sâmbătă, 21 iunie 2014

Hateful comments are getting annoying

Ok so I had to change this post a little. I read more about this scandal and the reason why k fans are so mad. I understood their point and it's pretty clear that they don't care about the relationship as much as how they announced it.

So they were hinting towards a possible relationship from the beginning while fans were protecting them. I do think that it was a little sudden and they might have played a dangerous game with hints and things. But, I still don't think it deserves a scandal over it. The stands are dissapointed and they feel as if someone fooled around with them. I understand that and maybe that's right.

I saw some nasty comments, though and I don't think they deserve such harsh punishment. They had to be more careful and respectful towards their fans but I think that fans are taking this scandal at an unnecessary high level.

However, that doesn't mean I don't feel like there is a lack of respect from the fans too. They should support the two idols from the perspective of a fan. They did something wrong as a person but that doesn't have to come in between the fan and their music. That's when people realize they like the idols because of their image not for their music. I go with the second one.

I do realize that maybe Baekhyun is fucked up and definitely not innocent. I started to like him because of these reasons, truthfully. I will remain his fan no matter what.

Besides that, I really feel disgusted by the hate comments about Baekhyun. I hope he doesn't give a shit about it. A friend told me that sasaeng eventually found out about another EXO K member dating someone from APINK. You know what? If it's true, good for them. Personally, I like the girls from APink and I like Taeyeon. They are talented young women and I support them.

I wonder sometimes, are they even conscious that idols are not what they seem? They have similar personalities with any other boy/girl you see at the Mall or in the park. He may even be the nerd from school or the cockblocking good friend. Anyone can be an idol, therefore, any idol can very well go back being anyone.

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