joi, 3 octombrie 2013


I love love love this song and the whole album! Kyung's got a solo! And it sounds really good!

Ahem, now...we all know this year we just went through BLOCKTOBER again. It totally worth the wait. Let's be serious. These boys had to go through so many scandals and controversies so they really deserve to be the top.

I love Be the Light because it talks about the hits they took and how they got up and walked over it as a team. That's very important and I am proud of them; they never stopped being a team. They just digested everything that had been thrown at them and simply endured the hardships. I guess they found the light now and they know for sure what they want from the future. They are prepared to take on the whole world and turn it upside down. I am glad there are artists like them. Most probably, that's the reason U-Kwon gets beaten up...or maybe it's just because he's the only one in a relationship? Or maybe not? I don't know but I don't really care either. The music is what matters and they have done so much and been through so much that they just deserve our sincere appreciation.

Very Good is insanely catchy. That song captivates even the non K-pop people. I gave it to a few friends who don't really have interest in Korea whatsoever and they liked it a lot. The tune sticks with you and it's really entertaining. The whole song makes you happier and brings a smile on your face. The video is really well done as well. They had a lot of fun making it and we have a lot of fun watching it. There are a lot of elements from other MV's from different companies and maybe they wanted to make a parody out of the idol-ish life in Korea or maybe they just had another plan. Anyway, the concept is pretty good. There were scandals about money so of course, they used them a lot. Raining with money dude! And they actually used that on their comeback stage too!It was AWESOME!

So, everything is pretty and red. I love their new MV's, their new album and their image (which didn't really change; they are our lovely, dorky, stupid motherfuckers and we all love them<3).

We're in Love

Take my hand
Close your eyes
Let your mind get blank
And slowly sway side to side

Let yourself fly
And trust me
I will never let go of you
So just trust me

And let's fly
To a better tomorrow
You and I
Let's leave behind the sorrow
I'm sure there is a place for us
A heaven brighter than any sun
Where our love will last forever

duminică, 29 septembrie 2013

Sasaeng Fans go Extreme

Ok so I tried to ignore everything that happened but now it's just too much. I know that a lot of fans talk about the recent events involving EXO's Baekhyun and sasaeng fans. It's pretty fucked up. I came to the conclusion that they are young, underage girls who seriously don't have a social life or a life whatsoever.

This is an article about some negative things sasaeng fans told Baekhyun. That's just fucked up. I am human, I know what a life in the music industry means and how hard it is to survive it and this type of friends just make it harder. I think it's been a long while since we have last seen an idol smiling happily to his fans. I'm pretty much a bitch and I will just share my thoughts in a way everyone can understand. I won't say that these girls are mentally ill or simply have grown an obsession that just goes over the edge. No. If we are to take it from a social view, there are many high schools in Korea where attendants are just girls or just boys. This may have something to do with the way these girls see the idols as Gods and not as normal people. When a girl just opens her eyes around her, the first thing she sees is the opposite genre. Boys can make girls go wild and I'm pretty sure the Korean middle schoolers don't even know what life is. Maybe it is my mentality that judges the in-box-thinking that some Koreans have but look where it gets you. So, in the end, these girls just got out from their shelves, just entered puberty and their hormones and minds just went crazy.

We all know that Koreans have quite a high standard when it comes to beauty. They label people from their outside beauty which brings us to the next, maybe, motive. Girls who are socially awkward are shy and don't have the courage to go and talk with teenage boys. Some boys aren't even interested in the nice genre. I think these girls just grew obsessed with the beauty of the idols. Sasaeng fans are drastic and fucked up mentally because they don't know what a man actually is, what a relationship is, what life is outside of their little safe bubbles. Psychologically talking, they never had a relationship but they grew ideal types of men based on what they saw on TV and in magazines. Being young, they just went with the flow and slowly reached a high level of immaturity and their minds just went from safe and normal to "I want that. I can because I want to"

Another point is the money. Some sasaeng fans developed a high interest in the band and how 'perfect' their images seem. Boys are boys all around the world. They have imperfections like any other human. They don't show their true personalities because, most probably, it wouldn't show perfectness anymore. It would show usual, young boys with boring or happy personalities and hobbies. In Korea, fans have more possibilities to buy merchandise at an acceptable price. Being young and in middle or high school, parents can't really say no and beat the crap out of them. My mother did that and I think I ended up good enough. You know how everywhere there are groupies? The people that follow their favorites artists and hope to get lucky, if you know what I mean. Well, they don't invade their personal space. They do everything between some kinds of limits. That's fine. But when you send creepy things or throw things at them in hope to actually hit them hard, then that just becomes harassment.

As a conclusion, sasaeng fans should stop being to possessive over whoever they like in the showbiz. I actually hope one day, someone will give them a lesson; make them feel exactly what they're doing. Would they like if I start to throw empty or full coke cans at them? Some may even end up with contusions so I believe not. When you like someone, you respect that person. When you become obsessed you forget who you are and just lose all sense of humanity you have. You have to respect yourself in order to respect someone else. Sasaeng fans don't because they never faced real life situations so they don't know what the fuck happens in the world.

Baekhyun's situation is just one of many. He got annoyed and embarrassed because his family couldn't enjoy his brother's wedding. It was a special event and they destroyed it. What's worse is that they don't even understand the bad they did. They just blame Baekhyun for ignoring them. Well no shit Sherlock, what did you want him to do? Applaud you? Kiss and hug? Not in this reality.

Remember when Jaejoong beat that sasaeng fan and she was like" do it on this side too!"? Well...I would have beaten the shit out of her and she would have ended in hospital. I'm not joking. It became extreme.

Of course, these are just my thoughts on this subject and I know that not every fan is like that. But really, in my country there is a quote that goes like this "Bataia e rupta din Rai" which translated means "Beating is taken from Heaven". This is what out parents used to say...after they beat us when we were bad children and acted like brats.

duminică, 22 septembrie 2013

Music to the Ears

I know that I have reviewed mostly K-pop songs but lately, I started to get bored of them. I guess my taste returns to rock and pop and normal american music. I still listen to Korean ballads since they are amazingly done but I do believe that's all.

So, the latest artists I have listened to a lot are:

John Newman. He's awesome. I love his songs and his style. He's not extremely hot, he doesn't use excessive make up and he composes. I love that at an artist. It's what makes his music more real. I didn't really look him up but from what I heard he's around 23 years old and he worked his way up all alone. He kind of knew what he wanted and he succeeded.

Katie Melua is a singer I always loved. Her voice sounds so soft and calming. It's a pleasure to listen to her songs. At first she used simple guitar and piano but now she uses orchestra too. I love that. Her newest album, Ketevan, is amazing and she definitely knows her way in the music industry. Besides her talent, she is beautiful. Her eyes are such an intense green and she's awesome.

The Script... well I love them. It's one of my favorite bands and that will never change. From the Man Who Can't Be Moved to Hall of Fame feat Will.I.Am, their style always brings inspiration to me. They don't just sing, they perform with such passion and their songs mean something. It's not meaningless music, it has a sense and a story behind. I often get touched by their songs. 


I recently searched for new albums and found One Republic's Native. I love the whole album. There is no song that doesn't mean something. They usually make easy songs when it comes to technique but the way they perform it and the final results always leave me speechless. Their lyrics are amazing and very inspirational for young adults. Counting Stars is the first track on the new album and I used the lyrics a lot of times in whatever I wrote or posts. In the end, they are right. We should stop counting money and start counting stars. 


Another artist that I like is Lana del Rey. I first listened to her songs when I heard she talked about Lady Gaga in Seems Legit and I actually like that song a lot. The truth kind of hurts huh?  But one song that really got me is Young and Beautiful. It has such a simple meaning but it runs so deep for women. In time, we get old and out beauty starts to fade away, slowly. But who loves you, will always love you, no matter what. 


So that's what I've been listening to these past few weeks and I'm pretty content lol. My life is stressful enough so I felt the need to listen some unique music. Of course, there's classical music, which I can't ignore, since that's what I do. Well, that was me rambling.

duminică, 1 septembrie 2013

여덟 번째 편지

Dear Anonymous,

I swore that I will never fall in love. I was scared that at some point I will become overwhelmed by emotions and unspoken words. I am old enough to experience this feeling and take responsibility of it but I never cared about it. I never thought that I will fall in love. Unfortunately, I did. I thought it may be just another crush but it became more each passing day. Now, I watch my reflection in the mirror and ask: What did I become? When did I change so much? Will I overcome the hardships of this love? Will I be able to take responsibility?  I do not know the answer but this love is slowly taking over my sanity. 

You know how people often say that love is blind? Well, my love is not. However, it is very subtle. I'm not romantic and I'm pretty complicated. I had often been tossed aside when I was getting too handful. I got so accustomed to that feeling. I guess I became strong because of it so how did I end up thinking so innocently? Now, the tables have been turned upside down. There's no war inside me but sometimes I am afraid that it's a war outside. A spiritual war where each side pulls the thin rope more and more. It gets tiring and sometimes I just want to give up but the other side pulls the rope and we get closer. However, we are never too close. I'm wondering for how long will I have to wait, if my feelings are shared equally. I have a  lot of questions and there is not enough time for answers. There is never enough time...

sâmbătă, 17 august 2013


So, this weeks was kind of intense. Firstly, because I have a lot of friends who are very excited for G-Dragon's comeback. It seems like the whole world gravitates around least for them. Also, tomorrow/today is his birthday and yeah...happy 25th birthday Kwon JiYong.

His comeback teaser already appeared and even though I'm definitely not a big fan (or a fan at all) of his, it sounds catchy and interesting.

Secondly, the whole week was very Seungri-ish because of his comeback. Because he's kind of my favorite, my friends just keep sending me news and well...everything he does on the social sites he has. At first I thought his album is about love but it seems is more about his ups and downs in his personal life. It seems there's been a lot of angst and disappointment in his romantic life. Anyway, his comeback teaser appeared too and it's +18. I'm almost 20 so I don't care but my underage friends definitely do because it's a little hard to watch it on YouTube.

Also, there are just 12 more days until Heechul (from Super Junior) will end his military service. It's been quite some time and I also miss him. He was awesome and incredibly sincere and just...a jerk sometimes. I love that. I'm very curious how the popularity of Super Junior will change when he returns because I bet it will. Heechul has that spark...I'm a fan of Heechul.

Also, something new...2NE1's comeback? It was pretty awesome and I like the band and I like Do You Love Me? but not that much. It didn't blow me away. However, Kang Seung Yoon did. He took the rock-ish sound and I like it. It's a break from the repetitive beats of K-Pop.

EXO Never Cease to Amaze Me

Practically, I just watched Chen and Baekhyun's duet on Immortal Song and even though I'm a huge fan of their voices and I know how strong their tone is, I still got goosebumps. Even though Baekhyun's face is kind of neutral throughout the song, he does show some emotions through singing. Chen has a powerful voice too and they are quite good. Yes. I liked it a lot.

Also, since I love the adorable Chanyeol, I also looked up for that acoustic version of 1-4-3(I love you). It's Henry's (from Super Junior M) song and Chanyeol just accompanies him on guitar. I love both of them because they actually have talent. But anyway, I would seriously just go and kidnap that adorableness called Park Chanyeol and keep him in my studio. Like seriously <3 Some guitar or drums would be great since I only play piano.

joi, 15 august 2013

Running Away

Just because I'm running away
Doesn't mean I will give up my dreams
I just need time to place my thoughts in order
I don't know whether I should love and get hurt
Or I should hurt and protect myself

I'm running away from life
I'm too scared to embrace it now
I don't know what hand to take 
And I don't know what hand to break

He Said

Pagini peste pagini
Sunt pline de imagini
Pe care am incercat
Sa le creez cu noi

Dar de fiecare data
Creez o alta fata
Nu stiu cum ma vezi
Nu stiu cum sa te vad

Ma blochez cand vine vorba de tine
Nu pot sa ma concentrez fara tine
Desi de multe ori imi creez iluzii si ma mint
Stiu ca tu esti acolo sa ma prinzi

Our Story Goes On

Even if it hurts
Even if it breaks me
Our story goes on
Be it together or separately

We have to move on
Even if I don't want to
There's nothing left to save
There's nothing left to hold onto

I'm sorry I wasn't what you wanted
Our story started coincidentally
It was fun while it lasted
But from now on each of us begins another story

It hurts that you leave
But it also hurts if you stay
There's a war between mind and heart
I'm afraid there's no mid way

luni, 22 iulie 2013

Music to the Ears (Infinite's Destiny)

OH SORRY! I forgot about Infinite's comeback. Stupid me. I'm really sorry Infinite. They came back with an awesomely incredible song. I don't like the sets in the MV but the song makes up for anything.

LEt's see...the video takes place somewhere in the legendary old country city where things seem made out of gold. Seriously. Those sets are impressive yet not really. I don't know. I have mixed feelings about the MV. IT's complicated to understand why some are kept into that city while Dongwoo has the freedom to drive a car around the desert. See? Maybe Myungsoo wanted too! The last car he drove was...rolling like a buffalo lol. Seriously..since The Chaser he didn't drive anymore! Not fair! Maybe Sungjong wanted too! It's manly!

Anyway, the song is pretty powerful. It has that piano and orchestra in the back that captivates you and sticks with you. I am impressed. The composer did  a good job. Really good. I like Sungjong's part, even tho it's small yet very nice. Sunggyu's voice is a well known fact so I don't really have to talk about it. Myungsoo looks really good like dude, really good. He starts the song while the others feel him up...I like his voice even tho I always wish he would have a lower voice. But I am content with him anyway.

Overall, the song is 100% better than the MV. I know there will appear another version but I don';t give a crap. I love the song and only the song. The dance seems pretty awesome too and the coordination and things, they are still one of the top bands as dancers. I like them and I like Destiny too. It sounds like a soundtrack too. Epic song this month...EPIC.

Music to the Ears (BEAST's Shadow)

The last one, because it's getting tiring, is Beast's comeback. The teaser didn't express much for me but the song is quite catchy and worth it. What impressed me in a way was the girl and the whole idea with the dark and light. Also, the design on the girl's face and body was also captivating. It all created something fantastic. The images are all dark and sinister, it gets you entirely into the song and its meaning.

Dongwon is my favorite yet, like always, he didn't sing much but he's still my favorite. I really like |Hyunseung's voice. It's kinda scratchy but really nice. It's higher than the others' and it's really cute. Anyway, Yoseob's voice is still really good and maybe the best out of them yet let's not say anything yet because the others didn't really show us their full potential. And God, look at his hands, HIS DAMN HANDS! You can see the veins and that is hot. But then again, I have something with hands so it may be just me.
 Anyway, the song grabs your attention instantly with "I'm Shadow" part...which is wrong grammatically but after so many years of listening to K-pop you get used to it. However, that is really catchy. Sometimes Hyunseung says it, sometimes Doojoon does but it sounds the same...but is good. I like it a lot.

Music to the Ears (Kim Hyun Joong's Unbreakable)

Another awesome song, because last week was full, is Kim Hyun Joong surprisingly awesome Unbreakable. I was surprised how good the song is and how well it was made. Maybe Jay Park had something to do with the coolness of it, who knows. I wasn't impressed by his abs and his body at all. I'm not a fan of his, I recognize. I seriously don't care what he does but this song is too cool to just pass it by.

The song is cool. It has some auto-tune that just change KHJ's voice slightly and make it sound like Seungri's, in my opinion. I did do an experiment with my eyes closed and I could swear it wasn't KHJ...but the song is awesome. It starts slowly but powerfully and the beats man! THOSE BEATS ARE CRAZY! And it's so unbreakable you know, the song means exactly what the lyrics say. The orchestra is just too good in the back and damn! I could listen to it forever! It sounds like something out of 300 or an epic movie!

The MV takes place in the same super large room but the things that happen there make it a million times better. The bull and that girl moving around. Everything looks like a big cult thing but with great effect and you can't blink! I love it. I may ramble too much but heck I love it! Jay Park's rap is just something that adds to the intense emotions of this song. It compliments everything. It's a surprisingly well done job KHJ. I'm impressed.

Music to the Ears (BAP's Hurricane)

Now, let's get back on the latest MV's. BAP came back with two songs, Coffee Shop, which is a ballad/jazzy song that may or may not become background music for actual coffee shops. It's calm and their voices sound sweet. There's no high vocal challenge in it which let other members like JongUp and Himchan feel more relaxed with their vocal abilities. It was concentrated on low ranges for baritones. It sounds good but not many people enjoy this kind of music and some just expected a fun song...which came last week.

BAP's Hurricane just set our roofs on fire, literally. Every member has his own spotlight moment. JongUp doesn't have many lines but they showed his dancing skills which balanced everything. Himchan has one line and that one became a classic. Our Loof is definitely on Fiyah now. It's so funny and Himchan-ish that you can't hide how happy it makes you. An, it's also amusing how his car doesn't have a roof...Also, I love how Himchan just drives around, being proud of his driving license and the others are walking around. YongGuk doesn't like it, I'm sure lol

So, the video is awesome, every member has his own moment, the vocal range is pretty high because Daehyun touches some high notes there and bravo for that. Zelo's hair makes him look like a sheep but let's get over it. That guy has swag in him. He was born for music and for the life of an idol. He's high quality and I love the kid. He developed so many skills and at such a young age! Let's take a moment and applaud his genius. YongGuk, too, has so many resources and so many talents to make something out of. They are awesome.

Music to the Ears (Henry's Trap)

A song that also attracted me this year was..and still is Henry's Trap. There are so many reasons why everyone should like this song and one of them is Henry's cute face. Besides that, my whole family absolutely loves this song. I'm not joking, my father listens to it, my mother does that too and she also likes Henry. Mom doesn't really like many Korean Idols. She thinks they are all too young to waste her still good looks on...

So, the thing that really got me into this song is the piano. It's obvious SM spent more on Henry's solo than on any other video of Super Junior and I applaud them for finally waking up. Since Henry didn't have a light on him until now, people didn't really like him or didn't care enough to glance at him. Well, now things have definitely changed. The light shines just upon him and his music abilities. He is very talented. He plays violin too and believe me, that's freaking hard to! Also, he has a pretty nice voice and he can hit some high notes when he wants. It's obvious how much work he went through and how much he trained to have a balance between singing, dancing and instruments. I do believe he had something to say in the making of his album. It sounds original and sweet. that's a good combination for him. Except the photos...they look so sexual...

Overall, SM did a good job letting Henry debut as a solo artist too. He makes lots of money and for who doesn't care about that, he makes good music, which is rare nowadays. I recommend wholeheartedly his album.

Music to the Ears (Junsu's Incredible!)

Back to INCREDIBLE, Junsu's comeback is just so awesome. My heart just started to beat a little bit faster when I hit the play button on YouTube...maybe. But his whole album is pretty good. His voice sounds smooth like always and most of his songs are that kind of Justin Timberlake-ish feel and rhythm. It may appear as a ballad album but it's not really. Incredible is not a ballad and Turn It Up is more like a sex song.

Um, well the video of Incredible is nice. I really like how normal it seems to see a Korean artist with Caucasian dancers. It just hits deep, you know. Most Korean companies have the same mentality when it comes to this. Like the dancers can be whatever but still, most of them are Koreans or maybe Chinese. That also applies for artists. I hate to give out bad news but if you go to Korea with thoughts of becoming an idol then you may as well just give up from now because Koreans have their own label/example they work with and Caucasian or Black people won't really make it on that least not yet. The future seems bright so let's keep a positive attitude. But back to Junsu, his company is different because I know it concentrates on America and yeah...

His song is incredible and that's all I have in mind except for the loof, but I will talk about that later. I think there is a plot hidden in the MV but from what I see, there's a pretty model who goes sasaeng on Junsu, making pictures, stalking and whatever. Surprisingly, because she is everywhere, Junsu takes notice and is more attentive to her. At some party he meets her and then they end up in a bed..where Junsu wants to scare her off...or get laid...but anyway there's finally a kiss scene! It's not an intense scene but it still is and that's something.

That man is so hot and cute and awesome and talented and there are so many adjectives for him but I think the best one is...BAMBAYA! so yeah...  

Best Rookies of 2013 (My Opinion)

I FUCKING FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL AND FINALLY CAN LEAVE FOR SEOUL!...even if that will happen on January 2nd...anyway, this year was INCREDIBLE! I love the comebacks of a few bands and singers and yes, Junsu is one of them, hence the incredible.

Let's see, my favorite is...I don't have one. These last few weeks have been so full of anticipation and excitement! It's just too much, you know. It's so hard to keep up with everything that's going on in the Korean music industry.

Anyway, it seems that people finally figured what music is about with the best rookies of 2013, in my opinion and everyone else's actually, BTS aka Bangtan Boys. They came out with No More Dream which shook the fandoms because let's admit, it doesn't matter who's fan you say you are devoted to, you must like one of the underage kids form Bangtan.

I love these guys especially for their music and their talent at making it themselves. It has beats that captivates you and let's be honest, there's an eargasm every time you listen to No More Dream or We Are BulletProof Part 2. The second single is amazing. My friends were are going crazy over it when I didn't even know what was happening and I was a little meh. But damn, after I listened it by some tiny coincidence it blew my ears off. It's somehow intense and there's a lot of rhythm changing yet it sounds really good.

About the members, who are mostly underage, I love them. For me, Rap Monster is just amazing. He is about my age and he gives that Zico-ish flow. So yes, he is one hell of a rapper and many other things. Also, for me and my friends, Jin is also a real hottie. Well he's my bias mostly because he is weird and he's a 92'er. I like boys who are born in 90' and 92' which are most of my biases. Anyway, V looks like Baekhyun from EXO a lot. I do suspect he is the BaekYeol child..and I'm not even joking. Also what I like at this band is that they are still very young yet they already put their print on the Korean music industry and it is at a pretty high level, if we think about it. They placed themselves up there and they are still rookies. Kind of like BAP but their style is somewhere like a mix of Block B and BAP...which is perfection in my opinion.

Let's stop for a moment and admire these awesome kids and their talent ;)

sâmbătă, 30 martie 2013

A Million Lights

“They left us alone” Indeed, after they shared life stories and joked around, Mizuki left with Chris and so, the two subjects remained all alone in front of the restaurant. “That little-“ Nao stopped swearing at his friend when he realized there was no petite figure next to him any more. She started to walk towards the park where the blind date started.

“So your name is Anna.” They were the only souls on that path, walking beside each other, lost into the surroundings. “Nana-Anna- nice word game. Who would have thought I had such a big impact on your life” He continued, trying to liven up the mood. He wasn’t that type of guy who could keep his mouth shut and truthfully, she wasn’t either. They had so much to tell each other and it seems as if there wasn’t enough time. Thinking that they may not meet again after that night, she chose to take the initiative.

“Actually, I never thought I will be haunted by a guy I met coincidentally one day for 4 years.” Even if she spoke easily, the impact on him was huge. He stopped and frowned. The place the two faced each other more seriously just happened to be a small decorative bridge from the central park.

 “Fate is seriously messing with me” She whispered, seeing the situation she was into and where it was taking place.

“I didn’t tell you to give up on anything” He started again while walking closer to her. She didn’t react. “You asked me what happens when you change the reason to keep living. I was foolish when I told you to give yourself into the wind and let yourself be taken by it. It takes you nowhere” Anna’s eyes were staring into Nao’s soul, he could feel it. Her green orbs were reading him like an open book.

“Nao,” His head was bent since her stare was too much to bear. “I’ve been asked what I will do when I will meet you again. Everyone knew for sure that it was inevitable, everyone except me. I was scared to meet you again, I was scared how big of an impact you will have on me this time,” She slowly closed the distance between them. When she was right in front of him, she turned to the left and let herself be submerged into the scenery.

“I-“She interrupted him instantly.

“I don’t regret anything. I don’t regret meeting you, sleeping with you, listening to you. That day was the best day of my life. I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t like that. We were complete strangers; complete opposites and we knew it was the beginning of the end.” She sighed and bit her lips, trying to find the right way to explain her feelings. “It wasn’t what you said that haunted me, it was you” In that moment, Nao’s head raised instantly. He realized she moved her green orbs on him. He couldn’t read her; that fact certainly didn’t change. But, he was intrigued by her point of view over that one day.

“I want you to know…I-“He wasn’t sure if he could voice his thoughts as well as her but he knew he had to show her. He leaned towards her, his eyes never leaving hers. She didn’t move, which he took a sign to continue. Their lips touched and they both felt the attraction, the blood rushing through their veins, the electricity slipping from one body to the other. It was intense but at the same time, it wasn’t.

They remained looking into each other’s eyes in silence. It looked beautiful from the outside. Their bodies were illuminated by the buildings around the park and the place itself was romantic. But, looking closer, they were two people who didn’t know what they wanted from themselves and from the other. They weren’t in love but fate just didn’t want to give up.

Music to the Ears (U-KISS' Standing Still)

The third video which got me tangled is U-Kiss'. Even if I do think the company really didn't want to give enough sponsorship for the video. It's in an abandoned place for God's sake. AGAIN!

So, the song is good. It's really catchy, mostly the chorus where I love how Kevin's English sounds. So sexy, damn. Anyway, I love how Eli looks. It's more rebellious  But I have to talk about the melody first. It's one good piece. It has a lot of passages that stuck in your head, the beginning being one of them. The English is well spoken and there are some, two, american accents which we all love. Also, it does make sense! Yeah.

What got me thinking hard is the video. Firstly, what the heck is the role of that girl? She appears here and there in the warehouse and has one scene which got cut and different pieces have been placed in different parts of the video. They don't make any sense. Of course the songs talks about a girl and whatever but seriously? At least she should have had some intercourse with one of the guys. It just seems like her scenes have been put there like a side note or something. The guys look good. Very very good if you understand me. I like the dance a hell lot. I've been watching it closely for a while now and I just want to learn it already!


Music to the Ears (Lee Hi's Rose)

Another song that got me tangled into its sound is Lee Hi's Rose. It sounds so unique and beautiful. I admire YG's effort to make great songs for her because she is a good asset.

The songs itself is amazing. The lyrics mean much more than I imagined. She;s right. Every rose has its thorns. I do believe the songs is about failed relationships and since I'm single it doesn't have the same deep meaning for me, however I still love it. Her voice makes everything much better, like always. She's awesome and has some awesome vocal technique and training.

The video is even better. Artistic and unique are the only words to describe it. The background is white for most shots and the different spots of red, of writing, of colour overall is fantastic. The concept is also amazing and they really put a lot of thought into it! I swear it's one of my favourites.

Not many words for Lee Hi's song because most of her work leaves me speechless. I love listening to her and I like her as an artist. However, it would be indeed much better if she could learn how to have a more active presence on scene and even on MV's. She should learn how to act a little. In It's Over I thought she just...couldn't get more blank than she already yeah...

Music to the Ears (Infinite's Man in Love)

Alright, I haven't been on here for a while. Long time actually. Sorry. I'm getting very very busy with my final exams and enrolling into university. I have a lot to talk about actually but I will just take it slowly.

Firstly, I saw how enthusiastic my friends got over the new Infinite MV. Truthfully, they kind of got to me too. SungJong is really cute. However, the song is pretty good. It sounds like Infinite, some parts practically have familiar sounds (from The Chaser, for example, at the beginning and before the chorus) and I find it weird that a lot of fans didn't necessarily like it. Even I liked it and I'm not a real fan of them. I like the chorus a hell lot. It sounds nice and has a different ring to it that gets you addicted to the song. That is the point of the chorus so good job there! I'm a bitch most of the time and I'm hard to please when it comes to music but Man in Love sounds good.

The video is another story. It's so creepy and you hardly understand who they are in love with. From my point of view, and a few friends', it looks like each have a relationship with another. Let's take, for example, SungJong. He's preparing to go on a date. Hoya is looking for clothes too. The result? They have a date with EACH OTHER! And Sungyeol is cooking for MyungSoo. That's why L is so attached to his phone. See? It makes sense...almost. Meh

But the MV is cute and I can't get enough of their cuteness. I like the song. I'm actually getting dragged into being a veridical fan...neah. But still, Man in Love is nice.

joi, 7 martie 2013

The Date

“I guess you look acceptable…” Mizuki eyed Anna from head to toe from the second she came into view. She wore a black sleeveless dress, complimenting her long legs and her collarbone. Over it she had a thin shawl. She had a light touch of grey and dark blue make-upt which highlighted her eyes. Also, since she wasn’t a fan of high heels, she chose a pair of long black boots with shorter heels. She didn’t look as fancy as Mizuki wanted but she was pretty.

“I wasn’t going to dress for a wedding. From your voice mails I realized you will do that but here you are, wearing pants, high heels and a sleeveless shirt.” The older woman scoffed and crossed her arms in front of her chest. Anna smirked and playfully pushed her friend.

“I got a call from Chris before you came. He said your partner had a few problems to take care of so they may be a little late” Anna rolled her eyes and scoffed. The motion didn’t go unnoticed by Mizuki who slapped her friend’s arm.

“Anyway, Takeshi called me yesterday. He wants us to hang out like old days”

“I know. I also know that won’t happen soon because of our schedules.” Mizuki nodded sadly. It was mostly her fault because she was the busy surgeon. It was hard enough to have that night off and she didn’t know when she will have another chance at freedom.

“Oh, I heard your book gets adapted into a movie. I also heard some hot actors will play in it.” She moved her eyebrows up and down, having what Anna would have called ‘starry eyes’.  “Call me if you scratch your knee on the set.” She nudged the younger woman. Anna started to laugh. Why would she scratch her knee on the set? She was practically just watching everything roll and give adjustments when needed.

While starting to get caught into her own world, Mizuki caught sight of the two awaited men. She inspected them from afar. There was a guy who looked to be around her age with light brown hair, styled in a certain way, dressed quite fashionably and his friend who wasn’t dressed to impress but didn’t look bad either. He was taller than the first one and he seemed to be 100% Japanese. She figured that probably the fashionable one was her date while the one who didn’t seem to have put much effort into his looks was his friend.

“Anna” She whispered when she saw how close they were. Since the brunette didn’t respond, and was actually facing other way, Mizuki pinched her. When she turned, the Japanese woman pointed with her head towards the two males. For a moment Anna didn’t seem very interested but when the boys stopped in front of them, she felt how her breath had just been taken away. Her eyes widened a little and for a second she stared intently at him. Faster than she imagined, she turned her eyes away and tried to avoid looking at him.

On the other side, the taller man got equally surprised. His eyes didn’t widen but he gasped, even though it was unnoticeable. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked different, grown up actually, but she had the same wandering green eyes, the same petite figure and the same superior demeanour around her.

“Sorry we were late. This guy here had to run off somewhere just a few hours before the date. He returned right on time, though.” Mizuki was already swiped off by her date. That man seemed perfect from every angle and he had a boyish smile planted on his face. “By the way,” His eyes traveled to Anna who was trying really hard to keep her eyes on the younger male. “I’m Chris, 25 years old bachelor” He bowed cutely and smiled towards the unknown person. “This is my friend, Nao.” He nudged his friend, even though the reaction was very small. “He’s a great photographer; even got awards for his projects!” The sentence was obviously addressed to Anna because he was going to be her date and had to look impressive.

“I’m Mizuki, awesome surgeon” She also bowed towards both guys, politely. “This is Anna. She’s also a great writer.” Anna smiled nervously to Chris but as fast as it came, it disappeared.   

The way to the restaurant was horrible and awkward for both subjects. When he wasn’t stealing glances at her, she would. When Mizuki or Chris would try getting them to talk about random subjects, they would respond fast and with limited words. Chris was mostly talking with Mizuki and was walking besides her, so Anna and Nao were the ones left behind, walking in synch. They didn’t utter a word the whole time and even after arriving at the restaurant, they would be silent. Even though she tried not to care, Nao’s stares were very strong. He would watch her do anything, even ignoring him.  For him, seeing her again meant more than she would have thought.

“So, Anna” Chris saw how awkward his friend was acting and he was surprised he didn’t take the initiative yet, like he would had on other dates. He was silent and would watch the petite woman intently. He had never seen Nao like that so he wanted to know what was so special about that mere writer. “I heard from Mizuki that you actually finished business and management. How come you ended up as a writer?” Anna’s eyes didn’t move nor sparkle. She didn’t care at that moment about Mizuki or Mizuki’s date. The only important thought she had was how cruel life just became for her.

“I made a deal with my parents when I was young. As long as I will give a shot they will support me through a business career. However,” Her eyes slowly travelled to Nao, who surprisingly had his head bent down, his eyes set on his uninteresting and empty plate. “Throughout years I realized I lost my will to inherit the family business so I gave up.” Chris nodded, analyzing in his head the new acquired information.

“And what about your relationship now? I mean, with your parents.”  Anna chuckled and started to play with the fork, making circles on the napkin.

“I gave up on the life of young and rich. I took it from the bottom, like everyone else. The only income was working part time, back then. Now, I am a full time writer and my life stabilized.” She didn’t take her eyes from the napkin. It wasn’t a sad story; it wasn’t like she didn’t know what she was getting into. She didn’t want that rich bachelor’s pity. She was a grown up adult who had every right to do anything she wanted as long as it was for her own good.  

However, even if in her point of view, she was pretty accomplished with the path she chose, Nao wasn’t. He lived that kind of life before, where he would walk aimlessly, looking for a job or for a reason to keep going. He knew she was rich from her attitude but it seemed as if she kept that superiority even after 4 years. Truthfully, he blamed himself. They met when she wasn’t sure what she should do in life and he just nudged her towards a choice that practically ruined her.

“But it’s fine. The first year was difficult, I won’t lie,” She chuckled while remembering how many silly mistakes she used to make. However, that wasn't the climax of her feelings. “I was all alone…” She mumbled, trying to sound as soft as possible so no one would be able to hear.

“What about Nao-kun?” Mizuki was trying her best to keep the conversation going or at least make the two talk with each other. It wasn't going very well. Nao was either shy or not interested whatsoever in Anna. She came to the assumption that maybe they were completely different and didn't like each other at all. With all these thoughts running through her head, in the moment Nao started to talk Mizuki could swear she wanted to slap both subjects hard.

“I started as a freelancer but now I have stable connections. As a photographer I'm always on the run.” He smiled, annoyingly cutely, at Mizuki and continued. “I met a lot of different people and I can’t say I am able to stay somewhere more than a few weeks.”

“ I've seen that…” Anna’s mumble didn't go unnoticed by Nao. His attention was concentrated on her the whole time. He didn't care what Mizuki thought about him as long as afterwards, he could talk with Anna.

“Nao is-how can I explain it- very difficult.” Chris continued, using his hands to describe his friend. He was very suggestive. “He tried to have relationships before, or at least I tried to get him to, but he’s always completely parallel.” The defendant chuckled softly, trying to make it all go away by shaking his head. It didn't work. Chris started to establish Nao’s past relationships which were a nightmare for him but Anna found it quite funny. She would laugh and would actually show more than one facial expression.

“At least you’re enjoying yourself…” This time, he mumbled, while shifting in his seat. He didn't seem to care if she heard, moreover, the complaint was towards her and it didn't go unnoticed. She laughed it off as if nothing happened, but for the first time that night, her eyes sparkled.

vineri, 22 februarie 2013


So spring will come week more exactly. I'm really excited. Usually, on March 1st I just come back to life. I go often to school and have a new and more positive perspective over everything. I get very optimistic when it's warm outside. But, I'm kind of forever alone so here are my feelings. Like, I know there are a lot of people I can talk to and I do have fun wherever I go but when you see all the couples around, suffocating each other with love (like this morning when I went to school and two people were all lovey dovey in the subway) kind of start to piss me off.

marți, 12 februarie 2013

Music to the Ears (BAP's One Shot)

I don;t have enough words to describe how amazingly done is this MV made! IT's so awesome how they have an actual plot and how everything actually does make sense! IT has to be one of my favourites K-pop videos of all time! It's all so bad ass, they're aiming to get their friend back and in some way they do, but on the other side they don;t. I don't make much sense, huh?

Let's analyse the video. Firstly, each member has something he's really good at. For example, Himchan is really good at fixing cars, which seems legit since he's the only one in BAP with a  soon- to- be-legal driver license. Also, Yong Guk kind of makes the whole plan. At first, they appear on a boat where they look like real bosses. They party, they have alcohol, they have girls and they have grapes, in Zelo's case who's still under-age but who cares any more! In the end, age is just a number and jail is just a room. Then out of nowhere some random guy comes and hits Jong Up in the head. That's not all, some bad ass guys kidnap Young Jae and want money instead. It actually makes sense, right? Well, since they don't have any, the whole band goes and steals it and also, they get some guns. This part is a little bit funny because of Daehyun. He has such a kind face even though he has to be bad. It's impossible for him and Jong Up to look even close to being Mafia guys. They are so cute and squish able. Anyway, in the end they get the money and they're ready to make the change. Now, there are two plans. Plan A is getting killed. Now, I'm sure it's not just me who thinks it was overreacted a little. They're expressions are really funny and the whole scene is fun to watch. They tried but acting is not their forte point. Even so, Yong Guk did a good job. Anyway, they get all killed, everywhere are corpses and it ends. Plan B is getting caught by the police. Actually, when I saw how it ended at first I thought it was pretty awesome but when I saw how it all moves backwards and the whole scene is repeated and has a different ending, I was surprised. I bet no one saw that coming. Young Jae being a cop working undercover and catching them in action. That was definitely something different.

Overall, the MV is amazing. It worth the wait and it worth the money they invested in it. The song is exactly what BAP means. Bad ass boys dancing powerfully, having no mercy on our hearts and be the warriors they started as. Saw what I did there? These songs are the essence of BAP and One Shot is one amazing single.

duminică, 10 februarie 2013

Music to the Ears - 렌

I love this guy! He's so talented and I'm stupid for finding him so late. His songs around internet are impossible to find. I listen to most of his stuff on YouTube. He's a piano composer, like I'm working on to be which means he composes for piano. He's awesome and his songs inspire me a lot. They're not hard at all but they're full of emotion and his voices makes it all better. I'm kind of hoping I'll be able to compose simple and meaningful ballads too but being a classical piano player I kind of get stuck with trying to compose harder songs. But his are so beautiful.

Here, check this one out. It's one of my favourites


On her way back home, Anna started to question the business she got herself into. She didn't know if she was ready for another ‘one day’ experience and the last time she felt her heart beating faster than normally, she realized it was nothing but an affair. On the other side, she couldn't resist the temptation of the offered chance. She may as well enjoy the time with a man, since she hadn't been around an unknown acquaintance for so long. It was somewhat exciting and she couldn't keep her lips from curving slightly into a grimace.

“In the end, how bad can it get?” She whispered into the wind.

The bright light of the next morning got through the curtains inside the silent apartment, and woke the small brunette up from her slumber. She opened one eye, blinded by the brightness of the sun rays. It was uncommon for her to wake in such an environment since London’s sky was usually occupied with big, fluffy and dark clouds.

After groggily getting out of the bed and doing her morning routine, Anna walked into the kitchen, one hand rubbing her tummy while one hand was going through her already messy hair. She was ready to open the fridge when she heard her phone ringing loudly from the living room.  She didn't feel like walking a few steps towards the coffee table, the distance seemed too long in that moment, so she ignored the continuously ringing and opened the fridge. When she closed the door, she had the cartoon of milk held into the right hand; the left one was hardly stretching its fingers enough for the pack of cheese, bacon and eggs while between her teeth was hardly held the pack of cookies.

The ringing did stop at one point but it started to beep crazily signalling a few new voice mails. All of them were from Mizuki, telling her friend to dress normally but at the same time to be formal because they were going to meet people with high standards. She rolled her eyes at each detail Mizuki started to speak about and each voice mail had something added to the last. At some point, after finishing her breakfast, her phone rang again. Anna was annoyed by how her nice morning turned into announcements over announcements. She was sick of hearing how to dress and how to act, what to say and when to shut up. She was a grown up 25 years old woman, she knew what she had to do. She grabbed the phone and without looking at the caller ID, she responded.

“I don’t want to hear any more about how you want me to behave. Can’t you just worry about yourself?” The tone she used was calm but sounded very strict and cold. The person on the other side frowned.

“Did I say something yesterday?” The caller wasn't Mizuki which meant Anna just embarrassed herself. She didn't speak for a few seconds, taking the time to actually realize who she was talking with. It was her manager.

“ I'm sorry. I thought it’s someone else. I'm really sorry I snapped at you, Sato san.” The man didn't seem very affected by her apology but then, he didn't really get mad.

“Whatever” His response didn't scare or worry the woman. She seemed to calm down and breathe in deeply so she could focus on the conversation at hand. “Today it would be really nice if you could come and meet the staff. They are working on a plan to start working on the movie and I'm sure you will want to be there.”

“Is it optional? Do I really need to come?”

“Yes.” The answer of the manager was short and objective and that was how the conversation continued. He gave her instructions where to go and hung up in a hurry. She groaned, already feeling tired and fell on the couch.

The day progressed weird, in her point of view. She dressed and even read a few passages in the book that she pointed with red. Those were details which had to be included into the movie no matter what.

When she arrived at the studios, there was so much going on, so many people running from one side to the other that she could swear she was back in London at the publishing company. She slipped through the numerous busy humans and hardly reached a door when someone pulled her behind a curtain. From the moment she had been crushed into a tight hug, she knew who kidnapped her.

“Takeshi… we've seen each other a few days ago. I know you miss me but I can’t breathe” The man sighed, discovered. He let her go and messed her hair.

Looking around, she realized he probably pulled her into one of the changing rooms. It had clothes scattered everywhere as well as make up kits and four big tables where the make-up artists and hairstylists were doing their jobs.    

“So I guess you aren't a hotshot designer yet” Takeshi smiled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. He had a purpose in life but he enjoyed meeting and talking to famous people too, even though he was just a mere designer for television shows. “Does that mean you are part of the staff I have to meet today?” He raised an eyebrow, a little uncertain. He was indeed working on the set but he was more surprised that she actually took the time to visit.

“I am. You will meet a lot of people, you know. The hairstylists, the camera men, the light men, the director, the producer, etcetera, etcetera.” At his last words, he made a sign with his hand. She wasn't interested to meet the workers but she was curious to meet the actors and the director personally.

For the few hours she spent walking around with Takeshi, she indeed met a lot of people he knew but she also met, quite coincidentally, the director.

“You have to be Anna! I'm so happy to meet you!” He bowed, politely but somehow she couldn't She had the upper hand because she wrote the plot of his movie and that made her feel superior. “ I'm sorry but our principle actors have been held by their early schedules and couldn't make it.” The curiosity she held until then disappeared fast. She didn't care about anything but the actors. She wanted to know more about their personalities and chemistry. It was a must to have the right chemistry between them, like she had with that man.

"Then, how will I be able to see how they interact?" The older man rubbed his chin thoughtfully. He knew how important her word was for his movie since she could retreat her approval any time. That would have made everything troublesome. He also saw how she didn't hold any spark into her eyes, which made him directly think how unimpressed she was. It was just too bad that the principle actors couldn't make it and she didn't know what her role was any more.

"Firstly, there are a few things we have to discuss regarding the script. Watanabe-san has a few questions for you and I'm sure they will degenerate into a whole process. I wanted you to get familiar with everything but we'll just have to start with the hard things." He smiled, that time with more confidence and formality. He was going to be a hard man to handle, she was sure of that.

For about three hours, the director and scriptwriter looked over Anna’s notes and came to the conclusion that she should participate to every meeting held. Her ideas were more realistic than the original script so the director chose to let her make changes where they were needed. It was already six o'clock when she finished her schedule and panicked when she realized she was expected to meet Mizuki in an hour. She pushed the corrected script into the small bag and rushed out the door.

Fate is quite surprising because when she stepped outside the studio, a pair of masculine red converses walked out of the same place. They passed each other but nothing happened. They were so engrossed into their own thoughts that the world around them wasn’t important. They had just one purpose: to meet their friends for a double blind date.