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Death Note: Bittersweet~Chapter 7

Meanwhile, Yvonne stopped crying. She was still on the bed, sulking but she regained control over her emotions. She got surprised when she heard a knock on the door.

Groggily, she walked to the door and opened it very slowly. She didn't seem shocked of who self-invited in her hotel room. He didn't even ask for her permission.

"Why did you get so comfortable? It's not like you're going to stay for more than a few minutes" She mumbled to herself. He didn't even hear.

He entered without a problem into her room and just sat on the couch, in his own, weird position. With big panda eyes he started to stare at her. She sighed and also took a seat next to him.

"I assume you have a few questions for me" She blinked. "I also have to ask you something" She blinked again.

He didn't get annoyed by that, not like the others. He'd known her for long enough and he got accustomed.

"B died by a sudden heart attack" She stated, coldly. It didn't seem to affect the detective, though; at least, not immediately. His eyes started to grow bigger a few second later. It didn't last long. His face became blank again.

"I'm sorry to hear that, I-"

"You transferred him from California to Tokyo." That wasn't a question. She firmly stated the fact and she wanted answers.

"Yes, I did." She glared at him.

It was an expression L had never seen on her. He was quite intrigued. She looked furious yet hurt. She was a self centered woman. He never knew she could be able to have feelings towards someone else.

"Why?" Her expression didn't change.

L bit his finger and started to think. His answer wouldn't be enough for someone like her. She wasn't just a simple woman so he had to respond with a satisfactory answer.

"I thought he will become a good asset later in the case. It's a pity that he died by Kira's hands"
Yvonne was growing more and more annoyed. L looked so neutral next to her feelings. She wanted to punch him hard but she didn't. She could restrain herself.

Instead, she grabbed something from the table and placed it in front of him.

"It's from B. You should decipher it" L took the letter by a corner, as if it was some alien thing and started to read it. His eyes scanned every sentence and moved pretty fast. Lastly, he put it back down.

"This message doesn't have any sense. I should have known he would write something like that. It's also ambiguous. He says that I don't know what I am messing with. What does he mean by that? There is no sense whatsoever" She listened closely to his words and blinked.

Truthfully, L was right. For him, who didn't have any knowledge over Shinigami matters, it was completely pointless. However, Beyond did write that for him. Maybe he just wanted to be seen as a more informed person on something that L wasn't. Maybe it was still all about competition.

"You came here for Kira, didn't you?" Yvonne's head turned to L and blinked again.

"I did. It's a matter of time until he will get caught"

"What do you think about Kira, D?" She sighed and leaned back on the couch.

"I think you already found him" She stated. L didn't move and just listened. "I also think you can't prove it. He's just a kid right? I mean, who would want to make the world a better place if not someone young? The world is a rotten place and the more you age, the more rotten you become. That's how life goes" L nodded and started to bite his finger harder.

"You are right. But just in Tokyo, there are more than enough students who would like to call themselves Kira. What then?"

"Usually, when it comes to a criminal, there is a back story which led him to crime. In this case, Kira seems to be a smart person with no hard past. He killed so many criminals; he thinks he does the world a good. That's not the case. Kira doesn't work for the world he works for himself. He wants to form a Utopia. That's impossible, though. He knows that but it doesn't stop him from trying"

"I'm sure you already know that he also killed 12 FBI agents" She nodded. "Those FBI agents were in Japan to investigate the police officers I work with" She nodded again.

"I figured out that much" L continued

"Raye Penber is our lead in this investigation. I think he might have seen Kira before he died"

"You don't have to inform me about your case L. I can hack into the police system without much fuss. I can get this information easily. Tell me something I can't find out on my own" L stopped munching on his finger and leaned closer to her face. He was creepily staring at her up close.

"What do you know about Shinigami?" She got taken aback by that question.

"What?" That was when L grabbed from his pocket three pieces of paper that looked like they've been through a war. She unfolded them and read them. It wasn't a hard puzzle. "L, did you know that Shinigami love apples?" If she could have had, she would have slapped herself; like in anime.

"These letters have been found at different times written by different criminals before they died. We discovered that Kira can kill in different ways but he needs a face and a name"

"Right" L raised his hand and seemed as if he wanted to touch her face. She leaned closer to his face. 

"If you investigate whatever Raye Penber was working on, then why don't you tell me what's the percentage?" L blinked his panda eyes at her.

"There is a 5% that Chief Yagami's son, Light, is Kira" She chuckled

"Did you place cameras and bugs in his home?" He nodded slowly. It looked like a robot who was guided. "Then I guess the percentage is more than 5%" She sighed and got up.

She stretched while L watched her intensely. Eventually, L also got up and started to walk in his crouched form and with his hands in his pockets, towards the door.

"I want you to accompany me in this case. You already know where you can find me. Just come when you are ready" Translated into L's language that meant she should make up her mind already and just help him.

"Fine but I'm doing this just for B" L nodded and walked out of her hotel room. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. It was getting pretty late and she suffered enough for a day.

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