duminică, 2 februarie 2014

Throughout Time- B1A4

Another band that surprised me is B1A4. These guys started as a happy and colorful band. It was nice and they had catchy songs but something was missing. They weren't really original and were still childish. They were a band for middle school girls.

Slowly, B1A4 changed. They tried a bohemian style with Tried to Walk and it triggered something in my mind. They were growing up. They decided to show their true selves and true music. That album was good. It wasn't impressive but it had potential. Baro's soft voice was a big good point. They all have soft voices.

Now, Lonely really captivated me. That song is great from many points. Firstly, it's personal. What people don't seem to understand is that the best music is the personal one. You can't express something that you never experienced. It sounds false no matter what. But when you get involved into the process of making music, thibgs change. Their newest album is amazing. I like ballads. Since I compose ballads I am also very mean when it comes to opinions. I don't approve just any ballad. Their album is pop/ballad/jazzy. It is a good combination. I enjoy listening to their voices and mostly, how they expressed themselves in it. They want to show how much they have grown and that's good.

Besides their music, they have grown as men too. They still look young but they think and see the world a little bit different than before. I like how they go with simple. Simple is always the best in anything. It never grows old or boring. Or, not in my point of view. Not everyone agrees with me.

What I wanted to say is that this band is good. I am very curious what they will create next. What they will want to express next.

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