duminică, 22 septembrie 2013

Music to the Ears

I know that I have reviewed mostly K-pop songs but lately, I started to get bored of them. I guess my taste returns to rock and pop and normal american music. I still listen to Korean ballads since they are amazingly done but I do believe that's all.

So, the latest artists I have listened to a lot are:

John Newman. He's awesome. I love his songs and his style. He's not extremely hot, he doesn't use excessive make up and he composes. I love that at an artist. It's what makes his music more real. I didn't really look him up but from what I heard he's around 23 years old and he worked his way up all alone. He kind of knew what he wanted and he succeeded.

Katie Melua is a singer I always loved. Her voice sounds so soft and calming. It's a pleasure to listen to her songs. At first she used simple guitar and piano but now she uses orchestra too. I love that. Her newest album, Ketevan, is amazing and she definitely knows her way in the music industry. Besides her talent, she is beautiful. Her eyes are such an intense green and she's awesome.

The Script... well I love them. It's one of my favorite bands and that will never change. From the Man Who Can't Be Moved to Hall of Fame feat Will.I.Am, their style always brings inspiration to me. They don't just sing, they perform with such passion and their songs mean something. It's not meaningless music, it has a sense and a story behind. I often get touched by their songs. 


I recently searched for new albums and found One Republic's Native. I love the whole album. There is no song that doesn't mean something. They usually make easy songs when it comes to technique but the way they perform it and the final results always leave me speechless. Their lyrics are amazing and very inspirational for young adults. Counting Stars is the first track on the new album and I used the lyrics a lot of times in whatever I wrote or posts. In the end, they are right. We should stop counting money and start counting stars. 


Another artist that I like is Lana del Rey. I first listened to her songs when I heard she talked about Lady Gaga in Seems Legit and I actually like that song a lot. The truth kind of hurts huh?  But one song that really got me is Young and Beautiful. It has such a simple meaning but it runs so deep for women. In time, we get old and out beauty starts to fade away, slowly. But who loves you, will always love you, no matter what. 


So that's what I've been listening to these past few weeks and I'm pretty content lol. My life is stressful enough so I felt the need to listen some unique music. Of course, there's classical music, which I can't ignore, since that's what I do. Well, that was me rambling.

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