marți, 25 septembrie 2012

Taeyang's (high reggae singer) Haircut

And another small post, since everywhere I'm looking people are talking about Taeyang's new haircut...if it can be called like that. Sincerely, I kind of find it weird and he reminds me of Zico's days with dreads...when he looked like a Jamaican beggar...oh memories. I really miss Block B. Back to the subject, Taeyang looks like a high reggae singer. It's alright for me actually. I will always support whatever Taeyang does (no matter what) and any style he adopts. From my point of view people took a really big shock when he showed his and most of VIP's if not all know him with that Mohawk style which was fine and looked really good on him. Hell, I was surprised too when my friend showed me and I started to laugh and joke about it (sorry, couldn't contain myself) and now, a lot of my friends still make fun of it and comment but for me, it;s still Taeyang. So even though he looks like a Jamaican begger/High reggae singer he will always be Dong Young Bae...

Of course, as a side note, I guess seeing him singing Wedding Dress or I Need a Girl now would look terribly amusing. It would be awesome if he would actually sing a reggae song. I wouldn't stop listening to it but he has such a soft voice...don't know if he can pull it off. But hey! May 18th taurus people are awesome and can surprise you any time...I know.

Yep so, I support you Tae! But seriously...I do miss Block B. Peace!

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  1. Phahaha=)) I'd pay to hear him singing those song in reggae style xD