vineri, 22 august 2014

Music to the Ears (WINNER'S Empty)

You know, I'm not really a fan of Winner. I have a friend who has been keeping an eye out for their debut and always told me how much she likes Taehyun. However, I didn't pay much attention and just shrugged her off.

But their singles got me thinking. I thought they would go with the latest trend and do something sexy or badass. They did ballads. They started with soft voices and meaningful lyrics. I was impressed. For a rookie band, debuting with soft songs doesn't really work. Of course, there are more factors in between like the advertising process. But they really hit it off well.

I'm not a big fan of their album either. I think there are about three songs that I like. One of them is Empty. I really like the sound of their voices and how well they interact with each other. The low voice of Minho at the beginning of the song makes you instantly like it. Seunghoon's raspy voice is quite enjoyable too. I was impressed. I have it on my phone now and listen to it often. I am happy that they did something like this instead of something usual.

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