sâmbătă, 17 august 2013

EXO Never Cease to Amaze Me

Practically, I just watched Chen and Baekhyun's duet on Immortal Song and even though I'm a huge fan of their voices and I know how strong their tone is, I still got goosebumps. Even though Baekhyun's face is kind of neutral throughout the song, he does show some emotions through singing. Chen has a powerful voice too and they are quite good. Yes. I liked it a lot.

Also, since I love the adorable Chanyeol, I also looked up for that acoustic version of 1-4-3(I love you). It's Henry's (from Super Junior M) song and Chanyeol just accompanies him on guitar. I love both of them because they actually have talent. But anyway, I would seriously just go and kidnap that adorableness called Park Chanyeol and keep him in my studio. Like seriously <3 Some guitar or drums would be great since I only play piano.

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