sâmbătă, 18 octombrie 2014

Music to the Ears (VIXX' Error)

Have you guys seen it? This is such an epic comeback. The video is awesome and so is the song. The dance is somehow nice but not as mindblowing as Voodoo Doll or Eternity. But I like that everything has a story.

So, Error is definitely the best song and video of this year. It has everything. It has Hongbin acting all heroic and protecting the love of his life. It has a girl who is pretty, new and acts well. I was surprised to see Youngji. I didn't expect her to have such acting skills. Besides, she and Hongbin had good chemistry. A lot of people started to ship them. Anyway, the video is very explicit. It doesn't have holes. They tell us what happened, how he wants to change it and what happens afterwards when what he did proves to be illegal. I don't want to spoil the plot for those who haven't seen iy.

The song is powerful. The intro is very catchy itself. From my point of view, it has everything and people received it well. It doesn't sound rushed, it actually gies along with the plot and they didn't cut any of it just to make it shorter for the live. VIXX are one of those bands who work a lot to become known and when they find a concept, they exploit it to the depths. The dark concept matches them more than the happy and colorful one. It's mysterious and captivating. I always look forward to what they will come up with next.

Now, the live sounds very good but Hongbin doesn't sing at all. And the dance is entertaining and has some nice elements. I love it when they act like they are robots and they have energy inside their bodies. Like when they disconnect themselves. I really like that. But for the chorus, the dance is not wow. Of course, it's probably for their benefit since they have to sing. But this is just an outside opinion.

Overall the song is very good. No, the album is pretty good. I recommend this song to everyone. It doesn't matter if you like k-pop or not because it doesn't really sound very k-pop ish to me. It's a good dramatic song for everyone.

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