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Sasaeng Fans go Extreme

Ok so I tried to ignore everything that happened but now it's just too much. I know that a lot of fans talk about the recent events involving EXO's Baekhyun and sasaeng fans. It's pretty fucked up. I came to the conclusion that they are young, underage girls who seriously don't have a social life or a life whatsoever.


This is an article about some negative things sasaeng fans told Baekhyun. That's just fucked up. I am human, I know what a life in the music industry means and how hard it is to survive it and this type of friends just make it harder. I think it's been a long while since we have last seen an idol smiling happily to his fans. I'm pretty much a bitch and I will just share my thoughts in a way everyone can understand. I won't say that these girls are mentally ill or simply have grown an obsession that just goes over the edge. No. If we are to take it from a social view, there are many high schools in Korea where attendants are just girls or just boys. This may have something to do with the way these girls see the idols as Gods and not as normal people. When a girl just opens her eyes around her, the first thing she sees is the opposite genre. Boys can make girls go wild and I'm pretty sure the Korean middle schoolers don't even know what life is. Maybe it is my mentality that judges the in-box-thinking that some Koreans have but look where it gets you. So, in the end, these girls just got out from their shelves, just entered puberty and their hormones and minds just went crazy.

We all know that Koreans have quite a high standard when it comes to beauty. They label people from their outside beauty which brings us to the next, maybe, motive. Girls who are socially awkward are shy and don't have the courage to go and talk with teenage boys. Some boys aren't even interested in the nice genre. I think these girls just grew obsessed with the beauty of the idols. Sasaeng fans are drastic and fucked up mentally because they don't know what a man actually is, what a relationship is, what life is outside of their little safe bubbles. Psychologically talking, they never had a relationship but they grew ideal types of men based on what they saw on TV and in magazines. Being young, they just went with the flow and slowly reached a high level of immaturity and their minds just went from safe and normal to "I want that. I can because I want to"

Another point is the money. Some sasaeng fans developed a high interest in the band and how 'perfect' their images seem. Boys are boys all around the world. They have imperfections like any other human. They don't show their true personalities because, most probably, it wouldn't show perfectness anymore. It would show usual, young boys with boring or happy personalities and hobbies. In Korea, fans have more possibilities to buy merchandise at an acceptable price. Being young and in middle or high school, parents can't really say no and beat the crap out of them. My mother did that and I think I ended up good enough. You know how everywhere there are groupies? The people that follow their favorites artists and hope to get lucky, if you know what I mean. Well, they don't invade their personal space. They do everything between some kinds of limits. That's fine. But when you send creepy things or throw things at them in hope to actually hit them hard, then that just becomes harassment.

As a conclusion, sasaeng fans should stop being to possessive over whoever they like in the showbiz. I actually hope one day, someone will give them a lesson; make them feel exactly what they're doing. Would they like if I start to throw empty or full coke cans at them? Some may even end up with contusions so I believe not. When you like someone, you respect that person. When you become obsessed you forget who you are and just lose all sense of humanity you have. You have to respect yourself in order to respect someone else. Sasaeng fans don't because they never faced real life situations so they don't know what the fuck happens in the world.

Baekhyun's situation is just one of many. He got annoyed and embarrassed because his family couldn't enjoy his brother's wedding. It was a special event and they destroyed it. What's worse is that they don't even understand the bad they did. They just blame Baekhyun for ignoring them. Well no shit Sherlock, what did you want him to do? Applaud you? Kiss and hug? Not in this reality.

Remember when Jaejoong beat that sasaeng fan and she was like" do it on this side too!"? Well...I would have beaten the shit out of her and she would have ended in hospital. I'm not joking. It became extreme.

Of course, these are just my thoughts on this subject and I know that not every fan is like that. But really, in my country there is a quote that goes like this "Bataia e rupta din Rai" which translated means "Beating is taken from Heaven". This is what out parents used to say...after they beat us when we were bad children and acted like brats.

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