duminică, 25 decembrie 2011

Three Words

As I stood there, in the silence of a December day, millions of thoughts came rushing through my mind. What if he wanted to break up with me? What if it didn’t have anything to do with that? What if he cheated on me? What if…? That question was making me crazy. As my eyes were anywhere but on his face, I started to play with my fingers. It was a stupid habit I gained when I started to date him.

“Ahem.” That small noise got my attention in an instant. He didn’t seem to understand through what i was going in those moments. “I have three important words I want to tell you.” My eyes widened and I felt as if my stomach was turning upside down. It was the moment I never wanted to happen. It was the end.

“I love you” He said. I remained dumbstruck, not even processing yet what he told me. When the expression he was waiting for didn’t come, he got worried. “Do you not feel the same?” I blinked. How could I not love him back? He was everything I wished for. My lips curved slowly and I kissed him with everything I had. Maybe I got scared for nothing. Maybe I will get my happily ever after.

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