duminică, 21 septembrie 2014

Music to the Ears (SPEED)

Lately, I've gotten into SPEED. I knew them but never listened to them closely. One song that really attracted my attention was Don't Tease Me. The member who caught my eye back then was Taewoon. When I found out that he was Zico's brother, it all made sense. They look alike a hell lot in more than one aspect.

But that was all. I didn't really get interested in them or their music. A few months later, a friend of mine showed me Zombie Party and Why I'm Not. Except the videos which are awesome, I actually liked the songs too. They were catchy but in different ways than usual K-pop. They have their own style and I dunno. It really gets you after listening once or twice.

I watched a lot of videos and I caught little mistakes from their lives or MV's. It got me to think, really. They are really fucked up and I don't know how could I bypass them so easily. They are manly on stage but really cute and weird off stage. I like that. But what's really worth at them is their music. I really like the beats and sounds and rhythms. I still have Why I'm Not in my head and it's not going to get out any time soon.

Therefore, I really think they should have a bigger fan base and people should give them a listen. Their songs, I can't really label them as K-pop because some things don't sound like mainstream k-pop. It sounds really good.

As for the members, I truly am amazed by them lol. Jongkook looks all manly and serious in MV's and on stage yet when I watched some shows with them, he was everything but manly and serious. And it seems he loves toast. Another member that amazed me was TaeHa? I think that's his name. Sometimes he looks like Sunggyu(Infinite) and sometimes he looks like Eunkwang(BTOB). It's mindfuck lol. And it seems he loves to eat. I'm still discovering them truthfully and I recommend you to check them out.

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