sâmbătă, 30 martie 2013

Music to the Ears (Infinite's Man in Love)

Alright, I haven't been on here for a while. Long time actually. Sorry. I'm getting very very busy with my final exams and enrolling into university. I have a lot to talk about actually but I will just take it slowly.

Firstly, I saw how enthusiastic my friends got over the new Infinite MV. Truthfully, they kind of got to me too. SungJong is really cute. However, the song is pretty good. It sounds like Infinite, some parts practically have familiar sounds (from The Chaser, for example, at the beginning and before the chorus) and I find it weird that a lot of fans didn't necessarily like it. Even I liked it and I'm not a real fan of them. I like the chorus a hell lot. It sounds nice and has a different ring to it that gets you addicted to the song. That is the point of the chorus so good job there! I'm a bitch most of the time and I'm hard to please when it comes to music but Man in Love sounds good.

The video is another story. It's so creepy and you hardly understand who they are in love with. From my point of view, and a few friends', it looks like each have a relationship with another. Let's take, for example, SungJong. He's preparing to go on a date. Hoya is looking for clothes too. The result? They have a date with EACH OTHER! And Sungyeol is cooking for MyungSoo. That's why L is so attached to his phone. See? It makes sense...almost. Meh

But the MV is cute and I can't get enough of their cuteness. I like the song. I'm actually getting dragged into being a veridical fan...neah. But still, Man in Love is nice.

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