duminică, 8 iunie 2014

Rise Taeyang

Have you listened to it? It's a piece of wotk, I assure you. I listened to his whole album a few times and I tried to find something that I don't like. I didn't find anything. He worked so passionately that you can hear it in his songs. He really poured his heart into these songs.

There are two songs that impressed me deeply. There's "This isn't It" and "Love you to Death". I just found them very different. I didn't listen to the lyrics as much as I listened to the instrumentals. It sounds very unique if I were to compare it to the Korean music; yet if I were to compare it to western music like European or American, it fits the genre.

Taeyang's album has been visibly and audibly influenced by American music. But, the whole team who worked on it have great ideas as well. I recognize that I am still not very attached to "Body" but there's time. Having a duet with G-Dragon means a lot for this album. You can hear how well theor voices go together and how close they are as friends. GD's rap gives the song a raspy feeling and Taeyang's smooth voice gives it enough passion and sweetness. To me, "Stay with Me" it's a bittersweet song.

I sincerely encourage you to listen to this album. It's very good.

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