duminică, 15 iunie 2014

BEAST Comeback

It's Beast's turn ladies and gentlemen. They came back with "Good Luck" officially. Unofficially, there was "No More". Both songs are pretty good in my opinion. One is slow and has a lot of sincere emotions in it while the other one is more upbeat with a feeling of moving on. 

Dongwoon's voice in No More impressed me a little. It sounded so soft and sweet. He doesn't have Yoseob's vocal skills but this song went really well with his voice. In Good Luck, I was really blown away by the beginning. Yoseob's voice is as smooth as ever. To me, it seems that Hyunseung's voice grew up a little, as in he worked on it more. 

One thing that impressed me (and does for a while now) is Junhyung. He really evolved as a musician. Lately, there are a lot of collaborations and his songs have a mixed feeling. In short, he matured and he learned how to use his talent in various music genres. He learned how to use different things in music or maybe he knew but only now he got the chance to use them. I don't know if I'm right, but he seems to be a scholar musician. That practically means he studied classical music. I've remarked that in Good Luck too. 

I am a sucker for orchestral music. They used it at the beginning of Good Luck and they got me. I really like the song and the idea itself. The MV isn't something to be amazed of but the dance is awesome. It seems simple and smooth, I dunno. I just really enjoy listening and watching Good Luck. 

On the other side, I have mixed feelings for No More. It's a good song but they could have done more. The MV was better and from my point of view, it just attracts me more towards Junhyung lol. I also liked the idea of using Instagram. It's gotten very popular in Asia lately.

Anyway, the whole aspect is that, they invested some good money into this comeback. 

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