sâmbătă, 17 august 2013


So, this weeks was kind of intense. Firstly, because I have a lot of friends who are very excited for G-Dragon's comeback. It seems like the whole world gravitates around that...at least for them. Also, tomorrow/today is his birthday and yeah...happy 25th birthday Kwon JiYong.

His comeback teaser already appeared and even though I'm definitely not a big fan (or a fan at all) of his, it sounds catchy and interesting.

Secondly, the whole week was very Seungri-ish because of his comeback. Because he's kind of my favorite, my friends just keep sending me news and well...everything he does on the social sites he has. At first I thought his album is about love but it seems is more about his ups and downs in his personal life. It seems there's been a lot of angst and disappointment in his romantic life. Anyway, his comeback teaser appeared too and it's +18. I'm almost 20 so I don't care but my underage friends definitely do because it's a little hard to watch it on YouTube.

Also, there are just 12 more days until Heechul (from Super Junior) will end his military service. It's been quite some time and I also miss him. He was awesome and incredibly sincere and just...a jerk sometimes. I love that. I'm very curious how the popularity of Super Junior will change when he returns because I bet it will. Heechul has that spark...I'm a fan of Heechul.

Also, something new...2NE1's comeback? It was pretty awesome and I like the band and I like Do You Love Me? but not that much. It didn't blow me away. However, Kang Seung Yoon did. He took the rock-ish sound and I like it. It's a break from the repetitive beats of K-Pop.

EXO Never Cease to Amaze Me

Practically, I just watched Chen and Baekhyun's duet on Immortal Song and even though I'm a huge fan of their voices and I know how strong their tone is, I still got goosebumps. Even though Baekhyun's face is kind of neutral throughout the song, he does show some emotions through singing. Chen has a powerful voice too and they are quite good. Yes. I liked it a lot.

Also, since I love the adorable Chanyeol, I also looked up for that acoustic version of 1-4-3(I love you). It's Henry's (from Super Junior M) song and Chanyeol just accompanies him on guitar. I love both of them because they actually have talent. But anyway, I would seriously just go and kidnap that adorableness called Park Chanyeol and keep him in my studio. Like seriously <3 Some guitar or drums would be great since I only play piano.

joi, 15 august 2013

Running Away

Just because I'm running away
Doesn't mean I will give up my dreams
I just need time to place my thoughts in order
I don't know whether I should love and get hurt
Or I should hurt and protect myself

I'm running away from life
I'm too scared to embrace it now
I don't know what hand to take 
And I don't know what hand to break

He Said

Pagini peste pagini
Sunt pline de imagini
Pe care am incercat
Sa le creez cu noi

Dar de fiecare data
Creez o alta fata
Nu stiu cum ma vezi
Nu stiu cum sa te vad

Ma blochez cand vine vorba de tine
Nu pot sa ma concentrez fara tine
Desi de multe ori imi creez iluzii si ma mint
Stiu ca tu esti acolo sa ma prinzi

Our Story Goes On

Even if it hurts
Even if it breaks me
Our story goes on
Be it together or separately

We have to move on
Even if I don't want to
There's nothing left to save
There's nothing left to hold onto

I'm sorry I wasn't what you wanted
Our story started coincidentally
It was fun while it lasted
But from now on each of us begins another story

It hurts that you leave
But it also hurts if you stay
There's a war between mind and heart
I'm afraid there's no mid way