luni, 23 martie 2015

I'm Alive

So, I know this year will be amazing for k-pop lovers because there are a lot of comebacks in plan. There was Junsu with Flower, a song I greatly enjoy and an album that definitely deserves 8/10 points. There is also D&E's comeback with Growing Pains and the rest of the album. I have a lot of good things to say about them. We have the new song from Red Velvet which sounds better than I expected and there's still so much more. 

From what I know, May will be a lucky month. BTS announced their comeback with a new full album in May, Infinite will also have their comeback, Exo are going to do something as well and Big Bang will come back after a while. But then again, with YG is hard to know because they didn't announce the year. They just said a month. 

But firstly I'd like to start with Yonghwa's solo album. I know I had high expectations for it and for everything regarding FNC truthfully. I am a fan of FNC. I know that everyone has their own opinion and I'm in no place to judge or be judged. 

But let's be serious. Yonghwa's album sounds really good. My mother is a big Yonghwa and CNBlue fan so I listened to their albums as background music while working on my homework. Unlike Roy Kim's music, which I find perfect for working, Yonghwa's voice doesn't really make me sit and have this inspirational mood. No. Yonghwa's voice is powerful and he likes to show that. I dare to compare it with Jung Joon Young and not only. They have this energy and style that makes you feel good and positive and bad ass. It's good to listen in the subway or on the way to school. I do that.

Except Yonghwa's album, I'd also like to say a few words about FT Island's new album. I'm not finished with listening to it but I'm inclined towards Jaejin and Jonghoon's songs because they are very close to my style and what I compose. Big thumbs up to everyone, though. An album is so freaking hard to make. It annoys the hell out of you and then you get sick of it right when you make it available. It's a harsh world, the music world.

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