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In the other part of the cafeteria, Nate was rather surprised to see his sister talking to the three girls and then, having fun with that guy too. He smiled seeing her smiling. One of his freshly made friends punched him lightly. His attention remained on Stella.

“What the heck, dude? You like the new girl now?”

Nate gave his friend a dumb look. “She’s my sister.”

The boy next to him looked dumbly in between Nate and the girl.


Nate rolled his eyes and nodded. They do look alike…a little bit.

“Who’s him?” Nate asked Greg, his friend, pointing at Eric.

“He’s Eric. If you want further information, ask Sam. That girl over there,” Greg responded and pointed towards the table where the three girls sitting, watching Stella. Nate nodded, but didn’t go. Everything would be done at the right moment...

Stella was very happy around Eric. But of course good things end quickly, so the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. Next period was English.

“So…” I looked with an amused stare at a smirking Sami.


Sam rolled her eyes at my innocent smile.

“Oh, come on! I really haven't seen Eric smile so much in these past few months. Actually, at all! What did you tell him?”

I shrugged.

“Nothing, honestly. He’s just really nice.”

Sam's smirk widened. But the teacher came in and the boring lesson started. After school, the girls were all over an amused me, still in glee after the surprising encounter with Eric.

“I haven’t seen him chuckling. Ever! You know, you should come to this party tonight. Maybe you’ll see him again, aaaand…” She raised both her eyebrows while I narrowed my eyes at her playfully.

“Shut up.”

They giggled.

“You should come to the party though. It’s a routine. Everyone goes once in a month, to the most amazing party at Fey’s, to get drunk and see new and old people.” I nodded..It seemed nice.

“The best part is this contest. You can win the prize, which most of the time is something big! What do you say?” I smiled and nodded. “Great!”

Back at home time went by very fast.

“Going to the party?” Nate asked from the door. I nodded, my eyes locked onto my reflection in the mirror. “Want to impress someone?”

I raised my eyebrow at an amused Nate. “I can see you in the mirror, Nate. Stop moving your eyebrows up and down.” He started laughing. “If you want to know,” I turned around to face my brother. “I don’t want to impress anyone. It's been too long since I last acted like a girl. I just want to go back to who I was!”

He rolled his eyes, amused.

“We’ll see, little sister.”

I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out making him laugh. When he finally walked downstairs, I was relieved. He’s an annoying brother and he never stops until making you feel embarrassed.

While applying lipstick I saw something shining in the back. I walked closer to see a nice necklace. It was made from silver and it had a beautiful ouroboros pendant with white shining small diamonds. It was beautiful, a masterpiece indeed. It was clearly made by hand and I bet it took a lot to finish it. Subconsciously, I took it and put it around my neck.

Downstairs, dad was talking to Nate about my safety. I rolled my eyes, even if I couldn’t hear them clearly.

“Relax, dad. There will be more than just one person!” Dad looked between me and Nate with a glint in his eyes, like he knew something that we didn't. Definitely mysterious. He sighed and patted Nate on the back.

“Just, be careful. If something happens, come home.”

Both me and my brother looked strangely at dad but didn’t comment. “Trust me. It would be better and I would feel better if you’d do as I said,” We nodded, a little bit skeptical, and finally left out the front door.

“What do you think he meant?” Nate asked me while driving to Fey’s. I shrugged.

“I think he went through too many things. He's trying to be a good father but he ends up over reacting.”

Nate nodded.
“True. But what could possibly happen, so bad to make us come home?” I shrugged again and leaned back. Nate was lost in his own thoughts and I didn’t want to interrupt him. I looked out of the window, glancing at the trees we were passing. While being slightly bored with my own thoughts I saw something moving through the trees. I looked more again, more carefully, but couldn’t see it anymore. Now that was something weird.

“We’re here,” Nate finally said before opening the door on his side. I got out and went to search for the girls. Fortunately for me, they found me. Tracy was very happy.

“I’m so happy you came! I thought you woouldn't show up,” She pouted at the last part. After they gave me a drink we started talking about the teenagers there.

“Chris is a really nice kid, and you’ll meet Roy soon enough. He’s somewhere around.”

While she said this I looked after another familiar face. “Oh, here you are!” Sami shouted happily. I turned my head to see a very nice looking guy. He had blonde hair and typical blue eyes, a very white shining smile and a bottle of beer held in his hand. From my point of view, he looked like what some people would call a typical jock.

“Nice to see you so excited. Too many?” He asked Ana, who started laughing.

“Too many,” He nodded and took a sip from his beer. His eyes traveled from one girl to anoother and finally landed on me.

“And you are…Stella, right?” I nodded, surprised. He noticed my expression and chuckled. “My cousin is Sam. I think that explains everything.”

I started laughing and nodded while Sami scoffed. From one thing to the other, I also met Roy’s friends and other people Tracy, Sami and Ana knew.

It was almost the end of the party and the lottery competition thing was ready to start. Nate was half drunk, flirting with any girl he found attractive, and I was enjoying my time with my friends.

“It’s going to start! Are you ready?” Everyone seemed to be very excited. The big thing with small balls in it started rolling, making everyone anxious. While watching, interested in what the results would be, I felt someone coming from behind.

“Hey.” I turned my head around to see the one person I’ve waited for the entire night. I smiled, the night instantly getting better. He looked very good in his clothes. Blue jeans and a black shirt through which his nice and fit chest could be seen. He also wore black converse and his hair was sticking in every direction. Now this is one really good-looking guy.

“Hi. Are you excited to see who's the winner?”

He shrugged. “Are you?”

“You want the truth or the lie?” He laughed. “I’m not in for the prize. I haven’t written my name on a piece of paper like most people here did. In conclusion, I don’t care.”

He raised his eyebrow and looked at me with a very intense stare.
“Do you want to win?” I shrugged. “I bet you will.” It was my turn to raise an eyebrow.


He shrugged and put a hand around my shoulder, making me tense up.
“Let’s see.” We waited for the balls to stop moving. When they did, out rolled a blue ball. The man, I think Mister Fey, opened the ball and took the piece of paper out of it.

“The prize this month is…an Audi TT!” The crowd started yelling everything and anything. I rolled my eyes, making Eric chuckle. He was so close behind that I could feel his chest rising with every breath he took. Weirdly enough, I couldn’t hear his heartbeat. “The lucky winner is…” It was really silent. “Stella Monroe!”

My eyes were so wide I could actually feel them boiling out. My mouth was open, almost touching the floor. Everyone was cheering on. I looked back to Eric to see he wasn’t there anymore. Nate came closer and started pushing me towards the supposed-to-be stage.

“I won,” I whispered, still being pushed by my brother. He had a very big grin on his face.

“Yes. Congratulations! Now you can drive anywhere.”

I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even try to but I won.

“Congrats, Stella!” I watched my friends to see them very smiley.

“Thanks…I guess.” I mumbled the last part, looking at everyone with the only tiny smile I could manage at that moment. The man gave me the keys and patted my back. I took them and went back to my friends, the party continuing.

“This is so cool! Your first time in this and you won! I’m so proud of you!” Tracy was too happy and it was hard to breath while being hugged so tightly.

“Um…thanks.” I could mumble only after she let me go.

After the party ended for me, meaning Nate got too drunk to stay on his feet, I had to go back home. Now, the big and still unresolved mystery of teenage sisters....How would I take Nate home, now that I had two cars? His and…mine. It’s still creeping me out, the way I won it.

“What’s wrong?” I jumped when I heard his voice. It was late and I had a drunk guy leaning on my shoulder. How helpless could I get , huh? “You seem to need help.”

“Really?” I asked sarcastically, rolling my eyes. He shrugged, smiling. I felt Nate stir in my neck and wake up.

“Stel? I’m ok. I can drive home,” I looked at him like he was crazy. “I swear. I’m not as wasted as I look.”

I sighed and helped him on his own feet.

“He looks well enough. Go back in and you’ll see other horrors,” Eric said, of course, taking my brother’s side. They’re both boys, after all.

“Yeah, yeah. What he says...” Nate stumbled on his feet to his M3 and, while trying to open the door, fell face-first. Eric and I were staring at him.

“I’m good!”

Eric stared, amused, while I rolled my eyes, annoyed and tired.

“Look, I’ll drive his car while you drive yours. I’m sure you’re excited to play with your new toy.” I stared in his eyes, debating with myself. Nate tried to open the door again and fell half on the silver hood, half on the pavement.


Eric nodded and with the still amused face, took Nate and placed him in my new car, in the passenger's seat. While I got in my Audi, Eric got in Nate’s BMW. The whole time I couldn’t stop glancing back. Surprisingly, Eric had been driving the whole ride behind me. I didn’t want to sound rude, but there’s something intriguing about him...

Like a mystery, a character from Agatha Christie’s novels, where the nice boy turns out to be the killer. I should stop reading detective novels.

When we arrived home, no lights were on. Luckily, dad was asleep and wouldn’t see the alcoholic son. I parked the car, letting space for the BMW too, and got out. Eric was right next to me, helping me carry Nate, who meanwhile fell asleep. When we arrived in front of the door I opened it and forgot I had Nate leaning on my shoulder. He fell, even if he didn’t even feel it.

“Thanks, Eric.” He smiled and nodded. While staring awkwardly at each other I saw his look change into a very curious one.

“What’s this?” He asked pointing at my necklace. I looked down at it, having forgotten about it completely.

“A necklace.”

He rolled his eyes while I started chuckling.

“I don’t know. I have it for as long as I can remember. It has always been there,” Eric was mesmerized. He came closer, still staring at the stone. He put his hand around it and both of us felt like the air had been stuck in our lungs. He got his hand back in an instant, looking deep in thought.

“I…have to go. See you tomorrow,” He said it so quick I couldn’t even recall the words. He left fast. I touched the stone again, but I felt normal. No…pain.

In my room, in bed I was just finishing my ‘life short story’ for today when I realized I was still wearing the necklace. I took it down and looked closely at it. The stone was so beautiful, call me crazy but that ouroboros makes me feel good, accomplished in a way.

“I hate you!”

I looked up, shocked. What was this? I got off the bed and went to the balcony. I opened the door and leaned on the frame. I turned my full attention to the moon. It was so bright tonight. The stone shone brightly in the moonlight.

Meanwhile, not very far away from the Monroe house, Eric was watching the moon from his own balcony, his eyes glistening.

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