luni, 26 mai 2014


There are some songs that I cannot exclude from my playlist. I listen to them a lot, lately.

1. This song impresses me as a whole. The MV is definitely not what it seems. The lyrics are so good and Hyorin's voice goes so well with Mad Clown's rap. I know they collaborated before, on Hyorin's album, but this song is just so catchy and good.

2. Akdong Musicians are already one of my favorite rookies. They have a lot of potential and I love how free they are to make the music they want. Melted is a song that touched me a lot. It shows the world through innocent eyes, the eyes of young people who see the wrongs and goods with pure eyes. I like Give Love and 200% too. Their album is amazing, overall. These two siblings have a bright future ahead. I wished I had a brother whom I could sing with :(

3. I am completely in love with Wheesung's voice. I like his other songs a lot but Night and Day seemed to attract me more. His powerful vocal skills always impressed me. I didn't even know the MV of this song. I was surprised when I saw Teen Top\s CAP in it and being surprisingly handsome. The song is good but the MV could have been better. 

4. I don't know exactly who Megan Lee is. I know that she had videos of her covering some songs on YouTube but that's all. That doesn't matter. Her voice has something that catches your attention. I like her song and how happy it can make you feel. It's refreshing. (is it me of Junhyung is really good at finding awesome singers and producing for them?)

5. I am a sucker for good ballads. IU came back with an awesome song. I like how they kept it simple but classy and meaningful. That's the best way to make a good ballad.

6. I love Phantom. These guys are so awesome and their songs are so different than most bands in K-pop. They are pop-ish but not entirely. Gain's soft vocals makes the song even better. I didn't expect them to make an MV for Seoul Lonely but thanks God they did! It's good. I enjoy this song and Phantom's work in general.

7. I don't know who they are. Truthfully, I just found this song yesterday! But it sounds so smooth and sweet. Joy O'clock...I will look them up.

8. I love FT Island. I can't help myself. I have been a fan of their music ever since they had their debut. The style changed slightly but they still make good music. Lee Jaejin is my favorite. I have a soft spot for him and for his voice. His OST from Bride of the Century is just so cute! I have my playlist on shuffle and this song always comes up to brighten my day.

9. Another song is from CNBLUE. Cold Love is a song with such potential! I am disappointed they didn't make an MV for it! There were so many approaches! That song is so awesome in so many ways! It's obvious how much they have been influenced by the western rock/alternative. I like this song more than Can't Stop Me Now.

10. And the last one, though there are more, believe me, is 100%'s Beat. I didn't expect it. my best friend loves Top Media and therefore, she loves 100% but I didn't know how cool this song was until I listened to it willingly. At the same time, there's also F.Cuz' One Love. There's a tie between them. I just love both songs the same and I can't decide.

PS: Other songs that are on repeat, for me at least, are:

Orange Caramel's Catallena
Seungri's Come to My
BTS' Just One Day
Speed's Don't Tease Me
MBLAQ's Our Relationship
Block B's Jackpot
Exo's Lucky
g.o.d's The Lone Duckling
Jay Park's Metronome
4Men's Erase
Lyn's whole album (LOL)
MIB's Chisa Bounce

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