miercuri, 11 iunie 2014

Sexy Debuts

Sexy concepts seem to rise and shine everywhere. I know they already had their debut and everything but I didn't have time to talk about these two...

Firstly, I like both bands, T-ara and Secret, mostly because they have very different approaches. Jiyeon's song was quite impressive and I really liked the idea she was going for. But the EP didn't attract me at all. There is 1Min1Sec and that's it. The MV was good, as well. All those light games and shadows made it pretty cool. I heard many people discuss the dance itself as being too sexy and not allowed but well, thay's bullshit. Jiyeon has a lot of haters and even though she may not be perfect and did some mistakes, I support her. No one is perfect. Besides, T-ara always had quality music.

Hyosung's song was nice, too. What I didn't enjoy at it was the MV. There were those scenes that didn't appeal to me. I have seen every type of sexy videos. Asians tend to make it look a little uncomfortable without really trying. I felt uncomfortable seeing those close up scenes of her curves. She is a beautiful woman and compared to other female singers, her body is fine, but it just popped up too often and too close. With thay problem aside, I like the dance. It's provokative but not too much. I think she did well for her solo debut.

I'm very curious to see Hyomin, truthfully.

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