sâmbătă, 30 martie 2013

Music to the Ears (U-KISS' Standing Still)

The third video which got me tangled is U-Kiss'. Even if I do think the company really didn't want to give enough sponsorship for the video. It's in an abandoned place for God's sake. AGAIN!

So, the song is good. It's really catchy, mostly the chorus where I love how Kevin's English sounds. So sexy, damn. Anyway, I love how Eli looks. It's more rebellious  But I have to talk about the melody first. It's one good piece. It has a lot of passages that stuck in your head, the beginning being one of them. The English is well spoken and there are some, two, american accents which we all love. Also, it does make sense! Yeah.

What got me thinking hard is the video. Firstly, what the heck is the role of that girl? She appears here and there in the warehouse and has one scene which got cut and different pieces have been placed in different parts of the video. They don't make any sense. Of course the songs talks about a girl and whatever but seriously? At least she should have had some intercourse with one of the guys. It just seems like her scenes have been put there like a side note or something. The guys look good. Very very good if you understand me. I like the dance a hell lot. I've been watching it closely for a while now and I just want to learn it already!


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