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Pictures and Memories

I arriv
ed just when the bell rang and, happily, the Maths' teacher wasn’t in class yet. Lucky me, Eric wasn't there either. Ana was in this class with me and she waved me over. I took the seat next to her and sighed. While searching for a pen I found something else. I gasped feeling the small ouroboros in my hand.

“What’s wrong?” I was saved by the teacher. I really didn’t want to tell Ana all the details. I wasn’t in the mood for it...

Normal narration

While Stella was in class, listening to that old man rambling on and on about theories and numbers, Nate hadn't been bothered to move his nice ass to school. He went straight to the oldest library in town. Entering, he knew he couldn’t just start looking for a book about him or Stella, so he came up with a sort of plan.

“Hello, miss,” He gave a half-lidded enticing stare toward the woman behind the desk, smirking. Of course, the woman, who was in her mid-twenties, blushed at the young and very handsome boy in front of her. “I need a book about the history of Firehole. Can you show me where I could find it?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

The woman was close to melting, but she nodded. She beckoned for Nate to go after her. They walked in silence, Nate with a bored expression. That was most likely the first and last time he will step a foot in that place. The woman stopped and searched with her eyes through a shelf full of antique-looking books.

“This is it. The entire history of Firehole. Um…” She started, blushing when she realized how close to her Nate was. He gave her another smirk and took the book. He turned and walked to the space designed for readers, not without smirking over his shoulder at the still blushing woman.

“Thanks...” She nodded. After taking a seat, the 18-year-old teenager started searching for some clue about what happened earlier that morning. He had his nose deeply buried in the book when he found something catchy, “A fire at the Arche family. Eric Arche had been the only survivor. Because of the unfortunate event, Cameron Arche wanted his only son to marry the daughter of Aaron Blanche, a very important citizen in Firehole. While the war took place, Eric couldn’t marry her since she died. Her name was Rebecca Blanche. Blanche and Arche decided to make a contract saying that Eric would have an arranged marriage with the youngest sibling, Stella…The marriage didn’t happen because of the mysterious deaths of the two Blanche heads. Stella and Nathan, then the only members of the noble family, disappeared after the war ended. They have been considered dead.” Nate raised an eyebrow. He raised his head to look for the librarian. When he found her, he waved her to come over. He pointed at the two names. Stella and Nathan Blanche.

“Oh, yes. It’s such a sad story. Eric Arche was such a nice gentleman from what my grand-grandmother told me. Also, Stella was a very beautiful woman. No one knows why that war between families began.”

“Are there any pictures of the two families?” She nodded and walked away. When she came back, she gave Nate another book, this one an album He first went to Arche’s pictures.

Eric Nicholas Arche.
Born on 3rd September 1890, died on 30th March 1909.

There was a picture below. Nate could swear he had seen that face before. Next thing, he looked at the two other names.

Christopher Gregory Arche
Born on 26th November 1887, died on 4th October 1912.

Cameron Jonathan Arche
Born on 13th December 1700.

It seemed that no one knew when the older Arche died. However, it was bizarre. He was born in 1700, for God’s sake! He turned the page to see the Blanche name written in bold letters. There were also pictures. They were really old. His eyes traveled over every name. There were a few that really caught his attention.

Beatrice and Aaron Blanche
Born on 4th April 1860; Born on 10th December 1858; both died on 9th August 1900.

Rebecca Blanche
Born on 12th July 1887, died on 19th February 1900.

Nathan Blanche
Born on 23rd August 1889, date of death unknown.

Stella Blanche
Born on 18th May, 1892, date of death unknown.

Nate was more than shocked when he saw the pictures. Right there were his and Stella’s faces. He dropped the weird album, scared. He felt that pain in his head again...

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