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Lost Days

So I started to watch Lost Days yersterday and I've seen only two episodes but I'm kind of getting into it. The plot is pretty good, surprisingly. I wanted to see how Seto Koji evolved as an actor and what kind of characters he takes on these days and I liked it. He's the lovesick, grown up, responsible but mysterious guy. That's very cliche but everyone likes it, including me.

Another thing that surprised me was that I really enjoyed watching the girls. Their characters aren't as annoying as they usually make them. Maybe it's because I study japanese now but I think they act more normal than I've seen before, in other dramas. 

A group of university students who belong to the same tennis club, Shino Yuta, Sakurada Miki, Sasaki Rinka, Takano Natsu, Fueki Mana, Tachibana Satsuki and Sakurada Wataru, go on a graduation trip to a cottage in the mountains in winter. Although the seven members seem to be good friends, each of them actually has secrets which they cannot tell anyone about; hidden feelings of love and jealousy. Yuta, the cool and brilliant president of the club, is attracted to the sociable and trusting Miki, and intends to tell her about his feelings on this trip, but things do not work out the way he wants. Miki is dating Yuta’s good friend, the free-spirited Natsu and is so into him that she is blind to her surroundings. The seven friends have conflicting positions and when love starts to go down the tubes, a murder occurs like a bolt from the blue. Amid the fear and doubt, hidden emotions begin to come into the open through exchanges which probe each other’s intentions.

So overall is more about their own secrets than anything else. There's suspense and romance and it may not be the best but it's good. I started it because of personal reasons but I like it so far and I'm sure other people would like it too.So, I won't really do a review because I didn't finish it yet but I will put it out there for people to see it if they want to check it out.

So, I actually finished this drama after a few days and there are some things that pissed me off. There is some fucked up shit going on as you get towards the end. I don't want to spoil it for you so the review will be a little vague. 

The story is indeed about these six friends who go on a graduation trip. They go somewhere in the mountain to Miki's super luxurious house. They meet Miki's brother who was there for his own reason. Wataru is quite an interesting character. He looks ready to blow up most of the time. He can piss you off really badly. One character that I find nice is Rinka. She has her own secrets and thibgs get really messed up for her. However, I find her as the most interesting character. The boys are pretty much boys. The plot is full of suspense and it always leaves you to wonder what will happen next. I recommend it. There is one thing I wasn't expecting was the end. You will see why.

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