duminică, 2 februarie 2014

Throughout Time- EXO

Remember when we were all excited for Exo? And we had all these awesome images of 12 hot guys who sang well and danced well? How did we get to yehet?!

I still like Exo and my biases didn't change. I still like Baekhyun, Chen and Chanyeol the most but the overall picture of Exo did change. At first, I seriously hated Kai. He was always in the spotlight and everyone was fawning over him. His face was in almost every teaser and it ticked me off. He was just a guy, for fuck's sake. Anyway, in time I realized that he is not the best dancer in the band ( Lay is) but he does work a lot and I started to find him nice and a boy my age who lives his dream.

However, after I started to watch Exo Showtime I begun to realize who these boys are. They are all idiots. But we love them anyway. I can't even understand how Lay is so 4D most of the time. I never imagined Baekhyun as being such a diva and Suho handing his credit card like is nothing. My image over Kyungsoo didn't change. He is a squishable little thing but he is also the spawn of Satan. I bet he handles the guys the best lol Xiumin is actually a lot nicer and sexier than I originally thought. I liked him chubby and I like him skinny too. He is a really good dancer as well. Tao is a crybaby. You have to watch the 10th episode of the Showtime. I know I shouldn't have laughed but I couldn't stop myself. He was funny. Luhan was funny too. That guy can be so childish but still super cute. He tries to be manly but he doesn't make it sometimes. He is really cute. Kris is not my style, sincerely. Kris is seriously Ben Ben. At first I didn't understand but they were right. Ben Ben Kris it is. Chanyeol is like the perfect older brother. I want a friend like him. He is so reliable and reminds me of a teddy bear. Kim Jongdae will kill me one of these days. He is so utterly hot sometimes but after he starts talking or dancing on his own I say no. However, he does have great singing abilities and has a talent of beibg good without trying too much. Suho is just so squishable. He is kind of small but his face is so kind and him, as a person, is a grown up. He has a lot of responsabilities on his shoulders...Now, Sehun is just...dumb sometimes. I don't even know if I should hate him or like him. He is just YEHET. Lay is completely in his own little world. He is a cutie with a dimple and he is very good at music. His memory is admirable. But he is so out of this world. When he started to sing on the 9th episode of Showtime, I started to laugh. It was really funny even if he felt bad that day. Sorry for being a bitch Yixing.

Overall, things changed after we started to watch them for real. No. Ok that sounded sasaeng-ish. I mean, we started to see them in different lights after they started to show their personalities. Some biases changed, some didn't. However, Exo is a growing band. I don't want them to end up like DBSK so I hope they will take care of themselves and their careers and contract under SM.

Let's home for great things. I am curious how Kyungsoo acts lol I hope they will sow us other skills than the usual.

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