joi, 25 martie 2010


I think everyone knows how it is when you have a crush. He/she is the only person you can think about, you start day dreaming about him and sometimes exaggerate. That’s the worse level when it comes to crushing on someone. Of course, your heart beat faster when you see him/her and you feel sick, like hundred of butterflies fly in your stomach. It is a nice feeling but is NOT love, as many considerate. Love doesn’t come so easy. Yes, you like him/her but there are some situations you have to avoid. For example, what if you don’t know your crush? You like him/her from afar and like what he/she wants you to. Just because he/she acts cool and looks good doesn’t mean he/she is a nice person. From what you know, the crush can be a real jerk who doesn’t give a shit about girls/boys in general. In some cases the crush can be exactly what it seems to, but that’s quite rare. If you do know him/her, you know how it is, how he behaves. Attention, he/she can anytime lie and put an act to impress you and your group of friends. When you have a crush, the best is to talk with him/her and just socialize. Be aware not to start stalking him, like an animal stalking its prey. It’s also important to be yourself around him/her. Believe me, I talk from experience and I do not like when my friends act foolish just to be appreciated, seen or simply be liked by their crushes. It’s sickening. The dignity disappears and with it, the respect. Both yours and the one your crush accords you.

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