marți, 12 februarie 2013

Music to the Ears (BAP's One Shot)

I don;t have enough words to describe how amazingly done is this MV made! IT's so awesome how they have an actual plot and how everything actually does make sense! IT has to be one of my favourites K-pop videos of all time! It's all so bad ass, they're aiming to get their friend back and in some way they do, but on the other side they don;t. I don't make much sense, huh?

Let's analyse the video. Firstly, each member has something he's really good at. For example, Himchan is really good at fixing cars, which seems legit since he's the only one in BAP with a  soon- to- be-legal driver license. Also, Yong Guk kind of makes the whole plan. At first, they appear on a boat where they look like real bosses. They party, they have alcohol, they have girls and they have grapes, in Zelo's case who's still under-age but who cares any more! In the end, age is just a number and jail is just a room. Then out of nowhere some random guy comes and hits Jong Up in the head. That's not all, some bad ass guys kidnap Young Jae and want money instead. It actually makes sense, right? Well, since they don't have any, the whole band goes and steals it and also, they get some guns. This part is a little bit funny because of Daehyun. He has such a kind face even though he has to be bad. It's impossible for him and Jong Up to look even close to being Mafia guys. They are so cute and squish able. Anyway, in the end they get the money and they're ready to make the change. Now, there are two plans. Plan A is getting killed. Now, I'm sure it's not just me who thinks it was overreacted a little. They're expressions are really funny and the whole scene is fun to watch. They tried but acting is not their forte point. Even so, Yong Guk did a good job. Anyway, they get all killed, everywhere are corpses and it ends. Plan B is getting caught by the police. Actually, when I saw how it ended at first I thought it was pretty awesome but when I saw how it all moves backwards and the whole scene is repeated and has a different ending, I was surprised. I bet no one saw that coming. Young Jae being a cop working undercover and catching them in action. That was definitely something different.

Overall, the MV is amazing. It worth the wait and it worth the money they invested in it. The song is exactly what BAP means. Bad ass boys dancing powerfully, having no mercy on our hearts and be the warriors they started as. Saw what I did there? These songs are the essence of BAP and One Shot is one amazing single.

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