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Death Note: Bittersweet~ Chapter 8

The next day, Yvonne found herself in front of room 221 on the 22nd floor. She sighed dramatically. Just being there was the sign of weakness for her. In the past, she would have been honored to work with the genius detective. She used to admire his intellectual and perceptive ability; now, though, it meant nothing.

"I know you are smarter than you let out. You have great potential to inherit the title of L, don't you? But you are afraid to show it. This is a game we all have to play yet you want to hide from it. The truth is that you, D, can easily surpass L if you try." A young version of B stated.

The sun was setting and the red light it was emitting was reflecting into D's eyes. She wasn't scared or angry. She kept a blank face that annoyed B.

"What do you know? Maybe one day I will show you what I am capable of."

Yvonne woke up from her flashback in time to hear the door open. She wasn't thinking about the situation at hand and Watari knew that from the first time he saw her. She wasn't living in the present and her eyes always seemed to look for someone into the distance.

"I'm glad you are here" He smiled kindly and invited her inside. She moved coldly, like a robot, inside the hotel room but didn't speak. Watari cleared his throat, making everyone turn to him. That was when they remarked the thin girl in the room.


There were just two men, besides Watari, which were staring intensely at a monitor. Yvonne assumed 
L was currently checking on the people Raye Penber watched.

L didn't react in an obvious way but he was glad that she accepted to assist him on the Kira case. She was a great asset not only because she was a bright woman but because she had experience as a detective.

"D, this is Chief Yagami." She nodded towards him as a sign of respect. Even though he was tired and was barely holding himself from falling asleep, he was a bit concerned about her presence there. His family members were suspected of being Kira and having another person on the case was troublesome.

"Is she an acquaintance of yours, Ryuuzaki?" Silence. "Isn't that enough? My family is at risk right now!" Yvonne blinked at the older man and walked towards the couch. L was contently licking at his ice cream while watching the monitors.

"Hello. I am Yvonne Noir, consultant detective and member of the Interpol." She bowed. "Please, call me D."

Chief Yagami was taken aback. She looked so young and fragile yet she held a powerful and dangerous position. He couldn't think straight so he just bowed back in respect and continued to watch the monitor as well. It was focused on his son, who just arrived home.

Yvonne turned her attention on the screen as well and tried to catch a glimpse of the dark figure. The Shinigami above Light's head was simply watching the teenager. He looked very entertained by everything Light did.

On the other side, she could hear L telling Chief that his son seemed perfectly normal and behaved according to his age.

"Boys his age use to lock their rooms. I did that too when I was young" She didn't need to turn to leave out a scoff. She knew very well that L didn't have a normal childhood. The kids at Wammy's never locked their rooms because usually, that meant they had a problem or a secret. That wasn't good for their well being or for the game.

Regardless, Light continued to do surprising things in his father's opinion. He started to read magazines about women in bikini, which kind of ticked Yvonne off. Even if L was continuously telling Chief that his son was normal, it was obvious that was a lie. Light Yagami was just hiding his true intentions. He was smart and knew how to camouflage.

"Like a chameleon…" L blinked and stopped licking his ice cream. He heard her perfectly and he had the same impression as her.

After Chief Yagami went to sleep, the room felt empty and cold. L was still watching the family; Watari retreated into the next room for the night as well and Yvonne was wide awake, on the couch beside L.

"What do you think?" She raised an eyebrow and bit her lower lip.

"You ask that a lot, don't you? I thought the world gravitates around what you think." She was mean and didn't hold back in front of him.

Even from the first time they met, a long time ago, little D used to have a bad mouth and a bad personality. She never acknowledged L's status as the greatest detective because she never saw him in action. When that happened, she was already a different person. L watched D even since she was a child and she never ceased to surprise him. She used to hang around two children at that time: B and A. They were the three geniuses at Wammy's and other kids looked up to them.

"You changed."That certainly came out of nowhere. She fully turned to face him and she chuckled.

"People change, L. People grow up and they realize the truth"

"And what is the truth, D?" His question sounded cold but they both knew he was actually very interested in her response.

"Life sucks." They stared at each other for a while, each of them thinking about different situations from their lives.

A young version of D walked into the garden and simply watched the children around her.

"D…" A younger version of B came running to her and hugged her out of nowhere. "You should stop running away." He continued after he let her go. His bright red eyes did have a great effect on her. Her tense body slowly started to relax and give in to his warmth.

"I had them again. The nightmares. They seem so real, B" She grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer. She started to breath heavily. "Something inside of me wants to get out and I don't even know what. I'm scared. I'm so-"She started to cry in his chest and he just hugged her tighter.

"Maybe it's time for you to let it out and confront your nightmares. That's your life and you never know when it's over."

"What is your first impression of Light?"

That question brought her back to reality. She shook her head, trying to also shake the memories off.

"Your percentage of him being Kira should decrease to 1% if we are to believe his charade. If not, then it should be somewhere around 20%. Teenage boys aren't perfect at all. They do lock their rooms and hide inadequate magazines but he does it so falsely. To me, it seems like he just fools around." L nodded, taking the information through his own perceptive method. "He doesn't do anything incriminating so I can't say he is Kira but you should keep an eye out for him." She lied. She knew the truth about the young Yagami but she couldn't tell him.

Making a long story short, Yvonne had something to do with the Shinigami World. More exactly, she was a reincarnated Death God. She had a reputation that rivaled Ryuk's when it came to troubles but the Death God Lord couldn't punish her since she used to do the work of maybe the whole realm. Therefore, she was able to trick the Shinigami Lord into giving her another chance at life. She reincarnated into a young and pure baby who never had a name because her parents died too soon. She became D and soon enough, she became Yvonne Noir. However, she knew that her soul will always be the one of the Shinigami. She couldn't live a lie her whole life; she was the 1880's serial killer Kaira Brooke.

Anyway, one of the rules she had to agree to was not to get involved. She still possessed an amount of Shinigami power so she had to live by the same rules as Ryuk. She couldn't help L and she couldn't help B. Everything she could do was live on and watch as her loved ones would all, eventually, pass away. It was sad but it was the truth.

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