vineri, 24 februarie 2012

A New Beginning

“She can resist blood…but for how long…” He mumbled to himself. While still thinking he didn’t feel Eric coming over. He kneeled to Alex’s level, who was leaning on a tree, one knee up. Eric looked closely at the vampire. Hypnotizing blue eyes, messy hair, playful personality. In Eric’s eyes, Alex was one typical vampire, he had everything: smug, flirty, charming, dangerous, dark and evil but not entirely. He got up and started walking to Stella’s house. On the way, Eric started to remember how Alex waltzed into his house a few nights ago.

It was late at night, past midnight and Eric was still watching TV in his room. His uncle, who’s also a vampire, was downstairs having a drink. James Arche, he choose to keep his name, no matter what people thought. He was one hot brunette vampire and he was acting like one but he had a mature self too. Eric was enjoying his time home, even if his mind would sometimes wonder to Stella. He couldn’t believe that girl is the actual young vampire he fell in love with and broke her heart. One gust of wind broke his thoughts. It was coming from the opened balcony. It was weird but he didn’t care much. He got up and closed the doors. When he turned around to go back to bed he came face to face with a dangerously looking vampire. It was clear, though, that this vampire was younger than him but still, powerful. His eyes weren’t red, they were an interesting icy blue. The feeling Eric got wasn’t a positive one for sure.

“Eric Arche…I’ve always wanted to meet you.” The stranger started circling the older vampire. “You don’t look different at all…” The blue eyed vampire narrowed his eyes at Eric and got close to him. “But this doesn’t mean your ways have changed.” Eric didn’t flinch and this annoyed the other vampire. His eyes changed to red and he punched Eric hard, knocking him over the bed and into the wall. The stranger smirked and sighed contently. “Now I feel much better.” Eric glared at him.

“Who the hell are you?” The vampire rolled his eyes playfully and smirked.

“Aw. You don’t remember me, of course. We haven’t met before.” Eric got up slowly, impressed by the force he had been punched. “I’m…the ‘human’” The blue eyed bloodsucker raised his eyebrows and raised his hands, pointing out the quotation marks. Eric looked confused. The truth was that, he never talked with anyone about Stella’s friends, not even with her. Seeing Eric’s expression, the younger vampire sighed. However, he didn’t have time to continue his introduction. James entered the room, looking as he had a headache.

“Eric, where are my…” He stopped when he saw Eric on a chair, a little blood on his lip and a little sore and the mysterious vampire. “Oh…you.” The bloodsucker raised an eyebrow amused and smirked.

“Oh, me. You don’t look too important. Do I know you?” James shook his head and entered fully into the room. He leaned on the door and sighed.

“You’re Alexander Smith…” He mumbled loud enough for both vampires to hear.

“I know this, you know this and now Eric, here, found out. Now, your turn.” Alex was clearly in a playful mood. Eric glared at him while James simply continued staring.

“James Arche, Eric’s uncle.” Alex’s eyes widened a little and smirked.

“So you are important. However, I’m not here to announce to you my undead but not really alive existence. I’m here to talk with you about Caduceus.” He said and took out from his pocket a silver pendant. James was surprised, not the same thing could be said about Eric who simply sat there, emotionless. “I found it a few days ago in my hotel room in New York while…procreating.” He smirked seeing as this attracted another glare from Eric. “What? It doesn’t hurt to try.” Alex started chuckling seeing as James was too and Eric was still glaring.

“You do know what this is right?” James asked the younger vampire, returning to his matured self. Alex gave James a dumb look.

“Caduceus is the messenger, duh! I do not think I look as a stupid pupil.” Alex said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“You’d fooled me.” Eric mumbled and smirked, Alex glaring his way. James rolled his eyes. These two would be interesting to watch and hard to contain.

“I’m here because something is coming. Something bad and I know it has something to do with this city…” Seeing James and Eric’s expressions, Alex realized what’s going on and didn’t seem to hide the fact that he was shocked. “She’s back, isn’t she? Stella…”

Getting out of the flashback, he also remembered the change in Alex’s behavior when he found out Stella was back. He could see it, he was happy, relived, concerned even. In that moment he knew Alex is bad news for his relationship with Stella, if there was one anymore. He took a hand through his hair and sighed. He deserved this, he hurt her and now he found out there was someone who even if had done a lot of mistakes and stupid things in his life, he never stopped caring for her.

“It’s dad’s fault. He erased my memories too.” He mumbled to himself, but he knew this was just a pretext for that guilty feeling. He was close to the house and he felt excited and scared. He was also curious if Stella still accepted him as a merely friend, now, after she surely found out pieces of the past.

Back home, Stella was much relaxed after a good shower. She was looking for something to wear when the bell rang. Thankfully, her father was home, not like some other persons-hint to Nate. While changing in a pair of pajama pants and a black shirt she heard someone knocking on the door. It wasn’t her father because it sounded more aggravate and it wasn’t Nate because he usually entered in without a problem. She finished dressing and opened the door.

“Eric…” She didn’t know what to say or how to react. None knew, as a matter of fact. However, she let him in. “So…what are you doing here? I thought you don’t want to talk or even stay near me.” Eric could see she was still confused and angry about that incident.

“I just wanted to protect you. If you would’ve hanged out with me, you would’ve remembered. I didn’t want you to hate me.” I rolled my eyes and went on the bed.

“Hate? Why would I hate you? I had fun talking with you.” He glared at me and started walking closer. He sat on the bed.

“I knew you’ll have flashbacks of your past. I hurt you enough and I don’t want to do it again.” I sighed and got closer to him.

“Eric, what happened in the past stays in the past. I won’t judge you. I have my own part of that fault too. I killed a lot of people we both cared for and I’m sorry. I’m sorry I killed your brother, I’m sorry I killed my parents and I’m sorry I killed Rebeca.” Eric started chuckling.

“I guess she deserved it.” I laughed and without thinking I put him in a small hug. We both stood there like statues, not doing anything. Slowly, he put his hands around me and pulled me closer. I closed my eyes and sighed happily. It felt like I fit perfectly in his arms. “I’m sorry.” I finally heard him mumbling.

“It’s ok, Eric.” We broke the hug and I smiled. “Things changed, we changed. We’ll just take things from zero. All of us.” He nodded and for the first time, I’ve seen him smiling truthfully.

“So, how was training?” I rolled my eyes.

“Fine, I guess. He dragged me in a clearing and attacked me.” He raised an eyebrow, his eyes showing a little worry. “But I got him back. It was incredible…” I bent my head and looked at my hands. “He was down in just a few seconds…” Eric nodded.

“I’m not worried. You’re crazy.” I chuckled at how simple he put it.

“Thanks a lot.” He started chuckling and I rolled my eyes, smiling. All these things were new to me yet it fascinated me since forever. I, now, knew why. Why I felt so connected to this myth. I’ve always been part of it.

sâmbătă, 18 februarie 2012


I feel so melancholic today. Except the fact that I finally started my Korean lessons and it seems it's not as hard as I imagined, I just got caught in this kind of memory spiral. I can't stop but have flashbacks about last summer. What a summer...anyway it's just so sad when you rewind a little and think about you have done and how you should have done that in a better way...or how you shouldn't have done anything at all.

vineri, 10 februarie 2012


Hmm...what do I think in this I feel right now...well, I feel like I've been thrown into a hole and now I'm covered with dirt and can't breath. My heart is sore and not because it has been messed around with. I feel lonely and like always the factor that makes this happen Parents are a long, long subject to talk about but sometimes they are just too much; they cross the line and you, as a teenager, come to your limit. Patience has never been my forte point but I'm trying. My parents found a hobby out of making me feel lonely and breaking my patience every single time. I got to the point where I want to get out, to leave the house and never come back. I'm waiting for that moment for a while now...I haven't been to my friends' concert in a while, hell I haven't seen my friends in a while. I feel like I became virtual because I talk with them just on internet and not anymore face to face. I feel like I'm drowning in my own misery and maybe I'm selfish but they should suffer out of that too. It's not fair to be the only one. And they don't even realize what they're doing to me. Sometimes I ask myself if they care at all...Sometimes I ask myself if anyone cares, at least a tiny bit, what I want and what I need...

vineri, 3 februarie 2012

The Clock

I stand alone in my room

And stare at the wall nothing’s new.

Everything’s blank, I already lost my interest.

Slowly I trail my eyes, after the sound, to the clock.

I have never watched it closely,

The sound just shows me how fast it moves, how constant it is.

I slowly trail every little detail of this masterpiece,

The limbs are so entrancing, and they get me.

Slowly everything around me disappears,

And there’s just me,

The clock is magical and it got me.

Through my iris you can see its movements;

Through my ears you can hear its breaths.

It talks to me and it tells me

That when you least expect it, it’s gone.

So make the best of your life

Because you never know what’s going to come,

The future it’s uncertain.

And even if you break it,

You’re never going to make it struck back,

It never goes back, there’s no second chance,

There’s no second thought, and you have just one shot

At everything.

It is unfair; it feels like you’re kept sealed somewhere,

Deep in the abyss of this world.

And you never know what’s real and what’s true,

What’s false and what’s new, what’s life and what’s death?

How long is until you get there?

To the point where life changes, when new doors open,

When you leave the rest to cry while you save yourself and die.

Those tears, you ask, are they for me?

Are they real or they are just acting so flawlessly?

It is all a dream?

Are all these people marionettes made by me?

To make me feel better than I can be.

Is this dream silently whispering to me?

Is this reality all made up by me?

Are all these real?

Am I real?