ssi, I’ll take care of her.” The young female could just furrow her eyebrows, completely dumbstruck.

“I’m not a thing to be tossed from one person to another.” She mumbled, shaking his hand off. However, Tae Hyuk didn’t seem to get offended by her gestures or her facial expression, which in his view, looked like a lost puppy. In her point of view, manager Kong did something amazing for her, taking care and everything, but leaving her into the hands of a person who wasn’t that much older than her wasn’t her description of responsibility over a human, moreover, a girl. “Wait! Wait…” The manager was ready to leave when she stopped him.“You are leaving me with him?” She pointed towards the very relaxed guitarist. “How old is he? 19? 20?” Tae Hyuk rolled his eyes and leaned on the piano. Manager Kong looked between the male and the female and started to snicker.

“I’m sure you’re on good hands. Tae Hyuk is a guy I can trust.”

“What about the others? You said there’s a band!” He stopped smiling and shrugged.

“I will come around so everything’s fine. You are going to be fine.” She sighed and walked back inside the living room, giving up. Kong’s smile came back towards Tae Hyuk and waved, leaving the two alone.

"What I Like About..." 2NE1

Sincerely, I started listening to 2NE1 by mistake. I was looking for a completely different girls band (Brown Eyed Girls if I remember correctly) and came by I'm The Best, which means it wasn't too long ago. However, I didn't find the song likeable at all. I listened to him once and still loaded it but after a few more times I started to love it and even, though it's uncharacteristically to me, I even learned the dance. That's a big step for me and it means I love that song. After it, I kind of started to look more into their music and found out they are part of YG, like Se7en, Tablo, Big Bang, Gummy, etc. Anyway, what I like about 2NE1 is the fact that they get out of the usual. The four girls have attitude, give you that 'hell yeah' feeling, they are even more bad ass than Big Bang, if we talk about YG, or even B.A.P, if we talk in general.  

Now, their songs roll really well which means they don't dissatisfy the public and they songs gets the listener to dance or sing along. Bom's voice is amazing and she looks like a doll but her black eyes scare me sometimes. They are so dark. CL is a good leader even though she's young. I actually like her the best. She reminds me of a teenager who just found out what she wants to do in life. She's also natural on stage and has a good voice. She can pull a lot of faces and attitudes. She seems a good and versatile singer. Continuing, Sandara looks very young. When I found out she's 27 I was perplexed. She looks to be about 23 at most. When I saw the Strong Heart: YG Family Special I laughed at how childish she acts. On top of that, she seems a good evil partner for Seungri. Now, the maknae of the group, Minzy. She reminds me a lot about Daesung, lol. Maybe it's the eyes or maybe because they seem shy but aren't. However, she's still young but has quite the bad looks there. Their songs genre differs a lot and so does their image. They stand out and aren't afraid to show who they are. I love their style and how their music can satisfy any one.

Most of the girls bands are very winy tiny pinky and show a lot of innocence and aegyo. I believe what's too much gets annoying. It might be because of my origins, in the end I have lived my whole life in Europe with a different perception of feminism and innocence is not a characteristic for girls in my country. I should go look for my innocence since I lost that when I was really young. I'm not talking about innocence as in being a virgin or not but as in having a nice mind and pure intentions. I believe that's why I like 2NE1 and 4Minute. Maybe they express more feeling than SNSD, who for me seem to be on a straight line and never amaze me with anything, especially attitude. (but I don't have anything with them)


miercuri, 23 mai 2012

Announcement + Flying Birds (1)

Hello:) Lately a lot of people have been reading this blog. I'm very sincerely very thankful. I wish to spread the word about K-anything. We can say that is my home away from home country. I'm just so excited to actually move there and become a move director/screenwriter/composer. Because I have a huge imagination I will post from now on some of my stories. They are nothing like The Biography of a Vampire, though. They are definitely more Korean sided. I also used Korean names and I hope they actually exist and I didn't make them up (lol). I want to make out of these stories, in the future, maybe new dramas. I do am stubborn enough to start and translate from English to Korean. Hell, I already started with a few of my lyrics. It's freaking haard, thank God for knowing latin. The grammar is alike. Anyway, here it is my first (ever) supposedly soon-to-be a script.

Flying Birds

Sometimes life is just messing around with us but [i]sometimes[/i] it just pushes over a limit and everything we know gets forgotten. The life changes its own course and we have to do it all over again. It might be a second chance or it might be a hint towards how we should change our destiny with our own hands.

In the silence and peacefulness of a December night, the snow was falling, the snowflakes’ dance continuing until they would fall down on clothes or on the ground. The streets were enlightened by the large Christmas lights and people were running around, looking for perfect gifts. The life looked so simple, so delicate…so wonderful. It might be ended in a blink of an eye, without letting you prepare for it.

“Someone, please call the ambulance!” The womanly shout got the attention of a few passers. So many words were spoken at once and so many were on their phones calling either police or the ambulance.

“How did it happen?” One viewer asked the woman who first shouted. She sighed while trying to stop the blood spilling out of the pretty large wound in her chest, though she had a big bump on her head too. The woman looked up to the people around, her eyes red from the tears.

“The car! It just came out of nowhere!” The woman looked down at the fragile girl. “I hope she gets out of it alive.” The red alerting lights and the sound of sirens got everybody to back off and leave the doctors save the girl.

Light, in the darkness? If I am in the dark what does that light stands for? Heaven? I was pretty sure before; that I have a seat already prepared in hell…Images of the accident came with full force into that abyss. The car, which was the light that was coming rapidly towards the shadowed figure, the yells of scared and worried men and women, the cold she felt when she became unconscious and in those memories just one word got her attention. Risa.

“Is she going to be alright?” There were voices speaking that made the girl’s head pound even more. She felt weak and something was missing. “Is it alright to have her here? She’s not Korean and you just came in with her.” That specifically voice was getting the girl annoyed. She wasn’t a thing to be tossed around.

“She saved an innocent life and we saved hers. I’m not sure how she will react when she will wake up but I know at least that she’s in good hands.” After that last sentence, the voices stopped indicating the end of the discussion. However before the men could leave, they heard a shuffling noise behind. She was waking up.

“Are you alright?” The man with a white gown patted her head kindly. The other one was wearing a suit and looked very businesslike. The girl just grunted and opened her eyes fully.

“I’m…weak. I have a headache and my stomach hurts.” The man in white gown, which logically was the doctor, smiled nicely to her.

“We will give you painkillers for that.” His expression changed fast into one of worry, though.

“Do you remember what happened?” The girl stirred. The images of the accident were still fresh. “I will tell you. You got into a car accident and got a concussion.” The girl raised slowly her hand to her head and massaged it.

“Do you know what your name is?” The other guy asked. The girl’s eyes were clouded by confusion. She raised a finger to her lip, trying to search for the information but it was in vain.
However, she remembered someone calling that name before she completely went unconscious. After an accident, stealing someone’s personality was painless.

“Ri-sa.”Both men looked curiously at the young patient. “Yes…Risa.” She looked up to them with wide brown eyes. You didn’t have to be a genius to know she was still a teenager. “Where am I, exactly?” The two got perplexed by the question. “You two don’t look European at all.” The doctor’s eyes widened slightly but got back to normal and glanced at the business man.

“Risa, you are in South Korea, more exactly Seoul. Right now, you speak hangeul.” She raised an eyebrow. “Do you realize what you’re saying?” She shook her head.

“No. My brain just started comprehending the first language I heard.” The doctor smiled slightly, a little bit relieved. “Is someone here for me?” It got silent again in the room.

“I will leave you two to talk.” The business man sighed while the doctor left the room. That’s when her eyes landed on the formal looking Korean man.

“Rissa…the truth is that after you got into the accident, there’s been an emergency in the hospital.” He started to get nervous. “My daughter is also a patient here. She needed blood while being in surgery and no one was compatible with her…” He stopped trying to see her expression.

“Except me.” He nodded. Maybe as a teenager she should have reacted badly but she seemed satisfied. “It’s alright.” She even smiled kindly, getting the same reaction from the older man. He grabbed her hands tightly and bowed. The girl stood there, simply watching.

“Thank you.” Her smile brightened and nodded her head in sign of appreciation. “Now, your situation is a little different. We don’t know anything about you and no one came in this whole month to check on you.” Her eyes seemed as the life suddenly disappeared. “I know it’s sudden but I will take care of you from now on.”

"What I Like About..." Seungri

On his respectful name, Lee Seung Hyun, is the maknae of the well known band, Big Bang. From what I've seen, he's one of the most evil maknae, together with Kyuhyun and Changmin. However, people don't consider him that extraordinary cute or things like that. In my point of view, Seungri reminds me of a young, fussy teenage boy who whenever he doesn't gets his toys, he makes a big fuss. He talks a lot and says just what he shouldn't, he doesn't seem respectful at all and he's always doing something stupid. Over all these imperfections, he does have good parts too. I like him a lot because he's not afraid to speak, even if it's something unrelated or illogical. He says whatever he wants and he's quite courageous maknae. Besides that, we have to recognize he's a talented artist.

I sincerely believe no one has the right to judge anyone and so, I won't judge him but I bet he's an easy subject to make fun of. He gives that vibe (through videos lol) of a guy who always has something to ramble or whine about. But it's so much fun to watch him and listen to his voice. He's really hard to get unseen and he's a remarkable member of Big Bang. Despite his age, I believe he would make an extraordinary business man. It's obvious he has brains. He's not stupid at all and he knows very well what he's doing. I don't think he thinks everything through but I bet anything Seungri wants, he, eventually, gets it. :D That cute face of his definitely hides something more grown up. That's what I, personally, believe.

luni, 21 mai 2012

"What I Like About..." Yusuke Yamamoto

In the first place, he's an awesome actor. I believe I have seen almost every movie he has been in. I recognize I started with Ouran High School Host Club series and he just seemed to be perfect as Tamaki. Childish, has a expressive face, those eyes of his...he's quite a nice fellow. Next was Hana Kimi. He wasn't in the leads but he was good enough as Taiki Kayashima. However, he seemed really weird while 'speaking' with the ghosts. Actually, the whole Hana Kimi series was weirdly entertaining. I enjoyed it a lot. From there, somehow, I stumbled upon Atashinchi no Danshi, where again, he freaked me out at first. He looked very...he had make up on. Even if he was supposed to be a model, he was afraid of women. His character, Masaru Ookura, was quite catchy though. Each character in that series had its respective problem and past issues. I believe that's what attracted me the most. Besides these dramas, I also wrote about Tumbling, where I got moved by the subject itself. Now, I'm still waiting for more episodes on Shaken Baby.

As an actor, I admire him very much. As a person, I haven't seen him in videos a lot (because most of them aren't translated and one Asian language is enough for now) but he seems to give it all. He's very passionate and funny. It's fun to watch him, even if he simply stands. He has that glint that simply gets you addicted to his roles. He seems to take a lot of different roles. I love that about him. But, in the end, each character has a revelation about his persona and about the subject in the drama which until now I have seen Yamamoto took roles which had strong stories behind. I love how he plays any role and does a almost perfect job at modelling it. Good job, Yusuke Yamamoto. But, there are some negative points too. In Shaken Baby I think he tries too much. He's not a perverted and it doesn't suit him that well. It's not that I don't enjoy seeing him be messy but it seems a little bit false. In Atashinchi no Danshi, again, I believe he tried at some points, a little too much. He does know how to cover his mistakes in acting but he's just 24 years old. He's still young and he does have a long way to go too. He's good but he can get better. We should all keep our eyes on him for a long time because we never know when he'll surprise us. ;)

Baby and I

Truthfully, I haven't wrote about a lot of movies and still have a long list to go at dramas. Adding to that, I like a lot of k/j-idols so there's going to be a long list. However, today I write about a movie I really like called Baby and I. Of course, though I swear I didn't know when I pushed play, it has Keun Suk ssi in the lead role.

The whole plot is about this 18 years old guy who ends up taking care of some unknown baby. Han Joon Su (Jang Keun Suk) is what we all call a smart ass, rebellious teenager. He doesn't obey anyone and does whatever he wants, be it at school or outside. One day, his parents, getting sick of his attitude, run away. He's completely alright with it and wants to have a party. While shopping, he's found (practically) by a kart which has a baby. There's also a letter with his name, high school and well...he has to take care of his supposed baby and of course, goes through a lot. Even if at the beginning he despises the little devil, he gets accustomed and started to act like...I think it would be wrong to say a dad because he definitely doesn't act like one. But he tries, at least. Another thing is that I laughed but cried at this movie too. Maybe cry is too much but it did touch me. Beyond the movie stands the idea of being a child taking care of a child. Reminds me of Taemin in Shinee's Hello Baby. However, that is actually a common thing in reality. A lot of young people forget what a condom is or simply don't use it because  why should they? It's uncomfortable and you can't enjoy it at its fullest. Who cares if there are risks, right? In the end, why should you care about the aftermath? Besides that, there's also a girl who falls in love (or has a crush) on Joon Su and helps him. Also, the baby wasn't his. That just shows that even though he seemed to be the troublemaker, he was responsible.

However, people do what they want and I'm not the one to judge anyone. The idea it's that, Keun Suk as a daddy is adorable :D Now, seriously speaking, having a child is hard so use condoms. No, that's not it. Baby and I is a mix of drama with comedy and it's quite enjoyable to watch. You should totally check it. :)

vineri, 18 mai 2012


Finally, I'm legal. I can do whatever I used to do until now, with more responsibility and I can get into jail...something doesn't seem that bright any more. Anyway, I still feel very happy!:) I also know today is Taeyang's birthday too...?and I believe Seto Koji...I feel proud...or should they be the ones to feel like that? :D However, Happy Birthday to these two artists. Yong Bae ssi is one of my favourites K-idols and Koji's one of my favourites Japanese actors, as I'm sure people have seen. But I swear, sometimes he's just one of the actors, I don't anticipate his dramas or movies. However, I do that to other actors when I remember...:D

joi, 17 mai 2012

Koizora (Sky of Love)

Even though it's an old drama, I found it recently and watched it. I have to stay I thought the whole plot sounds a little cliché and I could see myself not liking it, however, I did. It touched me to the point of crying my eyes out in front of the screen. I didn't know Seto Koji was in it until I looked closer at Hiro and found him very familiar. Anyway, the story is common but they way they make it happen is just beautiful. The actors made it all greater and the director had a strict idea in his or her head and transcended good the feelings.

The story, which I heard and read that it is true and real, is about this high school girl, Mika, who out of the blue is kissed by one of her classmates, Hiro. He stands out in the crowd because of his hair colour and piercing (which in real world is something quite common these days, where I live) and apparently, he's already dating someone. However, he breaks up with her and starts to date Mika. The two go through some awful times but their love comes through everything and they stick together, like a pure and decent couple. Unfortunately, the end is heartbreaking. I won't say how it ends because it would be a huge spoiler but I could feel my heart break and I cried lakes because of it. It's so sad but somehow, the drama (which has just 6 episodes) is so amazing. It makes you think and realise how meaningful someone's presence can become and how much of a difference it can make. The scenes and the comparison of life and nature is also real well done and it completes everything.

You should definitely give it a shot. 

From Powerful Vampire to Powerful Vampire

Stella didn’t care anymore about the stupid party. All she wanted to do was going somewhere peaceful where she could think. She went to the only place she ever felt at peace: the Firehole forest. It was night, dark, cold, and silent, like a scene from a horror movie. She didn’t walk much until she chose to stop and lay down. She closed her eyes and leaned on a tree.

“What am I going to do?” She mumbled not really awaiting for an answer. But there was someone else in the forest too except the vampire female. She opened her eyes to stare into big brown eyes. “I thought you went out to eat?” James shrugged and laid down, next to her.

“What’s on your mind?” She stared in front in the distance, expecting something to happen, someone to come and say the nightmare was over and that she could open her eyes and everything would be alright and normal.

“When I first found out I am a vampire I never imagined it will be so…” James raised an eyebrow, amused.

“Hard?” She shook her head.

“Tiring. There are so many questions and when I finally find the answers…I realize I know nothing.” She bent her head down and stared at her fidgeting hands. “Not even my life.” James glanced at the noble from the corner of the eye.

“Your life…huh. Some things are better unknown.” She sighed and looked at him.

“Who’s Matthew Gregory?” James’s head quirked up in a second and stared at her with slightly wide eyes. “So it’s true.” She trailed, getting up. The older vampire watched the girl as she started pacing around. “He exists.” She glanced at him and stopped. “My uncle.” James didn’t know what to say. He never met the younger Gregory. That family has always lived mysteriously, in the darkness of the night. Aaron was the only one who had the guts to marry, to have children with a human and then transform all of them.

“Your family has always been a mystery. There are stories about your father, good ones, and then…there is Matt. The younger Gregory brother, the rebel.” He got up too and chuckled. “Aaron was indeed a vampire, with everything a vampire is…but Matt is another story.” He grinned to Stella and flashed away.

“Great.” She mumbled rolling her eyes.

Back in the bar, Nate was still talking with Dana, surprisingly. The girl stopped asking weird questions for her own good and simply started to talk about normal, teenage topics. That, until Eric realized there is no Stella anymore.

“Nate!” The noble brother turned his head when he heard his name being called. “Have you seen Stella?” He shook his head and trailed his eyes to a troubled Dana. The other vampire sighed worriedly and trailed his eyes over his surroundings, hoping to catch a glimpse of the female. She wasn’t there.

“Hey!” Alex came slowly, a girl at his hand, a drink on the other. “Why so troubled?” Eric gave Alex a stern look, making the younger vampire rolls his eyes. “Well?” He asked Nate, knowing Eric enough to figure he just started to hyperventilate.

“He can’t find Stella and he freaks out.” Alex rolled his eyes.

“It’s not like she went on a killing spree.” Eric and Nate shut up, their eyes widening. Dana looked between the three vampires and slowly ditched her date. Alex stared at the other two vampires in front of him and in the next second, all three of them were running out the bar, each going where they thought she may be.

miercuri, 16 mai 2012

Skip Beat

Yay, I will talk about one of the dramas I have been looking forward to at the beginning of the year. It didn't disappoint and that because of the Taiwanese actress, who surprised me, Ivy Chen. I've seen the anime and the series was, well not like the anime entirely but close enough. At first, I recognize, I watched it because of Donghae and Siwon from Super Junior but after a few episodes I got swept off by Ivy's acting skills.

Everyone knows the subject. It's about Gong Xi (Ivy Chen) who gave up most of her life in order to support her childhood friend and romantic interest, Bu Po Shang ( Lee Donghae). After achieving his dream, he leaves Gong Xi behind and acts as if she's his servant. When she wakes up, finally, she seeks for revenge even if she has to enter the showbiz industry for that to happen. She gets in, eventually, and she meets Dun He Lian (Choi Siwon), a well known actor who's engrossed by her reason to become an actress. Throughout the plot Gong Xi shows her talent and slowly, forgets about revenge and concentrates on her dream. She has new possibilities and many doors open up. Eventually, Dun He Lian falls in love with her and Bu Po Shang realizes that he's not ready to give her up. That's the end of the series. It would've been nice if they would have continued. at least until 20 episodes but whatever.

The acting in it was very good. Siwon has some pretty skills there and I was impressed how stoic he could be. Of course, Ivy Chen was the big phenomenon in the drama. She portrayed Gong Xi in such a impressive way. She actually induced those feelings to me, as a viewer, and every time she would become disappointed or face hardship I really started to think about my own career, which will start after the Bacalaureat (the exam I have to take in order to finish high school). She did a great job in this drama. There are so many good points at her that it would take a lot to write. Bad points in this drama...aren't many. There was a skeleton and the director couldn't move away from it and I understood that. Possibilities were way too many but there are some rules when you make a series or movie. Anyway, I also liked Donghae's acting skills even though they weren't that obvious. I've seen him in It's Ok, Daddy's Daughter and it wasn't really something to comment about because it wasn't something to grab my attention and I was looking forward to see him in Skip Beat. He didn't disappoint but he didn't surprise either. I would like to see him in another drama, where he should have a harder role, before I can pronounce the verdict on him.

Anyway, I'm also very careful when it comes to music on dramas. This one has some good songs that give a really happy and dynamic feeling. It's not just a drama but also a comedy so it goes well together.

In the end, I liked Skip Beat and I watched it wholeheartedly and it always brought a smile on my face so I guarantee if you want to watch it or want to re-watch it then go ahead. :)

"What I Like About..." Kim Beom

Well, in one word, everything. He's one of those cute little Korean actors that you can't miss. He's an adorable man and every time I watch Boys Over Flower I feel like hugging the hell out of him. He just seems to be so easy to cuddle with? Alright, anyway, I don't really like being a fan girl so I usually don't see Korean idols or any known person as what they want to show or what they seem so most of the time I can't say yeah, that guy is like that or like this and blah blah. I watch them as any other fan but I try to see beyond the appearances.

In Kim Beom's case I've seen a prodigy kind of acting skills. His face attracts a lot of attention so he uses that as a nudge, we can say, but he doesn't seem to be that kind of person to brag about his achievements. It's obvious he worked since he was a child and it starts to show off. In Boys Over Flowers his character was a pompous rich young man who didn't seem to have a heart but when I watched the BTS I laughed my ass off. He's still at the beginning of his career, though. He has more to learn and he should look for more diverse roles. He can be a versatile actor, he just needs to challenge himself more. Anyway, I also saw The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry and I didn't really see a difference in roles. He's still a cute guy with a cute face, nothing phenomenal.

The role that made a some kind of difference in my view was in Padam Padam where, it was obviously a more mature role. He didn't have to show his toned body in my point of view because he was portraying a guardian angel. Fantastic or not, the role suited him and it gave him a bigger nudge towards a more active genre. I'm really looking forward to his career and I hope he will surprise with roles that get him out of the 'oh what an adorable guy with boyish smile' place he started from. I would actually see him in dramas with psychological subjects or even dramatic subjects but there's no need for clichés. You can give him a role of a rich man which doesn't really do anything for himself, the proud and bossy character but if you add more to it and shape the subject around something else than obvious things then he might really increase his skills and the rate of the drama. I don't know if people understand what I'm trying to say here but I expect more from him.

Anyway, I said I like everything about him as an actor so I should point out the good parts too. He's very talented and always brings up a smile on the viewer's face, be it girl or...woman. In Padam Padam he seemed so innocent, like a child in a man's body. He grew up from BOG and he should continue with it. I believe people have in view his looks more than his skills because that happens and I have ears and I have friends and they all talk about how sweet and dreamy he might be. I actually read in an interview that he's the type to stay in his place and doesn't attract attention on the street. He also said something about not attracting, in real life, a lot of pretty women. I think he was joking...I mean seriously...

luni, 14 mai 2012


Tumbling is one of the dramas who actually had a big impact on me. As a director/screenwriter wannabe I found the subject very catchy. What led me to this drama is...Yusuke Yamamoto. I first saw him in Ouran High School Host Club series and I thought he portrays a really authentic Tamaki. Next, I believe was Hana Kimi, and that role suited him well enough too and of course Atashinchi no Danshi, where I got a little freaked out in the beginning but after a few episodes, you kind of get the point of the subject.Anyway, in Tumbling he plays the role of a supposedly badass and evil guy who reeks havoc wherever he goes. He does play the role well, I was impressed by his acting, but I already had a different image in my head and they confronted and made a big mess. But the plot is really interesting.

One very big positive point at this drama is that it's not about love or anything cliché. There's just this bully type of guy who has to do some extra activity so he can pass. Nothing extraordinary here but he decides to get into the boys rhythmic gymnastic club (the reason being at first a girl) and he meets people who, eventually, have a huge impact on his life (which are just three). He changes, slowly but surely, and he becomes this trustworthy and beautiful person. There are a lot of situations they have to go through like a member of the group being homosexual or the personal life each wants to keep hidden. What I'm trying to say is that the subject is friendship. Where's friendship, there's trust, there's help, there's happiness and it will always exist, no matter what, because that's what true friends are for. A friend in need is a friend indeed, after all.

Anyway, Koji's role is the leader of the boys rhythmic gymnastic club and he lives his dream because of Azuma. They go through rough times and they are made fun of but each character has his own story, his own issues and it captivates you from the start. The tumbling world is quite difficult and each time I watch these actors do those moves I am amazed.

I don't think this drama has bad points, at least  from my perception over the subject. I do believe it moves fast but if they would have made it longer I guess viewers would've gotten bored. That's actually a bad point at Hana Kimi and OHSHC, where there was enough material to prolong the series at least three more episodes.