sâmbătă, 15 august 2015

Music to the Ears (Primary's 2 Full Album)

Check out the new album from Primary! a lot of talented people on it and I've got two songs that I can't get enough of.

This ones is number two on the list but I really enjoy the flow and the song overall. The video is really good  for a Korean reggae song. I am a super Iron fan, ahem, but I also like Choa. The MV is good and the whole concept is impressive. I like how into the feel everything is. I'm a reggae fan since that's what I used to listen to in high school (and rock) so I was impressed.

I truly like this song. It has some classical background which only makes me like it even more. Truthfully, I can imagine a pool party with rappers around from AOMG and Just Music lol and maybe some weed since the song has that vibe.

Here is the whole album. there are more songs that I like but those two are on replay.

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