duminică, 14 iunie 2015

Fragments of My Imagination

Check out my new blog! It's mainly about fiction and it has my stories. There's a diverse range, truthfully.

There's a original fiction about the Magic Mirror: Once Upon a Dream

There's a fiction about demons, mainly. Studied demonology for that and surprisingly, the events in the story might or might not have happened (only regarding Beelzebub): Fallen- Into Unknown

For those who like romance yet don't like cheesy stuff and cliche story lines: The Day It Happened

And for those who love Stephan King and The Shining, there's a story about a special hotel: The Moonflower Hotel.

Also, I tried to create an atmosphere with a few songs I like. Most of them are OST's by Javier Navarrete and Abel Korzeniwoski.

I invite you all to get a glimpse of my imagination.

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