vineri, 8 august 2014


Let's take a moment and admire some EYES,NOSE,LIPS covers that seem to touch our hearts.

1. TABLO's cover but not's more like a featuring because Taeyang sings in it. However it is very touching and is my favorite.

2. Lydia's cover is heartwarming. It has hat kind of sorrowful feeling to it and it comes from her voice alone. It sounds beautiful.

3. AKMU are just...wonderful. They are so young and they sing it so softly. It's just so beautiful.

4. Surprisingly, I did like TOPP DOGG's cover. It has a different feel to it.

5. Eric Nam decided to cover it too

6. I had to place him too. He is such a talented kid

7. I love 2Bic. You should too. They have incredible voices that calm you quickly. I enjoy listening to their voices.

8. I love this. I like her voice.


9. I didn't expect this one to sound so well.

10. The last one (even though there are so many many more) is by a guy too. Sorry but for me it has more meaning if it is sung by a guy. Blame my taste. I like guys' voices more than girls'.

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