sâmbătă, 15 septembrie 2012

G-Dragon's One of a Kind album

I'm so so sorry for not posting about BAP yet they won the poll. Right now there are so many things going on, except my personal life and my career life. For once, there's that scandal about Seungri in Japan which for me sounds absurd and like a story taken from a fan fiction. I will definitely not comment about that. However, there's this little talented guy named Kwon JiYong whose album just became available. Sincerely, I like it. I like how he used his own feelings and own thoughts, his own experience made every track deeper. I love that about artists who personally compose their songs. They can express much more through them and the listener gets differently touched by it.

Talking about each track would take too much thinking, truthfully, and right now the world spins around me. I have a killer headache and every foreign language I know gets mixed up. So, to make it correct and short, G-Dragon's new album, One of a Kind consists mostly of ballads and slow rap songs. The album is very much a two faced book about JiYong. He's wild and young but he's also a simple boy who got through some hard times and who feels lonely and I guess a little stressed at times. Each song has something different, something that attracts you even more. Missing You is definitely my favourite and Today has also been growing on me. They are such intense songs and hit you straight into the heart. Also, Crayon has a wicked but cool sound. I guess it won't like it from the first and second listening but in time it will. One thing I also adore about his album is that he used some great voices like Kim Yuna, Tablo or Kim Jong Wan (I love Nell).

That being said, let's enjoy One of a Kind xD

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